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  1. I imagine it could be a way more streamlined approach, a simpler way to get as much information and services that share similarities through more and more virtual world laws that people will have no choice to abide by and eventually get used to and embrace. you need to make it not worth it for people to steal while making it easy and comfortable as well to buy the shit legally while also keeping the price attractive and the transaction safe but it's doable imo. It's not just one company or country that will have control over it and it will be a global thing except maybe China and third world countries at least at first. as for Gn'R: I agree that because the band's goal is possibly different, they can't just do a standard release and just hope for the best cause it's unlikely they'll get their desired outcome and the contract could prove to be an obstacle like you've mentioned, but you let the lawyers do their thing. The band also must have the right product to push and I'm guessing we're not even close to the finish line when it comes to the music.
  2. Agreed. It's an interesting subject. I think it's only a matter of time until physical media will go the way of the dodo. Not just music. (not just media but that's irrelevant) Microsoft wanted to do it with their Xbox 360 but gamers hated that shit cause maybe the market wasn't ready so they did a 180 on that. internet connection is gonna be so fast and reliable that it will be too convenient to resist for most people. There is a lot of room for streaming services to evolve and maybe 30,40, 50 years from now I think there's a good chance the music industry/streaming services will find a better model so artists will get paid more. Even comparable in a way to how it was before Napster came along and changed everything cause the internet is not gonna be like the wild west forever. my guess is that eventually laws will be made and enforced in such a way that it will be possible to sell millions of copies of individual songs digitally but it will actually mean something cause enough artists will be able to do that. (much better algorithms will need to exist but they're always working on that shit so even finding what you like will be faster and much easier.
  3. which is why most fans want more. Most fans of music as well. They want more than just 4 albums of original material and they mostly get more if the band they are fans of was formed 35 years ago. It is what it is which is something but it could have been so much more and the frustration is understandable.
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    nah, that is Frank Sidoris's wife. Brent did, in fact, had a detached retina and had to undergo an eye surgery.
  5. Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran sold a lot too but yes, the vast majority of artists don't really sell at that level and it's not hard rock so not relevant. Tool didn't even break a mill if I'm not mistaken (actual physical and digital sales) everyone will try to capitalize but I doubt UMG will manage to capitalize off of physical sales, any sales for that matter without the band profiting from it as well in some way. I wonder how much Axl, Slash, and Duff made from Greatest Hits which was a huge success. They can't do another BestBuy deal, it's not 2008 anymore. They can do what Prince did, include a copy of the new album with the ticket to the show but I don't know if they're modern enough to do it. Giving it for free like U2 did by making a deal with Apple also seems too extreme for Gn'R. They will need to get creative like last time with the approach of selling it but in a new landscape that is way more challenging. You make your money from touring after you've put together an album that is well received by your fans in 2020. let's see how AC/DC will approach it and how well they will do
  6. a release plan for Gn'R? no surprise release, you give people as many options to purchase the music as possible, physical copies, both cd's and vinyl, digital and you don't stop promoting it while having a big budget to work with (commercials, billboards, internet and radio interviews, etc) it will also probably be a good idea not to wait a full year before embarking on a tour to support the album. But even in a best case scenario, how much units can Gn'R sell nowdays? any hard rock band? maybe the definition of success is different compared to 20 years ago. Even if you get it right, it's more of how much revenue a successful album generates indirectly cause I can't see a great Gn'R album selling even 4 mill.
  7. a potential new Gn'R release is far from being the most hyped album of all time. It is not even the most hyped Gn'R album of all time. This band has already secured their position. There isn't going to be a huge shift in their status just because a new release will be shit or great imo. I agree that Axl is probably cautious when it comes to releases cause he doesn't want to ruin the band's perfect streak of albums of original material (with Slash at least, although I'd include Chinese as well) Does the band have more to gain or lose with another release if we assume that for Axl, every Guns release must be like a grand musical statement?
  8. there's a brilliant melody that is played with the strings in Prostitute that goes perfectly with Axl's vocal melody during it. (1:43-2:00 mark)
  9. Friends HBO Reunion Special

    it's a good base, a way to set the tone/mood for many of the people who like to watch bad American sitcoms so they are more inclined to laugh. Like a Major chord in music. It's somewhat like how weather affects the suicide rate so bright colors and a laugh track are important ingredients when you put together that type of a show. many crime shows use a muted and darker color palette for example. How I big-banged your mother are 2 more shows that are really the worst with the bright colors, laugh track, and essentially the same 4-5 bad jokes on repeat but it's also partly why those shows found huge success It's junk tv like fast food imo. Part of the formula.
  10. many musicians do it because they feel a need to create obviously. I think if Axl will create and release another album it will be for the sake of the Gn'R catalog. Ideally, it's not just about the money. Iron Maiden and Metallica are not exactly young bands anymore but they still release albums and it's already harder for Gn'R to sellout venues. Another reason to release new material.
  11. Tommy basically said it wasn't good enough of a reason to rerecord it cause he thought it was possible to just tweak the sounds through the software and not try every amp in the world in order to get it done.
  12. I think some of it got diluted and some was improved. Did the album lack a single? I think it did. It didn't have what Contraband had like Fall To Pieces and Slither, but Tom Zutaut kinda said the same thing. I don't think Chinese is that type of an album. Not very anthemic, not too many catchy choruses, and not riff-driven. some great tunes imo but not nearly as mainstream as Contraband was. It's interesting that both albums are comparable in how many units were sold. CB sold more domestically, Chinese fared better in foreign markets.
  13. I remember Tommy said RTB particularly hated the guitar tones, so maybe not a complete rerecording, or maybe Axl was simply satisfied with the existing vocals, at least at the time.
  14. it took Axl 2 years to complete an unmixed version of the album. From 1997 to 1999. He managed to record most of the vocals before that point in time. He delivered it to the label. They rejected it and RTB rerecorded the album which Tommy said was unnecessary. the tinkering is on Axl, like a lot of other shit he tried to pull but I believe Tommy when he said many of the main reasons for the delays were not about the music. He doesn't give enough of a fuck to lie about it imo.
  15. Axl said he delivered an unmixed version of CD in 1999 and the label told him they thought it could be better. He seemed impressed at the time or at least liked that they had that opinion of it. while Ezrin did not have real power when it came to the album, Axl specifically wanted his opinion on the quality of the songs. I think it's likely his thoughts on the matter could have influenced Axl's level of artistic confidence, but maybe it wasn't just one thing or person that caused the delays. I don't think Ezrin wanted to sabotage anything, he probably just gave his opinion on it but I disagree with him that the 1999/2000 version of Chinese wasn't good enough to be released as is and I think if he had positive things to say about it, there's a chance Axl would have released it earlier. edit: Robin convinced him to release This I Love, Jimmy Iovine convinced him to release Oh My God, he asked Slash's and Duff's opinion on My World, etc. I suppose Ezrin could have said shit about Chinese just so Axl would hire him to help improve it but who knows.
  16. Friends HBO Reunion Special

    terrible show. Aged horribly. My sister likes it and she only likes the worst shows. Matthew Perry likes H.
  17. What Are You Listening To? 2020

  18. Travelling thread

    that first Strokes album though... pretty good retro shit right there. The right combination of influences, sufficient amount of influences as well and it was a very nice blend
  19. well, that is optimistic. I believe this line up is capable of completing a great Gn'R album, like I've said many times before, but Estranged, Coma, Locomotive, November Rain? these are epic tunes that were composed 30 years ago when the band was still on top. I think the closest Axl got to that level of quality was Catcher/There Was A Time and even those tunes don't really compare to November Rain/Estranged imo.
  20. The "New Album" Thread

    best version for me is Download 2006. You wouldn't find better vocals compared to this performance imo cause Axl was very pissed off and just stood there singing it with zero enjoyment. Was still a 10/10 performance for me but there were crazy Better 2010 performances as well.
  21. right, a Gn'R release is somewhat complicated when you factor in all the little tidbits we know about the band/Axl. I think the band and the label must be happy with the approach from a financial standpoint as well and I've touched on that on some of my previous posts. The release of Chinese in 2008 was made possible thanks to a shrewd deal with Best Buy. I just don't see Axl releasing more music without it having a chance to really succeed and that is on top of completing an album that will be good enough to be a part of the catalog.
  22. yeah but is that the only thing Axl wanted to accomplish with Chinese? if it was, he could've released it sooner. It's risky to care too much about your music as an artist, to overthink it which is why I gave Tool as an example: even that band is not as bad as Axl when it comes to releasing music but if you want to get it right, it takes more time for some musicians to get there and for some it can be difficult to let go of it. Ozzy is the complete opposite of that. Ideally he wants to get it done fast and go on tour. My guess is Axl doesn't want to fuck up the Gn'R catalog with a bad release (regardless of your opinion of Chinese) so he'd rather not release anything at all until both the art and the commerce make sense to him.