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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    Got tickets to see them two nights in April, they are one of the only bands that if they come to LA, buying tix for multiple nights are not even a question lol
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    This is what it looks like when you are having a stroke but really need to insult GNR's drummer online so you power through it
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    Overdramatic Frank hate is still a thing? Man that is so 2016 lol
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    It is frustrating that so many of us are basically telling GNR how to get money out of our wallets and they essentially are like "nah fam its all good" lol. Nevermind the fact that it must be pleasing as an artist to create and release new art every now and then
  5. The "New Album" Thread

    I don't think it will be the same thing this time around - unlike in '96 Slash has rejoined GNR with a solo career already long established and it has continued while he has been in GNR. So even with no new albums, he has the freedom to still do his thing, and then hook up with GNR every once in a while for shows even if Axl still is Axl and is allergic to really getting the material out And now, considering the money they are making as a reunited GNR, I doubt that Slash would ever say no to spending some time with GNR touring any given year for that amount of money lol It would suck for the fans if no new album ever occurs, however I am not afraid of Slash quitting GNR again
  6. The "New Album" Thread

    The thing I am really curious about, with that one Slash interview from 2015 way before the reunion, was how/why it occurred Did the interviewer have connections to GNR where he heard the rumors of Slash and Axl getting along and asked Slash about it just taking a risk? Did Slash ask the interviewer to ask him about it so he could slip it in? The fact Slash randomly dropped that piece of info seemingly out of nowhere, long before any reunion announcement, really seemed just odd to me lol
  7. And it is a great one! Very Talking Heads-esque
  8. I am going to both nights at the Forum in April! So stoked, can't wait for the new album and tour. I love Guns N' Roses, however man Pearl Jam is one of those bands that really does give the fans what they want and thensome. Even just strictly in terms of setlists and a fan club that is worth it
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    Which is why I also included Chinese Democracy itself in my comment there as well I don't think it is controversial at this point to say that it is hard for any one of these guys to capture the magic that they all had together, by themselves - and of course it is just my own personal opinion/assessment
  10. Fortus interview in Forbes

    That is kickass! Was that at NAMM or something? Glad you had good experiences with both Matt and Fortus (as well as Todd and Brent)
  11. The "New Album" Thread

    Ultimately I have to agree I enjoy the leaks, and when they happened I think the sheer excitement of them really made them more elevated than they really are, in my eyes. There are some cool ideas there, but I recently revisited them in their entirety and there were not any real "wow" moments for me beyond a chosen few (State of Grace, HS, Atlas, Perhaps) and the early mixes of CD tunes I think the breakup really proved that the sum of the parts have always been greater than the individual band members. Cool ideas and moments, however man, the CD demos and CD the finished album, just make me appreciate Izzy's contributions more because those 5 guys really nailed the balance between hit-making melodies and good rock music.
  12. The "New Album" Thread

    Hell even Tool released a new album recently lol Kind of crazy to think Tool was more productive of a band in the entirety of the 2010's than Guns N' Roses was
  13. Whenever he reaches a point where I think the rasp is gone forever, like 2002 he busts out the rasp in 2006. Or 2010. Or going from Mickey Axl in 2011-2014 to kickass Axl in 2016 with both GNR and Axl/DC I am curious at this point how much of his vocals comes down to age and needing extra preservation, and how much of it comes down to preparation - because he does belt out the rasp consistently on songs like ISE and the Jungle intro/outro, even in the past 3 years
  14. The "New Album" Thread

    They can online theoretically - for example D'Angelo dropped Black Messiah out of nowhere in 2014 and the physical editions followed shortly after However in order for that to happen they actually have to decide to release new material, so I would say that will probably not happen anyway
  15. Fortus interview in Forbes

    I always thought it was starting from 2006, or at least I have yet to see any '02 era setlist with it on there. In retrospect, Perfect Crime with Axl's 2006 voice would have been fucking killer, shame that never happened
  16. The "New Album" Thread

    It isn't truly a new year until we get our obligatory Richard Fortus "hoping for new music" statement. Welcome to the New Year, same as every other year for GNR fans
  17. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I am with you, however I just wish the next evolution of image following Appetite didn't include hot pants
  18. R.I.P. Neil Peart

  19. RIP Neil Peart

    Unbelievable - this is like so shocking that I don't think I fully have comprehended it Saw Rush 5 times, and each time was just such a joyful experience. It is so sad to lose one of the all time greats, RIP Neil
  20. It is a real shame that TB's amazing influence hasn't resulted in GNR doing what most bands do, release music more than every 15 years You know it is bad when you can say that Tool has given their fans more worthwhile stuff the past 15 years than you lol but it is true. GNR are essentially a Kiss-type band now with merch over new and worthwhile content. And that is what I give TB credit for
  21. The "New Album" Thread

    My sources always tell me never to trust "insiders". My sources have always been right
  22. All albums on CD (many used though so pretty cheap) 4 Shows total + T-shirts from 3 of those shows + NITLT program Tokyo DVDs Appetite (Original issue vinyl), Chinese Democracy on vinyl All autobiographies that are out + that one GNR photo book by Robert John I don't remember the name of offhand Welcome to The Videos (DVD) Crybaby Slash signature wah pedal (if that counts lol) Overall everything I have bought, I am glad I did. However I feel content with not purchasing anything else really that is not a new album, new single, or if they really change up their live show and come to LA again with it
  23. If GNR messed with the multi-tracks timing wise, and added so much processing to each drum component with compression, EQ, other time based effects, etc. that it is a very different sound tonality wise, I can see how a rock drummer who is listening to that changed track 30+ years after the effect could be unsure. I am still personally in the camp of the drumming is Adler but way processed, and the only "new" track is Slash's lead guitar
  24. The "New Album" Thread

    I believe so, for a couple of assumed reasons. One, all non-legal partners of GNR probably have an iron clad contract where anything they record for GNR is legally owned by GNR the legal entity whether they stay in the band or leave. And two, if someone wrote a part of a song and that part is re-recorded then credit will have to probably be given to the proper person however the part itself can be re-recorded as far as I know Case and point - Brain re-recording drums for tracks Josh originally recorded for, and Frank re-recording the re-recorded drums lol
  25. Considering the state of some of the ideas on the disks, it is very possible many of them are simply ideas being developed but at that point weren't developed enough to be already on a tracklist for any follow ups. Any of them could either have been continued to be worked on and slated for the future albums, or cast aside at a future time post-Village Session tracking so I think you both are right in ways. Some of them can be considered future disk demos, some cast asides, etc. We just don't know specifics because the band has only released one album and not much information otherwise other than the tracks Axl talked about during the Forum chats