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  1. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    mortal kombat trilogy: perfect for wireless on the go sessions resi 7 something duke nukem related rogue squadron MGS V
  2. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    man, that's one of my top 5 game i would beg to port over to the switch. my favorite rockstar game by far
  3. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    i can totally relate. "you don't mean to tell me, i can go anywhere from here, and drive any car i see, including the porche behind the glass window?"
  4. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    i don't hate you. i envy you. you can still experience them for the first time. me and my brother were always harrassing the guards. shooting pots and pans in their vicinity to make them investigate. they would go "mmm, nothing here. must be my imagination" and we would just crack up, everytime. good times
  5. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    the tanker level in MGS2 must be my favorite gaming moment of all time the anticipation, the trailers, the playable demo, the atmosphere, the enemy AI, the swat team "searching" mechanic, the graphics... i lived this game, dreamed about it. looked up everything about it. it ended up being far too short, but nonetheless.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    great video it has great.... "insights" nintendo switch chick is hot damn wicked
  7. Nintendo Switch

    ok cool. i'll keep this one in my sights
  8. Nintendo Switch

    cool. you got me hyped
  9. Nintendo Switch

    never played a bayonetta game before. (didnt have a wiiU) i might buy this. i hear it's very action oriented, just my kind of game. i'm still salty about devil may cry collection not coming to the switch. #crapcom
  10. Nintendo Switch

    theres something streaming regarding beyond good & evil 2 now. maybe on switch? let's see!
  11. Ask Staff Anything!

    cool. thanks for the response!
  12. Ask Staff Anything!

    this is probably not possible, but it can't hurt asking, but i would most welcome an option to delete my post history in a few button clicks. with our privacy being invaded by all sorts of social media apps, it would be great to have some sort of control over our post history. no problem if that isnt possible though. just a suggestion. thanks for doing a great job on this message board!
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    any thoughts on the jerusalem stunt he pulled today? somebody put this prat in an asylum
  14. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I only hope people realise "the news" is the best means to keep people dumb. it's all in the hands of the elite. they decide what we "should" know, nothing more nothing less. lies included if you watch the news 24/7, you're going to know 10% of the truth of what matters. if that personally, i watch no news whatsoever. I trust my own eyes and my wallet. that's usually a good indication on how the world is going. "the facts" are known, with or without news. i dont need no journalist to craft my own opinions. i'll do that for myself. now more than ever, the media tries to manipulate us one way or the other. turn off the TV, look out the window and smell the roses. that is my advice to mygnr
  15. US Politics/Elections Thread

    what a complete and utter twat