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  1. What time will GN'R start playing?
  2. Lay off the dope. Myles is by -far- the most annoying singer out there. I would rather listen to Hanson than hear him sing even if Slash is next to him. Velvet and SKMC do not even compare to GN'R. Slash and Axl are magic together when they want to be.
  3. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    Myles is the worst. I cannot stand his voice and style.
  4. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    Why would GN'R take time off? Touring has been really successful and Slash will make way more $$$ doing GN'R. GN'R needs a new album with this lineup or a couple of new hit singles on the radio. This is the only thing missing. Also, Axl and Slash seem to be having a blast together.
  5. Finish this tour and get in the studio! Then tour again
  6. What prevents them from making an album together? I can see them doing another album and then back on tour. Axl and Slash seem very happy together. They bring the best out of each other.
  7. 08/02/17 - Denver, CO - Sports Authority Field

    The back (north side) sections seemed to be full. It seemed like the rest of the play was pretty packed. I heard that people got upgraded from the top to the bottom sections.
  8. 08/02/17 - Denver, CO - Sports Authority Field

    Great fucking show. Axl and the band sounded fantastic. I was in the PIT up front. It was the same old set list.... The stadium was stacked minus the upper bowl. A big chunk of the north side of the upper bowl had a ton of people.
  9. 08/02/17 - Denver, CO - Sports Authority Field

    Look at Ticketmaster now. There are tons of seats available.
  10. 08/02/17 - Denver, CO - Sports Authority Field

    It's rare we get a hard rock band at the Broncos Stadium. Most of the bigger bands play at the Pepsi Center or Fiddler's Green. Red Rocks is too small for the big bands. From the looks of things it will probably do around 30K. Ticketmaster keeps opening and closing rows of seats all over the stadium, and they just opened up a -ton- of tickets.
  11. 08/02/17 - Denver, CO - Sports Authority Field

    Umm.... How are my comments evil? Hopefully the show is super successful so they come back. Remember, Denver is not an A market. NuGNR was here a couple of years ago and they played the 1st Bank Center which holds 7,500 and it was half full. There was no marketing or anything for that show which was weird. Metallica sold well this year because it was the KBPI Annual Birthday Bash, and it is Metallica. I'm not a huge fan but at least they put out new music. To top things off, there is Colorado Rockies game going on at 6:30PM today, so down town is going to be a nightmare.
  12. 08/02/17 - Denver, CO - Sports Authority Field

    Slayer and Lamb of God are on the same day, so that doesn't help. The back middle of the upper bowl sold well. The rest didn't look so good. Ticketmaster keeps showing seats available and then they disappear. It looks like they open every other row in sections until it sells and then they open more. The local radio station (KBPI) has been giving away a ton of tickets. Metallica was here a month ago and it basically sold out with Avenged, Volbeat, and Gojira. Guess we'll see tomorrow.
  13. Are we too hard on Guns?

    Axl sounds bad this year. He'll sing his ass off for AC/DC and doesn't do much in GNR.
  14. I don't see them making any new music. They'll keep doing the same tour for the $$$. Do you all realize that CD is over 10 years old now.