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  1. Same music is the one you let us listen to?
  2. Thank you! I just ordered and it was right under $127!!! I feel better now, I didn’t have warm fuzzy feelings about spending $193 before lol. Have you ever bought from deep discount? Any worries about them not shipping when it’s released?
  3. I just cancelled my super delux I ordered the night of the release ($193 with shipping). They refunded me, so now I wait for someone to sell for around $130. I saw that I just missed amazon low price
  4. If the band (minus Axl) didn’t approve of the song they should have stood up for their beliefs and not actually recorded the song or played it live. The fact they recorded and played live says to me they didn’t have a problem with the song. I know Slash said he was embarrassed but again... he fully participated
  5. Does anyone had any good sound audio bootlegs of the following that they would share? Slash's Snakepit (with Eric Dover or Rod Jackson singing) Slash's Blues Ball Duff McKagan (1993/1994 era) Adler's Appetite Mainly looking for any of the above that's considered good A type sound quality. Thanks!