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  1. I read this often: "Gn'R could have been as big as The Stones" or some variation of that. I don't believe it. They were far more combustible, not on the same page when it came to musical direction or how big they wanted to become and there is no proof they had more than just one masterpiece in them. There's a reason The Stones became so huge. Not many bands can put out so many truly great albums. The Stones were also more original as a band. Gn'R had Appetite, Lies, and Illusions and by that time Izzy had already checked out mentally. They couldn't even keep it together long enough to follow the Illusions. Many UYI tunes were written close to when the Appetite material was composed. I think it's possible they could have done more, especially if Izzy stayed in Gn'R but again, there wasn't a shared musical vision anymore. Axl wanted to incorporate new influences while Slash didn't really want to do that, he never even had a piano player in one of his bands and Izzy's solo material is a good indication of what he likes to play which is straightforward rock n' roll.
  2. I think Axl was trying to improve what they had by attempting to replace Izzy with guitar players he believed in. Problem was you can't just get anyone to play with Slash, especially in Gn'R, no matter how talented they are or how much you like them. It doesn't work that way. Axl lost sight of what made the band great which was the musical balance between the musicians in the band and their chemistry as a unit. He didn't care that Slash didn't want another lead guitar player in Guns or that he hated Paul. The other side of it is I kinda like that about Axl. He took the approach of actually first trying something before deciding if it's a good idea or not, not caring how crazy it might have seemed. Eventually it led to the formation of the 2002 line up and the creation of Chinese which I'm guessing reflected what he wanted to do musically very well. Choosing to keep both Bucket's and Robin's work proved, at least to me, that Axl understood what a Slash replacement had to have as a guitar player plus he kept Paul's ideas so in a way he was right about that too. Paul was in fact the songwriting partner he needed for his album.
  3. If you choose to believe Slash, we know he thinks highly of him as a guitar player.
  4. Slash admitted it stung a little knowing Duff played with Axl in 2010. I think it wasn't just about the money. Slash wanted to return to Guns, to be in the same band with Axl again. He invested a lot in Gn'R, worked really hard to make it a huge success and I don't think he really believed Axl would move on without him. I think when he left the band in 1996 he couldn't imagine a Slashless Gn'R. Also: Slash's real passion is playing live and late starting times are a thing of the past. Axl doesn't do that anymore. Seeing how Axl and Slash interact, you can tell they're friends and it's not just work for them. Making a killing doesn't hurt, but I believe Slash when he says he liked the unreleased material Axl played him and Duff. When it comes to Mellisa, Dizzy, and Frank I think Slash accepted it cause he had no choice. Sometimes you have to look at the big picture and compromise especially when Slash still got Myles and The Conspirators to release his solo material. It was a smart decision. The only move really. I also understand why Slash and Duff probably didn't fight very hard for Izzy and Steven. That doesn't mean I have to like it but if they got in Axl's way it would have put their position at risk and they didn't want that. Both sides showed flexibility, consideration, and a genuine appreciation for one another: Axl said he thought Slash would like it if they played Coma so that's why he did it, he played Slither, and even though he seemed to still harbor negative feelings toward Slash in connection to his book, he still found a way to live with it. I also think Axl really appreciated that Slash and Duff decided to learn the Chinese material and play it. Axl was never interested in reuniting with Izzy and Steven. I think the current line up is exactly what he wants it to be. I just wish that Axl respected the history of the band more and the people that made it so great to begin with not to mention the hardcore fans by giving Izzy and Steven a chance to be a real part of it.
  5. Not really. I guess both contain a healthy dose of Prog Rock staples: long ass running time, a lot of guitar solos, and different sections all in one tune, but it's like calling Coma a metal song. I suppose you could, but I would still call it Hard Rock. Gn'R had the ability to use influences from other genres and sub genres in such a way that always kept it Hard Rock.
  6. Maybe they'll make a sequel.
  7. It was really bad but at least it served a purpose other than money. As a Queen fan I'm glad it was made and was a success cause now a lot more people care about Queen which is great. People might start with just the hits but then will be curious enough to check out the full albums.
  8. Or... that had nothing to do with it and Slash and Duff just didn't want to risk the chance of being a part of Gn'R again cause that would have been considered actually standing up to Axl and what he wants. We don't know. Izzy said the 3 of them didn't want to share the loot equally. Why would he lie? other than that, we have no idea what went down when they tried to make some kind of an arrangement with Izzy. We have no knowledge of the details. I know you're more of a Slash fan than Izzy's so that might have something to do with why you're mentioning unrelated events and passing that as a plausible reason of why it's Izzy that's the problem and not greed for example.
  9. He played the tunes closer to how they were played on the records back then, takes more liberty now with the material so more parts are sometimes improvised and are different from show to show. More elaborate fills. I prefer his current drumming. His overuse of the cymbals was always there but I like that too. I don't like how they sped up the tempo and back then it seemed like he didn't fuck up as much compared to now. My favorite Gn'R drummer is still Steven followed by Brain. There's a badass clip of Brain with Bucket on youtube where Brain is dressed like Bruce Lee wearing a yellow suit and just fuckin' killing it. Edit: starts at the 0:33 mark
  10. I like Frank's drumming on Chinese and live. He hits his skins with a lot of power but it's not as rigid as Matt's drumming which I also enjoy. He strikes a nice balance between power and groove and he's doing his own thing, you can tell it's him. I remember he was very good at the show I've attended in 2012. I've heard Frank fuckin' up many times but more often than not it rocks. He doesn't play the Gn'R tunes like they are played on the records but I don't care. I enjoy his fills most of the time and I think he's the right drummer for the band. I also like his attitude and Christmas outfit.
  11. I'm family. Just jokes. It's my Gn'R coping mechanism. I have no problem with housekeepers or the fact Axl calls her his mother. Go easy on me, I'm a delicate carnivorous flower.
  12. I don't see the issue here, Russ. My family treated me like shit for years as well but they're still my family. Beta was Axl's housekeeper and now he calls her his mother. Where's your imagination? we are paying customers. The least they can do is pretend we matter. Say it with me: "I am a part of the Gn'R family!".
  13. Hats Thread

    I own a top hat but I only wear it while drinking milk