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  1. Epstein Dead: Reported Suicide

    every time I see that fucking face it disgusts me even more man, it really never fails to amaze you doesn't it. think about it. the son of the fucking Queen, a pedo. if it were a regular joe he would have been bum raped sideways by more inmates than you can shake a stick at
  2. COVID-19 Outbreak

    as if people take them serious now
  3. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I agree. But isn't (shouldn't) the WHO's focus be more on offering guidelines, rather than the more restrictive scientific line of thinking? it should offer "good advice" to the common people, which shouldn't necessarily identify with offering only scientifically proven facts. this is also referred to as the "precautionary principle": https://www.europarl.europa.eu/thinktank/en/document.html?reference=EPRS_IDA(2015)573876 The precautionary principle enables decision-makers to adopt precautionary measures when scientific evidence about an environmental or human health hazard is uncertain and the stakes are high. It first emerged during the 1970s and has since been enshrined in a number of international treaties on the environment, in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and the national legislation of certain Member States. The precautionary principle divides opinions. To some, it is unscientific and an obstacle to progress. To others, it is an approach that protects human health and the environment. Different stakeholders, experts and jurisdictions apply different definitions of the principle, mainly depending on the degree of scientific uncertainty required for the authorities to take action. Although most experts agree that the precautionary principle does not call for specific measures (such as a ban or reversal of the burden of proof), opinions are divided on the method for determining when to apply precautionary measures. The application of the precautionary principle presents many opportunities as well as challenges. The precautionary principle is closely linked to governance. This has three aspects: risk governance (risk assessment, management and communication), science-policy interfaces and the link between precaution and innovation.
  4. COVID-19 Outbreak

    if there are indications that the virus could spread through certain means, it should be communicated and not hidden from the public. I thought the task of the WHO was to help contain the spread of the virus. I was wrong then.
  5. COVID-19 Outbreak

    gotta make the best out of every situation. grab the opportunities that are right before your eyes in stead of moaning and complaining. I found that particularily easy to do during lockdown.
  6. COVID-19 Outbreak

    the point is that the WHO claims that it isn't an important pathway, without proof. this is, because the WHO by no means tells the truth, but only what international politics wants you to believe. but keep worshipping the WHO as if it is some kind of scientific authority, which couln't be further from reality
  7. COVID-19 Outbreak

    where is the scientific proof that aerosols are "not" an important pathway, as per the WHO's official position on the matter?
  8. COVID-19 Outbreak

    https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-07-04/coronavirus-airborne-spread Think Trump is a baboon that ignores science? The WHO is an institution made up of baboons that ignore science. the WHO blatantly refuses to acknowledge that the virus is transmittable through small aerosol particles in the air, that can stay there for a long time and infect people. the WHO is not a scientific vehicle, but a political one. Their task is not to spread the truth, but to give people a false sense of safety. Everyone who defends the WHO is suspicious in my eyes: The World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maintain that you have to worry about only two types of transmission: inhaling respiratory droplets from an infected person in your immediate vicinity or — less common — touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose or mouth. But other experts contend that the guidance ignores growing evidence that a third pathway also plays a significant role in contagion. They say multiple studies demonstrate that particles known as aerosols — microscopic versions of standard respiratory droplets — can hang in the air for long periods and float dozens of feet, making poorly ventilated rooms, buses and other confined spaces dangerous, even when people stay six feet from one another.
  9. Gardening

    trash can. there's hippies that make fertiliser out of them, but I say away with it. the smell of chicken shit is no joke
  10. Gardening

    my hens are such darlings really. everyday they get a fresh crop of salad and leftovers from whatever we're eating. fresh bathing sand now and then, and lots of love. cleaning their shit can get ugly sometimes though. when its solid it's ok, but sometimes their droppings are bit more fluid and then it smells like the plague.
  11. Wanted to share my girlfriends UYI painting

    when I got bored out on fit california beach buns, I watched a "grandma" clip out of curiosity. it popped up under the "flavour of the day" and I thought why not well, I felt like a pervert and after that it was back to normality with fit californian beach buns again.
  12. Gardening

    a man is worth only as much as his spade. I got this baby for my upcoming birthday: made from a traditional method from hickory wood and steel. No screws to hold it secure; you can see two steel bolts driven through the wood by a blacksmith. The steel is hand made, with machines used by an old blacksmith family. when this family wasn't financially viable anymore, a large company offered them a wage if they continued making spades. My grandfather, an arborist, bought his own spades from this same small blacksmith family. And now I got one of my own. This baby is built to last. I've worked with one of these from when I was as old as 8, and I can safely know a great spade when I see one. I couldn't be happier.
  13. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I'm already starting to miss lockdown. life was becoming easy again. getting together with my family, taking care of the garden and my chicken's den, having lots of free time, not needing to worry about none of them scumbag co workers. fuck society. everything is getting stressfull and crazy again. second wave can't come soon enough for me.
  14. Epstein Dead: Reported Suicide

    another one that will hang herself in her cell
  15. Beavis and Butthead being revived at Comedy Central

    they're a vocal minority. for some reason, whenever they moan and complain, they get what they ask. they are not popular, they couldn't be further away from that, but people tend to be scared by them and do what they say. It's kind of like the bully at school: people hate him, but do as he says regardless. also, don't underestimate the power of twitter.