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  1. No, thats too much to Ask for
  2. Thats about spot on, the "band" want to do it... but the last puzzle don’t.... Sorry for telling you slash, but the next time you are in a studio recording again, it’s just another Slash album
  3. Look, finaly they are in a studio
  4. Nope, mine is still in the shelf...... and on Apple music they all there
  5. Well that was a pile of shit. what was all the fuzz about this crap? And who would pay a sick amount of money to have it? seen it once, never again.
  6. True, This tard is just a damn hangaround asshole, i`ll wait around for someone in TB or bandmembers say somthing about it before i join the flame fest.
  7. Yes same venue, around 40.000 people atending.
  8. Im sorry... im not gonna do it anymore on topic, looks like the hardrock cafe is having a pre show party later today.
  9. Time to move this one to main section? Also, for those who atend the show, there is a afterparty at Rock in after the show
  10. Imo, they could have been, but whit so many wasted years its to late now
  11. You forgot to ad a drummer