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  1. Dijon and Dexter's Twitter Accounts

    I'll go with a combination of busy, bored and not wanting to stir anything with so much at stake. He's rebuilt his reputation between the two bands in 2 years. Sure, he could just tweet cat nonsense instead but there's also that rumour that TB have got him completely off of social media because it was driving him crazy and that's part of the reason he's way more chilled now.
  2. 11/14/17 - Tulsa, OK - BOK Center

    Right on about Louisville Catcher. Can you recommend me some recent Sorrys to check? Argh about not having a separate video of this Twat. It fucking nuts that there are like shitloads of videos from all the 2006-10 shows when people didn't have these amazing phones. Multiple videos of full shows from the same show as well as individual vids. This tour, so few. And some threads only 3 pages long!
  3. Yeah, that is definitely the only TIL solo i've enjoyed since the very first time he played it just for Axl. But it still just doesn't fit the song, it doesn't fit the strings or the drums. I really wish he'd improvise around Robin's solo and still hit the same main points, like he does for literally all the other CD stuff but I guess he must just really not respect or like it.
  4. 11/14/17 - Tulsa, OK - BOK Center

    He would have a very smart daughter who would much rather listen to Live Forever by Oasis than her dad's lame-ass man-boy teenager pre-emo emo rock and would probably have chilled out, grown up, got some help for his stomach issues and hopefully written some songs for adults with a backbone.
  5. Dijon and Dexter's Twitter Accounts

    I'd totally agree that if it's real and he's happy to just leave it be as is then there's no reason for TB to mention it and draw attention. But I still totally disagree that if they're 100% fake that if someone, anyone, in contact with them or even a random fan on Twitter asked them that they wouldn't casually just say "Yeah that's fake." Fernando has hundreds of posts on the boards over the years commenting on everything from Axl knowing he sounds like Mickey to all the nasty shit people say about his family. The accounts stooped tweeting at Coachella. Makes COMPLETE sense. Axl is suddenly on 100% best behavior for financial and legal reasons. You think if he's got an issue with a band member he's gonna comment on it publicly like he did with Ashba and BBF on his cat account and have it blow up now that the entire world is watching? And by the same token, if the accounts were by some insane hardcore fan with advance/inside knowledge then why after FIVE YEARS POSTING TO ABOUT 2 PEOPLE (in terms of likes/retweets/comments on each tweet) would they suddenly stop on the eve of the biggest resurgence in Guns popularity?!
  6. 11/14/17 - Tulsa, OK - BOK Center

    Holy fucking shit. Best version yet. Axl sounds fucking amazing on the first verses. Melissa's vocals are really awesome, especially in the last two verses and right at the end. I like the new(?) quote lyrics that maybe help noobs figure out what's going on. Glad someone pointed out the new parts Slash is playing over the verses, really nice. I can't get my head around Axl staying on stage the whole time during the solo. He never ever did not leave in 2002 and i'm fairly sure that was standard after 2006. Anybody else got any ideas about that? He's dancing around loads here. But most of all, just how crazily into this song is Slash? It's just crazy. He usually stomps his way into the last verses but here he starts hopping in a circle way early and Axl comes up as they run to the front together. It just blows my mind considering what the song is about and how little Slash has to do. For multiple reasons you'd think it'd be an absolute chore for him and his least favourite to play. It's a total "Axl song" as he said about the album, not a Guns song. And yet he clearly loves it. That made me really fucking happy.
  7. 11/14/17 - Tulsa, OK - BOK Center

    Firstly, how into Slash's playing was Axl? He was dancing the whole time and his hand was going up and down following him. He was so into it that for quite possibly the ONLY time ever except Tokyo '09 he actually came in pre-solo at THE RIGHT TIME and was wanting to actually go for the high part but sadly it wasn't there and he went low. But then, as per, he had to come in blimmin early and sing over the climax of the solo, the best fucking part. Ah well. Slash seemed well into it from his movement, headbanging and body language, as per. It'll never get old seeing that. Did you see the woman across the other side really going for it? Clearly a CD fan. Funny how the usual bitchers on here always talk about how the CD songs supposedly destroy the atmosphere and crowd enthusiasm. Yet this video is recorded way up in the stands and you can hear a really solid reaction. Not like after one of the hits at all but a solid, appreciative reaction. Don't suppose you've found a standalone video? I don't have the time to extract it from the stream.
  8. Where does Tyler fit in? He seems to just be a total freak of nature.
  9. Dijon and Dexter's Twitter Accounts

    I feel like i'm in bizarro land right now. Are we actually talking about the same Team Brazil with Beta and Fernando? You think it would be in any way, shape or form unusual for either of them to comment on this or frankly anything? The people who have PMed hundreds of times with fans over the years. The woman who ranted on the phone to MSL for 3 hours spilling all kinds of info. The people who spat their dummy out at AC/DC fans. Okay, I missed that, and it is a tad out of sync but it doesn't completely negate the possibility. There are several videos of Axl talking about Slash and telling funny stories to fans around 2011-2014 without any hint of anger or malice. Some of them almost seemed wistful. Besides, this is a pic with Mike Clink not just anybody. It's definitely a wrench but it's still the only thing anybody has said to make me doubt. God damn, you know what. I wouldn't be surprised if his "hell's frozen over" comment matches up exactly with the first time the cat account tweeted to Slash. Don't suppose you could check that? The cunt deleted my account from there when he took over from MSL.
