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  1. The comment about Vegas lends credence to this video.
  2. This will be an annoying thread soon enough.
  3. No doubt. It's awful to see. I couldn't imagine.
  4. I know, it's just an ongoing thing I've been seeing. I apologize for making it appear that I was after you.
  5. I'm tired hearing this. This isn't about losing the ability to rebuild, it's about losing things you hold dear, things money could not replace.
  6. I hope not, but no one knows at this moment.
  7. I'm sure he does, we know, so he will as well.
  8. Damn, I hope everyone in that area is safe.
  9. Ah, damn, you're right. I didn't consider that in the NITL tour.
  10. wait when was November Rain not played?
  11. Axl Bio with pics

    "The media and the fans often blame Axl for Kurt Cobains Suicide"
  12. Slash is never leaving GN'R again.
  13. Looks like they would rather wash their hands of it, certainly doesn't seem to care that these people are claiming to be working on behalf of GN'R.