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  1. Terminator - Dark Fate

    Just watched another new trailer and it appears that we have another bad terminator that just wants to throw people.... how disappointing
  2. They could sound good if Axl could be bothered, but doubtful.. the AC/DC thing proved he can still sing great but god only knows why he doesn't with GNR.
  3. Yeah your right, I was just rewatching all of the bonus features on the blu rays tonight, and Vince himself said the same thing regarding walts death. Definately the best series I've ever watched, I always find it funny how many people don't like it because you kind of have to push through the first couple of episodes and they just don't bother with it and call it boring.
  4. I think they should play it.... play one in a million as well.... why not. its only music, not actual hate speech. It should be taken for what it is but we live in such a PC world these days it's fucked. Nobody can say what's on their mind without offending someone but ultimately everyone gets over it so who cares really.
  5. Yeah I know.... I just miss the show, it was so good I wish it Ran For a few more seasons
  6. I thought it was ok for what it was, but it didn't really need to be made. i don't think it was ever going to live up to anyone's expectations as the series ended so damn well.... very hard to top. i also think that they left it too long, it would have been better if it were done on 2015 or 16. they should have set it a few years later and made out that Walt is in fact alive and in prison with Jesse and they escape.... that would have been cool.
  7. I haven't even been bothered listening to the evader thing as it doesn't interest me at all, but the amount of times I see people asking about it or getting confused that it's real GnR frustrating.
  8. Your "best of the locker" CDs

    IMO only three of the leaks were worth a damn. Perhaps atlas hardschool i probably would have cared more about the other stuff if it were 2006 over again and I was still in my early 20s but now I'm old
  9. Why no Street of Dreams?

    It will magically appear on the set list as an alternate now to troll us.... hi dexter
  10. Anyone want to trade something for some Australian lithographs? I have both Brisbane ones and the Melbourne ned Kelly. I'd trade happily for one of the 2019 Austin Tx ones
  11. Ok, by slash and duffs account it was under duress or there wouldn't have been a need to be on court in the first place? any idea of the results in 2006? The probably all signed NDAs or something
  12. That is probably a draft copy or it would have signatures on it and Initials on every page. There's no doubt that whatever it was that slash and duff signed, it was under duress and explains why they spent years in court fighting Axl. I'm sure they reached an agreement in the end that allowed Axl to release CD under the guns n roses banner while slash retained the rights to the bullet logo.
  13. Paul Huge and the new album

    Unfortunately I do think he will be on the new album, I also think that slash is way above adding parts to CD era tracks. The tour is one thing, but recording is a whole different beast and I think that is when the negative shit will begin. I just can't see Axl binning everything or anything that he did in the last 20 years, and I can't see slash having any interest in adding to it. Time will tell but it's possible slash will take his millions he made in the last 3 years and call it a day on gnr.
  14. I think Cd was held up by a lot of lawsuits from slash and duff vs Axl. Ever notice how the classic bullet logo imagery (which slash designed) wasn't used at all until the reunion. I'm pretty sure slash and duffs lawyers were hell bent on fucking with Axl any way they could back then, including lawsuits about the name transfer being signed under duress. Anyone who has been through the legal system knows that it can eat away for years and years back and forth and at the end of the day the only winners are the lawyers.