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  1. 30-Day Song Challenge

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  3. At least now we know how Axl intends to sell the next album.
  4. Are London's tattoo's real? They look as if they've been designed by DJ Ashba.
  5. 30-Day Song Challenge

    Day 5:
  6. I still think it's unbelievably cool that these two fella's patched up their differences. They were nobodies together and went through all the shit that came their way, making timeless music and becoming incredibly rich. It's a brotherhood. There is still time to make some great fucking new music too. The future isn't as bleak as some like to point out. GNFNR God bless Duff McKagan
  7. Apologies for bumping this thread, but I was wondering if any of you attended both the London shows, and if so, which one did you think was better for whatever reason? Unfortunately my decision making around the release of the tickets wasn't the best and it's a regret that I never got to both shows, only making the second night.
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  10. Can't thank you enough mate. Unfortunately the video has been taken down due to copyright, is there any chance you can send it to my email if I PM you?