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  1. R.I.P. Koko the gorilla

    take us for example. we only have team brazil to take care of us. almost makes me wish I was a gorilla.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    I'm not planning to buy it. I don't like puzzle games, I prefer action games.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    I'm hyped for wolfenstein for the switch next friday. there were some concerns about the mandatory download being ridiculously big, even on physical, but it turns out the physical release "only" needs 8 gb of download. I think I can just accept that. Had it been more, this would be a hard pass. this aside, I'm ready for another badass first person shooter on the switch, with gyro controls. Bethesda is such a class act, going the extra mile to bring these AAA games to the switch. What would the switch be without them but a nintendo player?
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    yes, that's exactly who you think she is, and she's back. terminator 6 starts now
  5. the beatles

    nickelback is better than Korn and the beatles
  6. great suggestions from you guys! I have a thousand things I'd like to buy, but you know how it goes. So much of these things are looking great in the shops and in your dreams, but once you buy it, it ends up somewhere in storage. So at the end of the day I just put the money in a hidden box until something really fucking cool comes along. (I'm not sure but I think I read a suggestion about buying a gift to my wife here or something, with my stash. Well, I'm already giving her the greatest gift every day: the gift of happiness
  7. R.I.P. Koko the gorilla

    trump is devastated by the loss of his cousin
  8. let's say, you've got 1000 dollars to spend, and your wife tells you to "do whatever the hell you want with it", what are the options? What would you do with 1000 dollars? the condition being, to make the absolute most out of it. Spend it all in one sitting or divide it in tens / hundres of small things?
  9. I feel this deserves it's own thread! It's good to see Axl is hanging out and having fun with his bandmates, watching a show in the middle of the public, and seemingly in a good mood, talkative and kind to (annoying) fans they were watching a concert by duff's daughter, who is the lead singer in this band https://www.hln.be/showbizz/muziek/festivals/graspop/guns-n-roses-frontman-axl-rose-pikt-concertje-mee-tussen-het-publiek-in-antwerpen~a82b9c0a/
  10. yea, that's how I got HOB too. Guess I'm a noob when it comes to this stuff
  11. ok, before you all call me crazy let me preface that Steven is my favorite drummer in GNR and franks is far from being the best, but I was listening to this werchter 2017 bootleg that surfaced earlier, which I attended, and hearing it again it made me realise frank's drum sound is very awesome. he may not always have the right timing / speed / swing that other drummers had, but man is it an epic drum sound, totally fitting the current GNR lineup. richard's sound is so fucking badass. as for melissa, she adds really menacing, doom-metal, great sound scapes to fill in some gaps in songs. In short, I can certainly feel what this new version of GNR is about. I'm proud of them.
  12. I managed to capture the concert before they took it down, from that certain video streaming website. Only song I didn't find was double talking jive. Damn. reportedly, one of the best songs of the show.
  13. men who are jailed for longer periods of time tend to have a taste of the "chocolate pot" from time to time, so to speak. We're talking about 100% heterosexual people, but because of the circumstances (no women available) they need to "blow off some steam" by other means. It's not nice, It's not wanted, and it's something that's suppressed as soon as it happens. In the case of rock stars, it's the opposite: a seamingly endless amount of opportunities to pick virtually any woman you want. And they still arent interested. I'd love to know the psychological mechanisms behind that one.
  14. myles makes Slash's work sound like a gummy bears projection of what could be a bad ass hard rock band. seriously, I feel embarrassed playing this stuff loud in my car