  10. Dijon and Dexter's Twitter Accounts

    If nobody comes forward with confirmation that both accounts are faked by fans and an explanation as to how those fans knew major stuff well in advance etc then it'd be nice if the thread could be moved back to the main section so other fans could see it. It's a tad more interesting and newsworthy than something about Beavis and Butthead and The Garden of Eden or the Since I Don't Have You video. I never check The Jungle forum or anything except news and shows and i'd be pissed if I didn't get to see this.
  11. Dijon and Dexter's Twitter Accounts

    @uzi your illusion Hey, no problem. I'm kinda surprised to see people including Russ just dismiss them but not surprised that there's apparently not been a confirmation from TB that they're fake. I still think they're 100% real for all the reasons you mentioned and more. I didn't post them because it takes too long but there are multiple private pictures of all 3 of his cats, none of which have been posted on his own account (or the Lebeis' as far as i'm aware.) I forgot he even a had a third cat called whiskey. I mean, where'd somebody get a picture of all 3 and know its name? Also, i'm sure there are multiple things referenced in there that we know of which we didn't learn of until later. The DJ/BBF stuff maybe but for SURE the fact he tweeted Slash in October 2014 when we now know they'd started talking. If a mod or whoever gets word from TB or whomever that they're definitely 100% nutty fans then fine. But I honestly don't see how any hardcore fan who has read and seen everything the last 17 years can't see that's totally Axl, just from the text alone. But wouldn't a die-hard go so much further with it? And considering the account posts at different times to all the band, Del, the Official Guns account etc then at some point someone would have figured it out and put a stop to it. I can't say for 100% because I haven't followed every single thing but they definitely aren't Beta's or Axl's and I can't see the kids posting that many pictures of Axl's cats. If you go through yourself you'll see. I've never seen those pics anywhere else. Exactly. Some fan or "insider" ain't doing that shit for FIVE FUCKING YEARS to an audience of mostly 1 or 2 people giving a like or comment. And another thing: he repeatedly tweets back and forth over the years with some of the same fans who fit the same demographic which is the older, female, Axl-die-hard who doesn't get hung up and pester him about CD2, leaks, vocals etc. It just doesn't even slightly fit the profile of anyone but Axl. And also the repeated tweets back and forth between Dijon and Dexter and their ongoing rivalry and in jokes about Axl. The ONE tag of Slash back in October '14 reminiscing about the making of Estranged by comparing it to the Whitney video is the smoking gun for me. Also, the jokes about Duff and the goldfish and meeting him on the day of the Seattle show but not actually tagging him. It just doesn't fit a crazy fan. @Oldest Goat Hey, "daddy" got me a follow!
  12. Dijon and Dexter's Twitter Accounts

    So both of Axl's cats have Twitter accounts. They're blatantly really Axl for a multitude of reasons and you can analyse all of the followers, lists, likes, dates joined, personal cat pics etc etc but more importantly when you read the history it couldn't be more obvious it's Axl's exact tweeting style and sense of humour that he uses on his main account. I'm guessing some people aren't even aware of these (particularly judging from Dijon's limited followers of 860 and Dexter's 1,461 and although I wanted to do a thread on them ages ago I thought too much attention might put Axl off from using them and there's some great fun and genuine insights into band dynamics and his own performances that might surprise you. But he hasn't used either for quite some time and since i'm saving the good stuff for myself I might as well post them. I'm not bothering with cat pictures, just stuff that's of interest. (If you don't want to wade through masses of badly formatted Cat tweets then scroll down as i've bolded and enlarged anything pertaining to leaks/band dynamics/vocals/CD2 etc.) I'll start with Dexter who joined first in March 2011 but didn't tweet until July 2011 (when Dijon's account was made). Dexter followed me a little while back after I asked him to ask "daddy" if he could maybe play or leak Atlas Shrugged. No joke. He follows a lot of fan accounts and other bands too. Dexter Rose @Dexter90265 Follows you Axl Rose's REAL cat, Dexter ^..^ Malibooyah gunsnroses.com Joined March 2011 @bacardimayne Meow can you prove you even exist? Meow have a picture of meow daddy @axlrose on meow profile. (Basically Axl having some fun with a notorious poster. The bacardi account has gone but funnily enough, if you search it the first tweets that come up are a back and forth with the official Guns account about Estranged): @bacardimayne it's all good.. that's kinda. sort of, not 100% exactly how ESTRANGED came back on this tour. Back to Dexter: @bacardimayne Meow's not you. Meow's Gilby Clarke. Meow lookin' to have a cease and desist served to meow's website? @bacardimayne Meow is no Dijon. Only Dexter. Meow has never seen Dijon. Meow take some catnip and meowllow out. Meow meow meow sweet kitten o' meow. Meow-ow-ow-ow sweet kitten o' meow-ow-owwwww. Meow do we go? Meow do we go meow? @axlrose @gunsnroses (He starts a trend of tagging in his Axl account plus Guns official, presumably to see if anyone would cotton on. Remember his first post on MYGNR as Dexter like, "You're always complaining about where am I and i'm right here!"?) @S_L_A_A There is no such thing as Dijon the cat. Only Dexter. Meow. @gunsnroses (This is to a deactivated fan account who presumably asked about the other cat. Axl start's a running joke about Dexter hating Dijon and being Axl's only cat. ) Just shat on one of Daddys Hockey Shirts. Can't wait for him to shout at Beta to clean it up. lolmeow @gunsnroses Meow favorite moment of the last 2 years? Meeting Mr. Bubbles of course. Purrr #gunsnroses @bacardimayne Meow's weiner is bigger than yours. (I'm guessing Axl wasn't fond of bacardi. I vaguely remember him being critical of New Guns.) Here's another clue for mew all -- The Walrus is Paul. Meow /\../\ #gunsnroses (No idea what this means.) Let's talk effort versus return here. Mew know, mew can still lead a pointless life without all that running around ^..^ #gunsnroses (Guess he's joking about the silliness of running around a stage all night) Axl has panic attacks, Beta has gas attacks ... I have nap attacks. Meow ^..^ (Interesting acknowledgement that he has panic attacks.) Gasoline, Vaseline, Amphetamine ... Daddy knows how to make my motor hum. Meow ^..^ @gunsnroses @axlrose (Various RSPCA and PETA Retweets. We're still in July 2011 here.) I may not have the world to give to mew, but maybe I can leak a song or two ^..^ #gunsnroses (Well, now. That's interesting. Maybe's it's genuinely crossed his mind to leak songs. And up until now his tweets have had at most 1 or 2 likes/retweets/comments but this one got a whopping FOUR likes!) I'm itching to tour the States. If Daddy doesn't take me with him, I'm going to stage a mew-cat mutiny ^..^ #gunsnroses (Makes sense that Axl was really keen to do a proper tour of the states after being held up for so long with all the Azoff crap.) Real Talk: @Dijon10 has dermatitis ^..^ #gunsnroses Daddy loves taking me for long walks on moonlit nights. You could say that Axl's a bit of a "Moonie" ^..^ Meow #gunsnroses #axlrose That's nothing! Remember the time we ate those chickens in Daddy's studio? RT @Dijon10 Axl's just pissed because I threw up in his Ferrari I think you've worn your welcome @Dijon10, honey, mew ain't the first ^..^ @gunsnroses @axlrose (Still July 2011) The box from 1-800-PET-MEDS arrived today. I'm wasted. ^..^ You can see me at the 3:38 mark in the "Better" video ^..^ @Dijon10 @GunsNRoses @AxlRose I feel like I would be more sexually active if I started taking Boniva and moved in with Del ^..^ #gunsnroses Going all "tooth & claw" right now, putting some "finishing touches" on my coat. It looks purrrrfect, but not as good as @ronsbeard (The fact Axl knew that ridiculous account with 12 Tweets and 7 Followers existed is just lol) Daddy just told me tht he's going2remake the old @gunsnroses vids w/the current members so he doesnt have2post links that have Slash in them (Cute. But he can't pretend the 2000 RS article about the new Appetite didn't exist.) I'm feline like a Space-Brain tonight ^..^ #gunsnroses (Loads of these goofy puns.) Skyping w/ Dad last night & he played me a "new" song - Berlin - It's grrrreat! @AxlRose can really play the keys! @Dijon10 #gunsnroses (So there's a piano song called Berlin that's probably been around a long while.) Watched Inception last night. Gonna try N' plant the idea to release CDII in Dad's subconscious @Dijon10 #gunsnroses (Obviously didn't work.) (1/2) You kids probably don't remember, but Slash was in another band before he was with Phineas & Ferb (2/2) It was called The Black-Eyed Peas (Ouch!) Accompanying Daddy to trial today. Must look cute ^..^ Objection! Prosecution is using a laser pointer and I must catch it! ^..^ #gunsnroses We're going to go with the insanity plea again. ^..^ (Just lol, Axl.) So much yarn, not enough time #JustSayin ^..^ @flebeis @betalebeis @axlrose @dijon10 @sebastianbach @htgth Hey! It's that fried chicken guy!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gqhYb8zdEE&feature=share … via #gunsnroses (August 8th and Axl posted a clip from an August 2nd Bucket show, suggesting he was still closely following Bucket accounts/news.) ^..^ Oh Noes! http://www.addictinggames.com/arcade-games/kittencannon.jsp … I'm gonna call the President! (Online game where you blow up kittens or something. Gonna need the FBI.) Simon Bond can go fukk himself. (Author who died recently, wrote a book called 101 Uses For A Dead Cat.) Burn in Hell Simon Bond. https://bearalley.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/simon-bond-1947-2011.html (I don't think Dexter liked the 'dead cat's ass as pencil sharpener' gimmick. Axl wears a big Crucifix because he's a good cat lick ^..^ Mew too RT @SophieLEHEMBRE You know, Sweetheart (I know you know) the most important in life is not success; the most important is love #gunsnroses (Seems to be Axl acknowledging that this fan account knows it's really him. Very weird account, still posting current GNR clups but also every single day about dinner and kisses. Very odd.) US tour is happening this Fall (in case mew were waiting). ^..