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  1. retro collecting

    that game was the stuff of dreams. I never played the game as a kid, but the title alone was enough to provide countless levels of hype. The game was very hard to find, even back then. there was this used game store I used to frequent, and the only time I ever encountered the game was in that store, but it was a cartridge without label, just a sticker with the title written with permanent marker. "robocop versus the terminator"; my two favorite action movies combined in one badass video game.... how could it possible become better than this? I bought the snes version a couple of years ago. The rare pal version with the great cover (the US only got the oversized plastic box). this is how it looks: So I first played this a couple of years ago, and it's a great game, but ultimately it could never match the expectations and vision I made up by myself. Still, I love having it in my collection and it's still a great game in it's own right.
  2. retro collecting

    collecting and hunting for retro games is so much fun! Cartridge based systems stand the test of time. I have a NES, 3 SNES consoles, 2 N64's, a Gameboy, gameboy color, gameboy advance sp, super gameboy... and all of them still work like a dream. They need a bit of love and maintenance from time to time, but the absence of moving parts means they are built like a tank. Sometimes, you need to replace a save battery and stuff. It's all part of the hobby. I love buying "broken" cartridge based consoles "for parts" and being able to revive them with a bit of rubbing alcohol and earpicks. my latest addition to the collection: I'm a big fan of OCEAN licensed games. Even the logo, speaks to the imagination. A blue ocean. They made badass games. On the snes I have lethal weapon, robocop 3 and choplifter III. On the gameboy the above robocop and jurassic park. On the NES, jurassic park, robocop 1 and robocop 3 (very different to the snes version). People usually class these as crappy games, but to this day robocop 3 on the snes is one of my absolute favorite shooters ever. Took me ages to beat that game, and every playthrough is hard as nails. But damn, the thrill of being robocop and shooting away at scum never gets old. Last OCEAN game I bought new was mission impossible on the N64. Another licensed game with a lot of quirkyness that I anticipated for ages. It's very unique and I still replay it from time to time.
  3. Slash casually talking about an upcoming guns n roses album, like its 1989 again. What a time to be alive
  4. Nintendo Switch

    the direct was nice and all, but everyone should be talking about this fucking game. COMMANDER KEEN has stealth released on the switch! now I can fight creepy potatoes and agressive tomatoes on the go
  5. female Axl Rose reacts to Axl Rose

    would it be gay if i wanted to bang her?
  6. Guns N Roses inspired cheese headed to stores

    Geez... all they could come up with, is cheese

    GNR has found a hole in the market. A cheese hole.
  8. Michael Jackson

    "dangerous" was the first album I ever bought. I played that cassette so much, it eventually wore out. 10 years old at the time, I had to work at my dad's field during summer. This album was playing pretty much from morning to evening on rotation, driving my co-workers nuts. It was a little bit of distraction during hard times for me. so many favorite jackson songs. I remember (no pun intended) remember the time and its video clip on MTV. I had never seen anything like it before. and it had eddy murphy, my favorite actor at the time. I watched it on television and those were great times. I've outgrown jackson these days. but I can still appreciate songs like "blood on the dancefloor" and "give in to me" whenever they come up. each time they play, I'm thinking wow, best performer there ever was. (but during the rest of my days, I'm giving that title to freddie and Axl)
  9. The truth, and the end.

    ok so what if Axl is being brainwashed by a gold diggin brazilian nanny. it's his loss, not mine. the treatment of fans is sad, but ultimately it doesn't matter (to me) appetite is still one of my favorite albums ever. lies is utterly brilliant, the UYI's are great too and the spaghetti incident is great laughs. As if my love for these albums is conditioned by dumb management decisions on a dysfuntional band. Oh wait, I just got a phone call. it's from "I couldn't care less"
  10. Ace is the steven adler of kiss, and I mean that both in good and bad ways
  11. Michael Jackson

    thanks russ. it's good to maintain a bit of balance against the hyperbole. for a moment there I thought having porn magazines and action figures in your house means you're a child molester. Guess that goes for 80 % of the male population between 20 and 35 The only thing I wanna know now, is where do I get that awesome lara croft statue. would fit nicely in my man cave
  12. Michael Jackson

    guess there were kids there all the time. wasnt the door 'always open', so to speak? kind of like the playboy mansion, in a weird way
  13. Michael Jackson

    "sorry I'm late. Michael gave me a drink, and now my butt hurts"
  14. Michael Jackson

    he did, but there is proof he was a rapist. no, but it explains why I even more cautious than I would usually be (yes, i'm hypocrythical). so sue me accusations mean jack shit. 25 years ago, I was invited by MJ in person (I met him on the corner just outside of his ranch), and I had a very good time in his private theme park. I even got a T-shirt, and he never layed a finger on me.
  15. Michael Jackson

    I see a lots of "most rapists do X, but not all" and "ok so MJ was a good father, didn't rape his own children, but..." a lot of "if's" and "but's". MJ made many, many children happy. He gave a lot of money to child foundations, he genuinly cared for children with fire burns and so on. yes he did, he didn't, but.. but ... that's a lot of positives and contra-indications for an alleged child molester. I'm sorry, I don't buy it. I'll probably piss off a lot of people. but here is the thing: he made incredible music, he did a hell of a lot for children in need (when was the last time you or me did something like that?) and I'm just not casually inclined to believe every outrageous story about him. I think we can conclude with the observation that MJ had a very unusual interest in underage boys and girls, and you can accept that or criticise that, but that there has never been hard proof of anything else.