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  1. lots of fans have been asking about some videos about Buckethead. Today i take a look at the history between Buckethead and Guns N' Roses
  2. yeah it wasn't heartbreak hotel i can't remember the name of the song he mentioned.
  3. Last friday we chatted with Dave Dominguez about his time working on Chinese Democracy in 1998. He shared some stories about also working with Slash on the Curdled Movie soundtrack a few weeks before he quit GNR. He also recorded with Duff and Izzy as well. He also chatted about visiting Axl's house and what those early recording sessions with Mike clink were like in the late 90's! Discussion starts around 10-12 minutes into the interview. Enjoy! We've got another big interview coming next week with someone who worked with GNR back in the day!
  4. we just finished interviewing a guy who worked on chinese democracy, live era and the re-recording of appetite for destruction. Coming this week!
  5. Today i take a look at the historic release of the use your illusion records along with some news footage from the event. It's too bad people don't excited like this about records nowadays
  6. i thought the announcement is that Fernando is really excited about working on some "sick" new Guns N' Roses clothing that no one asked for.
  7. Anybody know who ran the fan club? I thought axls sister ran it.
  8. last photo is said to be octoer of 1995 from what i've previously seen
  9. We sat down with Doug again to talk what he's currently up to these days and of course lots of GNR talk and questions from the fans. GNR discussion starts around 12 minute 23 second mark. Enjoy!
  10. he thought axl was depressed because he slept during the day. Here's the rest of the inteview. This guy is insanely hard to track down and interview by far the hardest interview to setup.
  11. Some cool things I'm sure people didn't notice in this video