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  1. but Axl said he was 100% satisfied with how the album turned out musically after it was released.
  2. Top 10 GNR Guitar Solos

    in no particular order, just currently into these: 1. PC outro 2. If The World 3. The Garden 4. Estranged (first solo) 5. Estranged (second solo) 6. Nightrain outro live (Slash) 7. Bucket's There Was A Time outro 8. Robin - This I Love 9. Robin - Street Of Dreams 10. Bucket - I.R.S
  3. Dizzy Reed continues to release more music than Axl

    sorry, I was just mocking the poster who called you a millennial just because you want Axl to release more than 1 album in 29 years. That gibberish is mostly not mine, Axl said some silly shit that I thought everyone already knew by heart.
  4. Dizzy Reed continues to release more music than Axl

    Millennials just don't understand
  5. Dizzy Reed continues to release more music than Axl

    Quality, not quantity. wait 4 Jesus faster, don't get in the way of cancerous top hats. Take a break.
  6. Dizzy Reed continues to release more music than Axl

    100% misguidedly entitled. It don't dictates actions. He don't work 4 u just cuz u think so
  7. heh point taken
  8. all I see is you missing the point lol. This is what I'm trying to establish: 1. there are different reasons for why a perfectionist is a perfectionist. There are different types and there are less talented and more talented individuals with that quality. 2. It's easier for a musical genius like Jimi to be more prolific. Harder when you're more insecure and less talented. Doesn't mean you're not a perfectionist. (or not talented enough, you just overthink it so you don't move your ass when it's time) 3. not very rock n' roll to define what rock music is supposed to be or sound like. It's about reflecting your personality as an artist/band as clearly as possible which I think is why Appetite still spoke to people like yourself ("wankers")
  9. yeah, that's all true. Good point about it being released when Contraband was released. If I was working for the record company I would use the VR hype to sell Greatest Hits. Very logical move imo.
  10. I think I get it but you know... I can probably give you other examples of some refined rock music that you probably know and still like but I guess it will be kinda redundant. Do you like Jimi's cover of All Along The Watchtower? nevermind.
  11. but isn't Appetite one of the most refined rock albums ever made? if you agree, then how come it still worked for you?
  12. Perfectionist definition: a person who wants everything to be perfect and demands the highest standards possible sounds like Axl to me
  13. The "New Album" Thread

    if they did try to secure ownership, would we know about it? not sure it will help us very much anyway so maybe that's not even the issue but it could be. Prince didn't see the value in letting his fans enjoy his shit on youtube for example.
  14. The "New Album" Thread

    I think they want to control the content. That could be more important to them than to profit from it, at least for now. I'm assuming they don't give a fuck about the fans so why not make money from touring and maybe in the future sell old footage while still not supporting any illegal youtube content.
  15. at first but then it sold and sold and sold and sold. How ironic: Axl was tinkering in the corner, pouring millions of dollars into his magnum opus, then the record company had enough so they just released GH and that was probably the last time a Gn'R album reached that level of commercial success and it was just the old shit. you snooze, you lose. If he released it in 2000, even 2002, it would have sold way more probably but he made his money by reuniting with Slash and Duff.
  16. The "New Album" Thread

    I think Slash could have meant 2 things: if they're going to release a full album, do they go digital release only or old school and: maybe a full album is not the way to go cause they can release an EP or drop singles like you've mentioned (like Bumble did a few years ago) the problem with that is I personally don't see Axl going that route. Purely a guess based on nothing but what if he likes that whole old school thing of the physical copy, event kind of thing. He did say he cared about booklets and shit like that. If you release just 1 tune every month, just an EP, and not a full LP first, it's a different thing and if you're into the experience of listening to a full album and your goal is to absorb the listener in your musical vision, maybe that dilutes your artistic intentions.
  17. The "New Album" Thread

    yeah but while technology makes it much easier in some aspects, in others, it's a tinkerer's dream come true and more importantly maybe, the musical challenge to come up with strong enough ideas that can work together is still as hard as it's always been. we don't even know in what frame of mind Axl is at right now cause they're not fuckin' communicating. Would have been much better if it wasn't just Slash and Duff that somewhat talked about it. If Axl at least talked about their intentions in connection to new material now, we wouldn't be in the dark but that's what normal bands do.
  18. The "New Album" Thread

    what about the completed second half of Chinese though? Axl said in that interview that it's been completed for a long time. Then Slash and Duff returned and Axl pushed the reset button? then the NITL tour happened, you know the drill. I think a main problem is that when enough time passes, Axl kinda goes back to it to make it musically relevant as a Gn'R album. I always go back to the same thought which is maybe Axl puts too much weight on what it means so he doesn't want to release just another album without it adding something that is a little different to what the band did before. (opposite approach to an AC/DC album for example)
  19. yeah, perhaps. but it's not too strange for a musician to be passionate about making music. Some musicians do have a tendency to get attached too much to whatever musical project they're working on. Axl tinkered way before Chinese and people that worked with him like Alice Cooper, Brian May, and also Fortus have all said he is a perfectionist. Brain said Axl noticed a tiny mistake he did. I don't think his intention was to release just 1 album just like it wasn't his intention to release a fucked up booklet for example.
  20. The "New Album" Thread

    I think Axl wants to do it on his own terms, as always. I don't think they even have a product to release yet.
  21. so why spend so much money out of his own pocket and go on tour just to fund the making of Chinese. To tinker and rerecord the shit and tinker again and try different musicians and producers. I'd say he at least at some point after getting rich, was balls deep into it. he described the process of making that album as a nightmare. Why even do it if you don't have to and you're into eating chili burgers and fuckin' models.
  22. The "New Album" Thread

    yes, I meant Ozzy, PJ, and Gn'R are rock bands. They took the time to make money and it was a huge success. Not sure what you want to hear honestly? I find it tedious repeating how no album in 12 years is ridiculous or how 1 album in 29 years is a waste of time, potential, and talent but even if Axl is very good at making excuses for why not, there are real reasons imo that were factors in why nothing has been released in 12 years. I feel like there comes a time where you just gotta look at Axl and kinda accept you can't expect him to do things like the average prolific musician right? I mean, he's not going to change just because we are in the right here so what's left for me to do is try and understand what's the most probable scenario is and what are the hurdles when it comes to Axl/Gn'R. and this isn't like any other band cause Axl is the frontman of this band and I believe that he's not interested in releasing a Gn'R album that maybe already could mean a lot to him just to see it fail as he defines it. At least that's my best guess.
  23. The "New Album" Thread

    it's rock. It's not pop so at least not an apples to oranges comparison. Maybe whether or not albums sell or not is relevant to Axl and the band. If it wasn't I don't think Slash would have made those comments. it all boils down to what your target as a band is. How do you define success. If that is important for you, than releasing an album like Radiohead did with In Rainbows might not make sense to you as an artist. I think they are perfectly capable of releasing music, but maybe they want to custom tailor their plan cause they believe it's worth it to try and come up with a release plan that will yield the best results. They're not blaming the industry. It is an undisputed fact the industry is different now so they take that into consideration cause it affects them as musicians.