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  1. I agree. Why can't they respect pitman's peace and quiet.
  2. Just sold my tix

    here is my take on it. we must be happy we still have Slash, unlike other legends like hendrix, cobain, morrison who left us way too soon. With Slash, you have this incredible iconic / charismatic / talented blues guitarist that inspired millions of guitar players, and if you think about it: how many of those are still around? Icons usually die young. God knows how long we'll still have him around? We should not take this for granted. We shouldn't take ANYTHING for granted. I'm listening to generic song #fucknows on the album, it's bland and uninspired, but here it is nonetheless: it's a sunny day, I'm watching new Slash music with a goofy video about sock puppets in a rock band. Somehow, it makes me happy. I'm even inspired by the album cover, which looks like a clown vomited over it. But it's interesting, it's meaningfull and it's all Slash. Seeing Slash live, is yet another different beast. It should be cherished even more. Seeing an icon live on stage; it's luxury. It's fragile. It won't fucking last. Throwing away a ticket like that, I really hope you won't regret it...
  3. "beeldenstorm" - 1566 I guess you could say, they had an "appetite for destruction"
  4. Nintendo Switch

    some great switch titles down the line. here are some of the ones I'm hyped for:
  5. Please vote for my cousin

    she's a whole lotta woman
  6. The Third Place

    cemeteries. but generally any place where I can find more information about my ancestors. archives, libraries, cemeteries, towns where they lived. Especially cemeteries. I found pictures there of my family that would have otherwise been lost forever. but there they were, set in stone, dates and all. you guys should all go to cemeteries more.
  7. So, I've listened to a lot of Meat Loaf recently...

    whenever I go to fleamarkets and I see these stands with used cd's, and I look in the rock section for some reason it's always filled with meat loaf / sepultura / faith no more and other shitbands in them. if I got a penny every time I saw that blasted bat out of hell image during my searches for great stuff, I'd be able to book the fucking stones for my birthday party.
  8. by that logic, stephen king is a serial killer.
  9. Atheism to be Included in UK RE Classes

    I think it's a bit ignorant to "teach" religion, to begin with. We don't really know how the universe was created, science doesn't have the answers. So there isn't much to "teach" at this point in time, apart from "we don't know". It's about what you "believe", but that is something you can't be teached. Religion that is being teached in class, is based on ancient texts that advocate violence to non believers, and should be forbidden altogether. I believe in god, but that is a conclusion I came up with myself and is reinforced by every new discovery scientists make about the universe. If anything religious class has managed to steer me away from religion at one point in time, until I began to review the latest scientific studies on the universe and quantum mechanics. I'm in favor of teaching scientific knowledge on the origin of the universe. Perhaps it will make people realise we all live on the same planet and were all created equally.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    there's a good explanation for that. VII and IX were remastered for the PS4, so they can simply port those over to the switch. say hi to HD PC graphics. So no potato PS1 graphics on these classics. On top of that, some convenient additions were made: the option to disable random battles, the option to speed up the game during storytelling, and the Noob mode that lets you refill health and magic at the push of a button during battles. VIII didn't get this treatment, yet so that's probably why it wasn't announced. and by the way VIII is indeed the best. The best at being poop, with the lack of a magic meter
  11. I don't think anyone is denying these lyrics are sexist, and that sexism is bad. But you know what's the funny part? People love sexist lyrics. appetite is one of the best selling albums ever. Many of the top selling albums contain sexist / offensive / incorrect lyrics. Fact: many people love this. People love political incorrectness, not as a way of living on the streets, but as a way to let off some steam. I haven't kept track of grand theft auto V's latest sales numbers, but I'm sure it's one of the best selling video games ever. You murder hookers in that game, after stealing their money. You visit strip clubs. You kill women on the streets in that game. Steal cars and all sorts of over the top shit. No one is approving of this behaviour, at least not any sane person, but many sane people play this game regardless. Again, it's a way to blow off some steam. Lyrics like "turn around bitch i gotta use for you" are so fucking offensive, it somehow becomes funny (but no one admits it of course). It's utterly demeaning and childish behaviour, and I still listen to the track and is one of my favorites of the gunners. Still, I'd probably hit anyone in the face saying such a thing to a real person. But here is the thing: it's NOT said to a real person. It's a fucking lyric, and no women were harmed in the making of this song. Why do people love horror movies / books? are these all mass murderers? No, but we like this sort of stuff anyway. Sex sells. Violence sells. Because deep down we are all filthy animals. We smell of sweat and shit, and we are generally revolting beings. But most of us manage to be decent people in real life. Including the members of guns n roses.
  12. this thread seriously needs an injection of super-cringe appetite worship
  13. guns n roses, much like the stones, are a rare kind of band that couldn't produce a bad album even if they tried. They are a band where, one man's least favorite song could be another one's favorite. They made a lazy covers album, yet it still rocks and swings like a fat pig wallowing in a hog trough. down on the farm, new rose, I don't care about you... It's all fun and loveable. even the frankenstein experiment that was chinese democracy, and only features one member of the appetite 5, still has interesting moments and a nearly bottomless well of musical layers that are anything but boring. there is only one flaw in the GNR discography; that there aren't any more. hope they fix this quite unpleasant detail any time soon.