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  1. Is there any chance we get some pro shot shows? I mean... its a shame the only one we have is Rock in Rio.
  2. Tour statistics

    Nah, its okay that they play Chinese Democracy, it has the name, sorry to tell you. But yeah, they could rotate some CD/UYI songs with Locomotive, So Fine, Right next door, garden of eden. Even shackler's and The Blues would be nice. And about the covers... TOO FCKN MANY ffs... at least replace the ones like Seeker, Wichita, black hole sun for Spaghetti covers. Give us since i dont have you! Or aint it fun!
  3. What about the re-recorded appetite from 1999. ....lol
  4. Okay, I make this thread to discuss the solo from This I Love. I don't know how you feel about this song, I think it's the favorite from "Cassual fans" of Chinese Democracy. Even tho I like this song a lot, I think the solo has created a lot of controversy; some people like the studio version of it, I remember in 2009-2010 that Ashba played some horrible thing that couldnt even be considered guitar-playing, but he started playing it pretty good in the later years (bad timing considering Axl's voice). I specially like the solo from the o2 arena from Ashba. But; even considering that, I think the song itself was screaming for a Slash solo from the begining; some Slash solos in slow songs like Don't cry and November rain are impossible to forget and full of emotion. ...But, after hearing the solo in the last tour, I wasn't impressed. Maybe i'm missing some good recording? What do you think? For someone who didn't saw all the 2016-2017 shows from Guns, maybe i'm missing a good one.
  5. It's really complex, I think Slash is playing really good versions of CD songs, the TWAT solo is pretty good IMO, not perfect as Bumblefoot used to play it. And... come on. "Near impossible", no. It's not, it's not a "near-impossible" solo, it is complex and beautiful, something Buckethead can do all the time, but I think it's too much to call it "near impossible". I still have a lot of problems with Slash playing the TIL solo, mainly because, I was never 100% convinced of that solo (Maybe the studio version is the one I most like), Ashba... god damnit Ashba, never try to play that solo again. But I seriously thought Slash would give that song a great solo, the song is too beautiful and it deserves an amazing NR-like solo, and the man to do that is Slash. ...I still hope the guy can compose a great solo for that song.
  6. I know he's been nailing WTTJ lately, but this one I think its great, amazing.
  7. Im interested in that Madagascar!
  8. Hello, hoping everyone is okay. I know lately Guns is playing a lot of covers, even I think it's pretty annoying the VAST AMMOUNT of them per show. But I feel different about TSI's covers, I think Guns kind of gave them a personal touch there, they released an album and it was the last LP we had from them in a long time. Now with the reunion, some of those covers are beeing played by the band; many of them were played before but now "resurfaced". New Rose, I think it's the best example, we didn't had it before. I don't know if the song is strong enough to be a consistent one in the setlist, but when they first played it it was a little nice surprise. Which covers from this album would you like to hear Guns play? I like what they did with Raw Power, when they reunited with Duff, they added to the setlist, and it was present in some shows last year. I think it'd be cool if they do that with Since I don't have you, or Ain't it fun. Or even play Hair of the dog again. What do you think?
  9. Contraband on my opinion is pure gold. Put that album on your car, hit the road, and have a great experience.
  10. Wow... such drama bitches in this forum. Its like 2008!!! It seems it was a good show! I think they should give many variations to the setlist, I'd like more "surprises" like when they first played Coma or Estranged in 2011. Wouldnt it be great if they put something like... right next door, so fine, since I dont have you (i know. Its a cover, but come on!!!), dust, dead horse, prostitute. Bring one of these per show and we're all gonna be happy. I'd seriously like something like IRS, SOD but I dony know how Axl's voice is. Since I dint have you, so fine would work better.
  11. Hmmm... I think this formation should play street of dreams. I see that song as Slash-friensly. And I dont like how Slash plays the This I Love solo, big disappointment considering that song is so Slashy. So... IDK. I like the album, but some songs like TWAT or Madagascar seems so off with this lineup. Even tho I love those songs so so so much
  12. They should totally play oh my god