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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    I am going to try something. When I started this post, right now, I had (have) no idea what I am going to say. But hopefully, inspiration will find me and it will come out goo. No, I am blank.
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    It is rather despicable to vote for a politician who are against abortion and against rights for gays and who think that a muslim can't be elected for Congress. He is a despicable man and so are most of his voters.
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    In these #metoo times?
  4. You get cheered up hearing about our juvenile transgressions? Okay, from the top of my head: threw wooden boards down onto the highway just after a turn so drivers wouldn't notice until they ran into it, resulted in a man chasing us through the woods; beat up a life-like child-sized doll so a bus pulled over to stop me; strung up a rope over a bike road in "throat height" when it was dark; made home-made bombs but had to hide it all when a class mate snitched on us to the police; filled a co-workers hard-hat with industrial soap when he was in for lunch, forgetting his hypersensitive skin condition and although it almost cost me that job it was still better than my original plan which was to pour bovine laxative into his coffee; fitted excrement-soaked spikes into a newly dug hole and covered it with branches and leaves; occasional burglary; manipulated a friend to throw a dud hand grenade into the teachers' room at school; stole fruits and vegetables from neighbors' gardens. A friend shot some electricity pole and caused an electricity outlet in a large area of my hometown, I was not part of that, and neither was I in the group who rolled dry dog shit into small balls and tried to fool small kids it was candy. I also don't think I was part of covering a neigbouring - and rival school - in liquid cow dung using a tractor and industrial equipment for dispersing manure on fields. Shit, there must be much more.
  5. British Politics

    I certainly did not elect them, my country isn't even part of the EU :). I didn't mean that EU is a democracy as such, more than when it comes to voting on whether to be part (or to exit) the EU, people's vote will mostly be determined by its effect on them personally, and not on the overall effect. And these elections are democratic. That was my point. But since we inadvertently started talking about the democracy of EU: Lack of democratic eligibility is certainly a problem with the EU, but as far as I understand it, election to the European Parliament is through direct voting, so that is a direct democratic process at least. I also believe that when it comes to other EU institutions, elected national leaders will appoint these, and as such it is at least indirectly a democratic process (you vote on your British politicians who then get to decide who will represent them in the EU, just like we vote on politicians who get to decide other things for us -- we live in representative democracies). And as for your last point: If I could choose then you would have local democracies with elected people who make local rules (rules that only affect a small region, by people living in that region), and then, as a new layer onto the onion, you have a national democracy where you vote in national politicians who make rules that needs to be harmonized across many local regions, and lastly, EU, in my ideal world, is just another layer on top of that, with elected politicians (elected directly or indirectly) who create rules on a higher level meant to regulate interactions between countries in Europe. I know it is not like this everywhere where local democracy isn't working well and where EU interferes apparently mindlessly with national governance. So people feel rules are forced upon them, either from London or from Brussels, right. I also think that a lot of complaining come from people who don't understand how things work, aren't aware of local/regional democracies, and generally use politicians and the system are scapegoats for problems arising from their own incompetence or larger structural changes in society.
  6. British Politics

    Politics and society is not like cooking, though, you won't see perfect dishes and flawless meals, it is just trying to make it as good as possible for everyone. If you expect perfection, then you will be endlessly disappointed, and that just foments indifference, apathy and even animosity towards the system. Hence Trump. Back to that thing about EU. It's a huge thing, it affects many aspects of our societies. Some will suffer, some will benefit. Those that suffer will be opposed, those that benefit will be in favor. That is how it is, and how we expect it to be. It's democracy, typically vote selfishly. But to condemn EU as a whole based on isolated effects on sub-industries, instead of looking at the overall effect, the net effect, it might have on individual countries and Europe in total, is a bit disingenuous. I don't think any political system, alliance or major structural change, will result in everybody being better off. It doesn't work that way.
  7. Except that he is a grown man while you were a kid.
  8. The reason why you don't kick people is because you would get charged? Laws, yay! As for it being an accident: He certainly wanted to kick the camera but it probably was an accidental that the camera flew and hit her face. Or do people think that was his intention As for not liking his music (and nothing to do with your post, gunsguy). It's too varied to be rejected altogether. With Kyuss I understand it. It is a monotonous type of music you either like or don't. But QOTSA is so varied, from trippy, happy I Sat By The Ocean, to sluggish, funky Wanna Make It With Chu, to kick-ass rockers like Little Sister, to melodic piano ballads like Vampyre, to progressive songs like Mosquito, and so on. Simply too varied to be dismissed entirely, unless you just hate music in general. And the guitar sound is different from record to record, too. I almost wanted to say you could hate his voice (which is take it or leave it), sure, but even that is not a constant with Oliveri providing screamo vocals back on early records and Lanegan bringing in his beautiful voice on some songs, too. Heh, Homme even managed to make Mr. Dull himself, Dave Grohl, temporarily cool by placing him back behind the drums where he ought to be for Songs for the Deaf. I certainly don't like everything from QOTSA, but there is a good couple of dozens songs there that are fantastic and spans such a varied style of music. He is also a gifted featured musician, and I immediately think of Iggy Pop and Lanegan, and of course Eagles of Death Metal. But a douche? Sure, at times. And since I am in a rambling mood. Anyone listened to the last record? Aforementioned Fortress is great. A song to his kids about getting through shitty times. But what I particularly like is how it starts off a bit electronically ambient and then this cool guitar riff kicks and becomes more and more distinct in the mix, before the songs ends with this dual guitar riffing. Another great song off the last record is Evil has Landed which is more traditional QOTSA song with a chugging riff from Homme, but then it ends and this catchy rock start songs for a minute or so before ending. The whole record is just overflowing with ideas and creativity.
  9. I feel there is a difference between kicking someone in the face and kicking a camera that accidentally then hits someone's face. Not that I approve of either. As for Josh, I like him. Yes he is a bit of a douche and does the occasional stupid thing, but he is also cool and funny and a giftes songwriter and guitarist. I think he has matured in recent years (maybe after his near-death experience). Kicking out Olivieri after domestic abuse showed integrity. The lyrics to Fortress are great. I am a fan of the ginger Elvis.
  10. He never actually kicked her in the face. He kicked her camera and it hit her face.
  11. Btw, the last QOTSA album is great.
  12. A stupid act that can have grave consequences.
  13. what's up with all these sex scandals?

    Ari Behn. Touched his balls, is what I heard. Ari Behn is no longer royal after he divorced our princess. I believe. Too bad, he was a colorful character in a rather drab royalty.
  14. British Politics

    Yes, and then there are those people who try to look at what is the best for everybody by taking a broader perspective instead of focusing narrowly on one group isolated. It might be that the EU has been bad for England's fishing industry -- although this seems to be disputed -- but if it has been sufficiently good for other parts of England, so that the net effect is positive, then they will unselfishly have to be in favor. Because what matters to them is the majority, and not small niche groups and individuals.
  15. British Politics

    Did you read the text I pasted above? I think it addresses this directly: