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Status Updates posted by Rovim

  1. I love you my brother

    1. Silent Jay

      Silent Jay

      Thx bro! I know we can't get married, but I'll always try to be a good goy.


  2. Good reading. Post more. ;)

    1. AlexC


      Thanks! I will!

  3. I like your posts, you bring excellence. Post more please.

    1. Sprite


      Thanks man. I really enjoy reading your posts too. You and Wasted have some of the most interesting perspectives of anyone here.

  4. *taught damn it

  5. First 10 seconds thought me so much about life and watching mini pig compilations is how I choose to spend most of my time now.

    Don't get addicted though and it also makes you want to eat even more bacon which makes some people fat and generally gross.

    Party time:


    1. darknightfan


      Rovim who are you and will you ever be in my life?

  6. U still brown? jesus christ. I dreamed I was white. :wow:

    1. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      Cool, what was it like?  You were driving down the street, passed a cop car and realised it werent following you, til you caught your reflection in the rearview n saw George Harrison looking back? :lol:

    2. Rovim


      I wish. It was much worse, I was purchasing butter as Liza Minnelli. George was a terrific slide player.

    3. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      I live near where the Hare Krishna temple that he built was, a lot of the local Hare Krishna fellas grew up knowing him.

  7. It was actually me that was the voice heard on the spoken intro for this song. Both Male and Female lines are done by yours truly.


  8. Your new puppy is cute as fuck.

  9. Just noticed your jumping waves duck. Truly spectacular footage. The soul of an artist. The duck, not you.

    1. darknightfan


      I am the duck and the duck is I.

  10. I hold a pen funny. I'm serious. Pencils as well.

  11. my cat's name is Buttcocks. She's a porn star. She's got her own sidekick. Dave. Also female, but when I noticed he did not have any balls to speak of, it was already too late cause it only answered to the name Dave.

    1. darknightfan


      What kind of drugs do you take and more importantly where can I get them?

  12. Rovim

    I love your sig with Lemmy and Dio. It is... too sad.

    1. bran


      yeah it sucks :(

  13. This brought me so much joy, I hope you'll appreciate it:

    1. darknightfan


      Thank you. Sometimes you don't know what you need until someone shows you it.

  14. Enormous* shit.

  15. Enormus impact!

  16. enjoy reading your posts. 5 stars.

  17. hey man where are you? been a while... don't be a stranger.

  18. hey, I like your posts man. 5 stars.

  19. I support your insanity

  20. I support your insanity.

  21. 5 stars. very talented.

  22. I like your posts. The voice of reason. 5 stars.

  23. you should post more. 5 stars.