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  1. I think there were contracts to ensure the tour went smoothly. basically that whoever holds up the show pays the late fees out of their own pocket. That would make axl be on time
  2. I really believe that we will get new guns music this year. I think it’ll be a song on terminator.
  3. Isn’t that in slash’s book. That axl fucked his girlfriend or something and they fell out briefly.
  4. This seems correct. Although I don’t think Imo that Tracii took part in the writing sessions of don’t cry, anything goes etc. sure, he laid down some terrible shredding solos but does that even count for a credit
  5. If they had never broken up they’d probably be pretty boring by now. Maybe something similar to bon jovi or pearl jam. Still playing decent sized arenas but mainly nostalgia based........ hang on a minute
  6. I agree with this. At this point if they do anything it will be their way of doing something for the fans and hopefully continuing the legacy and going out on a high note
  7. I like “I don’t wanna miss a thing” it doesn’t matter to me who wrote what as long as it sounds good, although I do agree that having Izzy on board for writing would be epic.
  8. Not in Australia either unless they just do Sydney and Melbourne. could they even do stadiums again in the US with new music?
  9. They’ll need new music to pack out stadiums again... without new music, the only way they’ll fill stadiums is if they bill the next tour as a farewell. some radio friendly songs will ensure they get enough new fans and keep the old ones happy that they can keep making that major cash. otherwise it’ll be Vegas residencies and arenas. the amount of people the band has on the payroll, they’ll need to play the big stadiums again
  10. If the big three are still chasing the $, I’d suggest a new album will be nothing but strait rock songs and a couple of power ballads. I wouldn’t even care if they bought in some outside writers like Aerosmith did. Get GNR back in the charts and on the radio.
  11. It’ll be pretty cool when it does happen eventually, I’d expect the band will get the RS cover when an album drops....
  12. I don’t understand why fortus is so approachable about the topic but everyone seems almost afraid to ask slash or duff about it. until Axl Slash or Duff comment about it, I won’t believe anything. also: I’m sure they can go and record whatever they want in the studio, but at the end of the day it’s Axl who’s gonna decide what’s going on a new record and I just can’t see him scrapping everything from the CD era.
  13. It fits so well.. but I think you were right. It’s unfolding before us
  14. 1: 1996- hard rock album and touring stadiums. Possibly #1 songs 2: 2000 - industrial album that would be awesome 3: 2001 more touring 4: 2002 back to the roots rock album.