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  1. Rare Slash Interview 1994

    as Fernando said they have a new single Shadow of Your Love
  2. Radio interview discussing estranged music video and spaghetti incident
  3. will Steven join the guys for any of the upcoming shows or is their a possibility that would happen? Also, why was Steven's role in the reunion reduced after he injured his back? Any plans for matt sorum to join the guys on stage?
  4. hey Fernando do you guys plan on touring into next year or taking a break by the end of this year?
  5. same setlist, same covers.
  6. Excuse the wrong thumbnail, It happens around 7:57 where they talk about shadow of your love
  7. yeah it's sad that the band ended with such an abrupt ending and no explanation
  8. Thanks man! Jimmy was great, i could've talked to him for another 2 hours. I love his story about axl in 2000 at the club with gilby.
  9. This past saturday we sat down with Jimmy to talk about his career, his time with Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds, the breakup of the band and his thoughts on the music industry.
  10. yeah in my experience they had 10 days or so to prove they had the copyright to it and they couldn't prove it since it was a commentary video so the strike got removed.
  11. can't you guys just dispute the strike and get it overturned? The person who files the complaint has a responsibility to provide proof they own the copyrighted material. If it was in fact Warchild they cannot prove they own the content.
  12. that's what I've heard. I had one video taken down that was simply a rock in rio 2017 recap and it was from some guy with the email address "Rockinrio@gmail.com" I disputed it and got the strike removed. I am guessing it was from Warchild. Is that the same person as MJ Stealth?
  13. Eddie Trunk was also there in addition to Vicky Hamilton, Michelle Young and lots of former members of Adler's Appetite including his old singer. Two guys who went to the show said it wasn't very good because of Constantine's voice. One guy said he left earlyl
  14. A friend of mine who attended confirmed Slash's Dad was there as well as Perla. Slash was supposed to be in seattle at the musicares benefit but i only saw duff on social media there. Wonder if he was at the adler gig.
  15. i think that might have to do with the fact that they never got permission for using the sample.