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  1. British Politics

    imagine free traffic of EU citizens between the EU and the UK coming to a complete halt this oktober 31th. that will be a lot of laughs
  2. Greta Thunberg's Groupie

    well, this is what I think about the curious case of greta thunberg and her cohort I don't it's admirable what greta is doing. while fighting for earth's well being is a nice ideal, she is achieving absolutely nothing (how could she?), and by this point I suggest she goes back to her studies and get a real job or something. Watch her expecting to get a free pass in life just because she's rambling and lecturing us about climate change. "oh, company such or so isn't granting me a job because I fought against climate change, boo hoo hoo I'm discriminated against" She's the perfect example of what is wrong with modern youth. Doing absolutely nothing, slacking off, preaching hollow ideals and then expecting to succeed in life. Having no work mentality means you're gonna lose. Where are her parents, protecting her from a collossal tragedy? When I was still a kid, all that mattered was how you managed at school, and how hard you worked. Today, youth expects as much as possible, with doing as little as possible. Being some fucking social media Queen / influencer is for losers. Put a spade in their hands I say and let them do some real work. Let them work from 8 to 13 and from 14 to 18 am, in the sun so they know they are alive. In stead of their stupid phones and drugs, let them feel the satisfaction of work. Most of modern youth hasn't worked a day in their lives. So me, who has achieved everything by hard work, who got nothing for free (unlike some of these social media numbnuts), I'll be damned if i'm going to be lectured by some attention seeking kid
  3. but...but... they are victims, why would they lie / people forget important facts like where did it all happen, you cant remember it all can you. Who can remember where he was raped? no one, isn't it? and after all it's all explained in the movie. but now they remember everything again. also, jackson was wierd, he must therefore be guilty. because, weird people
  4. fast forward 20 years, and it's the men in suits that turn out to be the pedo's and sexual predators. hell, the way this article is written, the author is highly suspicious too
  5. Greta Thunberg's Groupie

    I guess she's studying at the school of life
  6. British Politics

    on a technical / juridical side, I'm undecided which one of the two is better: remain or leave. I'm simply not knowledged enough in the juridical / economical aspects of the EU membership, and all it's far reaching consequences it has. If you ask me, which do you prefer: remain or leave, then my natural instinct says "leave". this comes purely from a certain nostalgic / romantic background. I dont live in the UK, but I can imagine some people want to "leave" because they think if they "close the doors", then all sorts of problems will be kept outside too. I compare it to being fond of quiteness, calmness and the confined security of your own home. Some people open the doors of their house, and happily invite people, while others prefer their peace and quiet. I tend to belong to the last group. In this digital age, where privacy is becoming less and less achievable, and where everyone has an opinion about everyone, I tend to hold on to the last remnants of peace and privacy: your own home. If I could chose in what timeframe I'd rather live, it would be the age just before the industrial revolution, say 1550 - 1650. The age when life was slow and carefree. Now, if you belong to the EU, you open your borders, and you don't know what or who you're going to attract. People with good or bad intentions, it's uncertain. companies that will further erode our remaining open space. Exotic cultures, that may clash with your own preferences and lifestyle. I can imagine, with leaving, if not in practise then at least the delusion is created, that we're going back to a bit of quiteness and serenity of the old times. Like a farmer that loves his boring life, and is wary of the increasing urbanisation and all the infringements on his peace this entails, I see EU membership as a one way ticket to an increasingly stressfull life. Increased economic growth, pressure and stress go hand in hand. I prefer a boring, romantic, old fashioned lifestyle.
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    the alternative, and the only way to keep humanity alive in the foreseeable future, is to create one world government, one world economy, one world jurisdiction, one tax system, one world legislation and one world population. a redistribution model where land, resources and finances are reassigned. there would be no third world anymore, since there is only one world. There would be no discrimination, because everyone belongs to the same population.
  8. British Politics

    watching you two argue is like watching a '60s batman episode, where the joker (soulmonster) is always trying to catch batman (dieseldaisy), and the episode always ends in a cliffhanger, something like the ceiling coming down on batman (or a cleverly constructed post holding vague accusations of racism) and time is ticking (how is he going to save his ass THIS time??), but batman escapes in the next episode through the air vent (or something about a romantic love for the commonwealth history).
  9. Books/Reading Thread

