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  1. can we all ask questions about the copyright bs that has been going on?
  2. i always thought if you don't support the government, you're unpatriotic.
  3. had trouble listening to this interview he kept interrupting slash
  4. it'll be the same boring stuff so called "fans" want to know - How did you get your top hat? - How did you get your name? - How old were you when you played guitar for the first time? - Musical inspirations?
  5. i'm amazed they sold out of some of the collection or at least claim to have sold out of the sunglasses and flight pin
  6. We recently interviewed author Jake Brown who tried to write a book about Izzy Stradlin back in 2005 called "Dust N' Bones". He recounts the experience of writing that book along with a request he heard from Izzy. Check it out!
  7. Here's another image of Axl from that guitar show not as commonly seen
  8. we tried to get our buddy kevin to go but he said traffic would be too bad.
  9. don't forget that slash said his trademark phrase "all things considered"
  10. i always thought the song Watch This with Duff and Dave Grohl was a message to Axl since Axl wanted to play with Grohl back in the day
  11. https://gnrcentral.com/2018/08/27/guns-n-roses-guitarist-slashs-earnings-from-2017-revealed/ Slash is apparently losing "Patience" with his wife over how long the divorce settlement is taking. Her lawyers claim Slash has not properly represented his earnings and that he reportedly made $45M last year. Good God if that is true imagine how much Axl is making! Slash apparently revealed he was previously making $345K per month prior to the GNR reunion.
  12. Guns N' Roses has been doing the same thing too. Reliving the past, playing the same old songs, maybe they should work on new music. I do agree with the adler thing though, he should branch out.
  13. if management team had common sense they'd negotiate with izzy before having him fly out and leave upset, but then again that makes too much sense.