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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    same world, different genres. Just way more challenging for a hard rock album to take off compared to Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga albums. Just because almost all rock bands release albums and they don't really do much, doesn't mean Gn'R will do it too cause it's "the right thing to do". What's the last rock album that sold really well? Tool's new release didn't do great. It did ok. maybe Slash's comment about some people telling him that "we don't even know what buying a record is anymore!" means that in 2020 the way people consume music is so different and mostly done via streaming music digitally, so how exactly do you release it? what's the ideal way for this specific band to do it. Not because there is unbelievable interest in Gn'R as an artistic entity, but they might be aiming higher than how a Pearl Jam or an Ozzy album fares these days.
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    the band didn't pretend to not know how to release music. Slash did an interview where he said this: "Stuff is happening, but there are no specifics. More than anything, it’s because of the nature of the industry right now. It's just like, how do you want to do this? I mean, there's material and there's recording and there's shit going on, but we’re not really sure what we're doing with it right now." and this: Given the substantial changes to the music industry since their last time in the studio, Guns N' Roses are debating what shape their songs should take. "There’s a handful people who said, 'Yeah, make a record and go old-school,'" Slash said. "And there’s a handful of people that are, like, 'We don’t even know what buying a record is any more!'" sounds like they're still undecided about which approach to choose in order for it to succeed as much as possible.
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    it's going to help Alkaline fans in that it will give them something cool to listen to. You can't tell me it wouldn't brighten your day at least a little bit if Gn'R released a double album tomorrow that rocked hard. Might be a small thing compared to the horrid shit that's happening right now but that's kinda the point: you take comfort in what you can so even if you don't think it'll work for you, it'll probably work for others. doesn't matter how much great music there is already, new releases reflect other things. It's just a different source of excitement. I do think that short Alkaline statement was kinda lame. I would have preferred it if they just did it without saying anything at all. I completely disagree about people being too fearful to be excited about the announcement of new music. Maybe if it was a band you're really into, you'd feel differently, idk.
  4. Last full album you listened to?

