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  1. i really don't think so, plus i hate political correctness. Matt alluded to this in an interview he did so i asked.
  2. that's what i was wondering too they must take a cut of it.
  3. Guess he's launching a new business venture. Drink everytime he says "Cut out the middle man"
  4. i figure even if there pay is low they get lots of expenses covered just like Craig Duswalt said. He said they have meal expenses, plus per diem so when you factor those in it probably works out pretty well.
  5. yeah my buddy Geoff thinks the hired hands get paid 5 figures a show i laughed and said morel ike $50K for the full year if that.
  6. I think I'll let you guys wait, this one will probably be one of our best interviews.
  7. oh yeah there's someone we're interviewing very soon who was one of the few people who never had to sign an NDA from Axl. Well Axl basically forgot to get him to sign an NDA.
  8. Yeah he still is close with Slash, Gilby and Matt. Duff I am not sure how often he sees him and Axl he hasn't seen since 1993 when he left the band. Teddy plays on Gilby's upcoming solo record. He also recently saw Roberta he said as well. haha no, but i would love to interview them. Both of hte people we interviewed knew GNR and hung out with them back in the early days and Appetite days. We've got a big interview at the end of the month with someone who may give us a 3 hour plus interview. i've already written up 100 questions for this guest. Thanks. Yeah it is pretty incredible and i'm hoping we can secure some good interviews in the future. We're always working away at it behind the scenes.
  9. thanks some funny axl stories, especially in Japan and mouthing off to police in south america.
  10. thanks! We also did another two big interviews this weekend to be released soon!
  11. We spent 2 hours interviewing Teddy today! Great interview. Check it out!
  12. yeah a lot of interviews around sepetember and october of 96 seemed to indicate the band was working, but sadly things fell apart.
  13. Short interview with Slash from Swedish Documentary talking Guns N' Roses, Appetite and Sweet Child of Mine
  14. Thanks man! We've got 4 or 5 pretty big interviews coming up! There's definitely one that may stretch into 2-3 hour territory coming up!