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  1. Van Plows into Pedestrians in Toronto

    have you checked the official chart?
  2. Irrational fears

    I dont know the new statesman either. I think it's best we leave it at here. now that the damage done to my image is still repairable. Kind of
  3. Irrational fears

    Belgian here. only magazine we know is "Humo" (that's not a typo, btw)
  4. Irrational fears

    yes, Len. We all know of 1950's magazines and their posters. How could we not?
  5. Irrational fears

    you mean that's a real person? ok now you've really creeped me out he looks like a clown without makeup, if that makes sense.
  6. Irrational fears

    look at this evil bastard
  7. Foo Fighters / "KISS Guy" Video

    what's so special about this is, this is the tale of legend. it's the ageless fairytale of the unknown becoming world famous for a short moment. It's why we all love Rocky Balboa, the story touches something deep inside of us. We all had dreams of doing great things in our lives one time or another. and this is exactly that. Rocky, Rhandy Roads, Kiss Guy, they inspire us. they tell us to never give up and always go for your goals. Too much explanation. forget it. Kiss Guy is just brilliant. nice blues soloing. don't see that around too fucking often. When's his next performance?
  8. Foo Fighters / "KISS Guy" Video

    kiss guy is a fan who was allowed to play along the foo fighters, in a spur of the moment. what ensues, is incredible. try not to smile ear to ear the whole song thru
  9. The Doors - opinions?

    unpopular opinion, but I rate "morrison hotel" above their first two albums. On morrison hotel, they seem to be having way more fun. It's all a bit more loose, and Jim adds a lot of playfullness and humour in his singing. If I told you morrison hotel was my favorite doors album, that wouldn't be too far off the truth most of the time That said, I can't list these albums. I have quit listing albums, period. When I see a certain album at the bottom of the list, it almost makes me want not to listen to it again. Making these lists is a curse.
  10. DJ Ashba could always return for another round and give his best Slash impersonations. Are you ready to cheer when Ashba waves up his arms again?
  11. Nintendo Switch

    yeah I know. it's kind of a mock-up list (PS4 virtual console?). Like you, I desperately want VC on the switch and this list helps to easy my mind, and make fun of the PS4 in the process reggie has always said that nintendo wants to do something different with their legacy titles this time around. I feel, we get exactly that. arcade versions of nes titles with online rankings, remix versions of games like wild guns (with added extra's and online rankings), deluxe versions, joy con support.... I think this is a better thing than vanilla virtual console.
  12. Nintendo Switch

    here's a not comprehensive list of virtual console games on the switch: NES virtual console: mario bros super mario bros punch out SNES virtual console: another world flashback street fighter II street fighter II turbo super street fighter II street fighter alpha wild guns megaman X megaman X2 megaman X3 Neo Geo virtual console: Nam-1975, The King of Fighters ‘98, Waku Waku 7, Metal Slug 3, World Heroes Perfect, Shock Troopers neo turf masters samurai showdown 4 garou: mark of the wolves over top alpha mission II PS3 virtual console la noire skyrim payday 2 dark souls resident evil revelations 2 ultra street fighter II HD remix PS4 virtual console doom wolfenstein 2 3DS virtual console resident evil revelations WiiU virtual console: mario kart 8 captain toad Zelda Breath of the Wild pokken tournament hyrule warriors bayonetta bayonetta 2 donkey kong country tropical freeze rayman legends lego city undercover
  13. the beatles

    the naked version will be the first version I'll ever hear of the album. how weird is that?
  14. the beatles

  15. the beatles

    poor shredder. all his paintings have ended up in pieces