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  1. Jim Bruer

    Apologies mate, a nickname for our curly headed friend. Have a great weekend!
  2. Jim Bruer

    Jonner doesn’t get the credit he deserves. What a fucking voice. Axl Rose and Brian Johnson are two of the greatest voices to have ever graced a stage in my very biased opinion 😂😂😂
  3. Very true. However a lot of Axl’s supposed issues/insecurities about working with Bumble or anyone else that wasn’t Bucket, Finck or Tobias isn’t there anymore with the return of Slash and Duff. Mending that personal relationship must’ve done him the world of good and I’m quite hopeful that this will be a big factor of us finally getting new material. I’m keeping the faith, as I have done since the release of Chinese, but with it being from Slash, I think his words carry more weight than 4tus. The next few years ahead can potentially be some of the best Guns have endured as a band, but one of the factors is beefing up that catalogue.
  4. Jim Bruer

    He probably couldn't sustain that for 2+ hours though. To be fair, it wouldn't surprise me if he was approached, seen as they tried out a singer from an AC/DC tribute band.
  5. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    Hey man, thanks for sharing that. I love hearing stories like this. Out of curiosity, are you aware that the House of Blues show leaked back in June in proshot quality? If not, it might be a trip for you to check it out!
  6. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    Day 8: Day 9:

    Another farcical performance from Celtic in the Europa League. I love Brendan, but the way he sets up in Europe has always irritated me. He got away with it twice against City and has more or less approached every European game the same since. What I miss about Gordon Strachan and Neil Lennon's Celtic sides was that they were always incredibly hard to beat in Europe. The way the two of them set up the teams were very similar and direct in play, however Brendan goes into these games the same way he does league matches. We don't have the caliber of player to do that in Europe.
  8. The same old thing... I'd like to be more optimistic this time because it's Slash saying it, but I'll hold off til the ginger mentalist breaks his silence.
  9. Who's going to Glasgow on Sunday?

    Less of that! I was offered a ticket and still debating whether or not to go. Glasgow is a great night out though so you'll enjoy it if you haven't been.
  10. New album would obviously be at the top of the list for me, but as mentioned there are a lot of different avenues management can go down to generate a lot of money. The Perfect Crime documentary bundled with a disc of a sit down interview with Axl, Duff and Slash documenting the demise of the band and what paths they went down following. I reckon that would be fucking great considering they have done practically no press whatsoever. They're already back on top of their game without really breaking a sweat. The second highest grossing tour of all time - there is a lot still left in the tank. I just hope Axl makes the best of the next 5/10 years as potentially they can be the best he's endured as an artist.
  11. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    Day 5: