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  1. Slash may be the downfall of this reunion, but I’m really optimistic that his words in the press are having a positive effect in the gnr camp and they will make a new record
  2. Ah cool, yeah that makes sense. But seeing as the big dollars is is touring anyway, I can’t see that being the reason to hold up music.
  3. Even if that were true, couldn’t they just release it under slash or duffs publishing, or even the old partnerships publishing? i think anything CD related would have been under the guns n roses entity which excluded slash and duff
  4. Not sure about new music at this point... I don’t want a conspirators record with axl singing.... id rather the unreleased CD stuff but that’s just me
  5. This all reminds me so much of the original shitty recording we had of IRS back in like 2003 from that radio show, although this is much worse quality. I was much younger back then and remember listening to that recording over and over lol. age hasn’t changed me much, I’m still listening to this one over and over
  6. From what I can hear of that solo, it sounds awesome and I thi k it would be a real shame if axl has slash re-record anything from that era. CD and anything unreleased from that period is a true representation of Axls vision at that time so fucking with it any further and removing bucket or robins guitar work would be a shame. This music just doesn’t fit with slash and duff and I’m really starting to understand Axls vision of gnr evolving into something beyond what slash is capable of. just my opinion. look at bands like pearl jam, Rolling Stones, AC/DC , u2, basically any band with longevity and you see that they have their blueprint of what they do, and they really don’t push the boundaries and evolve much. at least Axl was willing to make the changes and not give a fuck what the industry or fans wanted..... fucker just needs to release some of this stuff... I’ll buy it
  7. That last 20 seconds or so sounds pretty epic from what I can make of it. These fuckers need to release it. At this point if someone has a proper studio version, pm me to talk $
  8. New Adler's Appetite - Paradise City

    Bass player looks cute, so there’s that....
  9. Current band should just hit the studio and see what happens.
  10. Duff and slash need to sit Axl down and say something along the lines of ‘listen man, let’s create something that will live up to the legacy’ go out with a bang and fucking finish what we started’ tour that album, then call it quits. i don’t want to see any of them touring as GnR in their 60s.
  11. I think it’s more a matter of getting them all in a room together (including Izzy) and great music will happen. i have no doubt that anything they release will be ok but not without Izzy.
  12. Sorry admin, couldn’t find a topic to discuss. It seems a lot of the old content is gone from YouTube, even including audio bootlegs? (Locomotive live) is it possible that now the partnership is back together and has no infighting going on, That they are basically reclaiming anything not official? apparently for years axl slash and duff had lawyers constantly bickering, but now that all of that is over, get rid of the unofficial stuff to create demand.
  13. Bad Obsession - Matt's drumming

    That 80s era version of back off bitch kicks ass.i wish they’d at least kept the same tempo on UYI
  14. Are GNR the new Rolling stones?

    Nope. they could have been, but they need to release new music to even be close.
  15. I also think that it wasn’t so much what was said but that there was a lot of litigation between former members and Axl regarding the band name etc, Axls point of view and Slashes differed so greatly at the time (90s) It would have been easier if slash did VR and Axl just created a new band name. it reminds me of the blaze era of iron maiden, Steve Harris should have put iron maiden to bed until Bruce came back.