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  1. IFPI never even reviews the material they flag. This is a good read about the organization and how it operates https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20140924/18042528632/revealed-how-to-get-ifpi-to-issue-bogus-dmca-takedowns-just-about-anything-with-no-questions-asked-no-review.shtml
  2. Today I take a look at the infamous 1989 gigs GNR did for the Rolling Stones. Enjoy!
  3. is takedown piracy still active it seems like they haven't updated their social media in quite a while.
  4. anybody have the full setlist. I missed the show. Sounds like whole lotta rosie and out ta get me were added today?
  5. Motorcycle stool

    somebody was selling it on ebay. Here's some info on the listing and some photos. Sadly the listing on ebay isn't up anymore https://gnrcentral.com/2018/02/15/update-on-axl-roses-use-your-illusion-tour-motorcycle-seat/
  6. basically yes, it's jealousy at the end of the day i think. The channels that were targeted had big followings.
  7. do you guys have a channel link? Don't think i've ever seen that.
  8. wow that is a new one. Only seen uzi suicidal, IFPI and RIAA.
  9. yup had lots of issues. Thankfully I found someone on YouTube's side who was able to help me out big time.
  10. great podcast guys! Glad you brought some light to this issue.
  11. definitely not buying any of these, especially in light of what management appears to be doing behind the scenes to some fans.
  12. we asked Doug Goldstein that question when we interviewed him, can't fully remember what he said must have been a record label decision i think
  13. https://gnrcentral.com/2018/06/15/insane-axl-rose-hot-balloon-story/ Haven't heard this story before and tried to import photos but can't seem to get this to work. So anyway this guy was looking in his old boxes of photos and found some photos of Axl Rose from 1991 landing in his Grandpa's street in a hot air balloon. Apparently it's from Salt Lake City in the summer of 1991. Check out the photos, definitely must have been cool to meet Axl Rose back in the day.
  14. I imagine once his kids turn 18 his payments will go way down so he'll be in GNR for the forseeable future.