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  1. Locomotive vs. Coma Live

    The only reasonable replacement to Coma is Locomotive. As for the only reasonable replacement to Estranged is Breakdown. Whish I could hear both of them and that they played "Shackler's Revenge" or "Riad N' The Bedouins".
  2. Robin Finck pissed off

    Love Finck, but Fortus is the best fit and this dynamic of him being rythim and lead at the same time is so cool. Just check out all the work he has done with the 2016/17/18 Rocket Queen. I read somewhere that Axl invited Ashba to the "reunion" tour, but he declined, it would ruin the entire experience. Ashba is just the worst.
  3. Bach described it as a slow grinding song, but it doesn't say too much... Again, the theme of the song is just people in this forum guessing and implying that they are insiders. Nobody knows nothing. The only people that know something about the song is the people that heard it in full, which is no one outside the band's inner circle.
  4. But how can you imply that if "The General" was never heard?
  5. Yeah! I think not much. They change 17 different guitar players, 2 bass players, 3 drummers, 2 keyboard players. They reunited in 2016 (But not with Izzy, Matt, Gilby and Adler only played in 3 shows) They did a 3 year tour that endend last December and it was the second most profitable tour in history. They were not late for a sing show of the tour which went off without a glitch. Slash got divorced and remarried. Duff's kid open for them in a couple shows. They now have a female keyboardplayer. They release the most incredible boxset with tons of songs, commemorating the 30th AFD anniversary. They released lyric videos for Shadow of Love and Move to the City Axl was the lead vocalist for the remaing dates of the ACDC tour in Europe. Axl sang in a cartoon song called "Rock the Rock". So, just the usual. Nothing much...
  6. 2006

    Izzy would never last a two year tour that went off without a glitch! Everybody says that he's not reliable with long-term commintments. He never liked to tour and once he said he felt more comfortable if GNR was the size of the Ramones. Missed the guy for a couple of show. Maybe my hopes was to bring everybody out for the final gig, but... I still think that someday they will do it, even if it is for a special occasion, But, knowing how GNR works, they will do it in a bowling alley for somebody's birthday with 100 "fans" or "friends" in it. Might be cool though.
  7. 2006

    Don't matter. What I mean is: you could see each old member through a lot of new members. Tommy: a punk rocker bass player (wow, that's new in teh GNR camp) Fortus: I love the guy, but he screams Izzy Stradlin to me! But I love him! Buckethead / Ashba: Remember when people thought tha Bucket was Slash in a Mask (RIR 2001)? / Ashba with the hat and cigarette. Josh Freese: way better than Matt, but also a Drum Machine. Gilby: also love the guy, but he resembled Izzy all around.
  8. 2006

    Agreed! But I really think that Tommy was just a Duff copycat.
  9. Wow! You really have a lot of free time in you, don't you? Complaints, complaints, complaints! Agreed!
  10. He complaints too much and he is a virtuoso, a great guitar player, but I think he doesn't fit to the GNR aura, he would be great for I don't knom: M3
  11. The NITLT would no last for 2 years with Matt on board. His ego got too much after the VR era and he's acting like a Diva and that would be toxic.
  12. A higher place than Cris "Judas" Pitman, or Paul "Yoko" Tobias or Ron "Cry Baby Bumblefoot" Tahl? The problem with Ashba is that he tried too hard to be a Slash emo version. Cut the guy some slack, would ya?
  13. Because Cris Pitman was a gold mine, right? Blue-haired "thing"? THING? I bet if it was a handsome millenial man you'd be creaming in your panties, right? Thank God GNR is not what you believe to be and it is not what you think a rock band should stand for.
  14. Whatever happened to "OH MY GOD"? it should be on the record and it could be a killer first single, to me it screamed REINVENTION or a GNR on Steroids.
  15. I always felt that CD sounded watered. To me it lacked a more deep and proeminet bass sound, and it also has so many sound layers, I bet that in "TWAT" you can hear 5 different guitar parts at the same time + plus bass + plus sub-bass, plus all vocal layers, plus the piano, plus the orchestra! I love you Axl Rose, but you drive us mad!
  16. The thing is they made that Best Buy deal actually to cut any losses, what they count in is all best buy sales, which don't reflect actual fans buying the record. If I remember it right, at one point the album had a major discount price, also they had that Doctor Pepper thing in between. I don't know, I guess the album also didn't sell (if compared to the prior albums), because there was no real promotion, the real fans already had all the songs in at least three to four mixes, it also did not help that "Better" was the first single, because there are more important songs in that record than "Better", that did not resemble classic GNR at all. People didn't feel it was GNR, maybe if they chose Madagascar or Street of Dreams as the first single the story would be different. To me it's way simpler, people didn't buy records anymore back then (I bought it for the booklet and to support the band), that's why I feel a new GNR record is compared to "shoot yourself in the foot". Release EPs, 2 to 4 songs each, release individual singles... I don't know.
  17. With all the leaks and everything by the time it was on MySpace the record was already old news. This is common practice when there's no leaks.
  18. The record company leaked the songs to force the record to be finally released. They also fucked the entire thing by making the complete stream available on MySpace a week prior the release date.
  19. Yankee Stadium summer 2019?

    Well, as long as I understand it, Dizzy alone could play bongos on "Drop Dead Legs" and they would still say that Guns N' Roses was at that stage. Knowing the band, even if they invited only Melissa, all flyers would be "with special guest Guns N' Roses". I love the band, but I have learned my lesson: I only believe and enjoy it when I see it happening. Now let me crank "Coma" for the tenth time today! CYA!
  20. But this was always and still is up to Axl.
  21. Didn't we learn already with the "soon is the word" or the "Chinese Democracy Starts Now!" or the "it will definitely be released in 2006!"
  22. Is this the concert were there was almost another riot? I think I read in Slash's or Duff's book about Matt going after Axl when he left the stage...