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    £10 million worth of defenders on the bench and we play a centre mid at left back? A total shambles. Dominated in parts and looked convincing even when 1-0 down. Got the goal to bring it level and ended up taking the lead. Then the calamities happened. Completely baffled at Scott Brown’s handball and Scott Bain will most likely be dropped for his performance. The second year in a row we’ve bottled it in the CL qualifiers. 3 weeks left of the transfer window to get that defence sorted. Bolingoli evidently not coping being thrown in and no other cover for both full back positions. Still, at least Lawwell gets his £3 million salary. Actions need to happen now and ensure that the tribute act know their place. Faithful through and through.
  2. Rocket Queen (Live 2002)

    "Man lies right at you..."
  3. As much as I do not like Scraped, the way they played it with the drum intro live would’ve been much better I think.
  4. It could very well be that the continuous overplay of the record over the years may have dampened your enjoyment. This happened to me with every Beatles album and Don't Cry in particular when I was a nipper. However I would disagree with it not aging well and while one of the albums faults is the apparent over production, I don't think it lessens the listening experience at all, though I suppose everyone is different. You could even say it's part of it's charm, Duff made note of being surprised with the amount of layers the tracks have and Axl seemed amused by this - I just don't think it hinders it in anyway. Sure, I'd liked to have heard stripped back versions of some of the songs, but a song like IRS I would say is better on the final cut than the previous demos - it sounds fuller. Songs like Better, The Blues, TWAT, Madagascar, TIL and Prostitute are up there with the very best to be released under the bands name in my opinion. I'd chuck in a few others too but feel as if that may be pushing it The only times I have been scunnered with the album is when years have passed and still no new music. I don't listen to the album anywhere near as much as I used to, but it still sounds brilliant whenever I fire it on. The Blues should have been massive. Riad and Scraped I could do without though.
  5. "So if you ask me to believe your heart won't go alone it's got a mind of it's own..."

  6. Your view, right now

    Ben Nevis. Highest summit in the UK. I’m dying 😂 This isn’t the summit. The fog up there was ridiculous.
  7. If an album was to come, I think they’ll time it for the run up to Christmas to try and capitalise on that. At this point, it drains me thinking about a potential release date. It could be next year, or it could be several from now which really bums me out. This will be the 11th anniversary of Chinese. Would this have come as a surprise if we were told then that there would be nothing from then to now? Sadly, most likely not.
  8. The Irishman

    I loved Heat! Big fan of their work from the 80’s and some beyond. I see what you’re saying though, I could’ve worded it better - chuck those two into something with a good enough script and you’re winning.
  9. The Irishman

    This looks amazing. De Niro and Pacino is always a great combination, though I must admit I had no idea Al Pacino was still keeping himself busy. I just checked his Filmography there and he's as busy as ever!
  10. The T.V. Show Thread

    I finished The Sopranos. Best series I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe I waited so long to finally watch it! The build up to the last episode was intense and made for fantastic television. I’ve spent the past hour reading people’s theories on the ending and whether or not Tony was killed😂
  11. Behind Blue Eyes - The Who Beautiful Girl - INXS
  12. Bret Hart is doing one of those Q&A tours with Inside the Ropes. I had tagged my brother in law on their advertisement for the Glasgow show. He wasn't entertained, telling me he'd summarise the evening for me without parting with money. "I made Tom Magee look good and loved cheating on my wife."
  13. Me, with the realisation that we won't hear anything for another 6 years. (Quietly having faith though)
  14. I knew this horrendous bootleg t-shirt would come in handy!