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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    my name is Brad and all I want is a hug.
  2. there was a lot of shit going with the record company, Axl was dealing with some personal issues and a record was done in like 1999 only 2 years after Duff quit the band. The record company rejected that album saying it wasn't good enough. without Slash, Izzy, and Duff he had to rebuild the sound of the band then Jimmy and RTB fucked shit up including fuckin' Bob Ezrin. Slash should have considered letting Axl use the ideas and what will become Fall To Pieces, something Axl actually liked. Axl also liked some of the stuff on Snakepit but even if it wasn't already too late there isn't one tune on there that can dictate a musical direction for a truly great Guns album. still doesn't solve the problem of where do you take it when you use the strongest material from IFOS.
  3. first of all I love donuts and Danishes. Second, who says he can't release music? he just won't do it if it's not the right kind of album. I think he respects what Gn'R means which is: you don't release an album with the name "Guns N' Roses" on it unless it's truly great.
  4. He cannot be a legacy act when he's repeatedly saying he wants to release more music and they're all saying the same thing. He also said in the last show of the NITL tour that they first have to finish the tour and then progress from there (new music) I believe what Brian May and Alice Cooper said about him being a perfectionist. They have no reason to lie.
  5. but according to Axl Slash didn't play ball. he didn't want to progress which makes sense if you listen to his solo output, even Snakepit. Even Duff wasn't onboard. No one could lead Gn'R other than Axl. Slash could have stayed and work with what Axl wanted to do which is exactly what he's doing now. Duff as well. It wasn't all on Axl. he didn't want to repeat himself like Slash and put an album just as an excuse for more touring.
  6. Roger was the perfect singer in The Who. Without him, it would have been something different. He brought a certain energy to the group plus his charisma and epic voice. Also, he was pretty violent, could punch a dude no problem and he would do it often. Not that there's anything right with violence. but he was no joke for his size.
  7. The problem with your problem with my analogy is that you didn't factor in the fact that every musician is different. there isn't anyone quite like Axl when it comes to a musician. he seems just so precious about his music he won't release something (imo) that isn't an artistic progression (like Chinese) plus I believe that if Slash, Duff, and Izzy didn't quit he would have released much more music. Queen had all it's members until the end. I'm sure you can agree that Izzy and Slash brought something to the band that only they could bring. Axl considers Gn'R his solo project.
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  9. The Gear Thread

    got a new distortion pedal. it's the JHS Andy Timmons plus version of the Angry Charlie I think. I love it.
  10. What Are You Listening To 2019

  11. of course he wouldn't approach Elvis. It's Elvis lol. but I'd say it's not just about the tunes it's coming up with brilliant vocal melodies too. I get what you're saying though. personally I think he came up with enough ideas to be considered a great musician beyond just a singer and Roger didn't contribute as much to the who like Axl did to Guns and something tells me The Who would have been still great without his contributions and that something is my penis.
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  13. 50 Day Song Challenge #7

    Day 4
  14. What Are You Listening To 2019

  15. but... Axl wrote November Rain and Estranged. He can write a sweet ass ballad at the very least. also wrote the chorus to Rocket Queen if I remember correctly. Axl is not just a singer. Also wrote One In A Million on an instrument he has no real approach to on one or two strings so not like all the singers you've mentioned imo.