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  1. don't worry duff will talk again about how he traveled the world with GNR, met people didn't talk politics, stopped using social media, yada yada yada but i agree hopefully get some good gnr questions
  2. Duff interview.

    Yeah I thought he said you’ll hear from us
  3. Duff interview.

    there's some interesting stuff at the end where he defends axl over one in a million and talks about being confronted by a flight attendant over the song. Of course he keeps mum on any gnr stuff. He also talks about axl tweeting
  4. my audio isn't working but did Duff talk about how much he reads?
  5. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    well judging by what's happening on youtube the band hates copyright infringement.
  6. 2 Duff Boston MA for sale

    don't blame you for not wanting to go. He'll probably ramble on about how punk rock he is
  7. nah way SUPER PUNK ROCK pose! JK yeah he looks ridiculous. Only thing to make it worse if he wore Punk as F*** shirt
  8. i'm betting some sort of release to coincide with tour this fall either blu ray or EP or movie single
  9. looking forward to your channel. Frankly you don't deserve much more of a response as you're not worth my time.
  10. This week I talked about Ole Beich who was Guns N' Roses original bassist who died in 1991. Its hard to believe only one member of GNR passed away so far given their decadent lifestyle.
  11. I did a true story about heavens door and he want a fan of the band to begin with
  12. yeah right? I love referring to him as being SUPER PUNK ROCK. His Punk as f*** shirt on his store is cringe worthy
  13. it was from the behind the music with blind melon where he's in the studio with gnr
  14. it's confirmed there is Gnr footage in there. Super trust worthy site did a reviw of the film and said slash and axl make cameo's in it and there is a scene of shannon delivering a pizza to GNR during their 93 tour. That footage came out a few years ago but has been removed online.