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  1. I downloaded the free sample the day it came out. At the time, the full Kindle version was available to buy. After I finished the sample a few days later, all versions had been taken down What I read (the sample went through bands in high school) I enjoyed. I look forward to reading the entire book.
  2. I seem to remember an interview with Mike Clink where he said the RQ outro was one of the few suggestions he made in the studio. So I always thought that was his influence, as others have implied. However, I googled but couldn’t find anything.
  3. I was there in Salt Lake City, on the rail off center a bit to Slash side. This was my 5th NITL show, but first in 2 years. Overall I loved it. Whenever I’m there live I don’t notice the imperfections. At the end I of the day, I’ve loved the band since 1988, no band will ever replace that, and I love seeing them, warts and all. It’s a great 2.5-3 hour rock show and you get your money’s worth. I wish RQ and KOHD were condensed like others have said, but enjoy Witchita Lineman and love Seeker. I agree with nycgunner on how Slash steals the show. I saw GNR several times without him and it makes a big difference. Dead Horse was a blast. I hadn’t heard Shadow live and I feel it’s a highlight. Crushes the studio version. I agree with others that it was sold out or nearly so. I noticed cheapest tickets had dropped to $43+fees on TM over the last week or so. I flew in for the show. I don’t know that I’d do that again anytime soon, but would certainly drive a few hours, even if it is the exact same set list. It’s just too entertaining to pass up.
  4. Locomotive rehearsed start to finish (without Axl). Fingers crossed... Also rehearsed Dead Horse for some time.
  5. Me too. I’m planning On getting to the venue around 2:00.
  6. I didn’t grab any extra unfortunately. They were will call pickup only, with the need to present ID before picking up. I’d assume that’s why they aren’t on Stubhub?
  7. Yes I think they disappeared yesterday. Hopefully they’ll be back.
  8. Pit tickets are now on TM...$280 after fees, in case anyone else is interested. I grabbed one on Slash side.
  9. Alright, flight booked. Is anyone else going? Any leads on pit tickets are appreciated.
  10. I'm hoping to make it to this show. Haven't bought a ticket or booked a flight yet.