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  1. REQUEST: Caram mixes of Sirius shows!

    Is this it? https://www.giginjapan.com/guns-n-roses-17apollo-theater-remaster/ I can't keep up lately, too much else to do!
  2. What happened with the Paris 92 promo tapes?

    I'd rather you learned how to type/spell properly, and ask nicely for a change! In fact, make a thread that isn't a request!
  3. What happened with the Paris 92 promo tapes?

    Got my hopes up there for a minute! Have wanted a better quality recording of this show (Eastern Creek) ever since I got a copy of Skid Row's set: 'Skid Marks at the Raceway' I think I heard that the guy who recorded that, also recorded GnR, but hasn't\won't release it?
  4. Looking for a good version of "Sailing"

    Made me remember this one... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbVpu3FpAWU
  5. Someone send this to me too? Losing interest rapidly, but this could help!
  6. The GNR anything thread

    So.. I've got this app called musixmatch on my android phone (s7 edge), that I use to play tunes because it shows the lyrics as the song plays. However, with GnR tunes, it displays a "Unfortunately we are not allowed to display these lyrics" message instead... Not that I don't know all the lyrics anyway!, but I'd still like to see them as they go! Anyone here come across this app/player or issue, or suggest a better app to do the same thing? Thanks!
  7. Some magazine interviews from the day, both briefly mentioning the recording of Big Dumb Sex for TSI...
  8. Chris Cornell Dead at 52

  9. Chris Cornell Dead at 52

  10. So, who collects the GN'R vinyl?

    Haven't had a working turntable for years now, but still have these, and a bootleg or two somewhere, I think the Chris Tetley interview on a normal LP too... and a mention of my Skid Row records! Open to offers, or happy to answer any questions about any of them...