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  1. Where is everyone??

    I've got a lot of new music in my head that I need to print out. It's been a year since I recorded anything, I changed my job and it keeps me really busy and always travelling...
  2. I hope I'm not doing anything wrong posting this video from youtube, in case I am then mods please delete this post and sorry.
  3. Black Hole Sun had a beautiful piano intro by Dizzy , I hope someone recorded it.
  4. The show was great , the crowd of 60,000 fans loved and that's what mattered. The band plays and sounds top notch, more polished than old days and Axl was great and into it. Funny people still think as they're to be compared to their 20s.
  5. The Gear Thread

    I've played quite a few times the head version. This is the Dual Reverb, there's another version of the 900 series that's the SL-X that sounds even better to me. This amp gives you the traditional Marshall voicing which is great for classic rock, sounds like a Marshall should and I think it's much better than the Blues Deluxe if you're into rock. However this is not the most loved Marshall ever. I do prefer other Marshalls on the same price range that are also very common to find - the DSL or even better the Vintage Modern, one of my fav Marshalls ever. If you want the ultimate Marshall then go for a 800 2203 or it's combo version (the single channel one).