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  1. I really don't want to go to fork out money for another tour that is in support of nothing, but I know if they do shows in the UK I'd make the effort to go. Come on to fuck, get some new material out!
  2. Europe 2020?

    If they done a few shows in the U.K., I’d reluctantly go to as many as I could afford, though would be pretty pissed if we’re still not any closer to new music.
  3. Chinese Era: House of Blues, Boston 2002 and Rock AM Ring Post Chinese: Philadelphia 2012 (probably my favorite Rocket Queen ever), L’Arc 2010, Rose Bar 2010, London 2010, Osaka 2009. NITL: Houston 2016
  4. If they're going to cover anything, surely now, given that the tour is sponsored by Bud Light, would be to debut a 30 minute rendition of the Real Men of Genius skits, bring out Pitman and Ashba as special guests.
  5. European Leg

    Appropriate username ***unless this turns out to be true, then I can only apologize 😂😂😂 Unsure if I’d take a punt on a few shows unless there was new music incoming, which is unlikely
  6. Solutions

    Naa, they were surely part of the New Romantic movement?!
  7. Which cover do you prefer to the original?

    Roxy Music - Jealous Guy On that topic, was watching an interview with this journo and he said that Bryan Ferry is the most famous person he's ever stood next to at a urinal. He said it was awkward, so he started whistling the solo to Jealous Guy haha.

    Love it my man. Hopefully put that lot in their place when we meet again. Credit to them, they've been persistent with getting wins that they wouldn't have managed last year, but minus a few blips, we've been dominant. Hopefully the league table will look a lot more comfortable in time for New Year.

    A week on Sunday we’ve got that Scheidt mate, waiting to hear back from the bus if I’ve got a ticket or not so here’s hoping. Celtic man yourself?
  10. I'm optimistic. Keep the faith. "We now believe more than ever..." "Better than old one..." etc etc
  11. Happy Bday CD!

    Chinese Democracy is not just my favourite Guns album, but my favourite album of all time. As crazy as it is to type this, the whole anticipation for it's release, the false dates, the optimism among fans of it's release, the leaks - everything - is all something that I loved too, even though it was incredibly frustrating at times. I will always be eternally grateful to Axl Rose for his music, as his work has helped me through some very difficult times and helped me celebrate success on the flip side of that. I just really hope that he gets to finish what he started, or is motivated to finish what he started. There's a lot of good music that he is sat on. Songs like Atlas are as good as anything Guns have ever released. 11 years is too long of a wait, but it may end up being a blessing that we never got a record in that time - if anyone is going to replace Bucket or Finck's parts, it should only be Slash (preferably no one at all, but you can't always get what you want!)
  12. Lies

  13. Great job! Are you playing every instrument? Incredible if so!
  14. YCMB intro!

    They had written YCBM during the Appetite era, but from what I can remember, they felt something was missing and Sorum then done the intro and they had a "that's it!" moment.