    salem's lot (stephen king) one of the very first "big" novels that i've read. I still come back to this from time to time, for the excellent characters this book paints. this is one of my favorite king novels. it's been a couple of years. i feel like having another go at it
  10. British Liberal Media's Multicultural Fascism Exposed

    what does it matter if the media is one sided? it's television. it's all pantomime and nothing should be taken serious. it's harmless propaganda for the feeble minded, and should be approached in that way. It's hard enough to live happily together in real life, but you want to sanitise the media too? Good luck on that. I couldn't care less if the media is biased. I've got a good solution: don't watch television. an hour watching television, is an hour not spend working in the garden or doing the stuff you like
  11. British Politics

    there is this joke, about how are you going to put 5 pink elephants in a citroen R4. "One by one" is the answer. I want to house 600.000 refugees each week. But there is a big difference between what I "want" and what I "can". I don't know how I'm going to put 600.000 refugees each week in the UK. Or each year for that matter. I guess your answer is "one by one"
  12. British Politics

    I think of the world as it factually is - a sphere of land without visible borders. everyone should be free to go where they please, with respect of course to property rights. It would be something, if people would be allowed to sleep in my house uninvited or something. I'm not a fan of borders and nations. They cost handfulls of money to run (each nation having its own government and administration that needs to be paid) and they are the main cause of war. No nations, no war between nations. It becomes a bit problematic though, when certain parts of earth become uninhabitable for some reason. Not every region on earth is as pleasant to live in, as other regions. So all these people go to regions that are more pleasant to them. Which is fine of course, but the fact of the matter is that space is limited. Most "appealing" countries are already full or close to. These hundreds of thousands of refugees need to stay somewhere. But where? When the people who already live there, find it hard to find a place to live, where are the refugees going to stay? A refugee doesn't care if a country is "full", but that's the fact of the matter anyway. So I'm not sure how to solve this. But when it becomes a matter of health and safety, action needs to be taken. "sorry, we're out of vacancies" or something. "maybe there's room somewhere else". Offer refugees proper transportation? Why not. They should not be traveling in small boats, putting their lives at risk. that is lunacy! they should be helped, and directed to the places where there is still room available. To pay all of this, and to keep up with this "the world is for everyone", naturally the countries of origin should offer financial support. They have plenty of resources, like oil, that can be used to finance a humane take on the refugee crisis.
  13. Mass Shooting at Walmart in El Paso

    goddamit bro. you look like one of them zombies from a chieap B movie or something
  14. Epstein Dead: Reported Suicide

    I'm not one to judge, but... bunch of mudering pedo scumbags. they'll all have to justify themselves, before the lord. that is all.
  15. British Liberal Media's Multicultural Fascism Exposed

    the basis for respect has been shifted from personal achievements to "labels" which are like a hot commodity these days. LGBTQ+ or whatever letter you can come up with. If you "own" one of these letters, you can claim a certain position in society that previously, we wanted to claim as a result of hard work. hard work... now there's an interesting concept. My dad always taught me the following. "Son, the population is divided in those who work, and those who don't. If you keep sitting on your lazy arse, you'll achieve absolutely nothing. And don't come asking for money with me either cos I ain't going to give it to your lazy arse". Interestingly, I was working at his field every goddamn day in summer from as long as I have a memory, but he would still call me a lazy bum anyway. As for my dad himself, he helped build the house he lived in with his parents, when he was only 14 years old. I saw the pictures. Carrying around bags of concrete as a 14 year old looking like friggin bruce lee. I remember working on the field, under a lead sun, and some no-life losers were cycling by, making fun of me for working while they were heading to the local swimming pool. "it's fools who work", they chanted. That was 1995. There was me thinking, perhaps a bit naively "yeah, you go on slacking off, I'll be working here, and achieve all the stuff I deserve by working hard". Nowadays, these same people are looking for justification to deserve some position in society, and those labels are like a godsend to them.