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  1. I'll only buy it if it has lots of swearing
  2. Nintendo Switch

    things are starting to look great in the race game department
  3. Nintendo Switch

    another great addition to the switch library, this time a brilliant first person shooter called "prodeus". Heavy metal, big guns, secrets, old skool level design with moders graphics... day fucking one.
  4. Nintendo Switch

    I never realised I'm a massive pinball fan until I tried the free demo of this game. This game took me by surprise by re-creating real life licensed pinball machines in stunning realism. The lights and sounds build up to great tension and feeling of accomplishment. Only one free table in the free download, so I'm going to buy the physical version which has all 11 tables unlocked. It has tables like frankenstein, last action hero, star trek, ghostbusters and even AC/DC. seriously, you all want this game badly. but you don't realise it yet
  5. Nintendo Switch

    more awesome games coming to the switch
  6. I can understand why it is dismissed by musical elitists: all cover songs, too much swearing, too much power chords. I see an album full of great songs, great humour and absolute guitar bliss throughout. it's punchy and I like it. it's not beethoven's 9th symphony, but I don't think anyone should have been expecting that, with that spaghetti cover (it was even canned spaghetti, since there were no meatballs or peppers. just spaghetti with red sauce. disgusting)
  7. Red Dead Redemption 2

    fun is the most important aspect in a game. it's disapointed to see they sacrificed fun to make the game more realistic. it's easier to make a realistic game, than make a fun game. a developer has to "think" to make a fun game. If the developer wants to go for realism, he merely has to re-create a living environment. that's not hard to do. there is inspiration everywhere. but to make something "fun", now that requires some bit of imagination (and time, and money) when they release red dead redemption 2 - the arcade edition, I'll be the first in line to buy it.
  8. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    didn't jesus die for our sins?
  9. the new justice boxset made me revisit the album and it reminded me of it's awesomeness. the dry sound, james' growl, the great riffs then it reminded me of the album that wanted to be AJFA, Death magnetic and it's atrocious master. Then I found out about the guitar hero master of the thing, or rather "un-master". It's basically the version of the album before all the ridiculous compressing. I can not recommend enough, tracking that master down. I'm enjoying this album so much now. my god, were they great. kill 'em all, lighting, puppets, that 5 dollar EP, justice and the live albums on the deluxe editions... and the guitar hero master of DM stands proudly in between these classics. yeah, there's the quirky lyric here and there, and the odd vocal misstep, but nonetheless I can enjoy DM as much as the others. maybe I should give hardwired another chance.
  10. Scariest Phishing Scam You've Ever Seen

    watching porn is not weird, but someone who doesn't watch porn, now that's a twisted fucker
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I can accept that some people find importance in the political activities of an artist, but I don't. when i started listening to GNR in my teen years, my interest in them was the ferocious riffs, and the hilarious lyrics. When they sang "I see you stand there...fuck off" I wasn't thinking about the social and political implications of it.. No, when they sang that I saw the assholes at school and the authoritarian teachers. it were good times. Politics was the furthest from my mind as it could possibly be. today, many years later and there is no escaping the endless political debates and issues. on television, social media, the internet, music, movies... But I still have no interest in politics. My interest is my family and occasional recreation. politics is for politicians. I'm not smart enough to be involved, but I fully accept that there are people who are. It's just not me. the fact that many celebrities speak out politically, in and of itself doesn't convince me that Axl should do so too. Prior, I said I'm not smart enough to do politics. Is Axl smart enough? Am I allowed to doubt so? His previous lyrical work suggests he isn't. Not that that would have any interest with me to begin with.
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    fair enough, but I think it's fair to say that most people don't listen to music that way. not in a hundred years would I have assiciated appetite with being a relfection of the reagen era. I simply lack the intellectual capabilities and life whisdom to do so. I'm a simple person with very limited intellectual capabilities, and I'm here for the music. Music speaks to me in the simplest of ways and none of it involves political history. I want to take you to a GNR concert right now, ask any 100 of fans what they think about appetite's message and I'd like to see the numbers. So I guess I have to repeat: only a minority shares your view. but like I said, it's fair enough that you listen to music that way. As for me, I'm just dissapointed Axl takes his time to speak about politics, but not about music.
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    what socio-political aspects would you say that GNR contribute to culture, in an album like say appetite? when you listen to appetite, do you reflect it's message, and in what way? GNR had a questionable socio-political message pretty much from the go. Obviously I didnt care about that, otherwise I wouldnt be here.
  14. US Politics/Elections Thread

    90% of my music collection involves artists who are dead for decades. so I'm not sure how that would work in that case. I never cared for their political views, and if you asked me what the were I'd honestly wouldnt know either. If I had to discard all bands / artists that have some kind of questionable opinion in real life, there would be very few bands I'd listen to. I don't follow any celerity on social media, I honestly lack the interest to do so. I'd rather listen to the opinion of the man in street, rather than some rich celebrity. I find it sad, that Axl has the time to voice some dumb political opinion on his twitter, when he is a recluse the rest of the time. What more good would it do for the band's image, if he took the time to say some things that are actually interesting, like how the reunion came together or how new music is progressing. I'm sorry if that should offend some people, but I really have no interest in Axl's political view one way or another. What I do care about, is Axl's lack of communication regarding other stuff and that I feel needs to be addressed. I care about this band, not about politics.