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  1. I was there and had a blast. It was my 4th NITL show. I scored a front row Center section seat when the VIP tickets came back as “regular”. It was great meeting @GoBuckybefore the show (thanks for the beer). It was my first time hearing Prostitute (agreed, with a few flubbed lines) and Yesterday’s live. I thought Axl sounded great and entire band is rolling. The set was long but I can see myself ever complaining about that. Mom still amazed at what this band has been able to do in the past 1.5 years. So happy for them and last night is a night I’ll never forget. my SCOM video
  2. I pm’d you. Can’t guarantee, but I should be there at 6:30 doors open and happy to get you one if I can.
  3. 07/27/17 - St Louis, MO - The Dome

  4. Similar to others, I saw SCOM video in early summer '88 and it blew my mind. Sometime that summer i got AFD on cassette and I played that thing out. By the end of the summer MTV had WTTJ and (I believe) Paradise City in heavy rotation. Each video showed a different side of the band, and to me there was nothing cooler than them, especially Axl.