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  1. Nintendo Switch

    guys, doom is now officially the best console version of the game: Gyro controls were added today!! https://switchwatch.co.uk/new-doom-update-adds-gyro-aiming/ next, wolfenstein?
  2. they will fit in seamless next to kirby, yoshi and donkey kong.
  3. Any Lego fans on this forum???

    i was fascinated by the lego knights line, back in the day. to this day, the black knights castle still evokes feelings of awe and wonder. tell me, doesnt this look utterly awesome: I still have a complete set and i'm never getting rid of it. i also have the accompanying wolfpack hideout, box and all (recently re-bought on a flea market for 25 $): this castle i always wanted but never got: I used to wonder what was in those towers and dungeons. damn, those lego boxarts sure were epic.
  4. Sony SUCKS!!!

    i hate the Wii with a passion and would burn the thing.... but wii bowling is the only videogame, ever that i got my wife to play. my wife wouldnt touch video games with a ten feel stick, but wii bowling, man.... it sparked something in her. she has never played a video game ever since, but for as short as her experience with it was, somehow she "got" why i like video games so much, and she tolerated my hobby because of it. and so, i keep my Wii and the stupid Wii sports. it saved my gaming ass and it paved the way for the switch in our living room. little things like that get me a bit emotional.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    it's a rebranded WiiU, i agree. and so does nintendo itself. they said that WiiU was a "necessary" failure to come to the full potential of the WiiU's vision, fulfilled in the switch. the wiiU gamepad idea was neat, but it was also limited to being in the vicinity of the console. Also, the pad streamed games, as opposed to the switch which runs games natively. also, the best WiiU games are already covered on the switch. we have at least 4-5 years to go. they can't port wiiU games forever, we already have most of them! it will be most interesting to see what nintendo will come up with next. i'm sooooo hoping for a star fox zero port, with full pro controller playability. that's not too far off the truth
  6. Nintendo Switch

    there really is, i give you that. most of these indies are utter shit. but i still dont follow you on the fact that you want virtual console (i want it too), but then you hate re-releases like mario kart. you liked the WiiU so much, so i guess you liked its games too then? ergo, WiiU ports are great stuff to have as an option? snes virtual console would be great. so would N64 virtual console, gamecube, wii, and.... WiiU (the last one we already have with these deluxe versions). i'm very glad stuff like tropical freeze is coming since that is an utter masterpiece. i would prefer it over something like donkey kong country 2 virtual console.
  7. Sony SUCKS!!!

    these were my sides as time went on: 1994 - 1997: snes 1997 - 2001: N64 over the PS1. load times were unbearable on the PS1. i have little patience. many great PS1 games were released on the N64: mortal kombat trilogy, duke nukem 3D, doom, quake, V rally, ridge racer, wipeout, destruction derby, resident evil 2 2002 - 2006: gamecube and PS2 combo. if a game released on both systems, i chose the gamecube version due to: deeper colours, less load times, better framerate. I needed the PS2 for stuff like MGS 2 - 3 which can't be ignored, the GTA series, and quirky stuff like jaws unleashed, predator concrete jungle (man i played this game to DEATH), castlevania lament of innocence, terminator dawn of fate, indiana jones, killzone 2006 - march 2017: PS3. I bought a wii too, but that was a major letdown. i dont know how many goddamn controller options the wii (and WiiU) had, but all i asked was to be able to play games with the pro controller and nintendo just said no. Wii is the absolute worst console EVER. march 2017 - current: switch exclusively. Considered the PS4 at one point, but i waited for that one game (MGS5 was on the PS3 too) that would convince me. i waited, and waited, and... nothing but cinematic experiences. i dont miss the PS4 and still nothing on the thing that makes me want it. as a married man you need to make choices and so the switch it was. haven't regretted it for a second ever since. the switch experience, everything from buying it at launch day, opening the box, admiring the brilliant design and quirkyness. hand to heart, best nintendo console since the N64. I have the N64 hooked up and ready to play, but the switch is just too damn fun. Over 100 hours of ultra street fighter II, zelda, skyrim, splatoon, mario kart... there is so much and all of it is awesome.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    you say PS3 / 8 bit indie games are dated trash and you don't appreciate prior releases, but you want virtual console all the same? doesn't seem very logical
  9. Nintendo Switch

    relax. there's always the dreamcast and the WiiU what is there to play? three times more games already than the WiiU got in its entire lifespan. we've got at least 5 years ahead of us, if we go by reggie's promises (i know i know, reggie is taking the piss most of the time, but this time, he's hit a home run) http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2018/02/switch-has-three-times-as-many-games-as-wii-u-did-at-this-point-and-theyre-better/ https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/915833/Nintendo-Switch-news-update-Wii-U-sales-games-Metroid-Prime-4-Ridge-Racer-Namco for further information and great insights, i refer to my favorite youtube channel. now put your switch in that dock, and unleash the pleasure
  10. Nintendo Switch

    couldn't agree more
  11. Nintendo Switch

    more power to you man. glad you enjoy the WiiU
  12. Nintendo Switch

    make that less than a year also, lifetime wiiU sales already beaten, and released two all time classics in the form of zelda and mario. honestly? i couldnt complain even if i tried
  13. Nintendo Switch

    fair enough. everyone wants different things. at the end of the day it's just a game console. i use it daily and, sad fucker that i am, i couldnt imagine life without it anymore. tabletop mode in the sofa using the pro controller, while the wife watches wedding programs. other people cheat to save their marriage, i have the switch
  14. Nintendo Switch

    my original gamecube controllers works on the switch, using the WiiU adapter. a hint of things to come? i want virtual console as much as the next one, but in the meantime we have: - nes arcade classics - wild guns reloaded confirmed - street fighter collection - WiiU ports are some sort of WiiUvirtual console, no? expensive, sure, but the option is there. with added content and local portable multiplayer. good times when inviting friends. - megaman X collection it's a solid offering. i'm sure more is to come. it's such a shame it takes so long.
  15. Nintendo Switch

    2017 is objectively nintendo's best year since 1998. i think that's hard to negate, with mario and zelda releasing in the same year. it may not be everyone's taste, but these two games are well received across a large amount of the community. i wouldnt know about double dash. mario kart 64 was the last one i played. but the steering / gas help resulted in me having an awesome time with this, with my 5 year old son. things get too difficult? turn up the difficulty to 200 cc and switch off all steering help. good luck cornering while drifting and braking at the same time. very satisfying when it succeeds. a small resume on why the switch is nintendo's best console since the N64: - cartrdidges / no moving parts guarantee a long hardware life - instant startup times with the sleep function. starting up a new game takes a very short time too. faster than anything since the N64 as a matter of fact. - colours are back (if that's important to you. to me, it is) - nintendo caters back to their old fanbase. gone are the casual focused games like wii sports / resort, back is old style 3D mario - small point, but "nintendo switch" sounds infinitely better than "Wii" - infinitely better marketing, with focus on young adults - fresh new ideas like arms and labo. not for everyone, but at least they try. - third parties are back: doom, skyrim, street fighter, resident evil, LA noire, FIFA - gone is that aweful sensor bar of the Wii days - all games are playable with the Pro controller. motion gimmicks aren't tacked on or mandatory all my opinion of course. i'm so glad i didn't buy that wretched WiiU. even nintendo didnt care about that piece of trash