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  1. Best SCOM of NITL tour?

    SCOM and You Could Be Mine are two tunes I find it hard to listen to live. However I remember being surprised at how good SCOM sounded in Prague but when I listened back, it didn't really do anything for me.
  2. I actually watched about an hours worth of that video. The guy actually comes across really well and it's not an effort to sit and watch. He gets Duff first. His pal says he should get him to sign his arm as opposed to a picture and get it tattooed, jokingly. He gets it done and this is his mission. He meets Adler at some show he does with his band. He leaves at the end of the show thanking the bouncer who informs him to go to the VIP area where he gets Steven to sign his arm. Once Steven is told he's getting it tattooed, he runs back and washes down his hand and rubs his previous effort off and does it again. Later meets Adler in Canter's and spends 2 hours with him. He gets Slash at a meet and greet I think. Once he gets up to him, Slash refuses to sign his arm. He tells him he's came a long way to meet him and eventually reluctantly signs his arm. He gets Axl at that fashion show they did in 2006. Gives the bouncer 20$ who then shouts at Axl after the shows finished. Bouncer advises him not to show Axl his tattoos because "he hates his ex band mates". He gets him to sign his forearm and with the use of photoshop, copies it and gets it tattooed next to the others. He meets Matt at some point, who offers to sign his arm. Not wanting to be awkward, he lets him do it and later washes it off. He gets VIP at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the hope of getting Izzy. He gets thrown out for disturbing them and has a conversation with Steven again. Boy from Green Day informs him of where Izzy stays. He had an incling that Izzy would appear at the first residency in Vegas, so bought tickets for the last shows. He meets Beta who asks for his number and she'll call if Izzy is still there after the show. She gets back to him and says he's a recluse and is now in bed. He waits til 7am after his last show. He meets Beta again who again says he's in bed. She stops and tells him the hotel he's staying at and the time they've got a car sent to him at. He gets Izzy. I watched this over 12 hours ago so I'm just going off the top of my head, so I might be inaccurate with some of the destinations. It's a good watch though.
  3. What sort of music video would GNR do?

    There must have been reasoning for hiring a film crew for this footage, not just to be used on the big screens at shows. Rumoured that this was meant to be the basis of it.
  4. What sort of music video would GNR do?

    Something sort of similar to Yesterdays would be really cool to see, but if they were to do a video for any potential new music, I'd imagine it'd be a short film that didn't involve the band in it, like the Catcher video.
  5. I felt out of them all, they really brought a new life to 'Sorry'. I'd say it's normally a highlight for Axl each show and the band sound absolutely great on it.
  6. Used to love the big intro to Chinese for the 11/14 shows. However, It's So Easy was a great change and gets the crowd going with that thumping bass!
  7. The Neil Diamond Appreciation Thread

    One of the best songs of the 70's.
  8. I'm sure that story is exaggerated, but I always did think that Axl's love for animals would have maybe perhaps pushed him towards living a vegetarian lifestyle. I'm surprised he isn't (going by the pic of him in the steakhouse with Angus where a witness said he had a 20oz steak). However I don't have any issues with him or anyone else doing so either way
  9. I definitely agree with you on some elements of that, but I could definitely believe that there was also hidden agenda's from the label trying to force Axl into getting back together with Slash by way of multiple managers trying to manipulate Axl into doing so. We've seen MSL's alleged leaks which list one of the documents being Beta emailing Iovine (I think) on how to trick Axl and also Merck allegedly cutting Finck from the payroll and telling Axl that Bucket had quit, when in reality he hadn't. These guys probably would have gotten a big pay off had they succeeded in doing so in the 2000's. I would honestly love to think that Axl was highly motivated around the initial CD sessions around '98/'99 to actually put out a vast amount of material, but somewhere down the line things turned sour and resulted him in saying that 2008, the year of the release, was the worst year of his life. If motivation was the issue, then I'm certain that with Duff and Slash back in the fold it'll help Axl get back to his creative best.
  10. I suppose there is less baggage now. I'd imagine the label will be a lot more willing to negotiate with Axl/TB now that Duff and Slash are back in the fold and even more so with the amount of money they've grossed with the tour so far. I'm not holding my breath by any means, but I'm hopeful that something could be happening.
  11. Can't say I'm convinced. I'd imagine the band, along with Caram, would work on it themselves.
  12. CD is one of my favourite albums, but my only issue is that Riad and Scraped are mediocre at best. The album probably would have benefited without their inclusion. I didn't mind them much at the time of the leaks, and I liked the way the band changed Scraped for the live shows, but I just don't think those two songs have aged very well. Axl's singing on Riad is absolutely brilliant, I just don't think the song itself stands up to the rest of GNR's back catalogue, where as the rest of the album does. Oh My God is a better song in my opinion. All in, I agree with Bumble that CD is a masterpiece.
  13. People can criticise Axl all they like, it doesn't stop the fact that his run with AC/DC is possibly one of the greatest things to ever happen, especially with the level he got his voice to, you don't get many singers over 50 being able to sing like that.
  14. Happy New Year!! 2018!!!

    Happy new year everyone, all the best for the year ahead!