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  1. Help me ask for a pay rise

    I second what Len said (especially the part about not referring to your income), but I wouldn't say the "let's discuss the matter further" bit. Saying so, pretty much makes the letter meaningless and you'll end up with a stressfull discussion afterwards. The letter should be the last word on the matter. (that's how I would do it, anyway) If you leave open discussion, you should propose a "higher - than wanted" price, so you can negotiate down (and ending up with your goal anyway). If you want 700, you should propose 800. If it's negotionable, the number will lower as per definition. Suppose they offer 600, then you can cut the difference in half and say 700 (what you wanted in the first place). Business negotiation 101. But why go through the hassle?
  2. The future for Guns?

    you guys should take note of this tom morello interview and why RATM broke up and how the reunion happened 7 years later. see what he says about the reunion shows: “We had a great time,” he explained. “We had fun onstage, offstage, playing ping pong, going out, to me it felt like there was a lot of camaraderie, but one of the things we kind of helped that and took off the table was everything that had been controversial before—writing music, doing interviews, having a manager—we’re just not going to do that stuff. We’re just going to play shows and have a nice time and be able to look each other in the eye and have a nice time and not be anything that had stirred controversy in the past.” this mirrors the guns n roses situation perfectly, if you ask me. I think that writing songs together and doing interviews (slash + Axl, that is) gives them too much pressure, much like the guys in RATM, but they still have fun together on stage. I can totally see where they're coming from. come to think of it, there are a lot of similarities between RATM and GNR to begin with. both dangerous bands, band members overflowing with ego, only very few but great albums etc... both having massively anticipated reunion shows http://www.kerrang.com/video/tom-morello-tells-lars-ulrich-why-rage-against-the-machine-broke-up/
  3. yeah, charging 1000 euro for faux leather and tat deserves much more sympathy who would have thought? I guess every day is a school day
  4. UYI I & II vs. Load & Reload

    the illusions are some of my most loved albums out there, period. Tracks like "you could be mine" and "knocking on heaven's door" managed to shape 10 year old me forever. Especially the latter which, even though a cover, evoked feelings of awe and wonder that almost no other song managed. I remember hearing it on the radio that played when I was working on my dad's field during summer, I had never really listened to music until then, but it triggered something deep inside of me and that day is when I probably became a fan. Didn't even know YCBM was by the same artist, but I still I thought it was the coolest shit I ever heard. The loads couldn't ever compare to that, but I still like them for what they are nonetheless. My love for them only goes that far since the only metallica albums I have playing on my car-USB are the first three at random. the loads just drag the tempo down too much. Not really great car albums if you've just listened to something like "damage inc.". There really isn't much special to the load albums, to me, it's just standard blues hard rock fare. metallica are good, brilliant even on their first 3 albums, but they always felt a step down the ladder coming from GNR. James is a great rhythm guitar player, kirk a not so great lead player, but GNR has one of the best singers ever, and for me the best lead guitarist ever and I take Izzy over James any day. When you also have Steven in stead of pan and pot hitting Lars, the decision is quickly made. the illusions, and appetite, are the crown jewels of my entire music collection, along with selected stones / Queen / aerosmith / ACDC albums. the load albums sometimes need to make place for other stuff.
  5. The future for Guns?

    you're too kind
  6. The future for Guns?

    Belgian army. I have tracked down my great grand father's war file, and I have discovered that he was a genie soldier of the 2nd genie regiment. He helped defend Antwerp in 1914, when germany invaded Belgium. He was involved with the defence of duffel, which took quite the bombardment. Then from october 1914 he was transfered to the belgian reserve corps in Gravelines, from where he was sent to the front from time to time (Ypres). He was rewarded the belgian war cross for long duty at the front, with a distinction for "courage and self-sacrifice". He never spoke of his time during the war to the family. It's only recently that I looked up his file and could share all this information with my family. Knowing what he went through, it makes me evaluate my own situation whenever I doubt myself. If my great grand father could face the german war machine, then I can also face my own challenges. I am proud of him and everyone else who helped to defend our freedom against the german invader.
  7. The future for Guns?

    hitler was very lucky not to have run into him, or there would have been no third reich.
  8. The future for Guns?

    it's my great grand father. world war I veteran.
  9. The future for Guns?

    there are only 14 tuesdays left until november 13th
  10. Well, Axl did sing about bob guccione Jr (who's dad gets more pussy than him) and mick wall at kerrang and I guess "get in the ring" is kind of an "orge battle" in that regard. change the serious fantasy and celtic battle themes with media slapping, and you start to get in GNR territory
  11. I am so happy with the 5.1 mix. really something you can put on, sit back and relax and enjoy the music. It is really something else. Truly the centerpiece of this whole project.

    who's going to take care of @Len Cnut?

    france was the better team, a well deserved win. but that fault on hazard should have been a free kick. mbape should have gotten a red card for walking away with the ball at the end.