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  1. Alice in Chains - New Album "Rainier Fog"

    Honestly, I really like all 3 songs. I hope Will gets some more lead vocal time, he is great
  2. Even a lot of short SMKC rock songs in the past were far more interesting than these imo I'd take You're a Lie, Standing in the Sun, No More Heroes, Halo, Shots Fired, Shadow Life, Automatic Overdrive, Withered Delilah, etc over these two songs. They all are all far more interesting. SMKC albums usually have some good rock songs with great Slash riffs and solos (like those above), a few very good songs that are a little something more (Anastasia, Wicked Stone, Unholy, etc), and some filler (One Last Thrill, Iris of the Storm, etc). These both fall in the latter category and are among the more forgettable Slash songs. I'm not exactly getting worried, but it is a little concerning the two lead songs are massive duds for me. I'm a huge Slash and SMKC fan I don't even the guitar sounds any special on this new song. His tone isn't even that great and the parts are meh
  3. I'd pay like $10 tops and the only reason would be to leak it to people that want it. I just don't get the mass appeal
  4. TB has not made a statement to us so we dont know if they are or arent involved All Fernando had to do was a one sentence post on here saying they are not involved. He couldnt be bothered
  5. The Gear Thread

    I was a hardcore Gibson apologist a few years ago. That is because I was just so stoked to finally get a Les Paul and was finally diving into good gear. I love the 2 Gibsons I own, a 2013 Les Paul and 2007 J100, but now I totally realize they are not a consistent company. I am happy with my 2013 LP, and you know, for all the dumbass features and controversy, I actually think the 2015s were really well built guitars. Too bad they had too many stupid design choices like the hologram and headstock. I haven't really played many 2016-2018s, since I usually go for different stuff than what I have when I'm browsing in stores. So despite them being hit and miss, I think most Gibsons that are over $1500 range from at least decent to very good, but my eyes are open to how hit and miss their cheaper stuff is. What really opened my eyes was when I picked up a really cheap Firebird. I forgot the model name, but it was clearly a piece of crap wood in a rough Firebird shape, with a cheap finish and the Gibson logo. It served only to give someone a USA made Gibson for dirt cheap, but it felt like crap to play. I think you are right, every era has their good and bad. I've actually played quite a few Norlin era Gibsons that I'd have liked to own, the year doesn't always dictate the quality. That being said, I'm pretty satisfied with the amount of Gibsons I have. If I ever bought another one, it would be many many years. As for PRS SEs, I originally didn't really dig them. They never felt or sounded bad to me, I was just comparing them to PRS' USA guitars which was completely unfair. As midrange Asian guitars, they are awesome. They look great, and they play and sound pretty damn good. When compared to other midrange Asian guitars they stack up great imo. Every bit as good as a MIM Fender or even an Indonesian Premium Ibanez, etc. I really dig them. Also, I've been diving into the Helix. I only have garbage Behringer headphones, and it still sounds better than my tube amp. I'm keeping my Fender and an analog board, but I am very happy with the Helix. Amp modeling has come a very long way since I started playing guitar. I am excited to try it in a reversal and live.
  6. Holy shit, no way. Where can I hear this? Axl should sell all his songs so we can hear them And I really like Going Down. Totally fine with Tommy on lead and the version we have
  7. Ive been waiting for the "99% done" X Japan album since 2010
  8. I read it that way too, but if he doesnt have an employment contract, it seems he is more of a partner than employee
  9. Man, Fuck GNR No new music and scared, candid Slash Some great questions. Kudos to the interviewer. If Slash isnt a liar here, it does appear he is a part of GNR and not just a hired hand. Thats good I guess, but it means nothing in terms of new music if All cant be bothered
  10. The Gear Thread

    Maybe 36? Id just give it to you but my gf juat expressed interest in learning it