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  1. Haha really? is it possible that this is just to wrap up the obligations with the label? then release the new album on their own label
  2. Bill and Ted 3

    I’m not sure how the VOD thing works, does that mean it will be on Netflix or something?
  3. Bill and Ted 3

    Anyone seen the new full trailer? It actually looks decent. The comic con panel yesterday was also cool https://youtu.be/bz4We5Wizjg
  4. One song to rule them all...

    Has to be Jungle, despite how much I’m tired of AFD. I seem to rediscover GnR music every 5 or so years then lose interest.
  5. Beavis and Butthead being revived at Comedy Central

    I hope they do the music video comment thing, it would be hilarious watching them putting shit on some of today’s music.
  6. Hopefully frank was busy doing this and brain was in laying down drums for the gnr album
  7. NITL live videos on youtube

    I don’t remember Axl ever singing SCOM well apart from the pre UYI days. Plus I remember reading somewhere that in the studio he recorded the SCOM vocals line by line which explains a lot. It was never a song that could sound live like it does on record... lyrically anyway. i have a bad feeling that his voice is just completely shot now so let’s hope he has plenty of studio vocals recorded from the CD sessions.
  8. Depending on source quoted, slashes net worth is anywhere from 30 to 90 million. If he only had to give her 6 million he got off lightly.
  9. It’s sad that at this point the fans probably just need to out-live Axl to be guaranteed to hear new GnR songs. You can bet TB will want to keep the $ rolling in.
  10. Bill and Ted 3

    You’re right, it does look wrong. But I think that’s just because they’re so much older and that sort of comedy is quite dated imo. It’s definitely going to be targeted at people 30+. I doubt anyone under 30 would be interested or even find it funny
  11. Pretty much feel the same at this point although I’d see them live again if it was for a new album or an AFD reunion.
  12. My personal opinion of slash and duff has dived in the last 2 years as I gradually realised that this is just new gnr plus slash and duff. A total cash grab of a tour with no intention of releasing new music. they’ve become yes men. keep your mouth shut and earn millions.... I guess I can’t blame them.
  13. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    I only just found out that iron maiden changed their postponed Aussie gigs to a full cancellation... what a bummer.
  14. WTF Finck Solo

    God I miss that Axl, wtf happened???? i know ten years is a long time but he really let himself go between 06-16, he’s like a different person
  15. Bill and Ted 3

    The trailer looks good. I hope they don’t over do it on the special effects and stay true to the first movie, one cool thing I noticed is that they’re using the phone booth from the first movie with the antenna on top and not that futuristic one With the pop up thing from the 2nd movie.