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  1. No hypocrisy whatsoever. I didn't say we should celebrate old songs like Back off Bitch etc. I have an issue with the sad, liberal tossers on Twitter who, just a few weeks ago, caused such a stink about a few lines in Paramore's "Misery Business" that they've decided not to play it anymore. I can think that's fucking ridiculous whilst in a different context wish that Axl would stop this 2001-2018 promotion of Appetite to make way for newer songs with better lyrics that he himself relates to more at his current age. I didn't say it offends me if he sings them now. What pisses me off I've often made very similar comments about the old songs and it's usually, probably exclusively, in the context one of the people on here who is constantly bashing Chinese Democracy and saying how shit all the songs are and wishing they'd take them out of the set. My response to this is "Why the fuck is Axl still promoting an old album full of sexist, mysogynistic lyrics he said he wanted to stop playing regularly back in 1992? He said he was going to bury Appetite and give us a trilogy plus more. Stop playing most of Appetite every fucking show and give us Twat, Prostitute, Catcher etc. Context is king. Fuck you to all the people who liked the post thinking i'd been caught out without properly reading or understanding the context. Hayley Williams has said that Paramore aren't going to play "Misery Business" live anymore, seemingly because a bunch of virtue-signalling snowflake tosspots have been creating a fuss online about the 'once a whore you're nothing more, i'm sorry that will never change' lyric. I kind of get it. It's not a very nice sentiment and suggesting that someone can never change their behaviour is more offensive to me than calling them sexually promiscuous. But really, if this is the threshold for self-censorship then we might as well all just pack music, art and culture away and all watch The Antiques Roadshow and listen to Dorris Day. Incidentally, all the liberals love Eminem because he did that shit rap about Trump. Exactly how many times has he murdered his ex-wife in songs? Easy solution: change the lyrics to 'Once a bore' or 'It's your flaw' and don't capitulate to adults in diapers. If there was a way to actually measure how many peoples' lives had been negatively impacted as a result of these lyrics inspiring bullying etc i'd wager the answer would be negligible at best. Instead of trolling Hayley Williams on Twitter about lyrics she wrote when she was 17 I wish people would take a look at why an entire industry thinks it's ok to promote the behaviour of e.g. Miley Cyrus to teenagers. Just do a Google image search of "Miley Cyrus inappropriate," have a quick scroll down and ask yourself if you'd like your teenage daughter to be consuming that. Give them Hayley Williams as a role model any day.
  2. Fucking liberal, virtue-signalling, snowflakey wankery. The tosspots who want to get their panties in a bunch over decades-old lyrics and the like usually turn out to be total hypocrites, one way or another.
  3. Don't mean to go too off topic but it's to me it's always been the worst, least interesting and redundant song on Chinese. I can honestly say i've probably listened to it ten times ever including bootlegs/demos but not at concerts. If it wasn't for the fact that the title of the album was seemingly set in stone I bet it wouldn't have made the album.
  4. Thoughts on Madagascar?

    Including Rio3 and all the leaks and boots I've listened to it literally thousands of times. I love the analogy of the title. Axl is an island that broke away from the mainland and developed his own unique ecosystem.
  5. Meaner sections ahead. One day...
  6. Gotcha. I thought you meant in something that would bother Guns. The Frank thing is funny but hey, what should he say? Everyone knows Frank ain't the best.
  7. What do you mean by passive-aggressiveness. I haven't detected any. He's been protective from my perspective.
  8. Man, this is a trip. For two and a half years we've been waiting for the big three to talk and this ix best case scenario. He says he takes the blame for a lot of the negativity and the best thing is being friends with "Ax" again. I can only imagine Axl reading these interviews and smiling. This is Grade A PR.
  9. You're alive! Can't remember specifics but seem to remember M** and others saying Axl had a record ready in 2010 that the label declined.
  10. Erroneous opinion stated as fact. Axl said he considers the next album "the second half of Chinese." There is absolutely nothing to suggest that is the case and a whole shit ton of quotes from many people that strongly indicate otherwise. Maybe spend an afternoon reading through Chinese Whispers to get caught up. What could make you think it's that simple when we have so much information available about Axl's struggles with the label over the past 16 years? Even someone not familiar with the situation could come up with several good reasons why they wouldn't want to release whatever Axl has, even if he wanted to.
  11. Guns N' Roses rehearsal 2002 VMA

    Madagascar is one of my favourite songs ever and VMAs 2002 is hands down the worst, weakest version of it ever. His voice sounds so thin and weak like it's about to snap and he actually has to strain to force out "it's never tooo late." It's awful. Compared to the deep rich tones from Rio 3 or his recent full on raspy efforts it's embarrassing. So yeah, 10k for the rehearsal, fuck no. But it does make you wonder how different things could have been had he come out looking and sounding like 2006-2010. Positive press and a surge in US ticket sales could have changed the whole thing.
  12. Weren't Axl, Rudd and Cliff just spotted in Vancouver where they recorded the last few records? That goes against everything that's been said so far by e.g. the official biographer. You really think after the fun he had with Axl Angus wants to do a small retirement tour? I can't see it unless Axl said he couldn't do it which is unlikely given how massively enthusiastic he was. Personally I hope it's true because the idea of Axl wasting what's left of his voice and time singing banal lyrics when he's got a tonne of his own stuff in the can is just insane to me.
  13. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/slash-on-possibility-of-new-guns-n-roses-music-i-think-everybody-wants-to-do-it/ On my phone so can't paste. Surprised I couldn't see this posted already. Amazing quotes.