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  1. First ever GnR song that you heard?

    I was a little kid in 1991 and Schwarzenegger was one of my fav movie heroes. I caught the YCBM video on tv and I was hooked. It also kickstarted my interest in heavier music (soon after I caught Enter Sandman on the radio).
  2. Really? I gotta lysten carefully, ad TIL was my fav remix and Dummy is one of my fav instrumentals leaked
  3. I interviewed Jericho in 2014 and he was amazing. He literally trolled me 😁
  4. OMG wasn't a joke. They never played it during that tour, but there's a recording of the band rehearsing it at soundcheck, so it was definitely considered at some point. Not everything makes it to the actual setlists, unfortunately. Remember how Perfect Crime kept appearing on the alt options?
  5. Your "best of the locker" CDs

    He spliced vocals from other songs for Chinese and mixed them together to come up with what you heard on his mix
  6. Dizzy and Paul Huge using a couple of their friends on bass and drums to write songs to bring in for nuGNR. http://www.gnrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?id=13280
  7. I know CD#2 from the locker hasn't leaked yet and it might include some interesting stuff, but while we all wait the mighty Chairman to deliver the goods, I couldn't help creating my own "best of" cd like many of you probably did too. I gave myself a few rules: no songs that came out on Chinese Democracy, using all the other songs with vocals, using some of my favorite instrumentals (especially those who seem to sound great even without a vocal track), try to give the whole thing a decent flow. This is what I came up with (with a few notes here and there): 01. Hardschool Kinda obvious. I wanted the cd to start with a rocker and this definitely works. 02. Tommy Demo #01 I wanted another rocker to follow Hardschool and I picked this song that I didn't really dig at first, but it slowly grew up on me. It fits, after all. Kinda like Shackler's following Chinese on CD, that's how the transition feels like to me. Wonder what's the actual title of this song. 03. Atlas Shrugged Time to start slowing things down a little bit. Atlas is one of my favorite leaks and works just fine in this position. 04. Thyme / 05. State Of Grace I honestly love this little instrumental bit and it works fine to keep things mellow here. No idea if it evolved into its own song or it was just the intro to PRL (which I didn't really like), but this just sounds heartwrenching to me. I think it fits well with State Of Grace (a little masterpiece, one of my favorite leaks) so i overlapped the last note of Thyme with the first one from State Of Grace, turning the former into a sort of intro for the latter. 06. Me & My Elvis 07. Quick Song The version with guide vocals 08. Eye On You Probably my least favorite of the leaks. The first time I put this cd together I literally forgot to add it, that says a lot. 09. Perhaps 10. Goin' Down 11. As It Began I put this here as a little interlude, sort of intro to the most diverse part of the tracklist. 12. Inside Out / 13. Nothing / 14. Dummy These are three tracks that share, each in its own way, a sort of "pop" feel. I worked them out as a sort of little trilogy. For 'Inside Out' I used a fixed version I made myself with that big glitch removed. Also, I somehow edited the abrupt ending so that it would have a slightly smoother transition into the first note of 'Nothing'. 'Dummy' is probably my favorite instrumental with Me & My Elvis. While I can see a vocal track improving the latter, I just can't imagine what kind of vocals might go on Dummy. The acoustic hook is simply amazing though, been playing this for days. 15. Silkworms Always felt like a closing track to me. I left out many other tracks I dig (Oklahoma, Devious Bastard, Prom Violence, Zodiac...) either because I couldn't find a "fitting" spot for them or just because I didn't want the instrumentals to overpower the vocal tracks. This tracklist of 15, clocking at 60 mins, just feels nice to me. How do you like it? Maybe you want to try to put the songs in this order and see yourself. Also, I would love to hear the tracklists of the cds you made for yourself as well.
  8. What's the source we have about the second album being possibly titled PRL? I think I saw here on the forum the scans of an article written in portuguese... Is that it?
  9. Sebastian Bach Axl late story

    I can't remember this shower story, but my favorite Axl story from Baz will always be this:
  10. The Chairman Appreciation Thread

    I almost choked on my lunch uhshshuhushusuhshshsh
  11. The Chairman Appreciation Thread

    This would be a plot twist more impressive than Hulk Hogan turning heel in 1996 starting the nWo. Really.
  12. The Chairman Appreciation Thread

    Who cares? We got a crapton of un heard stuff anyway. Songs that we've been dreaming and discussing about for years...
  13. The Chairman Appreciation Thread

    He sure has changed mine. I made my own cd, 14 songs picking my favorite leaks from the locker. I even tried to give the whole thing a certain flow. Been listening to it for the last three days on repeat and fuck, I'm amazed. Thank you chairman. Wish the real Vince McMahon was more like you.
  14. The big "Fuck Bob Ezrin" thread

    Full link: http://www.gnrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?id=3531 Here's the Ezrin part: