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  1. Thank you. I was considering changing my user name to Richard Marxxx. I participate when I can but have less time these days to get involved. I'm disappointed that GN'R were less active during the years when I had no kids and less career responsibilities. Cheers.
  2. They could continuously fart in a microphone for 80 minutes for all I care and I would buy it. Just please.... NO FUCKING WICHITA LINEMAN OR THE SEEKER!!!
  3. Thanks for the insight. If I had a home studio for 27 years, I hope that I could make more than 3 albums!
  4. Hi Russ. I'm coming out of hibernation. It's been a long winter. I don't think Axl has one of those either. I think they would record in a legit studio with a large staff of engineers, techs, etc if they were going to give this a serious go.
  5. Hello everyone. It's been awhile. Have we established that Axl has a proper studio at his house? It's only 4,000 sq ft, and doesn't seem large enough. Maybe it was a jam sesh out by the pool. On the other hand, if Tommy Stinson can record an album in his hotel room, I'm sure Axl can clear out the garage and hang some eggshell foam or whatever.