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  1. Dude it’s obvious. Practically common knowledge at this point.
  2. I take it no one thinks this is a fake? This one has to be about Zig-Zag btw
  3. I can remember when people thought the Atlas clip was fake like it was yesterday...
  4. I’m just here for the posts analyzing who this song is about. But it’s definitely about Gilby
  5. What’s going on? Did Toad the Wet Sprocket leak?
  6. “No efforts made to save what we had.” Come on guys, he’s obviously talking about 976-Horns.
  7. I’m only here for the comments about how this DEMO needs a lot of work. Thank you Captain Obvious, I don’t know where I would be in my life without you. 😘
  8. Finck interviewed by Premier Guitar

    I have some pics but I don’t know how to attach them! Hahaha! When I click the insert other media, it says none is available? 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m usually not this computer illerate but the forums stump me every time!
  9. Finck interviewed by Premier Guitar

    It was in Los Angeles at the Humans In Space Art & Celebration event. Went there to see my friend Derek Day perform and during the reception I see Robin. Talked to him for a minute and he remembered me when I met him at NAMM and brought him to Frank Ferrer. Introduced me to his daughter, and let me take some pics. Pretty rad
  10. Finck interviewed by Premier Guitar

    random Finck sighting yesterday. When I brought up Chinese he says “Is that album out yet?”...
  11. New Tool record help push GNR in any way?

  12. New Tool record help push GNR in any way?

  13. New Tool record help push GNR in any way?

    Anyone know if Pitman is on the new Tool album?