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  1. COVID-19 Outbreak

    If the WHO were to give advice based on what we know but also give advice on things that might be true based on a precautionary principle no-one would take them serious.
  2. COVID-19 Outbreak

    We opened up schools a long time ago and the number of new cases just continued to drop. Seems like that in addition to not getting as easily infected, kids also don't spread the virus as efficiently. But of course, you should possibly not open schools before the number of infected are below a certain threshold.
  3. Dizzy Reed Piano Parts

    I have written about it here: https://www.a-4-d.com/t4926-04-background#18869
  4. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Mere indications are obviously not enough for the WHO to base their recommendations and guidelines. They have to base it on pathways with significant evidence to the point where there is a scientific consensus of them being real, which we don't have for spread through aeresols (yet). I think this is obvious to most people
  5. COVID-19 Outbreak

    No, they aren't claiming that. They are only giving advise on how to protect ourselves against the known ways this virus spreads (= droplets and surfaces). If ever evidence surfaces that suggests that spread through aerosols is significant too, then the WHO's advice will be updated to reflect this. As I said, at the moment there is not enough evidence for spread through aerosols being significant and hence the WHO focuses on the other pathways. And again, the quote from the abstract I posted tells you the current scientific standing on how SARS-CoV-2 spreads.
  6. COVID-19 Outbreak

    The point isn't that it isn't an important pathway, but that there isn't sufficient evidence implying that it is.
  7. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I think the WHO waits until it has been sufficiently proven that spread through aerosols is an important pathway; "growing evidence" and "other experts" isn't enough. As they state on their website: "WHO is assessing ongoing research on the ways that COVID-19 is spread and will continue to share updated findings." [https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/question-and-answers-hub/q-a-detail/q-a-coronaviruses]. I did a search through pubmed to look for the latest on how SARS-CoV-2 spreads (using the keywords "Sars-CoV-2" and "aerosol") and the latest publication was in Journal of Hospital Infections and in the very abstract the authors write: "The transmission behaviour of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is still being defined. It is likely that it is transmitted predominantly by droplets and direct contact and it is possible that there is at least opportunistic airborne transmission. In order to protect healthcare staff adequately is necessary that we establish whether aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) increase the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Where we do not have evidence relating to SARS-CoV-2, guidelines for safely conducting these procedures should consider what risk procedures would have of transmitting related pathogens. Currently there is very little evidence detailing the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 associated with any specific procedures. Regarding aerosol generating procedures and respiratory pathogens in general, there is still a large knowledge gap that will leave clinicians unsure what risk they are putting themselves in when offering these procedures. This review aimed to summarise the evidence (and gaps in evidence) around AGPs and SARS-CoV-2." [https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32497651/] This aligns well with the WHO's position. If evidence emerges that aerosol transmissing is more important than it looks today, WHO will act accordingly by updating its recommendations and information packages. And yes, Trump is a baboon that ignores science. There can be no doubt about that.
  8. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I had a professor once teaching a class in toxicology who spent his lecture breaks smoking cigarettes.
  9. Slash and Spinal Tap!

    I have written a bit about it here: https://www.a-4-d.com/t4997-14-november-1991-april-1992-the-biggest-band-in-the-world#19655
  10. COVID-19 Outbreak

    You mean because you touch your skin while removing the gloves? Nah, one can easily take off gloves without touching one's own skin. I have handled enough bugs and chemicals to be skilled in that
  11. General Chat / Random Musings

    Why would a bottle cause vacuum and be stuck and not...other objects? I am skeptical.
  12. COVID-19 Outbreak

    If you fear you have handled surfaces with the virus I suppose you can just throw away the gloves and won't have to wash your hands. Seems like an expensive protection to me, compared to just washing your hands, I mean. Yeah, I don't see much use for them either and I suppose there aren't since health authorities don't recommend them.
  13. But unfortunately for us GN'R fans this isn't true, Axl doesn't need to make any changes. He obviously hasn't got a need to be very productive, he obviously doesn't have a need to be in the spotlight, he obviously doesn't need to do anything besides what he is currently doing to be content. It's unfortunate for us, but it is what it is.
  14. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Maybe they are going from a place with people to a place with people and don't take it off in between? Ideally you should handle the mask as little as possible so from an epidemiology viewpoint it makes sense to keep it on until you are back home. So happy I don't have to think about face masks. Since this all started I have only seen people wearing masks three times here in Norway.
  15. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Me? I have never "dismissed mouth masks all the time". I think face masks is a great thing for health care people who work with COVID-19 patients and for other people who might get in contact with sick people and where social distancing is difficult. It is proven beyond doubt that they work, which is why health care people have been using masks to protects themselves from infectious diseases since long before COVID-19. Do you want me to repeat the reasons why it can in some situations be stupid to wear face masks? Like when there is little to no probability of getting in contact with sick people? And when there is a limited supply of face masks which must be prioritized to health care people? Do you really want me to go over all this again? And explain to you why some countries initially advised against face masks but later, as availability and infection numbers increased, recommended or even made them mandatory? You know what, I think that would be a waste of time for both of us