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  1. I thought safari inn was the best track on the album. All of slash's licks formed one huge melody which proves to me he can easily record an instrumental album but perhaps he's the type of player that prefers vocals on top of his ideas. Tbh I don't believe Myles really improves the instrumental ideas in this band for the most part or at least the potential of what slash brought in for this album is greater than the finished product. Wicked stone is a highlight though Myles came up with some cool melody for that one and slash was powerful. Still I wonder what axl could have done with slash's wof ideas I think it would have probably exceeded it in quality. Having said that I'm still very excited about con 3 and can't wait to hear what the guys came up with for this next release. There was a big improvement between al and wof imo and with a more focused effort it could be a killer record for sure.
  2. The most dangerous drummer in the world
  3. Maybe not but it's the right thing to do cause it will be so easy for them and there's no downside as well. It's another original element in the live shows no one is talking about an album or full membership here just inclusion
  4. Bro they can fall back on frank anytime and just give Steven a chance to play a few shows only appetite tunes. There is no risk that's just a fuckin myth imo
  5. What do they know? He deserves much much better than being ignored like that and the reason he opens his mouth in the first place is because they shunned him like that. There was no good reason to not include him. I mean not even one show not even 3 songs. It's pretty fucked up when you think about it
  6. But all he wants is to be a part of it and I don't mean one song. Also he can play the shit out of the appetite tunes every night.
  7. Axl doesn't seem to release music that does not reflect where he is at musically and it seems it also must be of a high quality but that's just my take on it
  8. As far as I'm concerned Steven has the right to speak freely about the band he was part of cause even if I don't believe it helps the situation at all, axl slash and duff kinda fucked him big time. Honestly it wasn't supposed to be like this after so many years of watching guns from the outside even if the positions available in the band were lead guitarist and bass. They could have made Steven a part of it easily and it would have meant the world to him and the hardcore fans not to mention bring back his classic sound. Would have made the band better and axl even talked about having two drummers in the past I believe. So of course he is bitter who wouldn't be
  9. for me personally it's the story of the band and the personalities of axl and the rest of the classic line up. the music is at it's core but it's been a wild ride following their story. even lately it can still be surprising like the ac/dc thing for example. it seems there's always a curve ball you never know what might happen
  10. not really. cd ll was completed already and has been for years just sitting there. now it's pretty much as i've thought, everyone is gonna do their own thing and maybe down the road years from now we'll get to hear another album. also while i am excited about axl doing an ac/dc album and it's always good to hear slash riffs and solos even with myles, it just feels like a guns album is never going to happen or will happen many years from now. it just adds to the feeling they really are a nostalgia act now which is much less than what I think guns can be even with just slash and duff in the band with axl representing the old line up. they have a strong line up now, but axl takes his sweet time like always. it's just not gonna be as cool when they're 60 imo. could be worse though and at least there are some things to look forward to with axl and slash but again it's not together as gn'r which is a shame.
  11. good news if true. a guns album will probably take years to be released if it ever sees the light of day. will be good to hear axl wail on new studio material. I hope the ac/dc thing happens in 2019 along with a new slash album in 2020 maybe.