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  1. 50 Day Song Challenge #7

    Day 38
  2. on the bright side, anyone who liked Chinese and understands that it's all new tunes to us is probably going to be very pleased with non generic songs with Slash on top. Having said that, Axl did say he wants to start tunes from lyrics which could mean he wants to include new stuff as well, not just what he has in the vault plus Slash is a riff lord, there's always a chance he can surprise and come up with something Axl will really like. All things considered old, new or a mix between the two, I don't really care as long as we'll get something cause quality was never an issue for me when it comes to Guns albums, it's getting Axl to release, release, release.
  3. Underrated Slash solos

    Also reminds me of the starting run from the Starlight solo and Myles did a pretty good job leading up to it as well
  4. Axl doesn't seem interested in going back and basically making the same album twice like Slash has been doing. I think he wants it to have at least some progression. I think they can find a middle ground between Chinese epic material and more hard rock stuff maybe like UYI.
  5. this interview was done before the interview Slash confirmed it and before he was at Axl's house as well.
  6. Both Slash and Duff said more recently it's going to happen. Also you make it sound like Fortus and Mellisa are gonna be the focus of a potential new Guns album. I think it's safe to assume Slash and Duff will be all over it and Slash makes everything sound more Guns, Duff too to a lesser extent.
  7. You sure about that? I don't think he did, I mean reaching that exact note on the I.R.S scream in the studio version. Not sure he ever even attempted it but I could be wrong.
  8. Better at Download 2006 - the best version vocally by far. Axl just standing there very angry at the crowd but it sounds amazing lol Madagascar Bucharest 2006 - yeah that improvised Axl outro at the end is so great making it 10 times more epic
  9. What Are You Listening To 2019

  10. 50 Day Song Challenge #7

    Day 37
  11. 50 Day Song Challenge #7

    Day 37
  12. Underrated Slash solos

    that's a great one. I prefer it over the Fall To Pieces solo which is also damn good. Contraband may not have a lot of Slash's guitar all over the tunes like on other albums but it's full of great solos imo.
  13. doesn't matter that they're old, doesn't matter that their peak is behind them. I don't think the goal here is to reflect the current musical landscape, my guess is the goal is to reflect musically what Axl envisions in his head which is Gn'R plus maybe a few more musical influences he is into and lyrically to reflect his feelings which are really thoughts about what he has always been into perhaps more socially aware. The "evolution" is making a new musical salad which sounds like Gn'R. Just a guess, no jokes allowed.
  14. Axl and Duff are the most adventurous when it comes to their own music, I agree, but Slash is actually a very versatile guitar player inside his genre: you've got spanish influence, Megadave offering Slash to work with him on metal material, blues influence though he is not really a blues player, country influence all of these influences we're used to just call "Slash's guitar playing" you know what I mean? his greatest talent is his riffs and solos but when you look at his body of work, in "the grand scheme of things" it's only been generic with the Conspirators, he is far more versatile compared to other hard rock players I think. He did that Slash and Friends album as well which had pop, metal, rock, and other shit in there on one album. He did say he doesn't strays too far from Rock cause then it becomes something else and that's not what he's interested in doing but listening to his work outside of Guns and his own solo career you do get the sense he dabbles in a lot of different genres so the potential is there. perhaps not playing on Shackler's Revenge but things like Better he had no problem of adapting to it even if he couldn't quite top Robin's work imo in that particular track. In the studio Slash now will have the chance, time, and conditions to work with material that will hopefully challenge him more but I think you're possibly selling him kinda short when you label him as a one trick pony. You can't have his vocabulary as a player and only know how to do one thing. It sounds like one thing cause his style of playing is so well formed but it is unique thanks to the high number of influences and the particular way he combines them in his playing.
  15. Axl and Slash balance each other imo. Axl is more ambitious, versatile, and interested in making a musical statement every decade and a half and Slash is deeply rooted in Rock when it comes to his own music. But... one trick ponies? Slash has worked with countless musicians as a session musician, he can adapt stylistically to many different genres and his guitar playing doesn't sound generic especially if someone else wrote the song so it's possible it will be different depends on the context I guess. Besides, even Contraband sounded different to Snakepit and more recently you could detect some new old influences in living the dream like Gary Moore and more ZZ top. I guess I'm trying to say that inside Slash's bag of tricks there are a lot of ingredients that make the whole, and Izzy isn't a one trick pony either imo, he's just rooted in rock n' roll like Kieth Richards but also did reggae for example. Back to Slash... every solo on UYI sounds like a song within a song and different from one another as well. He's versatile in his own genre when there is someone to push him like say... Axl and how he did it with November Rain and Estranged. Slash also wrote Coma which has some metal in it so it's more than just one trick he was influenced by a lot of guitar players and you can detect all of them in his playing.
  16. Fortus is in the band so my guess is he at least heard a lot of the unreleased material and probably/maybe recorded some parts of it. I have no idea if what he says is legit but it will make sense that it will be an evolution of Chinese cause Axl said he enjoys playing the Chinese material the most live which means he's still into that sort of style and he did play Slash and Duff some or a lot of the vault tunes. "Even different and more evolved than Chinese" could mean a bunch of different things but every Guns record was different to the one before it until now. Who knows how it will sound like, but when I try to picture it maybe it could be more sprawling and just as detailed as Chinese Democracy, still with the layers but maybe more balanced: some tunes will be more dominant by Slash's riffs while only some of the material will be centered around Axl's lyrics and melodies. I have no idea what it would sound like obviously but I hope they will work on a double album so there is room for what Axl got and also the new stuff and not just a taste of each era. I want it to be consistent in quality but all over the place stylistically speaking with Slash and Duff adding their ideas to old material and bringing in new tunes for Axl to work with plus new songs that start with Axl lyrics that the band worked on. The rockers/ballad ratio could be different as well, perhaps a more hard rocking record but still with a lot of piano epics and some new influences we've never heard in Guns music, not even on Chinese with Slash's playing to anchor Axl's taste for visions. Exciting to think what they can do with all that talent in the band, the resources they have, and the zillion tunes Axl had already recorded. Richard said Axl got 4 albums of original material. Impossible to predict how it will sound but I trust Axl to release only great albums and I trust Slash (and Duff) to make it sound more Gn'R.
  17. 50 Day Song Challenge #7

