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  1. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Ah, this is not getting us anywhere
  2. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

  3. British Politics

    The reason why I ask is that I have sort of a professional interest in how to sneak something into someone's coffee. Hahahah. Oh my. I worked with a bastard once too, you see, and we (me and another young fellow) decided to spike his coffee with farm laxative (the stuff used on cows). That was simpler than your idea, though, because you could just pour some of it into his coffee while he was being distracted. We didn't have to produce the stuff on the spot, so to say. Besides, it never occurred to us to use spunk instead. Never. I assume it was too vile for us, in addition to the inherent logistic challenges. That being said, cow laxative probably does worse for your digestion and overall health than a little bit of protein and slime that is nutritious. Aaaanyway. Turned out that my complicit refused to bring the required laxative from his farm, so the plan went bottoms up before it got started...and I just spontaneously filled the bastard's hard helmed with industrial grade soap (this was at a mechanics) instead, just for the hell of it and to try to gain a half-victory out of the day. Of course, I forgot the fucker had hypersensitive skin and only used this special soap, and now he got the strong type all over his head and shoulders. I got in a bit trouble with the boss because of that and don't think I worked there ever again.
  4. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Well...when you are unable to actually argue what I say, and instead argue what you believe I say (as other here have pointed out, too), then, inevitably, that's the response you will be getting You said you disagreed with my second point, which was that theisms, like other beliefs in the supernatural, does not thrive in enlightened societies, and that knowledgeable people tend to be less religious than ignorant people. These are very concise statements that should be easy to discuss, with lots of empirical studies to support, well, both positions actually. But were you able to do that? No. Instead it seemed you got the half-baked idea that since christianity spread into the Roman Empire, that would somehow disprove my statement
  5. British Politics

    So he was turning away from his coffee and you just immediately cummed in it? Like whipped out your cock and got at it? I mean, how did you go about it? Stole his coffee into a bathroom and came out again 10 minutes later, handing it back to him?
  6. Racism in London towards football players

    Yeah, I know. My question was more, why? EDIT: And your answer really made it seem like you consider opposition to racism just a result of "the pc-brigade"
  7. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    What convictions? Yes, jule trees are important. Last year we invested in plastic one. No images of Saint Nicholas, but a few images and sculptures of his secular derivative, Santa Clause.
  8. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    It depends to what extent the way you celebrate Christmas incorporates christian themes. I mean, my Jul celebration is an amalgam of pagan, secular and christian traditions, combined into a new entirely secular holiday. There is definitely remnants of pagan traditions there. Like hanging out food for the birds. Or secular traditions with our Jule beer. Or christian traditions with the stars in the windows. So I wouldn't say I am participating in a christian holiday, I am participating in Jul, which is a remnant of the merging of pagan and christian holidays with secular traditions added on top of it.
  9. Racism in London towards football players

    Just to put things in perspective: The Swedish national women's team in football lost a match against AIK's age-17 team. So if the men and women leagues were merged, women would barely be present at all in the top divisions, except, perhaps for the very best women, like Hegerberg. So it wouldn't make much of a difference to us following the top teams. But it would ruin women's interest in football, surely.
  10. Racism in London towards football players

    Again, it wouldn't make any difference to the game because all the best teams, like the entire Premier League, would still predominantly consist of male players. Women would be inhabiting the lower leagues. It would definitely ruin women's interest in football, though, if they had to compete with men on equal terms. Much better for them to have their own league, as is today.
  11. Racism in London towards football players

    I have absolutely no problem with merging women and men football. The top teams would still just consist of male players. And if a woman, like Hegerberg, was able compete with the best men and ended up on, say, Arsenal's primary lineup, or whatever, then more power to her. Wouldn't make the game less exciting to me.
  12. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    This is actually not form the onion, it is a real newsstory: Source: https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2018/12/06/satanic-statue-display-illinois-capitol-rotunda-holidays/2223852002/ This, though, is the onion commenting upon it: https://www.theonion.com/satanic-statue-on-display-in-illinois-capitol-building-1831023227
  13. British Politics

  14. Racism in London towards football players

    How is it better to be discriminatory on the basis of where you come from (Manchester) than on the basis of what race you belong to? It might seem flippant but there is a serious question in there, and not one I personally particularly feel like discussing.
  15. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    The only reason I have to repeat my arguments again and again to the point of it becoming annoying is that Dies is repeatedly misinterpreting what I say to go off on irrelevant tangents. He reads something I write, doesn't get it, or chooses not do, and then posts a long semi-relevant post that only works at refuting his misinterpretation of what I said while claiming I was wrong. I would say such failure to discuss honestly is more trying than anything.