^ #gunsnroses (This was August 19th. Almost zero responses.) @axlrose Smoke sum Nugs N' eat sum Doses - it's time for osteoporosis with @gunsnroses! ^..^ Me-Ow! (I'm guessing he has his share of performance wear n tear.) The real reason Axl's taking the band on the road? Bedbugs. How bout them Red Hot Chili Peppers? ^..^ I know all of Axl's passwords. Kitteh will not be ignored! ^..^ #gunsnroses Don't mew make a fuss, just get on the bus ^..^ #gunsnroses (September 2011. Guess someone was being difficult...) Packing for #GNRUSA2011 Imodium tablets, bottled water, my favorite pillow, umbrella & phone number for @bbw_escort_xxl #gunsnroses I just scratched daddy up (trying to mark my territory) and now he says he doesn't want to go onstage for RIR looking that way. ^..^ (September 25th 2011) The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame announces nominees: @gunsnroses @chilipeppers @beastieboys + more! http://ow.ly/6Gr4E (Retweet 27th September) If mew are planning to watch the livestream tomorrow morning, might I suggest a cat-nap first? ^..^ http://youtube.com/rockinrio #gunsnroses (October 2nd) Fur those of mew that keep asking: Yes, @axlrose named his newest kitty after his newest guitarist ^..^ @Dijon10 @DjASHBA Gunsnroses Paradise City #betterwithconfetti (October 10th - I think Dijon's account may have some comments about the Rio performance when I get to it.) I found that last body cavity search a wee bit invasive ^..^ #gunsinparaguay If you're not on the guest list for tonight's show, head on back to the rear dumpsters and ask for Dexter ^..^ @gunsnroses #gunsinparaguay (I wouldn't be surprised if this would have worked but only 8 people saw it XD) Tommy's still digging the stardust out of his sneakers ^..^ @tommy_stinson @gunsnroses #GNRinMC I have AIDS ^..^ I need a doctor ^..^ @Dijon10 @axlrose @dizzyreed @gunsnroses I'll be taking my Texas medicine ^..^ @Dijon10 @gunsnroses @axlrose What I learned on @gunsnroses tour, Part I: NEVER mix Texas medicine with railroad gin @tommy_stinson @Dijon10 love me 2 times, 1 for tomorrow & 1 cause I've got AIDS ^..^ Tonight is gonna be off the hook @gunsnroses (November 18th) Don't just be THANKFUL today; Be GRATEFUL every day ^..^ Replying to @GypsyRose06 Staying in! My suite has real portholes! Watch FRIENDS and order some sushi on Dad's Amex. Last night was exhausting ^..^ @GypsyRose06 (Talking to mature lady GNR fan and cat lover.) Really hoping to party with @Eminem and @KidRock tonight Contact me or @FLebeis for party passes boys @gunsnroses ^..^ Frank & I are going to see Thunder Gun tonight @FLebeis @Dijon10 @dannydevito @gunsnroses Dexter Rose Retweeted Kaila Yu‏ @kailayu2 Dec 2011 #TheBestAlbumEver Appetite for Destruction by @gunsnroses RT if you agree (Hmmmmm.) Me and @Dijon10 will be taking in a matinee of Hugo http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0970179/ … today. I'm gonna get a big box of DOTS ^..^ *Dexter Retweets to acknowledge Guns passing 13 million followers on Facebook* Had the best Sushi ever with Mah Peeps! ^..^ @Dijon10 @dizzyreed @FLebeis @DjASHBA @nickychips @gunsnroses (Axl hanging with the B Team XD) Who's coming to Vegas? ^..^ @gunsnroses @sebastianbach @hardrocklvnight @CatHouseLV @DizzyReed @Dijon10 The King of Beers @DuffMcKagan (December 17th.) I ain't ready yet to go to bed. I think I'll take a walk downtown instead ^..^ @Dijon10 @axlrose I think it would be best if we kept this entire incident quiet. I have no idea what mew are talking about ^..^ (This is taking long enough as it is without going and cross-referencing stuff but I wonder if this could be something that happened like the Slash shirt fiasco.) I don't need yr psychotherapy. I need another exorcism ^..^ (Maybe a bad review or bitching on the boards?) What's for dinner??? We've got sour cream N' onion chips (with dip), lamb jerky, Reese's peanut butter cups, Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars... Knipschildt chocolates, 8-ball of Boliviana Negra, popcorn, red popcorn, 2 ounces of Super Silver Haze, a King's ransom in s'mores... Celery, 7 kind of cheese, grape jelly, Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries, 75 pellets of mescaline, 2 big pizzas with the works... Roast leg of lamb, black bean stew, Caesar salad, 750ml Patron Anejo, a case Czechvar, case of Tasmanian Rain, bottle of Luca Malbac 2009... RT Sit her on your face and lick the pussy clean. Make her want to grind against your tongue all nite long. (I think it's safe to say Axl likes pussy. Meow.) I will ALWAYS Love Whitney ^..^ (Whitney died day before Feb 11th 2012.) SOmetimes I feel like I'm on a ghost ship that can never make port ^..^ Before I eat sum pussy, I like to num the area: Num num num num num ^..^ Mew can keep your NIGHTRAIN. Quail Creek Chardonnay is the best $5 bottle of wine I've ever tasted ^..^ #Toasted Kitty wants to see mew pictures. U know what kind I mean. Mention me N' I'll followback ^..^ @gunsnroses @axlrose @DjASHBA (Oh!! NSFW, Axl!) Replying to @Dexter90265 @Dexter90265 Bad Kitty! Those pictures are for Daddy! I have 666 FOLLOWERS \m/ Happy Birthday to mew @richardfortus @scorsesemartin N' @dannydevito #NovemberReign ^..^ Rumors are exactly that, rumors. In fact, the last time we played Rio, Daddy had had a separate limo just for his cats @dijon10 ^..^ RT BREAKING NEWS: GNR's guitarist @bumblefoot confirms "Chinese Democracy" motivated Kim Jong-un to declare war. He wanted Silkworms on the CD. (BOL) I understand why some people have a romantic desire for a reunion, but you have to understand that memories are (ends here) Link to: Last Lap: Is A Friends Reunion In The Works? I prefer not to be on television. I'm a singer, not an actor like LeBron ^..^ @axlrose @gunsnroses (Yes, Axl. But if when you ARE on television you could sing like 2010 or Axl/DC and not, ya know, kinda crappy that'd be just fucking swell for everyone.) *Posts Twitpics of Dijon, Dexter and their friend Whiskey* "It's such a fine line between stupid and clever" -Spinal Tap @gunsnroses @DjASHBA @Dijon10 @bumblefoot ^..^ I suppose I could work in a shop of some kind or do freelance, selling some sort of product. Like maybe in a haberdashery @gunsnroses ^..^ The walrus was Paul ^..^ @PaulHuge (No idea.) A pussy crustier than the dinosaurs, N' so over the ebayers!! ^..^ Dexter Rose Retweeted ASHBA‏Verified account @DjASHBA3 Dec 2013 If you bite the hand that feeds you.....you will go hungry Clearly a little nod to BBF grumping and bellyaching. *Dexter then posts Mi Amor from Rio '11 and Retweets a fan posting Jungle from DJ's first show with the band* *Tweets another picture of Dexter and Retweets a fanpic of Beta riding a horse* All of a sudden, I think the time has come fur that old song ^..^ (January 7th 2014. Maybe someone else could check the sets to see if they played something different?) Spent a few hrs w/ Daddy reading thru some Guns N' Roses websites, and I actually had to shower afterwards (with my tongue) ^..^ (30th Jan 2014. I actually feel bad at the thought of Axl spending a few hours reading Guns sites.) Alotta @gunsnroses fans wondering how I look this year/what shape I'm in. Whatta mew think? (*.*) (10th March 2014. Axl clearly aware of the comments on his look and fitness.) Without @Dijon10 there would be no more @gunsnroses ^..^ (A nod to his oft-mocked Tobias comment.) Laugh N' the World laughs w/ you; Weep N' yr wearing tunafish panties. This 1 goes out to the @nypost-the worst trash on the East coast ^..^ (Bad review? Couldn't agree more about the fake news post either way.) Venn Diagram of Oasis fans and soccer hooligans ^..^ (LOL. They're one and the same.) If mew ever get to meet my daddy, you need to have him tell you his elephant joke. It's my favorite ^..^ I forgot my password ,,,^..^,,,~ Cats hate toothpaste ,,,^..^,,,~ *Pic of Dexter in Axl's kitchen that we've seen before* Dijon, Whiskey, and me with our daddy @axlrose ,,,^..^,,,~ #GnFnR *Pic from June 2016 with the Cat Hat!* (I didn't realise it was already 2016. That means that a lot of the really interesting posts are on the Dijon account.) Fave fur an October surprise; RT for some November Rain #GnFnR ,,,^..^,,,~ (Last post, July 2016) Okay, now for Dijon: Plotting Dexter's demise. There can be only one cat in this house and I am it. (July 2011) That "pussy full of maggots" line in Silkworms just ain't cool. (Lol) I believe this is what they call a contact high. It's always nice when Sebastian comes to visit. ANGRY!!! Somebody was having a sexy time in my litter box again. Purina, AGAIN! What's a cat have to do in order to get some fucking dolphin meat around this place? I need a stage to refuse to go on. (!!!! Let it not be said that Axl doesn't have a self-deprecating sense of humour..) Axl just had Beta box up the contents of my litter box. Does this mean he's trying to get Buckethead back for the South American tour? (Cute nod to the article about Bucket and the dog crap in the studio. And no doubt he WAS still trying to get Bucket back.) Just woke up from a cat nap. Hopefully Axl remembers to feed me today. @gunsnroses Feeling frisky. Any takers? I'll try not to leave claw marks up and down your back...unless you're into that sort of thing? @gunsnroses CD II will likely not come out this year, but Dexter will be released to a Chinese restaurant come October. @gunsnroses @Dexter90265 (This year....sigh. That was July 11th 2011.) Dancing with Mr. Catnip. @gunsnroses @axlrose Axl and I are putting on our gold chains and getting ready to go out and score some pussy. @gunsnroses.com @axlrose @SophieLEHEMBRE @gunsnroses @axlrose We're cool cats one minute and horn dogs the next. (Chatting with that unusual fan again.) This is what they refer to as pillow talk. J/K! I was out the door before she came. Just another memory. @gunsnroses @axlrose @SophieLEHEMBRE @gunsnroses @axlrose Axl's a quick shooter. He had the Lamborghini all ready to go by the time I came out the pet door. Axl and I are just sitting around scratching our balls, as we spend yet another day waiting for the muse to show up. @gunsnroses @axlrose (Merck reference from 2006.) J/K! We're waiting for Beta to get back from the pharmacy. The bitches we picked up last night gave both of us fleas. @gunsnroses @axlrose Oh, sweet salvation! Beta has returned with the Flea-Repellent Cat Spray. @axlrose @gunsnroses Don't want to let the cat out of the bag too early, but I'm trying to purr my way onto CD II. @gunsnroses @axlrose Putting on our red bandanas and going out to find us some black cats. @axlrose @gunsnroses Heading straight outta Compton. The black cats in the biker shorts didn't take too kindly to our advances. @axlrose @gunsnroses Dijon watches porno when Axl's not around. @gunsnroses (Is Fernando in the other room getting these notifications to the Guns account, lol?) We're eating pot cookies and having a Lord Of The Rings marathon. @axlrose @gunsnroses Wondering how stoned I have to get Axl in order to convince him to add my purring to CD II. Will have to consult with Sebastian on that one. Watching Axl play some one on none outdoor basketball. Oh, he's just challenged himself to a game of Horse...Axl Wins! @gunsnroses @axlrose There goes another piano out the window. This is going to be a long Summer. @axlrose @gunsnroses @TinaStarr8 I tried to take Dexter out with a 4th of July firecracker up the ass, but Beta spotted it before I could light the wick. @TinaStarr85 Just kidding about blowing up Dex! I actually begged Axl to tweet about me so I could become a famous pussy like Paris Hilton. It's kind of sad watching Dexter whore himself out to get more followers. Reminds me of a certain former GNR guitar player. @Dexter90265 (Yikes.) Anybody else think that CD II could use a bit more pussy? All CD really had was TIL. We need some more pussy! @axlrose @gunsnroses Going to watch Limitless next. I believe It's about a world where everyone can hear The General and Atlas Shrugged. @axlrose @gunsnroses I don't want to be just another cat on the wall. Axl's got more dead animals in that room than he's had guitar players in GNR. @axlrose Axl's got a pet psychic coming over tonight. Wish me luck! @axlrose @gunsnroses Turns out that in a past life I was Axl's pet goldfish. Apparently that's a good thing. Nipples n' bits for Dijon!.@axlrose @gunsnroses (It's like he's roasting himself XD) Axl even apologized for the way my past life ended when Duff accidentally flushed me down the toilet with the drugs. @axlrose @gunsnroses Del James hasn't exactly been inspiring any videos lately, so Axl's going to put him to work ghostwriting The Language of Pussy. @axlrose Axl's taking me out to get a Brazilian. I guess that means Fernando is sick of cleaning out my litter box. @axlrose @gunsnroses I thought we were just hanging out on psychedelic drugs, but it turns out that we're working on a sequel to My World. @axlrose @gunsnroses Axl's got us searching for a sociopsychotic state of bliss. @axlrose @gunsnroses I'm trying to get Axl to start performing TWAT again, but his confidence was badly shaken after sucking on TWAT back in 2010. @axlrose (15th August 2011. Blows my mind that he'd admit that. But then, Madrid really, really, really did suck.) It was a purrfect day. I was laying some cats down in the studio. @axlrose @gunsnroses Still don't know if I'll be making an appearance at RIR. Like everything else; that is up to Axl. @axlrose @gunsnroses Axl and I just finished watching The Beaver. It reminded Axl of the glory days when Buckethead was still in the band. @gunsnroses @axlrose (Mel Gibson film with a beaver puppet. Given how long and how hard he tried to get Bucket to come back for I don't think he's being sarcastic. I feel the same as far as the New Guns dream goes.) Axl and Del are working on a response to the Chinese government's comments. I am their muse. http://www.businessinsider.com/china-wikileaks-guns-n-roses-2011-8 … @axlrose @gunsnroses Axl and I are using Big Honey's phone to sext Sebastian: Oh Baz, I need to feel your youth gone wild inside me tonight. @axlrose @gunsnroses Big Honey to Baz: I want you to perform your monkey business all over my big guns. @gunsnroses @axlrose (Big guns...geddit?) More Big Honey to Baz: If your love is a bitch slap then consider me pretty tied up. @gunsnroses @axlrose Where do the days go? Oh wait, we sleep right on thru them. @axlrose @gunsnroses Checking out the Rock in Rio stage. Looks like it has the purfect catwalk to stage a bizarre pyrotechnic accident on. @axlrose @gunsnroses (September 22nd.) Replying to @Dexter90265 @Dexter90265 Last time there was this much ball licking, Izzy was cumming on Slash's leg. (Fuck.) Watching RHCP at RIR. They are good, but GNR will be Better. @axlrose @gunsnroses (September 25th 2011. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.) Being a purfectionist makes life unbearable sometimes. (This is where it gets really interesting as Axl is watching other acts before the show and then acknowledges his issues after he's played.) You can either let time change you or you can change time zones. @axlrose @gunsnroses (October 1st - Rio gig is the 2nd.) Who else is watching Shakira on mute? @gunsnroses @axlrose (Really spoke to soon...) Watched about a minute of Coldplay. And people call me a pussy. @axlrose @gunsnroses (And again..! 2nd October) Do you guys want me to go wake Axl up? @axlrose @gunsnroses Axl Shrugged @axlrose @gunsnroses We decided to crash the stream. @axlrose @gunsnroses All that purring before the show is starting to pay off. @axlrose @gunsnroses Sorry, no wet pussy for you, Brazil. @axlrose @gunsnroses Tough night. Estranged was great, but even the dolphin couldn't save Axl tonight. @axlrose @gunsnroses Axl's poor vocal showing last night is all Tom Cruise's fault. