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  1. no one wants to take away your restrooms / bathrooms / dressing rooms or whatever. relax. in my house, i have a really little man cave dedicated to all my shit, the rest of the house belongs to the wife. this may come as a shock, but i'm a caring and loving husband and i'm sure every other man around here is, in their own situation.
  2. yeah, and according to the same person, i dont give a fuck about rape victims and i deny rape happens. the hole she's digging has enough room to fit the eiffel tower, by this point.
  3. i'm not saying you're exaggerating... but you're exaggerating
  4. it's easy to get paranoid when apparently 1/3 of women got raped (as you mention). you're creating an atmosphere of paranoia yourself, by making those claims. and on top of it, when faced with logic that negates your figures, i'm suddenly someone who doesnt care about rape victims or someone who denies it happens *facepalm*
  5. if every rapist rapes at least 3 women, then there is still at least one rapist in any group of 9 men. (if your 1/3 figure is true) it also means, of the 30 male colleagues i have, there are 3 rapists who raped at least 3 women. i'm sorry, i'm calling bullshit on that 1/3 number. as for the rest of your post: ignored. dont put words in my mouth. you come across as having issues with men. you really do.
  6. something else to ponder. how many men do you need, in order to achieve those 1/3 numbers of the female population? 1/3 of the male population? 1/6? 1/9? no matter how you twist it, those are all insane numbers. it pretty much means, if you see any group of men, there is a rapist among them. it's nothing short of witchhunting, and it makes real rape victims look less believable.
  7. 1 in 3 young women have been raped if i should believe some of the things that are posted here. let's see. i have 60 female colleagues. that means, on average, 20 of those got raped. really? calm down, get away from that computer screen and have a look through the window. see how autumn is colouring the country. leaves falling down, mothers and fathers go to work and children to school. see reality. then think about that 1/3 figure again, and see how ridiculous it is.
  8. i can see this thread derailing faster than a locomotive running on quicksand then again, it was about raping pedosexual travestites to begin with, so what do i know i need to get a fix of the normal world. quick. "off to playing some splatoon 2"
  9. thread title should be on the new pressings of GNR lies, in lieu of "elephant gives birth to midget"
  10. Into The Wild

    only read the book, not seen the movie. don' know what the fuss is all about. seemed kinda boring and had to drag me through the book (since i have this obsession with half read books on the shelf). for something more exciting and / or inspiring, i recommend "fear and loathing in las vegas" and "hell's angels" (both by hunter thompson). or hell, any of our gunner's books: slash, steven or duff are all far more interesting and real page turners.
  11. the important thing to take from this story is "surrounded by models". only thing i'm surrounded with, is paperwork and crazy colleagues
  12. searching your roots

    correct. my great grandfather (the one i dont have a pic of) always was a member of the third line, first division of the belgian army. first he fought in Grimde and then the fight at the Yser (bend of tervate, schore and schoorbakke). incredibly, he survived. when the war ended, he got a daughter, my grandmother. 8 months later, he died in a stupid work accident at the railroads. poison grenades couldnt kill him, but work did...
  13. searching your roots

    this is a picture of my great grandfather. i found it in his file. it was the first time i ever saw his face he served as a member of the genie in anvers then, he was transferred to calais (gravelines) where the belgian army reorganised themselves. sadly, i dont have pics of my other great grandfather, who served in the third line and which took quite the beating from the germans...
  14. searching your roots

    lately i've begun looking up my ancestors. safe to say it's been quite the journey so far. i've managed to go back to half the 17th century in one instance. needed to have a basic understanding of latin though, since birth notes were done by church in that period and all in latin. the most awesome find though, was that two of my direct ancestors served in WWI. both my great-grandfathers on my father's side have individual files which i managed to look up. i found that both survived the war and were given the cross of war for long service at the front. also, my grandfather always had this war knife which he claimed to have taken from a german soldier in WWII, and today i could identify the weapon. it turned out to be the luftwaffe fighting knife, LW marked with a 6. which was, in that time, seen as a trophy of some sort. he claimed to have had to killl a german soldier to get it. it looks like this: curiously, it came with this sheathe: i did some research, and that is an US M8 knife sheathe. my grandfather would have got this from a US soldier. when he took the knife, he must not have taken the sheathe with him. guess a friendly US soldier gave him his as a token of gratitute for killing a german soldier. a german knife in a US sheathe. quite ironic come to think of it... once you start digging in your family's history, you can't stop though. it's highlt addicting.