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  1. Interesting 1987 tape on eBay

    The recording of Appetite was finished in March 1987. The mixing took place in May. So this fits with the date on the tape.
  2. British Politics

  3. British Politics

    To people's mind they are.
  4. British Politics

    The point I was making is that some parliamentary customs that seem hilariously dated to us non-Brits, like shown in the video posted, are leftovers from a time that some Brits might consider to have been better. All this pomp and traditions and rituals, as seen in your Parliament, your Monarchy, all originate at different times and some predate what anyone would consider "better times", yet are inextricably connected to customs of the British Empire or when you were at your height. It is like you know it is all gone but at least the archaic customs can't be taken away from you! It's just a case of pretending and appearances.
  5. British Politics

    Again I wasn't implying that Brits long for the exact time when they originated .
  6. British Politics

    I wasn't necessarily talking about the time when it originated, more the height of the British Empire with all its curious parliamentary and regal customs and traditions.
  7. British Politics

    Me, too!
  8. British Politics

  9. British Politics

    Like so much else with British society, it is a vestigial feature reminiscent of better times.
  10. British Politics

    You just have to get used to colored people.
  11. British Politics

    Cricket makes you stupid?
  12. British Politics

    Thanks. You left me nonplussed because you tend to not make mistakes.
  13. British Politics

    Well in the spirit of this, let's move on to written language. Is "we have just went" correct grammar? I would have thought it was "we have gone" that was correct.
  14. British Politics

    Cricket looks absurdly boring. In the words of Slash: "Whenever I come to England, it's either during Wimbledon or the cricket season. I guess it's always the fuckin' cricket season over here, right? I've been watchin’ cricket for years now and still can't figure out what the rules are. You hit the fuckin' ball and then these guys run from one side of the square to the other... I mean, who invented this game?"