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  1. Because someone claimed the kids themselves asked to sleep in Jacksons bed. Hence that's why I am discussing whether that is something a child would do. You should appreciate it, you obviously don't know much about kids.
  2. The argument is still that the kids themselves asked to sleep with Jackson in his bed. Or did you actually start discussing something else?
  3. ...not to the extent you seem to be, and as I said, the mechanism when a kid wants to sleep in the bed with an adult is for comfort. It would be just as absurd if a child of 6 went up to a celebrity and said, "hey I really like you, can I sleep in your bed tonight?" as it would be if you went, "hey [insert name of famous crickets player], I adore you, can I sleep in your bed tonight?". It is simply not how it works. Neither you nor kids wants to sleep in a bed with someone simply because they are famous. Kids want to crawl into the bed of primary caregivers because they need comfort. And I find it equally unlikely that a child would go, "Ooh I am scared now, Michael, can I sleep in your bed tonight?", unless, of course, you are now going to argue that Michael Jackson showed they horror movies just before bedtime. But of course, now that I have mentioned that argument I am sure you will come up with something else.
  4. None of these things work the way on children as you think they do. Kids around the age of 6 aren't mesmerized by these things like you seem to be. Kids sleep in the bed with an adult when they crave comfort from their primary caregiver. Not to cozy up to a celebrity.
  5. Err, Jackson was an adult and I am sure kids recognized that. A weird-ass ghoulish adult sure, and one that behaved in inappropriate -- and fun! -- ways for what is expected of adults, but still an adult. And kids wouldn't ask Jackson, or any other adult except a parent, if they could sleep in his bed with him, because kids only do that when they need comfort or with other kids. So no.
  6. But no one has said anything like this. Complete straw man argument. The discussion has been on whether children are likely to invite themselves into the beds of adults who are not their parents.

    Hey, never said I fancy them high. But, you know, everything can happen. We just kicked PSG out of the competition. It can happen again. Without the spirit you have a weak foundation to accomplish anything.
  8. I already addressed that in a post above: "Maybe my kids are just more sensible? Maybe there is a huge variation here from kid to kid? Maybe American kids are more blue-eyed or don't see the difference between other kids and grownups? Maybe the kids Jackson had were younger than 6?" Funny how you are back to discussing what you consider to "not be the issue!" as soon as you think you have a good argument again
  9. I wasn't discussing whether they were molested. I was discussing whether a kid would express a desire to sleep in the bed with an adult that is not the kid's parent. And you were too, until you decided not to.
  10. Because someone here said that the kids themselves wanted to sleep in Jackson's bed. Hence we are discussing whether that is plausible or not. Don't be mad because we are not discussing what you want to discuss .
  11. I think only someone with limited experience with kids would think a child would be sò enthralled with a persons' appeal, fame and fortune (!) that they'd go, "can I sleep in your bed"?
  12. Eh, yes, with other kids. And under the auspices of that kid's parents. Regardless of how child-like Jackson appeared, a normal kid age 6 or more would not mistake him for another kid. They would know the difference.
  13. Sure, but still doesn't make sense to me that kids would want to sleep in his bed. It simply doesn't follow natural from when a kid likes someone. There is no logic that no matter of how entranced they might be with a person and the environs, they would then think, "and now I want to sleep in his bed". Just doesn't follow.
  14. As a father, I find that absolutely ludicrous I tend to be around kids a lot, our house seems to be perpetually full of them. And occasionally I do develop a great connection with some of them, where it is obvious they like me (for cryptic reasons). Like there was this girl who would also come running and give me a hug when she saw me, and wanted to sit on my lap all he time. Just craving intimacy. But if any of these kids actually expressed any desire to sleep in my bed next to me, then I would be completely flabbergasted and quite frankly worried. That is something else entirely, to the kid. I do get that Michael Jackson was not like me, sure. He was probably child-like and the kids might have been mesmerized by the environment of Neverland, but I would still find it VERY weird if any kids visiting Jackson would ask if they could share his bed. My kids at 9 and 6 know this is not natural, that this is not something they should do, that adults are not kids and that sleeping next to adults (unless it is the parents) is not okay or natural. They seem to know this instinctively. Regardless of how much they enjoyed the company of him, and how cool it was to be with him, they wouldn't ask to sleep with him. Maybe my kids are just more sensible? Maybe there is a huge variation here from kid to kid? Maybe American kids are more blue-eyed or don't see the difference between other kids and grownups? Maybe the kids Jackson had were younger than 6? To me it just sounds completely implausible.