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  1. I wonder if it is a completely different song to the one Izzy ended up releasing on one of his solo albums?
  2. Going Down It's easily found on Soundcloud
  3. Tokyo 2009 VS Los Angeles 2017

    Probably an unpopular opinion, despite how much I enjoyed both shows, I think due to Tokyo being at the start of a tour, Axl, despite sounding great for the most part, was off on some songs that he more or less sings with ease, Patience being one of the main ones. I was never big on the way the band played some of the tunes either, Rocket Queen vastly improved 2011/12 - probably my favorite era for the song being played with 4tus shining on the outro. It was Axl's first attempts at singing Prostitute live during that Asian leg and if you watch the Vegas shows from 2014, it's vastly superior in my opinion. Despite solo slots still being frequent during this tour, it felt that there were a lot more during the 09/14 era and that they took up a big chunk of the show. Much like Anything Goes being the weakest link on Appetite (IMO), I feel that Scraped is the equivalent on Chinese. I feel the setlist now showcases what the band is all about, and for the most part, is very enjoyable. My vote is with LA. Musically, I think the band now sounds a lot better and probably vocal flaws, they about even each other out.
  4. It's only Think About You, You're Crazy and Anything Goes that's missing from Appetite. Granted, Think About You would be a nice change, but the fast version of You're Crazy I'd imagine would be incredibly difficult for Axl to pull off and probably the sort of tune they'd avoid if they were going for the record. I personally think Anything Goes is the only weak link on Appetite and glad that it hasn't been part of the set list in decades. They play a large portion of every album in a regular 3 hour plus show, this time we got more in a 4 hour show. When you've got so little in terms of a back catalogue in comparison to the other artists that play for similar lengths of time, it's hard to mix it up a great deal. The only way they'd be able to truly start mixing up the set lists is if they play 2 hours every night, but would you rather that, or for Guns to be on stage for more than 3 hours playing most of the albums?
  5. They killed it tonight. That was some going! 4 hours!!!!
  6. Honestly hoping that they go for this...so close
  7. If Axl is knackered, they should get Duff to do So Fine or something in order for Axl to get a rest for the most part, they should go for the record!!
  8. Still not keen on the jump in voice at the outro of Coma, "it's so easy to be social..." Been enjoying this so far. I can never be bothered sitting through the solo's, especially the godfather before Sweet Child!
  9. Prostitute was great to hear. Unbelievably cool, especially with the amount of Chinese they've played by this part of the show!
  10. I cannot emphasise enough just how brilliant Axl has been on Jungle.
  11. Back winning now. Can't believe it cut out for the intro. Jungle is sounding brilliant.
  12. It's 4am here. It would be silly to go back to sleep now! Hopefully they finish this run strong and that they play Prostitute 😂😂😂
  13. Dead Flowers by Gilby Clarke, featuring Axl. Stuck Inside by Baz, featuring Axl. Always loved this from Tommy.