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  1. it's possible, I just can't be totally sure cause as you know, even if Beltrami said he worked on 4 tunes, Axl still confirmed those were legitimate song titles after Chinese was released
  2. they both worked on Street Of Dreams, There Was A Time, Maddy, and Prostitute.
  3. Street Of Dreams, There Was A Time, Maddy, and Prostitute
  4. I'd bet even Axl doesn't know how long but he's going to try. I think a new album doesn't need to be as amazing as the records Guns released in it's prime. I don't think Chinese is as great as Appetite or UYI, but it's still great imo. some aspects of it are more interesting to me as well compared to some of the stuff on the classic albums. it's got a vibe of it's own but still good enough to be a part of the catalog cause Axl found a nice balance of old and new styles and approaches. this artistic progression coupled with some old elements is why it will be interesting for me to listen to if it ever gets released. basically, I believe Axl still has something left in the tank and I want to hear how Axl, Slash, Duff and the rest of this line up sounds like when given a real chance to do it. what works in their favor is the shitload of Axl material, and what keeps it interesting for me is Axl's high standard of quality. you know he ain't gonna release disposable shit so while I don't believe it will be as good as Appetite or UYI, I'm not worried about the quality of it. That was never a problem for Axl.
  5. I think when it comes to a new Guns album Axl truly wants to do it just like he said in China exchange but the way he did things in the past suggests his process in Guns is touring or writing and recording, don't think he can do both at the same time. perhaps after Slash will complete the tour with Myles and the Con, they will assemble and begin work in the studio. Axl saying this to the crowd at the last show of this tour is him basically reassuring fans it's not over.
  6. I think Slash liked it and has no problem working on it. I believe they're going to record together in the future.
  7. no, not to work on, just to listen to.
  8. you wanted the best, but they didn't fuckin' make it so here's what you get: Frankenroses. did have a nice groove to it when Steven played with them. Was a disgrace that he got to only play 1 or 2. I've accepted that Frank is the drummer. 12 years, he's all in.
  9. Happy 30th anniversary to Lies!

    Is it that baffling though? I mean, we know what Axl was into when/before he made Chinese. He added more current influences too into the mix, still basing it on a fairly basic foundation of what could still fall under the umbrella of rock. The total opposite ways of which Lies and Chinese were created and sound like kinda make me appreciate the versatility you get if you happen to be into some of the influences from the 90's on Chinese. If you're not, it could be hard to connect with if you expect something more riff based, super bluesy rock, etc. Axl tried to expand on it a little, but I could easily picture Slash on Chinese instead and with a few of his and Izzy tunes it might have sounded more traditional.
  10. 30 Day Song Challenge #2

    Pantera - Fucking Hostile
  11. Happy 30th anniversary to Lies!

    Lies is such a fun listen. My favorite from the acoustic tunes is one in a million. Reckless Life and Move To The City. Used to love her. it's just came out right and was recorded quickly. Not the type of album I think we'll ever hear again from Guns. I'd like more acoustic tunes from Guns. Even UYI had it. 30 years is a long time ago.
  12. 30 Day Song Challenge #2

    Day 18
  13. but do you think Soul Monster, Seven, Thyme, and The General are not distinct tunes? the numbers don't add up cause Beltrami said he worked on 4. maybe he was high so it's hard to say for sure what is it