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  1. Poor Jon's voice is utterly shot to the point that he wouldn't dare attempt to share a stage with Steven or Axl. They'd utterly embarrass him. He literally can't replicate the stuff off his last album. Meanwhile Steven still screams through Dream On and Axl can sing Hell's Bells in the original key.
  2. I don't think he had any choice. I'm guessing at least part of Slash being asked back was Axl not being able to sell a tour with yet another replacement (for BBF)
  3. Edmonton Soundcheck

    Wow. Thanks for the confirmation. That blows my mind to think they'd do Maddy given that it's about the old band. I mean "promised NEVER to leave me, NEVER to leave me alone" is so about Slash. Thought they'd do IRS or If The World first. MSL said in 2015 he thought they'd never do Maddy again as he knew Slash was back in the conversation.
  4. Edmonton Soundcheck

    Oh dude! I was convinced for 16 years it was a Seymour song. But Russ here posted his theory this year that it's to Slash snd reading through it line by line that makes perfect sense. Especially if Sorry is not. Because there had to be one song on the record to Slash.
  5. Just guessing but between losing Bucket, Robin and Brain and not being able/not wanting to get CD2 out in 09/10 he was probably pretty bummed. As for DJ, there are various things that bothered people. He used to absolutely butcher Patience to the point that Axl, Tommy and BBF would openly mock him on stage. There were the hacked emails that revealed he was getting paid more than BBF. Also his social media image, talking about he and Axl beating people up in clubs in the most attention seeking, non-hard way. Just posing. And hocking his clothing line.
  6. Holy crap, dude. Thank you so much for posting that. Had not watched anything from the show since the live stream. In my head Estranged was awful. Can't believe how strong he sounds. Definitely not the unrehearsed, unprepared vocal I'd always remembered. He was in point. Strong. Clean but not Mickey. And Fuck, the band sounds tight and flawless despite only rehearsing it a few times according to Axl. And what a fantastic quality pro shot. Live edits and loads better than the dvd or London 12, ironically. Fucking beautiful. What went wrong with November and the rest?!
  7. Edmonton Soundcheck

    Right. So are Maddy lyrics on the prompter confirmed or nae?
  8. Edmonton Soundcheck

    Yeah, I'll keep my head to myself lol. Still not confirmed if they really sound checked Maddy. Wonder if he'd change the lyrics to We're freed of all the chains we held together. I'm quite convinced Sod is about Slash but hey, Fleetwood Mac made a career of singing deeply personal stuff to each other on stage.
  9. 09/01/17 - Vancouver, BC - BC Place Stadium

    No doubt he could still do it like Axl/DC he's just choosing not to.
  10. 09/01/17 - Vancouver, BC - BC Place Stadium

    The lightswitch has been obvious for years, apart from anomalies like VMAs and when he hadn't prepared like Rio '11. There's so much on the line now with insurance and promoters that it's fair enough he's careful with his voice.
  11. 09/01/17 - Vancouver, BC - BC Place Stadium

    Cool notes. It's crazy, there wasn't a single show in 2010 where he didn't nail Til effortlessly when he was raspy as fuck but falsetto it seems harder for him to project some nights.
  12. 09/01/17 - Vancouver, BC - BC Place Stadium

    Lush Catcher. All on point.
  13. 08/30/17 - Edmonton, AB - Commonwealth Stadium

    The bitching and whining is fucking pathetic and it's the same cunts every fucking single show thread.
  14. 08/30/17 - Edmonton, AB - Commonwealth Stadium

    It's nuts how he pulls off completely effortless raspy OW's! and the like on I'm Feel Good and yet on every single Estranged i've heard since 2011 when it comes to what used to be a giant, visceral, anguished and raspy howl into the void he always just does a little mickey fart of an "ow." Case in point on page 10!!
  15. Edmonton Soundcheck

    Really hope they play Madagascar just to piss off all the pathetic, whiny little appetite bitches in here. If someone in front of me turned their back to the stage during Madagascar i'd headbutt their teeth down their throat and throw them over the barrier to be carried out.