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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    Hopefully they’ll drop a single in January but I seriously doubt it.
  2. New Slash Interview On Steve Jones Show !

    Htgth was where I used to be a member many years ago but I quit and joined this one in like 08. Here is a better place to be.
  3. New Slash Interview On Steve Jones Show !

    Steve probably agreed in advance to not ask certain questions. This band is a fucking joke
  4. Terminator - Dark Fate

    It will. But I reckon it will be a long time possibly a decade.
  5. Terminator - Dark Fate

    Pretty funny that China loved it. But they literally have a billion more people than the USAs population so it probably doesn’t say much.
  6. Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    I didn’t see Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd or anyone for that matter in this trailer from the original. Seems they’re going down the terminator route and trying a reboot with some old faces with smaller roles as a launching platform for new faces.. it will be shit.... guaranteed
  7. Dizzy Reed on Mitch Lafon

    * “yeah man, Axl writes classic tunes” done
  8. The Irishman

    I think the de-aging looks strange on Robert but more natural on Al..... having said that, I’m only half way through it...... my attention span just doesn’t hold up these days lol
  9. I don’t understand and never will understand GnR. Yes we are working on a new album or no we are not? Throw out a tentative release date and put a song on a soundtrack. i just think that they’ve already written their best stuff in the 80s and know they can’t live up to it and don’t want to embarrass themselves.
  10. I Agree totally, although hateful eight would have been much better if they’d just edited it down by an hour or so, way to many long boring scenes imo
  11. Every kid who straps on a guitar or bass or picks up a pair of drum sticks is on YouTube, the internet fucked up rock n roll the same way as it’s fucked relationships. Everyone has really high standards and no attention span. there are awesome bands out there who should be playing stadiums but there’s a thousand genres out there now.
  12. I literally just woke up and read this post while half asleep. So im assuming there is a difference between the festival and half time show? im in Australia and know nothing about it.
  13. Bad bad bad idea. Axl sounds like shit. this will be a repeat of the vmas
  14. I also watched it again last night, picked up a lot of things I missed in the first viewing. Enjoyed it a lot but not even in my top 5 Tarantino films.
  15. Without Paul, there would be no guns n roses.