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  1. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    The excitement seems to be dying off now. These guys need to put out a new record to get people interested again which most likely won't happen. No one cares about a remastered AFD or some old single from the 80s. I went to 4 NITL shows and at the 4th show I was kind of bored. Also, Axl is not sounding to good these days. Will he hang it up soon or will they keep touring the same old setlist?
  2. What time will GN'R start playing?
  3. Lay off the dope. Myles is by -far- the most annoying singer out there. I would rather listen to Hanson than hear him sing even if Slash is next to him. Velvet and SKMC do not even compare to GN'R. Slash and Axl are magic together when they want to be.