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  1. cool tune. always liked it and the movie was so shitty it was nice to at least hear the song in the credits. I didn't know at the time guns did a song for the movie. I almost consider it a part of the album. would have been cool if there were more tunes in that style on the album.
  2. living the dream, axl is richer than ever so im guessing he's just resting.
  3. AC/DC line-up discussion

    but musicians work with other musicians. sometimes there is chemistry in other places other than the main band and even if you're not an ac/dc fan you can't deny axl and angus share great chemistry together. if they both wanna do it than that's great and can really inspire sometimes.
  4. I know axl should have could have released more music but they're still in touring mode so im trying to give axl the benefit of the doubt.
  5. like the stones, pink floyd and many others. maybe not just for the money. I remember this one time where axl said the art comes first and the money second but if I was living this lavishly i'd also want to keep it going and capitalize on the demand and get to play with the current line up first plus the touring was intense maybe it's best to judge when they all get more time off and really get a chance to get together and maybe be productive. the've made a shitload of money maybe someone will remember the art part of it soon.
  6. Where are you Axl Rose?

    hopefully, if it doesn't happen for axl with ac/dc, it will happen with angus in the future on a solo album or something similar. they sound really good and natural together. perhaps on a solo album angus will give more freedom to axl to be involved more in the writing process but im getting ahead of myself. I still hope it's axl on ac/dc now but I'll understand if it isn't. if brian can handle a few tunes in the studio and a short tour, maybe that's what the ac/dc fanbase wants.
  7. yeah, brain said that in an interview he gave.
  8. I think you're underestimating slash's sound. he's a big part of the classic guns sound. even his playing alone on top of cd 2 songs could make it 100% guns. and duff as well. best example to me is november rain and estranged. the musical personality of these 2 songs belong to slash just as much as axl. also catcher, chinese, and street of dreams plus there was a time, this I love and i.r.s all could have worked well with slash and duff as "real" guns tunes imo. that's half an album.
  9. I don't know, that's a matter of taste. I think more shreddy guitars here and there but still tasteful for the most part when it comes to bucket wasn't really out of the realm of what guns is. it's close in style to some old guns tunes enough that it sounds like a small but natural progression for me. a little more modern and cinematic. but they created a special album guitar wise. bucket and robin delivered great guitar solos that sound in style not too far from proper hard rock. robin's better solo, bucket's twat outro, street of dreams, etc. slash has some shred moments himself and it's not like chinese was this crazy experimental album and robin and bucket played fairly conservative hard rock on it. even the i.r.s bucket solo is bluesy and his solos on prostitute as well.
  10. The future for Guns?

    I'd be happy with whatever album they actually want to release. if everyone is on the same page musically, etc. axl said slash and duff liked the rest of chinese, the unreleased material. if that's true, maybe it means they are more open to what axl likes musically now as well. this is why i'm thinking of a more eclectic release where slash and duff will bring more hard rock material, more of the old flavors and axl will surely want more than a couple of epic/ballad type tunes. but again, i'll take anything.
  11. he is part of the band, it just seems to me that if you choose to believe what he says here, slash is basically saying they all want to do it. I think he's not saying what we all want to hear and that can be disappointing but it sounds like there's a bunch of things they want to do first which is, to me, understandable. even if I would have loved them to finish the guns tour and straight to the studio. realistically, I think axl is gonna do ac/dc and how can I blame him, that's a huge thing for him it seems, slash is gonna do con which is fair cause he wanted to finish what he started, and only then they will perhaps pull the trigger on it. and I don't believe it's the same as with the previous line up when they've talked about new material. with slash and duff in the band again maybe axl will want to release another album more compared to when bumble and dj were in the band.
  12. considering what we know, you know... that it's basically axl's call when it comes to new material and how tight lipped the band is, what do you want slash to say? I don't think there's much else to share?
  13. well we got the slash interview we wanted as far as im concerned. what could he say, really, other than what he shared here? pretty cool tidbits from the past as well. seems like slash is gonna stay very busy in the next year and a half. hopefully axl will keep himself busy as well with ac/dc maybe after that guns will get together in a studio. I believe slash when he says they've talked about it and want to do another album. not soon, but it keeps me hopeful there might be a future for guns.
  14. The future for Guns?

    I think a potential new guns album could be a great album but don't think it will be as good as uyi. that's unrealistic imo. but they should still do it cause I agree there is still something left. one more album is still a possibility but it would probably have to be the 'right' kind of material for axl, good enough to be released. this is both a serious issue but also why I trust axl's musical standards. I think he will only release more guns material if he actually believes it reflects the current incarnation of the band and is a proper continuation of the band's direction.
  15. their personalities weren't as compatible as the beatles imo. also axl liked different things compared to slash. he had shit like november rain early on. musical interests were not the same from the start. axl was never going to do the ac/dc thing. the beatles were also just way more talented if we're totally honest as well.