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  1. This is absolutely brilliant. Great job man and thank you for the share!
  2. What Are You Listening To 2017

    First time I've heard this version. An enjoyable listen.
  3. As much as I appreciate that Mick is still going strong, there is a big difference in singing Stones songs and GN'R. Mick is a very good singer. He wasn't blessed with a wide range, but it's impressive how he's still doing justice to all of those tunes he recorded in his 20's etc. Axl on the other hand could sing a song like Start Me Up no problem. He can sing a song like Back In Black with relative ease, but it's in between those that causes confusion for me. I wonder what happened in the down time from December 2010 and October 2011. Axl must have done a lot of harm to his vocal chords for him to take a totally different approach to singing, or at least been told as such. They started playing mostly over 3 hours and people started accusing him of going through the motions and what not and year by year there seemed to be something else mental that would happen. From Rio, to Bridge School to Bowling Alley's. He set the bar so high for himself in his younger years that he's stuck in the middle of trying to look after his voice and put on a great show. I've never seen any celebrity or any casual fan that has attended a show slate Axl for his voice. So maybe he thinks that it's good enough for the audience? Fuck knows. But it's a travesty that he doesn't feel the need to go all out when the world is watching. Because he's more than capable and he, for me at the very least, has showed in the last year that no one out there can touch him for the shows he put on. Stuff like this, he's just selling himself short while his bank balance still sky rockets!
  4. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Hop House 13 Lager. I'm impressed.
  5. That Metal Show with Axl

    Great job man. Thank you very much for going through all of that effort for us, I really appreciate it!
  6. For me, Sorry was one of the highlights of the shows I was at. Following the band and shows on here on a daily basis, I think it's safe to say most of us here attending will know for the most part what the setlist will more or less be, and with Sorry not being a regular since 2012, it was great to hear it again, especially with Slash and Duff back in the fold. Is there better songs on Chinese Democracy that they could play? Yes, but for the shape of Axl's voice after a near 3 hour show, it's probably an easy enough song to coast through before the last few songs. I was buzzing at Slane when they pulled out There Was A Time, only to be quickly scunnered after hearing the first few lines! Can't blame him though, it must be a bastard for him to sing.
  7. That Metal Show with Axl

    I appreciate the effort! It could maybe be the software that you use to burn it that is causing it? The copies that are going around from this interview are all very poor, which is quite puzzling!
  8. That was a great read. A very fascinating period for all of those affiliated with any incarnation of the band. Thanks for the share. BBC produced a documentary about the rise and fall of Genesis, with all the members, including Peter Gabriel, sat and interviewed on certain events, some of which are debated/disagreed on. I'd love for Axl, Slash and Duff to do something similar, to share their thoughts on the breakup of the old band. Axl touched upon it at the China Exchange thing, about saying to Slash that some of the stuff he'd said over the years/in his book, didn't actually happen. Obviously that would be for our benefit, but there is so much that could be talked about, for the fans to know their own thoughts on a series of matters, and for them all to make money from doing something like that too.
  9. For Appetite, I usually listen to Live Era due to the sheer energy it has. Obviously it's not for everyone, but I think Axl's re-recorded vocals exceed the ones recorded for Appetite. Chinese and the Illusion stuff, I normally play the studio albums. The live bootlegs I have of Guns on my iPod are the Osaka show from December 2009, Vegas 09/04/2016 then the Apollo gig.
  10. It would be interesting to skim through the pages and pages of optimistic fans posting upon the build up to Rock In Rio 2011. Excited at the thought of getting the first ever HD pro-shot concert, with Axl in 2010 voice, and also the thought of new songs being played. Ultimately, it was a bit of a disappointment for whatever reason. I'm going to say no on the new music front, but a pro shot and better audio than the Apollo show, I'd be more than happy with.
  11. Duff on Talk Is Jericho

    https://www.podcastone.com/Talk-Is-Jericho Always enjoyed Jericho's podcast. Just put this on, hopefully there are some gems told from the initial reaching out prior to Coachella!
  12. Blu Ray? I've been out the game for a week or two, what have I missed?! Or are you meaning the upcoming Rio gig that will be streamed/broadcast?