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  1. I’d love to hear just Izzy and Steven on rocket queen?
  2. How bad did the CD tour do?

    I vaguely remember Sydney 2007 or was it 06? Heaps of people had left by the time they came on which was about 2-3 hours late.
  3. Yeah... not sure what everyone’s hearing to be honest, maybe just wishful thinking.... sounds like some In Flames’ B side to me.
  4. Even when slash broke a string at the end of coma it still sounded awesome. I reckon it was meant for release but this band have a solid reputation for plans falling through.
  5. I think he can still play like he used to in 91-93 but is too lazy. He butchers the coma solos every night. Then you watch Chicago 93 and he fucking nails it.
  6. Also from memory, Axl played a bunch of new songs at an after party in 2006 in NY.
  7. Both Brisbane ones and Melbourne Ned kelly, they’re doubles I bought at the gigs luckily. I have a bunch of other Aussie ones here at home that I’ll have framed when I can be bothered. Pretty gutted, apparently she puts the dog inside when she mows the lawn so the dog was running around all psycho and jumped up where I had them. Bummer
  8. So I left my spare lithos at my mums place in a spare bedroom, her dog went and laid on them and now they’re all creased... I’m so pissed
  9. They are pretty awesome lyrics hey, way better than what’s out there.
  10. Oh my god, is a good example of this- every website has the wrong lyrics for the first verse.
  11. I got 5000 things I might say to release the general.....
  12. I’ve said it before, there’s no money in releasing new music.id imagine that both Axl and the label are hesitant considering most people will just download it for free. Touring is the money maker for the big acts like GNR.
  13. So where would a person submit a $ offer to liberate The General in full, studio version? Take out an ad in the local newspaper?
  14. Bingo! i remember now, hard to believe that was like 12 years ago... anyway, one can only assume those are real lyrics.
  15. Btw, anyone remember back in like 2006 when a user on here posted lyrics to “sorry” and everyone just said he was full of shit.... that guy would be a good starting point as he obviously had access to some unreleased stuff.