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/axl_roses_vocal_coach_training_tom_cruise_for_rock_of_ages_film.html (So he's basically saying that his vocal coach has been working with Tom Cruise hence he hasn't prepared properly for this tour.) Oh well, at least Axl's still got Mother Goose as his wingman. @axlrose @gunsnroses Don't you cry for me, Argentina @axlrose @gunsnroses Going to the cinema this evening before the start of the GNR show. Also posts his Facebook rant: (Pretty mindblowing considering his start times improving over 2013-14 and then coming on on-time/early in 16/17. Imagine how much more good will he'd have had in 2011-2011 if he'd just got his shit together about that. I mean, imagine if things had gone off the rails on the NITL tour and Axl posted something like that. Also, the Chile Jungle sounds so good. In my memory 2011 is unlistenable. Compared to some of the last year it's shit hot.) Axl's arranged it so fans or F-R-I-E-N-D-S can go to a late show and still get to the venue on time after for Guns. @axlrose @gunsnroses (Fuck. Just as well he didn't post this under his official account...jeez.) Dinner, cinema and GNR. Dijon is so getting laid tonight. @axlrose @gunsnroses (And Axl's getting paid....) Buenos Noches, Sensei Gracie. Axl-san now ready to break giant sheet of ice known as America. @axlrose @gunsnroses (Not quite.) Dexter got so drunk that he passed out and pissed himself. I took care of his lady friend for him though. Axl taught me well. @Dexter90265 (Nod to Slash story.) 2012 Intentions? @axlrose @gunsnroses (24th October 2011. How about 2018 Intentions?) Mr. Trunk, make sure you ask Axl who his number 1 pussy is. @EddieTrunk @axlrose @gunsnroses All will be concealed. @axlrose @gunsnroses (20th November 2011.) Looks like I'm not going to be the only hot pussy on this tour. http://www.taylor-momsen.net/2011/11/11/the-pretty-reckless-to-support-the-guns-n-roses-tour/ … @axlrose @gunsnroses Since we're in Chicago, I figured it would be a good time to commit Harry Caray. @axlrose @gunsnroses (15th November 2011. Reference to Axl saying that before Estranged on Illusions tour? Was that from Chicago? Or was he feeling blue hence the next tweet on 3rd December 2011:) It's been a while since I've been on here. Did you miss me or am I old mews? @axlrose @gunsnroses @Dexter90265 You can't occupy the street of dreams. @axlrose @gunsnroses (4th December.) Axl's doing his Silence of the Lambs dance again. Looks like December will be another month of liver and fava beans. @axlrose @gunsnroses Will I get to meet Paris Hilton when we go to the Hall of Fame? @axlrose @gunsnroses (8th December 2011. Maybe he was considering it then.) Getting ready to go meet the man who flushed me down the toilet in my past life as a goldfish. @axlrose @gunsnroses (That would be Duff who played with Guns tonight, 16th December in Seattle.) It's usually the other way around, but last night we were out doing some fish tossing at the Pike Place Market . @axlrose @gunsnroses It looks like I'll be starting 2012 off with a blackout or a black cat. We'll see which one comes first. @gunsnroses @axlrose (I'm getting the impression Axl scores a lot of chicks and escorts.) If only I could remember... @axlrose @gunsnroses (January 1st 2012.) Reclusing @axlrose @gunsnroses (January 7th 2012.) Tisk tisk, somebody is not being a very good recluse. (Dead link. He must have been seen out n' about.) We are pretty awesome. http://www.celebrific.com/pets/hollywood-actors-who-love-cats/ Looks like my pussy peddling days aren't over yet. @axlrose @gunsnroses Tomorrow should be interesting. @axlrose @gunsnroses (Feb 6th 2012, his birthday.) Happy V Day! @axlrose @gunsnroses I don't like it when Axl's sick as a dog. He scares me. @axlrose @gunsnroses (Feb 21st.) Where's Beta's Phone? @axlrose @gunsnroses Can you say Blood In The Water? @axlrose @gunsnroses (17th May 2012. Was this when the Blood clip leaked or could he be refering to BBF/Ashba drama? The Beta emails leaked to MSL in early 2011.) What's the word on Chinese Democracy II? @axlrose @gunsnroses (6th August 2012. Long gaps between tweets. Maybe things not going well with label?) Happy V Day Again! @axlrose @gunsnroses (LONG gap. 2013. Interesting that he decides to log in after all this time. The only accounts Dijon follows are Dexter and Axl so it's not like he's using it to browse.) Picked up boxes upon boxes of gnarly sweets and treats on the Up Close and Personal Tour. We look forward to spreading them Down Under! Axl and I have both had Asian pussy that burns more than this stuff. @gunsnroses @axlrose (April 30th 2013. This could be in jest or a genuine dig. The video has like 697 views and 4 likes.) I think we'll have to get Bumblefoot to make this noise on the next album. What do you think? (1st May 2013. Nope, i'd say he's definitely having some issued with BBF here.) Lauryn Hill is back with her very own Chinese Democracy. Dijon is happy! @axlrose @gunsnroses Pretty tied up in a Brooklyn basement. @axlrose @gunsnroses (7th June 2013.) I'm already looking forward to the divorce video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePrO0lp3YgU … @axlrose @gunsnroses (October 2010, Sorum wedding video. Ouch!) Anyone who uses your band as part of their hot sauce promotion is just revealing their own opportunistic character. @DjASHBA @bumblefoot (12th December 2013. Whoa! Shots fired! I guess BBF didn't take the hints back in May. Maybe this was the beginning of the end for BBF?) A got Dee and Bee to set aside their differences for $'s sake, @axlrose @DjASHBA @bumblefoot (13th December. Sounds