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    Hi I'm located in italy the conditions of each cd are very good. .. shipping registered without jewel cases

    All the cds you see are silver cds , shipping worldwide without jewel cases, prices in euro Out of Time 30e December Bullets 15e Jack Daniel's Tour 88 10e Welcome to the Jungle 10e One in a Million 10e Live Usa 88-91 1cd 10e Live Usa 88-91 2 cd 15e Silver Bullet Live n Demo 2cd 30e Good Fellows 2cd 30e Silver Bullet 10e 3rd Gig 10e A Night at the Ritz 15e Silent Shots 10e Brazil 10e Bad Obsession 2cd 30e For Motherfuckers only 2cd 30e Dramas & Traumas 2cd 30e Revolution Calling 2cd 40e Gnr Rock Wembley 2cd 40e Delusions and Illusions 2cd 30e Stockholm Illusions 2cd 30e Aargh!! 10e Say your Prayers 2cd 30e Paris 2cd 30e Le Beau Geste 2cd 30e Live in Stuttgart 92 20e God Bless America 40e Bad Reflection 2cd 30e Live in Japan Three days in Tokyo boxset 3cd 70e Rockin' Chile 2cd 30e Welcome to the rumor jungle 2cd +japan obi strip 40e Banzai 2cd 30e Get in the ring 2cd 30e Gathering on Stage 2cd 40e Roses for Broken Hearts boxset 2cd 50e Truth or Lies + Ain't it fun 10e Truth or Lies 10e The Interview 10e Fully Illustrated book & Interview 10e Interview Picture Disc 10e The 97.7 htz Fm Interview 10e The Interview PostCard format 10e Maximum Guns n' Roses 10e
  3. https://ibb.co/QKNpwDw DEAD HORSE LIVE IN SARATOGA 1991 After many years I have finally found this bootleg, I have searched for it everywhere in each part of the web and of the world and at the end I discovered it near my home in a stock of gnr bootlegd I have recently bought. How many of you have this bootleg? And how much does it worth? Does someone have these other 2 bootlegs that I really need?: Gnr Steph's sexy kisses (Toronto 1991) Gnr Beat! Beat! Beat! (Basel 1992)