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  1. Pharma Bro Sentenced to 7 Years

    This guy is a complete piece of garbage.
  2. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    I could post like half of The Thousand-Year Door, but I always loved the dialogue of these crows.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    So one unexpected development I've had with my Switch is that it's become my definitive platform for indie games. Just feels so nice playing those types of games on the handheld Switch console. Stuff like Shovel Knight, Shantae, Sonic Mania (not an indie game but sort of in the same spirit as these other ones) are all great on it and I'm looking forward to getting Hollow Knight, Golf Story, and Stardew Valley on it. I wonder if Nintendo will have another Nintendo Direct soon. We already know their lineup of games for the Switch through November (Pokken Tournament, Fire Emblem Warriors, Mario Odyssey, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2), but December and beyond is still a complete mystery in terms of release schedule. My guess is that December won't have any new games (it's typical for holiday releases to come out in November as December releases often miss Christmas shoppers), but if they do take December off then I'd have to imagine that January through March will at the very least have new releases on a once a month basis at least and as of now we have no release dates and it's not really that far away. That said, we do know of a lot of 2018 games (Kirby, Yoshi, Pokemon, Metroid, and Fire Emblem are all tentatively 2018 titles), but I'd have to imagine we get a Nintendo Direct with some actual concrete details relatively soon. Yoshi and Kirby both looked pretty far into development, so those will probably be early 2018 titles. I'm still thinking Nintendo pushes out a Smash 4 port for the Switch, probably for early 2018. Outside of that, I still think Animal Crossing should be a priority for Nintendo. It really is one of their best-selling franchises now and I feel like it would fit perfectly on the system.
  4. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    I really liked that game a lot. It's a shame it didn't get much press. The reviews were almost universally positive but nobody bought it.
  5. E3 - 2017

    Yeah I saw that Retro wasn't working on MP4 after the fact. The same producer is on it, though. Nintendo have had a few 3DS reveals during their Treehouse presentation, which is cool and I like that they went this route instead of showing them at the presentation. Metroid: Samus Returns (remake of Metroid 2) and a Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga remake. These games with Ultra Sun/Moon are giving the 3DS a pretty nice send-off.
  6. E3 - 2017

    Retro's probably working on Metroid Prime 4, but yeah nothing was shown from it other than it exists. It's probably decently far into development if the game started back in December 2013 like it supposedly did.
  7. E3 - 2017

    I thought most of the presentations were weak this year. Ubisoft actually had a rather good one. Microsoft did too from all accounts, but I had to work during it and haven't gone back to see it. I thought Sony was a real letdown and I'm never particularly excited for EA's. Nintendo's conference way surpassed my expectations after the leaks that it would only be 25 minutes long. I don't mind a shorter presentation when it has a blistering pace like this one had. New mainline Kirby, Metroid, and Pokemon titles all announced for Switch. A Yoshi's Woolly World sequel. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was confirmed for 2017 which I wasn't expecting at all. Was definitely expecting that to get pushed back to 2018. 2018 looks really good for Switch already and it's still 6 months away with potentially those 4 titles in addition to a new mainline Fire Emblem title all releasing in 2018.
  8. E3 - 2017

    I'm really curious what Nintendo will show since there really aren't a ton of games coming out for Switch that we know about but there are almost definitely a good number of titles we don't know about yet. Mario Odyssey will probably get the most screentime. It's heavily rumored for a November release date. Splatoon 2 releases in July and will likely be shown a good deal. Fire Emblem Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and some Mario/Rabbids crossover RPG from Ubisoft are the other titles we know about as of now, which I think are all supposed to release in 2017 (though I fully expect Xenoblade to get pushed back into 2018, but I'd be fine with being wrong on that one). Some rumored titles from around the time the Switch had its initial reveal trailer back in January that I could still see being revealed here are a Smash Bros 4 Switch version and a Switch version of Pokemon Sun/Moon (was heavily rumored a while back). I reckon either of these could easily fit into 2017 since they'd be ports/remakes of existing games, and either one would be a huge franchise to bring to the Switch early on. If Smash does get a Switch version, that would mean we'd have a Zelda, 3D Mario, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros title for the Switch all in the first 8 months, which would be pretty crazy. Retro Studios (makers of the new Donkey Kong Country games and the Metroid Prime titles) has also been working on a game since December 2013 and will almost definitely show up at E3 with their new game. Most people are speculating it'll be a new Metroid Prime game. Personally I think the title that would perhaps be the biggest success on the Switch that hasn't be revealed yet is a new Animal Crossing game. The series is hugely popular both in the west and in Japan and hasn't seen a new full-titled release since New Leaf back in 2013 for 3DS. I think establishing a game like Animal Crossing early in a console's life cycle is important due to the game being something that is meant to be continually gone back to over long periods of time.
  9. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    Playing an awesome Metroidvania type of game on Steam called Hollow Knight. Would definitely recommend to anyone who has played and liked games like Metroid Fusion or Ori and the Blind Forest. Has great music and awesome art direction. The game manages a great balance of being very chill and atmospheric but also at times horrific and creepy. Just got to an area called the Deepnest which is hell for anyone who doesn't care for spiders.
  10. The Official Metal Thread

    So I decided to start a thread designated to talking about metal. Here we can talk about all of the metal bands we love and hate, new and old. I was just recommended to give a listen to the new Arsis album, Starve For The Devil, and I really enjoy it a lot. I'll admit I'm often not into Extreme Metal, but this album is a very quality album. Definitely recommendation to you guys! I'm about to see if I can find Dark Tranquility's new one after this. Any of you guys hear any good, new Metal albums recently?