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  1. 10/22/17 - Boston, MA - TD Garden

    I was there and this was the 5th time I've seen them on this tour. 2 vegas, 2 foxboro. I had a blast and thought Axl sounded just fine. He used a mix of rasp and clean voice. I thought that the clean voice sounded fine, especially I t he cringe worthy spots I typically hear on YouTube videos. I'd say the only song that it really didn't work on was yesterdays. At the end of the day, I know what I'm getting into and I thought the show rocked and the person who wrote the review in the Globe thought so too. It was well worth the $279 I paid. Axl gave 100% - I didi see him spitting in trash bucket every song or so, not sure what's going on there. I was there to have fun and it judge and I had a blast. -illusionone
  2. 10/22/17 - Boston, MA - TD Garden

    They're killing it tonight - #Amazing
  3. 10/22/17 - Boston, MA - TD Garden

    I dint realize Axl/DC played in Boston....I would have gone if I had known. im looking forward to tonight's show!
  4. 10/22/17 - Boston, MA - TD Garden

    They played the TD Bank North Garden in Boston 2002
  5. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    I can't remember the last time he did the whistle at the end.
  6. Anyone have tix for Boston?
  7. 11/30/16 Mexico City, MX - Palacio de los Deportes

    I can see your point and I respect it. Prior to this, GNR never disrespected America, especially when they were not in the country. For me this is close to the line... hopefully it's an isolated event. BTW - I'm not outraged or emotional about it. It is just making me think...
  8. 11/30/16 Mexico City, MX - Palacio de los Deportes

    I wonder if they'll burn the American flag at the next concert? Doesn't matter who the president is and what party they belong to, this is disrespectful and disgusting. I was excited for 2017 but I'm not sure I feel comfortable supporting this band financially as they disrespect the country that gave them the opportunity to be who they are. That said, because of where they come from, they have the right and freedom to express their opinion in anyway they want-its just disappointing they chose this way to do it. I never thought Axl and Co. would end up being annoying like Pear Jam and U2. I don't go to concerts to have the band push their political agendas on me. It's not the message their spewing, it's the way they're doing it. Slowly losing a life-long fan........:-(
  9. Just to make sure we are being fair, he was also responsible for desegregating schools in Alabama and played a major role in getting the death penalty for the head of the KKK. These are pretty admirable accomplishments that should not be left out. The thing with politics in the US right now is that 99.9% of the media, both written and TV are very bias towards a specific political mindset. If anything this past election has exposed how the media has been manipulating and misleading the American people. With that said, it requires anyone doing research to look to multiple sources and an extensive deep dive to truly get an unbiased look at someone's life work/resume. Again, I'm neither for or against Jeff Sessions but I do think everyone, including Axl, has the right to have their total body of work looked at rather than a slanted one sided view. If someone were doing reasearch on Axl, I'd hope they wouldn't use Mick Wall's book as their only source as we know there is an agenda and in most cases factually inaccurate. Anyway, as stated before, there is no hate in the above, just adding a different perspective to the conversation, especially for those outside the US. BTW- I agree that Artists have a right to express their social or political views. I just wish they would expand on their thought so people knew what the actual view was and how it got formed.
  10. Disclaimer: My next comment is neither for or against Jeff Sessions or Axl Rose Jeff Sessions is currently being judged for comments he made 30 years ago which may or may not have been taken out of context. Axl Rose was previously judged for lyrics that he wrote over 20 years ago that may or may not have been taken out of context. Oddly enough both gentlemen made comments about the same exact topics (immigration and race) that both people have previously stated they wish they had never made. I'm assuming that Axl has done some research on this topic and has more details about JS to make that comment. It would be a shame if he just read the MEMEs on FB and Twitter and made a snap judgment as people did to him 20 years ago. I respect the fact that Axl has the right to his opinion and to voice it. I may not agree with him or his politics but I still respect him as an American and one of the greatest rock frontmen of all time. I always liked how GN'R stayed out of politics, unlike Pearl Jam. Richard Fortus has been pretty vocal on this years election and I fear that it has seeped into the other band members like Axl and Duff. Anyway, there is no hate in my post, just a general observation. . . .