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  1. Well, I consider 3 years a long time for any of this bunch I assumed Izzy had a hand in helping Duff and Slash write songs that ended up being used for Contraband because I have seen people on here say it was their only decent album because Izzy was involved. Poor Slash, he was still trying to figure out what the hell Axl wanted
  2. I don't know, they clearly changed their whole musical direction at the drop of a hat according to Scott Weiland. I wonder how come VR is the only band where any members of the AFD guys have been able to work together and be a fully functioning band for a good amount of time?
  3. It couldn't be more obvious if she did it with Tipp-Ex! His face is nothing like his actual face and the whole thing ends up making him look worse, in my opinion. The under the chin crops are getting more and more bizarre, she almost decapitates him. Talk about losing your head!
  4. She is very busy, very very busy with the air brush.
  5. @Blackstar Those three guitar players would have been awesome though, quite unlike NuGnRs three guitar players Isn't it said that some of that material they wrote ended up being used for VR?
  6. They have a whole range with them. What I find most perplexing is the fact they seem to think this stuff is awesome. I mean, really? Yes, and half of the stuff in the LA store isn't even AFD related by the looks of it, so just using the anniversary as a way to promote whatever it is they're trying to pull at the pop up shop is lame.
  7. I'll still go and see them if they come back to Europe I am such a sucker They have a GnR hoodie which is £1,300 in the sale!!... lmao!!
  8. I think it is the big three we should blame. All three of them love this designer label merged with the AFD image shite. All three have been responsible for shit like this... I expect more of it will appear soon I'm not having a pop at you I'm just saying they've been doing this for a little while now and it's really fucking weird, this is what they're into? Really? I just don't get it! They like this crap? They don't have anything in common any more with us little people who go to their shows