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  1. Can you describe the songs you heard on your phone?

  2. Even if that were the case. It’s just multiple copies of that same watermarked material so they couldn’t really trace the source of a leak if it was done properly
  3. I reckon something will come one way or another but who knows from what source. Anyone who leaks it is leaving themselves wide open to getting their ass sued so I think it’s understandable at this time
  4. At this point we’re not getting anything. I probably should have recorded it when he played me a couple down the phone lol
  5. Legal issues and monetary issues about his outlay.... privacy issues as this is in very few hands at this point.
  6. UPDATE: Just chatted to our man for half hour on the phone. He Played me a couple of songs With axl singing down the phone line, obvious unheard GnR. Hes a good guy. i totally get his issues about stuff to do with this.... but yeh he legit has the music and just blew my mind lol
  7. Somebody linked his Instagram earlier ffs. Gotta protect this guy
  8. Anyone out there who knows the dude who made the drive, Tell him to take his FB off public.... If he does what i think he is going to do, he really needs to cover his ass better..... I found him pretty easy.
  9. Doubt anything will happen right away. But having seen what I’ve now seen I’m very confident that good things will happen
  10. It would be hilarious if dexter suddenly logged in and started liking everyone’s comments
  11. You’re right. But my opinion is to send it too as many people accross the globe as possible then let everyone upload that shit to every torrent site. Hell. Send it to me. I’ll make sure it gets out there and happy to pay good money for it too
  12. Figured he would have updated it with him screwing Steph Seymour lol