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  1. There's a better chance of breakdown and locomotive
  2. Fernando can't be disturbed when he's designing more tour merch for up to the 20th leg of the Not in This Lifetime Tour
  3. yeah Fernando had to go design more useless junk clothes no one was going to buy.
  4. My favourite one that I didn't know was the Matt Sorum story. Never realized he was only in the live performance scenes.
  5. Duff is super punk rock! Didn't you guys see him dancing to beyonce backstage or cutting lemons off a tree or being interviewed at a yacht expo in dubai?
  6. coming soon! Thanks so much blackstar you give me such great idea sfor episodes
  7. thanks for posting that is awesome!
  8. True Story Behind Estranged!

    that was a joke i just thought he looked like ronnie. It couldn't have been ronnie, it didn't look like dean cain's body on the guy with the stache....
  9. Estranged video

    i would assume for insurance purposes they wouldn't let him do it.
  10. Today i take a look at Shannon Hoon and his history and his band's history with Guns N' Roses!
  11. Today I take a look at the song Yesterdays!
  12. of course there will be another album....use your illusion re-release with tattoos, axl's vitamin water and homeopathic medication from the UYI days and pamphlets from yoda
  13. i reshot it and edited it had to switch youtube channels.