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  1. The Most Depressing Album Of All Time ?

    Have you heard the new AIC record? still haven't got around to it. heard a few tunes though. sounds legit.
  2. The Gear Thread

    got a 2006 LP Standard. I wanted that classic tone., basically, a good one. it got the sustain and it looks real hot. it's fun to get really stoned and fuckin' wail on the thing which I did but got over excited and had some blisters on my fingers. it's all healed up now but my attack is too fierce for my own good sometimes.
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    every one of these posts is objectively perfect. he's even embracing the dicktube phase with grace now.
  4. it's one of my favorite Guns songs, but I like Cage said, their all great in their own way to me. this song got a lot of energy and a crazy vibe I appreciate. Guns knew how to sell that.
  5. Myles Kennedy vs. Axl Rose - "Highway To Hell"

    Ax wins, but his style is cut from the same cloth as AC/DC does. at least some of it. he can sing clean too but his trademark singing howl banshee wail is more in the ballpark of DC compared to myles who shines when he sings with his super clean voice on songs more like his Alter Bridge stuff and the mayfield four did have a cool style as well. t Let's just say that I prefer myles doing his own stuff vocally and lyrically speaking. I like Blackbird and the first AB record the most. At his worst, Myles can be the most generic singer in the world. At his best he comes up with super catchy, technically impressive and very melodic stuff that does have his own feel. He's a great guitar player too. Recently he said he wants to go back to more of guitar playing in his records. I'd like to hear that plus his work on living the dream was pretty good. Some of it I've enjoyed.
  6. The Most Depressing Album Of All Time ?

    Dirt is quite depressive to me as well. Elliott Smith albums.
  7. Mandy

    I love Cage, but I fell asleep while watching this movie. it got pretty good reviews which was alarming. I don't like horror but I'll try to watch it again. Not quite what I expected from Cage.
  8. Some Chinese tunes are kinda staples of the set list. not a lot but just enough to hope for another 4-5 that will be good enough to be played a lot and just a great album with enough integrity. The chinese brought with it a chance to work with some material that they all seem to agree it worth playing on. it's only as hard as Axl makes it to be but he doesn't release less than great records. the deal is another potential problem.
  9. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    every man has his poison. piss on the ground and jump around and then of course the dicktube awaits.
  10. As long as it takes. But my best guess it will be 14 years between Chinese and the final one. maybe 15. I piss 15.
  11. Also the only reality there is to face here is that it's likely they'll try to write and record an album. If they manage to complete a great record they would then need to make a deal with the record company. there's a lot of shit that needs to happen but mostly it's Axl being satisfied enough that it's truly done. I believe they have the talent to complete a final release but it's not a sure thing that will happen and even if it does it will take a few years imo.
  12. Versatility could be the way to go this time. It worked on Chinese but there weren't enough tunes on it for the scope of it perhaps. With Axl's completed material and a desire to work from lyrics first it should be diverse as it is. I wonder if Axl will keep the actual performances of Bucket and Robin, let Slash record all over it or maybe even let Slash alter them. A double album of old and new all blended together could be the ultimate melting pot of the band themselves basically covering all the bases. A modern uyi. I think Axl might be up for it but I wonder Slash will approach it.