like Axl agreed to pay BBF the same as DJ. I would have asked for the same in back pay for carrying the little twerp.) Normally we'd do a head count but in this case it is probably best to go right for your wallets. http://www.last.fm/festival/3717248+Hell+and+Heaven+Metal+Fest+2014 … @axlrose @gunsnroses (13th December 2013. More shots fired! Axl implies they might play this festival in October 2014 but instead of doing a head count of the band he knows he's got to buy their commitment in advance.) Axl and I are sharing a red hot super bowl of crack. And yes, we are really inhaling, @axlrose @gunsnroses (5th Feb 2014. Long break.) Despite what Axl said in his latest tweet, Chinese Democracy II is not going to be called African Child. @axlrose @gunsnroses (Stay of Execution?) Ass-tro-nots, Del James and Dizzy Reed are attempting to land kisses on Axl's behind right about now. @axlrose @gunsnroses (Veeery interesting. Is he actually saying that Del and Dizzy are being sycophantic over something?) Axl and I are drinking tiger blood and mowing down on expensive dead animals from Africa. CD II Starts Now! @axlrose @gunsnroses Axl, it's time to release Giraffic Park! @axlrose @gunsnroses Discussing the possibility of Axl getting a giraffica graft. We think he could get more rasp that way. Human Giraffica Starts Now! @axlrose (14th Feb 2014. Axl acknowledges the complaints about his clean voice in 2014.) NO TRICKERY http://gnr3dmovie.com/new/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/dvd_cover.png … @axlrose @gunsnroses (Feb 25th) Well, maybe a little trickery. @axlrose @gunsnroses (Perhaps referring to CD backing vocals or overdubs on the DVD?) It is about god damn time someone gave Axl an award for the lifetime of work he put into the Chinese Democracy album. @axlrose @gunsnroses (Probs joking about the Golden Gods. Cool that he can laugh at stuff like this.) "This award has nothing to do with Ronnie James Dio..." @axlrose @gunsnroses How many bitcoins is CD II worth to you? (Of, dude. If only I knew what the fuck a Bitcoin was back then i'd pay the fucking label to release it today...) Virtual money for a vrtual album? How vrtuous. @axlrose @gunsnroses https://twitter.com/Bitcoin Mexico! Looking forward to plenty of bald tacos and lots of head - preferably from ones still attached to their bodies.@axlrose @gunsnroses Time to get back on track, Axl! @axlrose (21st April 2014. Posted with Rocky IV No Easy Way Out. What could he be referring to?) Axl's not going to answer. No, Axl's not going to answer. Axl's not going to answer anymore! http://www.revolvermag.com/news/duff-mckagan-to-join-guns-n-roses-at-revolver-golden-gods-awards-show.html … @axlrose @deesnider https://www.revolvermag.com/news/duff-mckagan-to-join-guns-n-roses-at-revolver-golden-gods-awards-show.html "I'm a Ginger God" doesn't have quite the same ring to it @axlrose @gunsnroses @ledzeppelin *26th April 2014 he tweets his name, one letter at a time, to Liam Gallagher. Anyone remember what that was about?* The making of Estranged. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsKbwR7WXN4 … @axlrose @slash (19th September 2014. Tweets Slash Cher's Turn Back Time video calling it Making of Estranged.) Don't worry, we will not back down to Universal's demands for Chinese Democracy II. @axlrose @gunsnroses Don't hate the del, hate the pickle. @axlrose @gunsnroses Looks like the cat in the hat is out of the bag. http://tv.aftonbladet.se/abtv/articles/87561 … @axlrose @gunsnroses (22nd August 2015. Posts interview with Slash about them talking again. And to think he'd already told us back in September 2014.) GNR 2016 - LET'S MAKE AMERICAN ROCK N' ROLL GREAT AGAIN! @axlrose @slash @gunsnroses @realDonaldTrump (2nd Jan 2016.) Bumble Kush or plain Kush? What's the general consensus? @axlrose @gunsnroses (3rd Jan. This is news! Was he debating over whether to bring in BBF/Kushner or both?) I'd like to extend birthday wishes to Chris "Mother Goose" Pitman! If it was your birthday today... @gunsnroses @axlrose @CPitmanofficial (25th Feb 2016. I'm guessing Pitman had to know this was Axl. Another 2 months and he'd fucked his meal ticket right up.) A thousand words right there. @axlrose @gunsnroses (Axl telling us on 31st March 2016 that there would be SEVEN members of the band with just TWO guitarists.) But I ain't too young to realize That I ain't too old to try Try to get back to the start I must be losin' my mind... @axlrose @acdc (Wow. That really says it all about how he felt about trying for AC/DC.) A little Prince from the throne. @axlrose @gunsnroses (24th April 2016. Coachella. Dijon's last tweet. Well there we go. That took me 3.5 hours. And I just realised that even that scumbag prick James Moojoo at GNRHalfTruths didn't know about this shit and the early Tweet to Slash in late 2014.)
  13. Could you elaborate as to your take on the whole thing? You think he could sing like he did for Angus again for a long tour? What's your take on where he's at now? The high parts of Prostitute and Better were really brutal last night. He definitely improved in the last month or so but he's going downhill rapidly again.
  14. The high parts on Prostitute and Better are worrying. I've been denying it but damn, that doesn't sound healthy at all.
  15. Huh? Are you referring to the remix TIL vocal snippet?