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  1. Ok this is just a guess... You know the software guitar pro? It works on a file type named gpx; they have sheets and tabs for all instruments. You can find the gpx of prostitute there... and also the sheet.
  2. Love Melissa doing the backing vocals and the high parts at the end of Madagascar
  3. Of all UYI rockers, I like YCBM least

    I like the song but I'd be really happy if they mix it with Right Next Door or Garden of Eden, to just mix it up a bit.
  4. Sorry for the off topic but GOD DAMN, how well that sounds! I never heard that concert before, I'm going to check it out, what a frontman Scott was, even with all his problems. Actually, before Scott's death, I seriously wanted a reunion and a last VR album. I think they had a great period. Those 5 guys made 2 great albums and were really powerful on stage, I missed them in Argentina in 2007 because I was sick.
  5. Robin showd in the CD record he not only could play big industrial things (like OMG, Rhiad and all he did with NIN); but he also did an amazing job with slow powerful melodies, the solos in SOD and TIL are really beautiful. I can understand what Axl said there. Robin Finck is easily one of the most underrated guitar players I can imagine. I'd be happy hearing more stuff from him. Even in GNR he was outshadowed by Buckethead, but... you know; Buckethead. That big bastard can play the most emotional things I ever heard.
  6. True. It amazes me, I remember the comments in 2006-2010 about 2001-2002 and they bashed everything. Axl's voice, Buckethead, Finck. It took time to actually value them, I think the reunion helped. Not because the reunion was a bad thing, but, for example; seeing different players like Ashba, Bumblefoot, even Slash, play some of the old solos, we now appreciatte the passion of Finck and Bucket, amazing guitarlines.
  7. I rewatched this one today. I agree with a lot of people in this thread that said that Axl seemed nervous and then really pleased that the crowd sas recieving them well. He also seemed really happy with the band performance; his face during the November Rain outro was like " oh yeah. See that guy with the bucket? He's the best fucker I've ever seen. Come on. Taste that shit". Also, what a stellar the blues we had!
  8. Trump Using "Sweet Child O Mine" at Rally In Montana

  9. I think he did not took the time to compose his own solos on some songs. Songs like Sorry and TIL ask for Slash solos. He had made amazing slow solos; don't cry is by far one of the most emotional solos out there. Slash should know better than everyone that a slow tempo song requieres a slow passional solo; some of his solos on Sorry requiere a lot of technique but you hear them and they are not passional at all. On topic; yeah, he's getting better. Even attempting to do the TWAT solo, even in his own style is a big kudos to him. Im not asking Slash to be Buckethead, only him can play with such passion and technique; I ask him to be Slash. I think that if he dedicates his time to compose a beautiful TIL solo it'd be one of the best things we heard.
  10. I love Crash Diet a lot. I listenes to all versions and Guns' is my favorite. I seriously would enjoy this song in a good quality
  11. Im so hungry for new music that I'd be really happy even if we get this spaghetto 2
  12. Original AFD Artwork Debate

    Bring back Ashbaswag
  13. Original AFD Artwork Debate

    2010s are the "im offended behind a computer" years.
  14. Ballad of Death

    I like the 3 of Ashba solos; but not for Guns. I'd enjoy if Ashba decides to release an instrumental album himself; I'll buy it. As a member... meh, I think he was never the correct replacement for Robin, but I must say he played some Robin solos pretty well, I prefer his TIL solo over any of those Slash has made. That subject actually triggers me a little bit, Slash is one of the best "slow solos" composer in the world, what he did with Dont cry is pure gold; why cant he compose a good one for TIL?! That song needs a good solo. Ah, whatevs... I let my mind go... As I said, This I Love has a great solo, and, as we never could see Finck playing it live, im sticking up with the Ashba version.