    Morrissey - I Am Not A Dog On A Chain (2020)
  5. but how do we know the extent of her influence on him? a lot of assumptions are being made here, which is fine, but we don't actually know if Axl is even on medication? we know he calls Beta his mother and that they're close. Like I've said before in response to @ShadowOfTheWave, I don't believe they insisted on it. That's why I used the word "ultimatum". I think they're protective and maybe he likes it that way. I doubt anyone from the Gn'R camp is even capable of manipulating Axl so even if they convinced him to be medicated, there is no way in hell he didn't agree to it while fully understanding what that would mean. once psychoactive drugs start to kick in, it's not like the person is more easily controlled so it wouldn't serve any sinister agenda anyway and it's not necessarily a negative thing if Axl needs it. (which I don't believe he does but I don't know the man)
  6. why? he can always fire her so he must be satisfied (or under the control of those 2 evil geniuses) and I was specifically talking about a hypothetical ultimatum that involves his behavior and psychoactive medication as a solution and a condition to stay/keep working for him. Surely not the same thing as "threatening" Axl to leave if he didn't make Beta his manager.
  7. your theory is far fetched imo. "insisted"? forgive me but what was the ultimatum there? I can't think of any leverage TB might have on Axl that will be worth it for them to even try. Besides, people on medication with a career like Axl's, which requires a certain level of decision making and to function and communicate like he does (not with us fans though) are not mindless zombies that can be easily manipulated like you're describing here. It's not like in the movies and even if Axl is on psychoactive drugs, I seriously doubt anyone tells him what to do or made him do it. He joked about this in that interview he did with Duff (how Beta and the gang control him) I don't believe it.
  8. yeah, I believe so. I don't have evidence to support my opinion but it's just some stuff Duff said in his second book, knock knock jokes, some things Slash said, and the way they behaved together on stage and off from the little we had a chance to see.
  9. I prefer 2010 as well. I think he had more power and range in 2006/2007 but a lot of his high notes sounded very thin and cleaner where I would have maybe preferred more dirt on it at least for some of the tunes. In comparison, in 2010, he had unlimited rasp on the high notes as well, still very powerful and it was just way more consistent imo. Not every show was like Rock Am Ring in 2006. Many were uneven. In 2010 - not so much. Most shows were strong and the setlist was obviously much more varied so you had a chance to really get to hear the scope of Axl's voice.
  10. keyboards are necessary on that tune imo. Gives it that dreamy vibe. Like Catcher. (can work acoustically too) Perhaps solo, which I still agree sounds like Robin, is great. I especially enjoy the beginning and how it ends but the whole thing is short and sweet. I.R.S is messy like a gangbang of ideas but doesn't bother me cause it's Zeppelish so layers make sense. The demo was weak for me. The choice to go with that additional layer of power chords gave it balls. Jimmy Page should have co-produced it though cause it's still one of my favorites from that era, but you need more finesse if you're gonna do 400 layers so it doesn't feel cluttered or at least know how to paint. The CD era approach is "more is more". It's a headphones kinda album.
  11. in the most recent Guns show I thought he still delivered. His drive is still there. People change with time so maybe young Axl could not even consider forgiving Slash. Still, why would Slash bring his most Gn'R sounding guitar to Axl's house? is it to restore his drive? I think half a billion $ is a lot of money so he didn't say no cause the demand was crazy and he's still very precious about his music but when the right incentive presents itself I believe he's still capable of rising to the occasion like he did with Angus in 2016. so I think they'll work on a new album but Axl will largely be the one that dictates the approach. The 3 of them are tight now so it's probably gonna help a lot. They have a shared goal and whatever the sound and specific style Axl chooses is gonna be more accepted cause Slash and Duff can balance it out with the classic Gn'R sound. Pretty big incentive to make it happen and end it on a high note. It's not over yet.
  12. agreed I don't think Slash and Duff can talk freely about new music. Maybe they can say more compared to the rest of the band, but Slash was never really secretive about that shit with his own projects/bands or in old Guns. Duff talks about keeping it mysterious but he doesn't do that on his own. My guess is they have agreed to not divulge too much information cause Axl prefers it like that so if shit doesn't go according to plans with new music, no one can say Axl promised anything. Very corporate approach and disappointing if true but on the other hand I don't expect much clarity from the Gn'R camp.
  13. Perhaps is more poppy compared to Atlas which has a more interesting contrast between it's verses and chorus. Liked Perhaps from the first listen, Atlas was a grower. Perhaps has a little verse riff that shares some notes with Slash's Estranged riff. It's also darker compared to Atlas. The piano riff works really well and the "hey, hey's" is classic Axl. I think Atlas is the stronger tune but it kinda loses steam after the solo.
  14. The "New Album" Thread

    I mentioned the SG that was used on My Michelle just to highlight the point the debut wasn't all recorded with just the AFD guitar. Leads sounds like a LP but I'm not sure. Slash stated in his book he did use the Joe Perry LP for UYI. Elsewhere he said he used a vintage Flying V on KOHD and the Travis Bean for Bad Obsession. He even used a Musicman, used Strats for UYI. Dobro for You Ain't The First, a plethora of LP's of course. (vintage, Goldtops) pretty sure you're right about the BC Rich. I guess it was only used for the YCBM music video.
  15. The "New Album" Thread

    "the guitar was used to record many parts of UYI". Not all the parts. Other guitars were used to record UYI like the BC Rich Mockingbird on YCBM for example. The AFD guitar is just a big part of Slash's classic sound so it makes sense it will play a main role in a new Gn'R release, whatever the specific sound Slash and the band are aiming for. Even Slash's Appetite work wasn't recorded just with one guitar. My Michelle was recorded with an SG for example.
  16. The "New Album" Thread

    the guitar was used to record many parts of UYI as well so I'm guessing it means Slash is just using what always worked for Gn'R. That classic Gn'R tone, doesn't mean he's going for an AFD vibe, it's just the album this guitar is most associated with and kinda the name that was given to it but of course it's possible.
  17. Cool show. Axl gave a fuck, the crowd did not disappoint. It was also a good reminder for me to remember that until Axl is actually doing something it can always just not happen for whatever reason.
  18. The "New Album" Thread

    I think the plan was to prepare for it so it will sound decent in case Axl felt like singing it in Mexico. (HS, PTU, Think About You) He makes these decisions on the fly and these are songs that were never played live/were played a long time ago.
  19. it will make sense to play HS after KOHD