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  1. Joey Kramer sues Aerosmith

    I guess in your world, nobody looks at rock artists for inspiration. oh, wait, is that a "I didn't say that!", I see incoming?
  2. General Chat / Random Musings

    live dog? I saw a video of them eating a live frog on a plate. in my mind, I see the image clear as day before me
  3. Joey Kramer sues Aerosmith

    all of this makes me more and more cynical about music. I'm increasingly of the opinion that rock musicians aren't better friends to each other that you and me, possibly even worse. it's an utopia to look at rock bands to look for inspiration on how to treat other people, on how to stand in life. Come to think of it, rock musicians are the worst examples here. How many of them lead a stable, healthy life? Now while in their case that does not matter very much since people on hear the music, for us common people it's all we have. I used to have posters of rock artists on my wall, as an example. What was I thinking? nothing but a bunch of losers, pedophiles, gold diggers, ego's and attitudes.
  4. Street Performers in Covent Garden

    my friend told me, there is a dedicated category for that kind of stuff on the "tube". there's the common golden shower vids of course, but if you dig a little ... ahem, deeper, there's also some involving shit. never encountered those in the wild, but I heard they were a good laugh.
  5. Street Performers in Covent Garden

    chuck berry started it all, man
  6. Street Performers in Covent Garden

    you're like my dad. back in the day, whenever I asked him money, he would look in all his pockets until he went "oh, what have we got here", and flash 100 euro out of his chest pocket. he was like this comic book character that you see walking the streets, leaving a trail of banknotes behind him
  7. General Chat / Random Musings

    guess I'm a little effeminate sometimes, yes. people always think i'm gay. I can not be gay though: I got the hots for pamela anderson. I'm a "boobs person" so to speak, and these do not look flattery to any man
  8. General Chat / Random Musings

    I just love "strong" women I guess. I like to just take second spot, and see what happens. I can easily get aroused by a foul mouthed, "let's get fucked", strong woman. A "yes" girl would let me down to no end. I couldn't have it any other way. the only problem is, the first strong woman I dated turned out to be a lesbian, and I was absolutely gutted. the upside is, things can not get "less romantic" over time as they are: there hardly is any to begin with! I wouldn't want to feed them, the romantic couples that lost most of that as the years went by. with us, it's different: there's always fire everyday, it's always interesting. you gotta think long term sometimes with this stuff. it's no coincidence there are so many divorces. I'm not saying we won't ever divorce, just that after 7 years of marriage the thought never crossed my mind. the situation as it stands, is good / good enough / enjoyable, sometimes great. will it last? we'll see.
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    yeah, listen to this guy kasanova. my wife is never interested in anything I do, never was. as for my job, she tells me I'm a boring fuck merely mentioning it. if you expect marriage to be a romantic, soul-mate kind of institute, I guess you were born on the wrong planet. those things only exist in movies or videogames. I respect my wife more than any other woman on earth, we love each other (in the most un-cheesy kind of way possible) and I've got no complaints in that other department. what could you possibly want more? if I ever get a mood like yours, kasanova, and I moan to my wife how she's never interested in my work, she tells me to "act normal, that's bad enough, I guess you need to get laid" and quickly gets me back to my feet. if I wanted to talk 17th century history or something, I'd call up my drinking buddy or talk to you guys lol.
  10. British Politics

    lol it's not childish, not even remotely.
  11. British Politics

    that's good to hear! so maybe we can leave the "faux outrage" about a silly gay / manchester joke for places like twitter who thrive on such sentiments? I mean, if I wanted to be part of an easily offended, virtue point gathering community, I would have joined twitter long ago. But as it stands, there are still more than enough people on here who see the humour in stuff like that.
  12. British Politics

    no it isn't. in some circles "it's become harsh", true. Or rather: in some circles, who lack any sense of humour, it was always harsh. why can't we laugh with gay people? You'll find, the people who laugh with gay people are often openly gay themselves. You should be in the company of a group of gay people some day. constant gay jokes all the fucking time. it's ok to laugh with gays, it's ok to laugh with black people, with greta thunberg, with politicians, with jews, with christians, with muslims... and I don't fucking see the reason why not. only in dictatorial societies like north korea is it forbidden to laugh.
  13. General Chat / Random Musings

    they are certainly taking extreme measures, and I think they are more than right to do so. when in an extreme emergency situation, the safety of the public must go before any personal inconvenience. The cause of these people suffering is in this case, not the measures taken, but the fact only, that a dangerous and contageous virus is spreading
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    what's up there in wuhan and the corona virus? people are reportedly laying unconscious on the street and the city is quarantained. it's like a scene from the book "la peste" by albert camus. I don't think the world can handle the current overpopulation and increasing traffic / plane traveling much longer. sooner or later, the bucket will spill over
  15. Greta Thunberg's Groupie

    it's more a comedy movie than anything else. I like my comedy films with arnold though. Twins, true lies. but those were enjoyable movies all around. Commando has great oneliners, but the movie itself was a slog to sit through. I don't think I ever managed to sit it out all through the ending either. I think I always walked away when he chopped off that freddie mercury dude's arm or something.