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  1. The Days of Guns, & Raz's

    I assume his memories are not 100% correct, as Marc Canter's timeline seems to have more sense. That said, looks like a very interesting read, gonna give it a shot.
  2. Best Nightrains ever

    Boston 2002. Best Nightrain solo ever, hands down.
  3. As far as I know, you can't sue for a soundalike. They are professionally made to have enough notes changed to avoid copyright infringement, yet at the same time still sounding familiar enough. A few times music by big bands was used both in WCW (Megadeth's Creush 'Em) or WWE (Tatu's All The Things She Said, Limp Bizkit's Rollin', etc), but it was completely legal and everything was cleared and paid for. ECW was a totally different story. They were a small (but growing) company back then and their boss Paul Heyman admitted they were up to a lot of sketchy stuff back in the days, entrance themes included. They used tons of copyrighted music, including GNR and Metallica's Enter Sandman, and they didn't ever pay a cent for it. He said they were ""smart enough"" not to put the music straight into the audio feed of their televised shows. Basically, the music was played through the arena sound system and you could hear it on tv because the mics picked it up, not because they actually run it through their audio feed. That said, I don't think they were even paying to legally play it in the arena, lol. Anyway, the company is long gone. Fled for bankruptcy in 2001 and the trademark and the old video library is owned by WWE now. And when WWE upped old ECW episodes on their network, all the copyrighted music was edited out.
  4. Are you a Newcastle supporter?
  5. Who is Dave Lank?

    You can hear some Mank Rage songs on their myspace page (feels like 2006 again), I don't know any other bands featuring him
  6. My World (ahem) Oh My God the whole Spaghetti Incident
  7. West Arkeen Demo

    Could 'Just Another Sunday' be 'Sunny Lovers Day'? It's missing from that tape, so it's safe to think it could there under a different title (Bring it Back Home is listed as Bring It Down Home. And the one listed as Too Much Too Fast has always been around as Too Much Too Soon)
  8. Hey You? (CD-era bootleg inside)

    Fair guess. I can't remember they jamming on Hey You, but even if they did, why append just that jam at the end of a collection of CD demos and stuff?
  9. So while searching for stuff on Discogs I stumbled upon this bootleg from 2007. Nothing special, just a collection of CD demos and CD live tracks that were floating around back then, but the last song on the record is called 'Hey You' and I was wondering what it is. Has anyone here heard that? I'm not expecting anything rare, most likely a mislabeled track, but still, I'm curious.
  10. One is Paul Huge for sure, as I remember (when talking about the early ChiDem sessions) Tommy said something like: "there are guys who've never made a record trying to pitch ideas that those of us that actually made records found awful" (not the exact quote, but it was along those lines)
  11. Great interview, gotta love the guy! Among other things, he says (in GNR) he had to play with some guitarists that were great friends with him and others that were totally the opposite. For the latter, I would bet my bucks on Buckethead, Paul Huge and maybe Bumblefoot. What do you think?
  12. Going Down - What Do We Know & Thoughts

    Given the line-up, I'd say this came up around the time Tommy was working on Village Gorilla Head (with later overdubs by Bumblefoot, of course). Maybe Axl liked the song and asked him to use it for GNR, that would be an educate guess. I have a question myself: do we know for sure it's Frank and not Brain on drums? And how do we know Richard was on it too? Was it somehow confirmed or just guessing?
  13. Probably spending his days in a dark corner of his room with the head in his hands chanting "Why did I trust Merck" over and over.
  14. Wish he would have given Razz full JC/Checkmate and TWAT, and a 15 sec snippet of IRS. At least we would have come to hear the latter in full anyway, eventually. Wonder why he just chose that one as the song to share only a snippet of.