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  1. Axl Rose on imdb is listing him as director of something upcoming called mr brownstone? Has this been discussed? Tagline is “not in this lifetime”
  2. Fortus Interview KSHE

    I reckon slash and duff have listened to the CD leftovers and picked out a few. Probably have or are intending to lay some guitars down on it. If the vocals are already done, I think we’ll have at least one song pretty soon.... any blockbuster movie would be a great vehicle for a new song: Captain Marvel, Hellboy, Avengers Endgame, John Wick 3. i can just imagine some kick ass John wick fight scene with a new gnr rocker blaring over the action.
  3. Good point, I don’t think that the label saw gnr without slash as bankable back then. I’d bet they’ve changed their tune now lol
  4. I’m thinking that right now, everyone is motivated to do new music, the main question is: Can Slash and Duff come to an agreement with Axl because I really can’t see him wanting to scrap everything he’s worked on for so long just to start fresh... for this reason alone I think that we may get some sort of hybrid two part thing like UYI. Just so they can kind of wipe the slate clean. Put out the best parts of the CD leftovers(with or without slash and duff) and some new stuff with this lineup. I’m sure the record label are all over them about it because they know it’s gonna be $$$$
  5. I can imagine shitty vocals and lots of synth. No thanks. why would they anyway
  6. At the time everyone called bullshit, it wasn’t until later that someone realised he was telling the truth. By then the person had fucked off
  7. I don’t get why everything with this band is so cryptic, why the secrecy about everything, it’s only a band.
  8. “We can’t do what’s next until we finish this, see” something in the way he says that seems he is well aware of what’s next.... studio album
  9. My moneys on the new terminator at next year
  10. Celebrities you want to shag.

    The blonde chick from two broke girls. Or the brunette from two broke girls or the Korean guy from two broke girls
  11. They really need to ride the wave of momentum they’ve created over the last two plus years, get in the studio right away, throw together a solid rocker, put it on a soundtrack for an upcoming blockbuster movie.
  12. I just hope frank gets drunk and makes a stupid twitter post and gets fired prior to the recording sessions.
  13. My thoughts : Axl has been phoning it in ever since the AC/DC tour. Maybe he damaged his voice because he felt he had something to prove to the AC/DC crowd..... I don’t know.... but his raps and strong voice was there back then.... in 2006 his voice was amazing live.... for AC/DC it’s was amazing for the most part. Examples: i just don’t understand that even after some rest that his vocals can be shot?
  14. I remember listening to it heaps when it came out but it lacks in staying power like afd or the illusions. Can’t say I’ve listened to CD at all in the last 5 years.
  15. Wasn’t comparing. Just saying that social media isn’t for everyone. he probably doesn’t have and kids anyway, none that he knows of at least lol