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  1. yeah i thought i heard mike patton's name thrown around. surprised he didn't sing on slash's solo record. yeah body count opened a few shows and then the promoter banned them from a few shows because of cop killer
  2. If you guys remember Guns N' Roses had Faith No More open for them extensively in 1992 in Europe and then in the States during the Metallica tour. Faith No More talked a lot of trash about Axl and the scale of the tour in the press. That's what I explore today. It's funny even in the interviews you can tell the guys from Faith No More don't like GNR
  3. haha yeah it doesn't look like that
  4. Today we take a look at GNR's fashion and the designer who designed their clothes in the late 80's, early 90's days. In addition to that i got my hands on Julien's Auction which was selling some of Slash's clothing for crazy amounts of money
  5. axl was 5 minutes late to the first show i saw in 2017. iwas on the side of the stadium so i could see behind the stage and saw a car pull up with axl and beta and the band went on stage. LA show in 2017 at staples centre band went on stage on time. I can't imagine waiting hours on end for the band to show up.
  6. damn dude i need to have you help me with these videos
  7. today i wanted to take a look at the 2011 interview axl did on that metal show where he talked about not wanting to be on the road in 1991 for the uyi albums. i thought it was an interesting quote but if you read into some of axl's early 91/92 interviews he brought this point up a few times saying he wish he would have had more time to work on himself before hitting the road. i always wondered how a manager could book a tour without getting sign off from the band.
  8. yeah it's not gnr related. He mentioned in past interviews he's working on a ton of projects outside of GNR. It oculd be headtronics
  9. This is one of my favourite videos and something completely different. We all know that according to slash and matt sorum a head and an arm were found in a garbage can behind the studios where guns n' roses were recording, but the question has to be asked whose body was it? That's what we explore today and it may surprise you that the potential victim bears a striking resemblence to Axl Rose.
  10. damn youre right i meant whole lotta rosie.
  11. There's a new interview with Slash and Duff from 87 I believe where they talk about the Marquee Shows. I also compiled it with our interview with Paul Elliot who was the first british journalist to interview Guns N' Roses in 87 for Sounds Magazine. I also included our interview with their former publicist Arlett Vereecke who talked about the Marquee shows and how Axl wanted to piss on the desk of one of the writers who gave the band a negative review for their first Marquee show.
  12. I found a new GNR interview from Much Music 1988 and the interviewer asks them why they hated opening for Iron Maiden. Even as recently as 2015 Bruce Dickenson talked about not liking the way Axl treated their fans! Check it out
  13. Today i take a look at why Guns N' Roses were so late getting to the stage on the Use Your Illusion Tour and what the band members said about it then and now
  14. Duff McKagan gave an interview recently about how much Guns N' Roses were offered in the early days for selling their publishing for Jungle and their catalog. I also talk a bit about how their record label has tried to screw them on royalties over the year and how much those royalties are per quarter