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  1. they just need to top chinese democracy and people might accept it with slash and duff. axl has a lot of recorded material from that era so if it's any good some of it can be used.
  2. robin is sloppy but he sure knows how to make a guitar sing. he can also construct great melodies and his solos speak for themselves. it's all there in better, street of dreams, and this i love. I'm sure he came up with many other solos axl liked that were just as strong.
  3. Incident. pretty bad as a punk album but a lot of cool solos and vocal moments from axl.
  4. Villains - Queens of the Stone Age

    Listened to it once and it's already a cool record imo. Can always count on the josh to deliver.
  5. Maybe not top, but something in the ballbark of quality. Chinese is not as good as the old stuff to most, but I think it doesn't shame the legacy when you consider the way it was made and no Slash. With Slash, Duff, Fortus and the rest of the current line up and what Axl has managed to record, there may be some timeless shit they can take to the next level. IE: top Chinese perhaps. Well thought out tunes with Slash. Big Guns like Twat and Better, only more rocking stuff that sound way more Guns and are relevant in the Guns universe at least. That's something I think the fans can accept.
  6. It's not a question of worth. It's about musical integrity which Axl still got I believe. My guess is the tiny catalog bothers him which is great. Slash is back in Guns, why would he not attempt to hear what it sounds like with the classic guitar player? there is no reason. It will take years but they've got nothing to lose when it comes to attempting to record a lot of music. If it's good enough for Axl and there is a reasonable deal, he'll release at least one more Guns album imo. It's not about money anymore but the legacy seem very important to Axl. Slash and Duff must be dying to put their mark one more time on the catalog. I remain super optimistic.
  7. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    all of my threads and posts were excellent, but thanks.