    Day 36
  18. I think with Izzy n' Axl there's always a chance. They go way back, Izzy isn't known for holding grudges, and after Izzy said new Guns were obviously not Guns N' Roses he still played with them multiple times. I like Fortus and I think the current line up can record a great album without Izzy but I believe it would be much better with him collaborating with the band. thing is, without putting blame on Axl, Slash, and Duff cause I think I understand where they're coming from, my guess is Izzy was really offended by them this time not sharing the loot with him and the collaboration he did with Matt, FP Money speaks for itself. I still remain optimistic there will at least be some type of collaboration in the future cause it seems with Izzy if enough time passes he just moves on from any shit they went through, but if they manage to release an album in 2 to 3 years I don't think it will be enough time for him to forgive them and collaborate in the studio so maybe just a guest on some live shows. Bottom line it will probably be better with him in the studio helping out but the chances are slim imo.
  19. yeah I know the difference between having sex with lots of women and being a sexist. The line isn't stupid to me, you seem to try to diminish it's significance but I think in this case it is literal: it literally means what it means in the tone Axl sings it and probably it was meant to invoke that vibe of you know... how easy it was for them, Duff in this case to use women as pretty much sex toys not that all those groupies were innocent virgins. That's my take on it. I didn't say Duff was ever violent towards women but that there's a pretty good chance the turn around bitch I got a use for you line wasn't written as a joke at all. Appetite was in a way at least partially like a diary of how they lived, almost biographic in nature. It's So Easy doesn't come off to me as a joke like Used To Love Her for example.
  20. technical as always but technically yeah I don't know the man it's possible the lyrics were a joke and Duff wasn't sexist at all and was super respectful of women so to clarify it is my opinion, based on the kind of band and era and the subject matter of the tunes and how I interpret the lyrics and what I do know about the band and it's members that Duff 2.0 is very different to the man he was before. Older and sober with a family and values that he cultivated and wants to live by and perhaps for others to live by as well. I will say this: sometimes you don't need proof to get the gist of it, of how it was. You kinda get the picture. If it walks like a duck. I realize that could be dangerous to assume shit in some cases but this is a sleazy rock n' roll band from the 80's with books written by most of it's members, with video interviews and some credible information about the band but like I said it's just the way I see it (and many others in this thread it seems)
  21. Not for financial reasons but maybe cause Duff doesn't want to take responsibility for what he wrote decades ago cause now he's like... aware and shit and seems to care a lot about being a better person and spread the word but the way he does that here is cowardly and insincere imo and most of all unneeded, he can do that without disowning his past plus how many times has he sang Attitude for example and was he singing it jokingly? the 80's were kinda a sexist time and Appetite lyrically described how the band lived and honestly you could say they were a sexist band.