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  1. i see Fernando is still designing useless junk. Must have taken some time away from designing leather jackets to work on thiis
  2. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    it's more like when you're working with a summer student and the student tags along to get "real experience". I've heard from someone close to the band that TB has tried to get rid of Del in the past but he's one of the few people from the old days whose still close to Axl.
  3. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    what is del's job? I thought he was the tour manager but i saw that lady angie is the tour manager. Does he just do social media?
  4. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    don't forget del james also posted copyrighted bootleg of another band on youtube after he lectured everyone about posting GNR bootlegs.
  5. One of our awesome subscribers went to one of Richard Fortus' recent appearances in Chicago and sent me a summary of what happened. He asked Richard about the new album and it's summarized below. Richard also talked about how Melissa joined the group (she dated brain) and more! – I asked him if the new GnR album would sound more like a classic GnR album, something closer to a Chinese Democracy sound, or if it’s even evolved into a more modern sound than that. Fortus said the sound will be even different and more evolved than Chinese Democracy. https://gnrcentral.com/2019/06/12/duff-mckagan-talks-punk-guns-n-roses-favourite-tracks-more/
  6. my friend sent these ones to me, but later told me a4d was involved so i credited it to you guys
  7. Stumbled upon these articles and thought I'd share them! Enjoy! https://gnrcentral.com/2019/06/10/never-before-seen-pictures-of-guns-n-roses-from-1993-surfaces-online/
  8. oh God I thought this was Fernando's brilliant new plan. Thought he was designing more useless merchandise for the band
  9. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    yeah it also helps to have friends at youtube....
  10. it's funny duff hasn't apologized for the lyrics in this day and age of how PC things are. Duff the other day was saying there is nothing wrong with political correctness
  11. Duff can't have it both ways. Maybe just don't do press for your upcoming record like Guns did no press for their tour. Let's face it no one really cares about tenderness people only want to know about GNR
  12. did Duff talk about punk rock? I've never heard him do that before
  13. we'll hear about how much duff reads, how he was off social media while on tour witwh gnr, our political divide and yup that pretty much covers everything. Oh yeah he'll compare his daughter in the pink slips to iggy pop again lol
  14. don't worry duff will talk again about how he traveled the world with GNR, met people didn't talk politics, stopped using social media, yada yada yada but i agree hopefully get some good gnr questions
  15. Duff interview.

    Yeah I thought he said you’ll hear from us