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  1. Your view, right now

  2. Best Version of KOHD.

    The last one has too much reggae.
  3. They always add something. Probably a new cover or two, and maybe dig out a deep track or something. I don't know why people seem to expect more.
  4. Are you a nostalgic person?

    Well, I can't say I don't like you Brits Warts and all.
  5. Sorry if this has already been answered, but how do we know the setlist is real? why would the band print out a setlist one month before the first show, anyway? How do we know it isn't fake or fro the last leg?
  6. So that's it? We never hear Chinese D Era Tracks?

    We don't know the exact state of other songs from the CD sessions, except that Atlas Shrugged was ready to be put onto CD but couldn't fit, according to Bumble (he later said they would probably have to add tracks onto it, so who knows?). A complete song, Going Down, also leaked. Usually with Axl, vocals are added at the end, and we know The General and Soul Monster already has vocals, so likely more of them do. Rumors also has it a complete record was turned it, and rejected, by the label. As for the argument that what remains wasn't good enough for CD. I don't think that is true. GN'R has had no problems holding off songs for later released. That happened with Don't Cry and November Rain, Perfect Crime and You Could Be Mine, whether because they don't fit musically or because they simply don't have space for more songs. With CD, Axl on a few occasions talked about a trilogy (and later duo) of releases meant to go together. Like Axl describing The General as belonging to Estranged lyrically and coming out on the third record. He seemed to have it planned out. Then it all went to hell. Unfortunately. At least for us who enjoyed all or parts of CD and would have appreciated hearing the rest of it.
  7. Are you a nostalgic person?

    Funny how it lingers on, right? From Medieval times and feudal systems and all that, to 2018. In Norway we sort of had two classes, the very poor and the nobility, and then we just abolished nobility so we would all be miserable together. In England they still have the nobility and then all those other classes based on wealth or ancestry or where you live or how you talk or how you live and all that. At times it seems almost as limiting as the caste system in India, "Don't you go mingle with Rupert, son! His parents behave as they belong to the £ 50-70k demographic while they are really in the £ 40-50 group! With their clean plates and contrived accents! Tossers the lot of them!" I mean, I can see how there might be resentment between the poor and the rich, you have that everywhere. But here we are talking more about, like, the minutiae of social differences. Why this obsession with these things? Vanity? Ingrained group thinking? Jealousy? I have no idea but it is interesting. And I am not saying we here in Norway are in any way better. We would act the same if we were inheriting a society where social classes were so important. And our homogeneity poses its own set of problems, like people coming here and standing out just because they dare to be different. So it's not about that. It's just I didn't know from before how much of a thing this is in Britain, and I kind of marvel over it now that I start to understand it. Not because I think it is good, not at all, but more like finding a previously undescribed to science insect that is rather ugly and foul-smelling.
  8. Are you a nostalgic person?

    I am almost sorry I made you post a levelled and reasonable post after your diatribe. Coming from Norway, I have never seen the patterns you describe. That people who strive to become "upper middle class", or whatever, are more cunts than people in the working class or the properly rich. Then again we don't really have an upper middle class here, or at least not consider our population to be so stratified as to use that expression. Nor do we talk about a "working class". We are pretty much a classless society. (in both meanings of the word). Of course we would react with disdain on anyone who flaunts newly acquired wealth, like the "yaps" in the 80s, and anyone who brags about their money just to brag about their money. And since we Norwegians have such a humble (read: piss poor) origin, it doesn't take much for people to think you are flaunting your wealth. Any vulgar display of wealth, or really any display of wealth, is likely to be considered unbecoming bragging. Similarly, we don't like people who behave like something they are not, but since we don't really have classes there are no, say, upper middle class behaviors that lower middle class people can adopt to come off "better" than they are. There aren't any sosiolects, mannerisms, clothes, etc, that would mark one as belonging to the upper classes and which people could copy go appear "better" than they are. We simply don't have those markers. Rich people tend to dress, behave, talk, eat, etc the same as everyone else. But if there were any such markers of standing, I am sure any ostentatious attempts at copying these, to come off as being something you aren't, would be mocked by everyone. But you are describing a whole segment of demography, the entire "middle upper class", or whatever it was, as per your experience, being awful, and that is pretty interesting. At most here, we would have a few pretentious individuals who desperately try to appear as something they aren't. Then again, it doesn't take very much in England, does it? I mean, just go out and buy a common convenience like a dishwasher and wham! you are now acting above your station Yeah, I still haven't gotten over it. Again, you Brits are too obsessed with classes. It seems to be a straitjacket on social mobility which limits the most innocent of acts, like getting a dishwasher. You seem to be full of disdain for your fellow men, simply because they are something you aren't. I remember when that poor fellow was mauled by a polar bear and Brits would just laugh of it because he had a posh name, so it was all okay. Joking? Of course they were, but it highlights an aspect of your society, this us vs them as defined by social classes handed down from previous times.
  9. Living in Other Countries

    I thought to be the catalyst for you emphasizing this. Of course Mexicans are welcoming and kind-hearted. Aren't we all when introduced correctly? On a sidenote, are you Dr. Graeme now? And did your thesis come up with ways to prevent volcanoes from happening? They must be the evilest of natural phenomena. Just look at Hawaii. There you are, sipping in a drink in your back garden and suddenly it is all ruined by a geysir of lava just erupting by your pool. Has got to ruin house prices. Bummer.
  10. Are you a nostalgic person?

    Why do you think everybody who "aren't happy with their station in life" and who try to "be something they're not" become so nasty? I have never heard of people being so opposed to social mobility as Brits. In the US it is the opposite, the American dream is about moving up from one station to another and this is generally celebrated. Rags to riches and all that. But if you do that in England, at least in that trasition period between being on the poor side of the spectrum until you reach the "proper rich" end, you somehow become a cunt and a tossbag. How absurdly different.
  11. Living in Other Countries

    Me too, so I read it with a certain amount of dread, fearing some crazy cartel members would show up in the next sentence and that our poor Graeme was posting from jail after having been "convinced" to help them out with their new Scotland push which, for him, would involve crossing borders stuffed like a cocaine piñata.
  12. Funny or offensive? *NSFW*

    @RONIN You are Miser, right?
  13. Are you a nostalgic person?

    I tend to also give Len a pass, knowing how hard it must be for him to make himself understood in real life, with the lisping creole and all, I couldn't bring myself to criticize him for how he writes.