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  1. I would fucking hate it, but that is just me Omg, too funny
  2. How can they do a movie without any of the original five having any input? Would that be a bit of a downer for you? It would for me, I would probably still watch it if it came out, but really I don't think they should make it if the people who it is about don't want it to be made.
  3. That sure told him, didn't it!
  4. Slash must have been pretty happy with Scott Weiland, he was a great frontman. He comes pretty close to Axl in the stage presence and charisma department, surely? From what I experienced he definitely did. Just a shame he was also a troubled soul.
  5. Did you go to Niagra Falls? Are they soundchecking the new album again?
  6. I hate this shit, it's the worst! I still feel bad with mine, I've never had it like this before. It's like I escaped for two days and found the real me whilst seeing the best concert ever. How am I meant to live after that I hate GnR
  7. He reminds me of Kevin Bacon. My friend tried to drag me along to see Alter Bridge, nah it's not happening, I'd rather sit at home and eat crisps.
  8. Poor Myles I honestly can't get through any song with him singing, I have tried and tried. I used to be able to listen to the odd song like Starlight, but even that hurts my ears now I have no idea about his stage presence because I won't go to his show, not even if Slash is there. He is nice eye candy though, right? I can look at him better than I can listen to him
  9. Myles Kennedy, such a flaming fly in the ointment I don't like myself for this, but I totally (and irrationally) dislike Myles and wish he would just get lost!! Jog on mate, go to one of your other shitty bands, bye bye.
  10. Haha @Andy14 my highlight of 2016, watching AC/DC fans trying to figure out why Angus Young loves Axl so much
  11. I seriously doubt Frank and the rest would jam on new SMKC material. In fact, no way. And why would the keyboard player join in too? I really don't think it's for SMKC. Isn't Myles said to be working on new solo stuff at present anyway?
  12. I don't think it throws a spanner in the works, I think it reinforces what we think - Slash was jamming new riffs with the rest of GnR. I think that's what we hear in the clip. They really don't rate GnR do they, not even AFD GnR Do you find them so negative though? I go on their forum a lot and a good amount of their fans seem open minded to what may come next with Axl as singer. Just like the majority of them said he did a great job filling in for Brian. When it comes to the music though, for some reason their fans seem to think AC/DC are on that same level as the Stones or The Beatles. They really do.
  13. Axl, Lars and Dave would be an awesome band (well, I would love it, ha!) but omg can you just imagine the chaos
  14. 😲 indeed!! And those AC/DC songs, how come them? Beating Around The Bush, that's the song I keep wishing Axl would do because it sounds like a massive influence to GnR. This is so weird!!
  15. It wouldn't work, not an AC/DC - GnR mashup, I cannot see Angus playing anything by GnR. That just leaves filling up the set with new material and a few AC/DC classics, again something that won't work unless they want to play much smaller venues, and I get the feeling that they don't want that! People really complain when they see a show and a band plays a lot of new stuff, in my experience they do. The levels of moaning when I saw Iron Maiden and they played so much Book Of Souls music instead of Run To the Hills was just (it all sounds the same anyway 😬) So maybe stadiums and possibly arenas are out? I think they would just keep it as AC/DC and ride out the inevitable backlash, might as well go all in and add Duff on bass I really loved AXL/DC but I think it would be a really bad move for Axl to put them first. The GnR tour is a massive success, why not breathe some more new life into the band and create some new music whilst people are so interested