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  1. New song for the October shows?

    It really doesn't help when he weak falsettos Better and TIL badly, which is most of NITL. If he was singing like 2010 I'd bet £1000 that a fuck ton of people who saw the tour would be going to download Chinese after. I mean, in 2010 there were plenty of people at shows who'd not heard TIL and every single time on every boot you listen to after he chainsaws the first chorus you can hear this huge ovation across the whole crowd. But those later TILs in 2018 were fucking brutal.
  2. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    They've released eight albums in the time Axl's released one and played nearly every song live at some point.
  3. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Very likely. At least he wont ever such as hard as poor Johnny Bongiovi.
  4. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Well he's done it in '06, '09, to a lesser extent in '16 (although it's hard to know what he'd have been like without the broken foot) and for Axl/DC. So it's not impossible. I'd say it all depends on how well things are going with the record between him and Slash. I think it was Niven a few months ago who said Slash didn't seem thrilled about working on a record of mostly Chinese Part 2 but then the other day he sounded way more positive about exactly that. If and when they do add a bunch of new songs to the set and start promo that's the best chance left of seeing Axl prepare and give 100% again, with whatever he's got left.
  5. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    "Big. F'n. News." Ha ha ha. No. What's the chances we get a lean, mean, prepared Axl, at least one new song and maybe some Think About You/Locomotive/Breakdown/Don't Cry Alt etc as opposed to exactly the same show with Axl sounding awful and covered in gimmicks?
  6. The Best chinese democracy songs performance

    I can't remember but have a feeling it was people throwing stuff.
  7. The Best chinese democracy songs performance

    His rich, deep, clean vocals in the verses were great, never heard like that again on Madagascar. In 2002 he sounded way more pinched. But then he totally flakes on the high notes whick kills it for me.
  8. The Best chinese democracy songs performance

    I'll have to re-visit Boston Blues, never remembered it being a big deal. Forgot about Dublin '10. For any new people, Axl had a strop that night and performed most of the set literally stood still at his mic stand so not only did you get insane 2010 vocals (he still gave 100%) but without catching his breath from running. I need to re-visit that too.
  9. The Best chinese democracy songs performance

    I've heard pretty much everything out there and to my knowledge he never even went anywhere near it. The best you're gonna hear is on Bucharest 10 or RAR 06 like people have said where he chainsaws a much lower note. I've always found it odd because he'll go for insane notes every night in Heaven's Door, Jungle and other places but he's just never tried that IRS note. I mean even near the end of 2017 somewhere he literally was building into the pre-chorus high note on Twat and it just wasn't there. But he was going for it. IRS, never.
  10. The Best chinese democracy songs performance

    Yeah, even on his best day in 2010 he can't replicate the studio thing. I mean, with the alternate voice he does in the verses goin from deliberately weak/wobbly/fragile to powerhouse and then the chorus is in the mid-range that sounds flat and weak in comparison. Scraped should have been a B-Side.
  11. The Best chinese democracy songs performance

    WE've only got that one video-cam recording of Hammerstein Twat that's kinda C+ audio, plus Axl flakes on the screams before the solo and it's BBF@s first go at the solo having only been allowed to listen a couple times on someone's laptop. But that said, it's the only performance ever where Axl is comfortable and actually singing and performing and into the lyrics as opposed to just trying to make it through. If you haven't heard it listen to the Madrid 2006 version, it is an absolute car crash. He sounds like a dying cat XD Makes 2016 sound epic!
  12. The Best chinese democracy songs performance

    I'm only interested in vocals: For overall consistency with just insane power, control and range Bucharest 2010 is unbelievable. There are few better versions of any Chinese songs. Plus the bootleg is stunning A+ quality. If The World: Toronto 2010. Even if you don't like the song, this is a must listen just for Axl's ad-libs in the breakdown before the last chorus and then the fucking SICK "Heyyyy heyyy heyyy heyyy yeeeeaaahhh!" he does into the last chorus. This I Love from Arnhem Gelredome 2010. Best This I Love vocal ever. I think there's only one version which cuts in during the first line but the vocal is high and center and the power is just insane. In 2010 he started really holding the notes at the end of Madagascar and TIL for ages and made it sound so effortless. If you haven't heard it i'd highly recommend the whole Toronto 2009 boot. It's interesting because his voice was more of a clean/rasp mix like 06/07 than once he went full chainsaw in 2010. Plus it was only a few shows in and still feeling his way around the new songs so there's lots of power and a different feel to 2010. I really like the first verses because his voice isn't the full rasp yet and it's kinda wobbly in places and sounds vulnerable more like the album and then the scream hits. For a 2002 vocal I think Madagascar Cleveland beats Boston but unless you're into the 2002 band version on the clean voice i've no idea why you'd pick that over 90% of '06-'10.
  13. Yeah, and you and the two Chinese haters who liked your post didn't say the same to the guy who wrote the reverse of my opinion.
  14. Chinese songs worth more individually than literally everything the other members have done outside GN'R put together (apart from Give In To Me): Twat, Prostitute, This I Love, Sorry, Better, Catcher, IRS.
  15. I think it's the most, perfect, brilliant title.