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  1. Im getting my 2019 calender around july so im all sett tbh... i want a new album but Ritz/sacatoon or whatever would be nice
  2. Yea, and i bet he will sound great on it too
  3. Naaa... i'll pass... my plan is to go to my basement and watch this show in 3D.... Ashba in 3D... come on, beat that
  4. Not everyday our man does somthing like this.. im amazed it’s not 40-50 pages.. after all it’s a new tune😂
  5. It would make sense, im not gonna be suprised if it turns out that way at all just move on.
  6. Just enjoy what you got, in a few hours it wil be taken down and never heard of again
  7. Concerts in 2019

    Metallica Kiss Def Leppard Dream Theater Iggy Pop Ghost Sting Robert Plant Whitin Temptation Halestorm Slayer and more i hope😎
  8. For a normal band yes... but This is GNR... i just don’ t see how in hell they could do that in that short space of time
  9. So if i buy this today, i can expect to have it shipped by the end of july next year??
  10. Hollywood Rose, now on vinyl

    Same here, had it for a few years now
  11. Legend of the roasted rooster... it’s happening