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  1. come on Hard School COME ON HARDSCHOOL
  2. last time Pretty Tied Up was played was April 6, 1992 in Oklahoma if I'm not mistaken
  3. The T.V. Show Thread

    American Crime (2015-2017) - very good. Somber tone. Most interesting character was Aubrey Taylor imo. (played by the very talented Caitlin Gerard)
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    he did, yeah. He also said there is a difference in style compared to other new riffs he has allocated for the conspirators so these 2 riffs sound like Gn'R riffs to him. I doubt Axl won't give Slash the same kind of freedom he gave to Robin and Bucket. I think it will be a more balanced record with Slash's input anyway. Axl seems to be open as a songwriter to ideas from other band members. Even Pitman got a song credit for If The World.
  5. The "New Album" Thread

    just speculation but I think it's not just the fact that the leaks happened, it's also Axl maybe knows the reception of the song online was mostly favorable. I think the intention was always to release another album but only after finishing the tour. my guess is it's possible a potential release will be comprised of solely Chinese era material but I wouldn't call it a huge possibility cause 1: Axl said he wants to start with lyrics first which maybe implies that even if there is a lot of unreleased Chinese era material he wants to use, it's not enough as is to be a relevant Guns album anymore without fresh material 2: is it really a Gn'R album with Slash in the band if he doesn't get to contribute ideas in the same way the band always approached it? he already saved at least a couple of new riffs for a potential Gn'R album.
  6. none taken. Just my opinion, I get that it's not ok to troll but I pulled a lot of stupid and annoying shit around here myself over the years and most people who got annoyed with me were kind enough to let it slide/not give a fuck. 1 strike and he's "out"? seems a tad too harsh
  7. The "New Album" Thread

    that's what he said, the tour has been a huge success, Slash and Duff can alternate between their own bands and their main gig with Gn'R. It's not like he is mining coal over there and I think he wants the Gn'R catalog to grow by at least 1 more release.
  8. if he trolled, he trolled. Everybody fucks up sometimes and when there is no new music, sometimes people do silly shit out of boredom and frustration. I will try to find the strength to forgive @sofine11 he's cool.
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    Axl said he'd like to keep it going as long as possible, Slash didn't actually say the band can't release new music.
  10. The "New Album" Thread

    last time someone with actual connection to the band said something about a surprise release of some kind it was Merck and Axl fired him. Just cause Beyonce did it doesn't mean Gn'R will do it. Doesn't seem like Axl's style at all. Del, Fernando, fake Fernando, and "insiders" without solid proof should not be taken seriously imo. Honestly, I think we're at a point where if it's not coming from Axl himself, it's probably shit or isn't as reliable at best.
  11. there is no doubt in my mind they'll reschedule and yeah, casuals mainly buy tickets to experience the old hits but the shows aren't selling as well anymore and an album is a good excuse to go on tour again. They need to take a break from touring anyway to increase demand but I suppose you're right in that it doesn't really matter when they'll release another record from a financial standpoint.
  12. it's possible but my opinion is that it's unlikely they've already completed an album with all the touring they've done and just little things Slash said in interviews.
  13. that won't work from a financial standpoint as the entire goal (other than artistic reasons) is to make money by touring in support of a new record. How much money can they make from a "stay at home" release? not as much as touring generates.
  14. what if they just focus on completing a record while shit is still hitting the fan and wait it out so they can then do a proper release, one that I think is a little bit more plausible is another possible scenario.
  15. true, but we are talking about an ideal scenario here, not what Axl did. Besides, as you maybe have guessed already, not really the same thing: a Gn'R tour with Slash after 20 years of not being in the band didn't really need to be properly promoted. You are selling nostalgia basically. A new album with a good single and a huge promotion will make a big difference imo. Even if the name "Guns N' Roses" is on the album you still need as many people to know about it and you can reel them in with interviews, commercials, radio, internet. All kinds of shit. That's why many artists are still doing it. I care way more about it getting released, not as much how well it will do, I just don't think your suggestion is something Axl will even consider to go with.
  16. I think Marc probably meant that there is no unreleased material from the Appetite/UYI days that he knows about, that is on par with what got officially released by the old lineup. I was strictly talking about original music, not live shows. He also said something along the line of almost everything they came up with back then was used. Very little got scrapped. You can, of course, believe what you want.
  17. How do you feel about Miles singing Gunss?

    pretty fuckin' goat actually. Go Miles.
  18. best Ozzy album in years. I guess his unfortunate health problems maybe gave him a weighty theme to explore. It's flawed with the excessive autotune, less than great guitar tone from Andrew Watts, some silly lyrics here and there, etc but I like most of the tunes and the album just works for me. Duff and Chad did a great job imo, I like most of what they've contributed. Duff can probably be a part of any rock band and do his thing which is pretty cool. Slash was alright on it, it's pretty good but I wouldn't call it inspired as I feel like he is still capable of achieving so much more. Hopefully Ozzy will make another album in the near future.
  19. plus I remember a poster had asked Marc Canter if there was a lot of unreleased material left by the classic lineup from the Appetite/UYI days to which Marc replied that there wasn't, that they have released most of it, everything that was worth releasing. (something like that)
  20. of course he invokes. he's doing it right now, I can feel it and it's ridiculously strong
  21. The "New Album" Thread

    this tour is brand new
  22. I see, even if I don't share exactly the same view, but what would you do if one of your absolute favorites in your field needed help with something as cool as that? there was no other choice really. I like how he recognized the opportunity and seized it. But mother band, yeah. I'm a much bigger Gn'R fan and if Axl was as excited about Gn'R's live shows and would put the same amount of effort in it like with Angus then yeah, it would be ideal. it's not like he toured with Angus for 3 years though so I don't think there was any significant damage to his vocal chords if any but maybe. Everything deteriorates, we invest it where it best serves our interests when we can.
  23. perhaps you're just not an AC/DC fan or at least not big enough of a fan to want Axl to "waste" his resources on any band that is not Gn'R especially when there is no album in sight, but it was probably a dream come true for him to do that. Anything that makes a person this happy to be involved with something is worth it imo (as long as it's a positive act) but I think I understand where you're coming from with this shit. Personally, I'd love to hear Axl live on beast mode again and he doesn't seem to do that with Gn'R that often anymore. Many of those shows were absolutely killer. Clearly he was so into it and didn't want to let Angus down, it was adorable. Little Angus is watching you.
  24. very nice. I like how much they respect the legend and what a cool way to show the love.