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  1. Axl Rose - Polish American?

    He claims he's half Scottish. Some ridiculous lineage his family must have.
  2. freddie mercury / Queen

    Making my way through it just now. There seems to be so much space between all the instruments, if that makes sense, it sounds glorious. I'm glad Fred's solo work is getting a much needed overhaul.
  3. Ahhhh. Temptation. The thought of hearing Wichita Lineman in Brazil is extremely appealing.
  4. I had this conversation with a friend of mine a while back. He’s massively into the Stones and said it would have no baring on his love for their music if it came out that Jagger or Keef were nonces (he’s got a lot of love for Bill Wyman) I’d probably be the same with Guns, it’s just Glitter had a few gems in a bucket load of shite that it’s easier to avoid.
  5. Disappointing that he's a nonce. It ruins my enjoyment of that song.
  6. I hope you all get treated to a 30 minute rendition of Wichita Lineman. Have a blast guys!
  7. So what happened with pitman?

    Apologies, I never read the thread. Notification popped up when I came on the site on my phone so it seems a few of them were talking about it! Ha ”Mr. Pitman, we can’t help you with this. Have a nice day P.S. Silkworms is pish” For the record, I like Silkworms 😂
  8. So what happened with pitman?

    It’s my belief that he thought that site was affiliated with this and reached out to whoever was running the site back in the day to change the error and wasn’t happy at being told that they had no control over it. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I just find it incredibly childish the way he handled that whole affair and to call the fans “dildoes” topped it off and I thought it lacked class, along with the tweets apologising for his idiotic behaviour. Everything worked out in the end.
  9. So what happened with pitman?

    I personally love how he called it a money grab tour, nostalgia etc yet it was Pitman himself, interviewed in 2012, saying how Guns N' Roses didn't have to release new music. I'm also disappointed that the screens of his outburst at all of us here calling the forum "dildoes" haven't been posted. That's when I thought he took it too far
  10. Sack whoever is running your social media, fam.
  11. Paul Huge and the new album

    All joking aside, I love Paul’s work on Chinese and thought he was great in the live shows he played. The guy has a great ear for a tune.
  12. What was he saying about Axl at the start of the year? He used to always be very complimentary. BUBBLY
  13. I'd be surprised if Hard School would be chosen as lead single, though in saying that, I want them to play it live to see if it's changed lyrically or the structure of the song itself since the recordings of those demos. For me, it would be Atlas. One of my favourite Guns tunes. I've played it to death since it leaked in it's entirety, it's been a very long time since a song had that effect on me.
  14. Yeah, I'm sure they spent a lot of the evening right into the wee hours catching up. However, the whole Weiland thing happened after this and Matt kicked up shit in the press about Axl. This is off the top of my head, it's been 13 years since I read it but I think I'm mostly right.
  15. CD Leaks Lyrics

    Thanks for the chords mate. Don’t suppose you’ve done Atlas or Going Down?