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  1. Pharma Bro Sentenced to 7 Years

    This guy is a complete piece of garbage.
  2. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    I could post like half of The Thousand-Year Door, but I always loved the dialogue of these crows.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    So one unexpected development I've had with my Switch is that it's become my definitive platform for indie games. Just feels so nice playing those types of games on the handheld Switch console. Stuff like Shovel Knight, Shantae, Sonic Mania (not an indie game but sort of in the same spirit as these other ones) are all great on it and I'm looking forward to getting Hollow Knight, Golf Story, and Stardew Valley on it. I wonder if Nintendo will have another Nintendo Direct soon. We already know their lineup of games for the Switch through November (Pokken Tournament, Fire Emblem Warriors, Mario Odyssey, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2), but December and beyond is still a complete mystery in terms of release schedule. My guess is that December won't have any new games (it's typical for holiday releases to come out in November as December releases often miss Christmas shoppers), but if they do take December off then I'd have to imagine that January through March will at the very least have new releases on a once a month basis at least and as of now we have no release dates and it's not really that far away. That said, we do know of a lot of 2018 games (Kirby, Yoshi, Pokemon, Metroid, and Fire Emblem are all tentatively 2018 titles), but I'd have to imagine we get a Nintendo Direct with some actual concrete details relatively soon. Yoshi and Kirby both looked pretty far into development, so those will probably be early 2018 titles. I'm still thinking Nintendo pushes out a Smash 4 port for the Switch, probably for early 2018. Outside of that, I still think Animal Crossing should be a priority for Nintendo. It really is one of their best-selling franchises now and I feel like it would fit perfectly on the system.
  4. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    I really liked that game a lot. It's a shame it didn't get much press. The reviews were almost universally positive but nobody bought it.
  5. The Official Metal Thread

    So I decided to start a thread designated to talking about metal. Here we can talk about all of the metal bands we love and hate, new and old. I was just recommended to give a listen to the new Arsis album, Starve For The Devil, and I really enjoy it a lot. I'll admit I'm often not into Extreme Metal, but this album is a very quality album. Definitely recommendation to you guys! I'm about to see if I can find Dark Tranquility's new one after this. Any of you guys hear any good, new Metal albums recently?