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  1. Looks like youre speculation was right
  2. Lol, half the stadium still think Axl is a few hours late and shows up right before the encore😅
  3. Those vocals are insane... dont know about the drum beat, but the vox are killer imo.
  4. My god, he had such controll....., makes you wonder wtf happend, anyhow thanx for sharing
  5. Now that would be somthing
  6. Im gonna change my pants right now
  7. All we need is an Axl who come on stage 3 hours late... he never had a bad voc day when he was late... bring back the demon jk... hope everyone attending tonights show have a great time
  8. i would love to see this one day... should have been a box nr two... live destruction vaults
  9. Send me a PM and ill help you out if you want.
  10. Maby it is Uzi Suicidal who run this cannel?? wants it all by them self
  11. OMG This is a goldmine, thanx for showing us.
  12. Yea? I had P6 rock on all day.. did not catch it there.