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  1. Just watched So Fine. Super disappointed Axl didn’t even bother to sing. It was Duff only on vocals. Just disappointed...
  2. I’m sure there are tons of lyrics written that were never put to music.
  3. Coma and Jungle Demos

    Not in this lifetime... sorry, I couldn’t resist lol
  4. Coma and Jungle Demos

    I just did... I’m missing what you’re hearing
  5. Coma and Jungle Demos

    That’s not an alternate vocal take. That’s a rough mix. That’s why I was confused by your comment. The version on that bootleg sounds almost identical to the album version. The coma demo is a complete different vocal take and I was hoping you were saying there is a different vocal take on Don’t Damn Me.
  6. Coma and Jungle Demos

    There is a don’t damn me outtake? You’re not referring to the instrumental are you? Is there another version with a different vocal take on don’t damn me?
  7. All the Marc Canter stuff would be gold to come out but I know Mr. Canter won’t be doing that unfortunately
  8. Before the Locker leaked, we knew nothing of state of Grace , perhaps, eye on me etc. although I’m skeptical there is more we will get, I have to believe there is stuff recorded that we have no idea exists. Maybe one day
  9. I reallyyyyyy hope someone overlays Sorry vocals over this instrumental.... hint hint. Same for Shacklers
  10. Would be cool if someone took the isolated Sorry vocals and added to this version
  11. The eye on you and if the world... are those vocals and or sound better than what we’ve had before?
  12. That would be killer to hear if someone on the board knows how to do that