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  1. MyGNR

    Why did Eric even bother keeping it? Dumb
  2. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    Slash and NuGNR actually both benefited from each other I think. I dont think it was exclusively one or the other. When GNR was in town, thatd drum up buzz over the brand. Same with Slash.
  3. 09/08/17 - San Antonio, TX - Alamodome

    Serves them right for the ticket proces.
  4. Duff on Talk Is Jericho

    Are members contracted to make a point about Axk cracking jokes?
  5. Rio 2011 was a disaster, but Estranged was fucking awesome that show. I was SO happy they brought it in the set (thanks, Bumble) and it made me so fired up to see them again in 2011 no matter how bad Rio was. Its great to have it now with Axl and Slash belting it out. Its my favorite Slash song, but damn was I happy to get it in 2011. I also agree with P5 about DJ. He got way worse for me as time went on. I kind of forcrd myself to really like him because he was in my favorite band, but now that he is out its easy to look back and wonder wtf Axl was thinking. He had some positives, he had good energy on stage that casual fans liked and he played the Slash material ok during the first few years, but he became an absolute cringy cartoon character. His stage appearance and social media presence became boderline disrespectful to the GNR brand. I hope he never plays with Guns again in any capacity. Spot on
  6. Jurassic World was HUGE and did alright critically. I thought it was alright, but acknowledge all the criticism. Its still one of the biggest films ever commercially, so I dont think his career is done because of his latest flop. It definitely isnt like a Josh Trank disaster. I still dont think Jurassic World warrants him being worthy for the grand finale of the sequel trilogy, so I am not necessarily lamenting his departure. Still, what the fuckkkkkk. Every Disney Star Wars project except VIII has had massive problems behind the scenes. VII saw Michael Ardnt leave as a head writer, Rogue One saw a massive overhaul, the Han Solo movie sounds like a disaster, and now this. What the hell is going on? Im not too scared, because VII and Rogue One were good Star Wars films, but damn its crazy. Disney seems confident in The Last Jedi, maybe bring Johnson back for IX if it is critically acclaimed like VII. I wouldnt mind JJ coming back to help, too, if Johnson is burnt out and needs a hand. Or they could get crazy and have Spielberg direct it. Fuck it, that could be awesome. Ill go full moron and say why not have Lucas help a bit with story elements? Just have someone there to reign in the extra crap
  7. Alien: Covenant

    Finally saw this, it sucked
  8. New U2 Song 'The Blackout' Out Aug. 30th // New Album Info Sep. 6th

    Honestly, of the 3 Blackout is the only one I really like
  9. New U2 Song 'The Blackout' Out Aug. 30th // New Album Info Sep. 6th

    New song kind of sucks, wow. Not "bad", but boring and forgettable. I dont think Ill listen to it much at all Everything on SOI destroys it imo Edit- I say this as someone who loves pop rock. I thought Every Breaking Wave was extremely strong and should have been the lead single of SOI. Thats a total pop rock song.
  10. Eric Romano

    He hasnt posted in like half a decade or more. Id say hes long gone from forum life
  11. New U2 Song 'The Blackout' Out Aug. 30th // New Album Info Sep. 6th

    Edit- The opening salvo of songs is also just so stellar. Great tunes back to back and the band was their normal self through them and most of TJT. Maybe Bono just got tired now that I think about it! Patti Smith also came out for a minute
  12. New U2 Song 'The Blackout' Out Aug. 30th // New Album Info Sep. 6th

    Had a great time at the show Got nosebleeds for cheap, less than face! Sound was excellent until the encore and then it was muddy. Weird. Show is also WAY stripped bacl for U2, especially compared to 360 and I+E but it served The Joshua Tree well. The screen had nice graphics and was super HD. Bono wasnt as "Bonoy" as the other 2 U2 gigs I have seen. He wasnt bad, but seemed less into the gig as normal to me. Less talking, and when he did he was kind of mumbling. Not much preaching, either. Maybe he was sick or just is like that because it isn't a new album tour idk. But they still sounded great and it was an excellent setlist for me. Finally got One Tree Hill and Ultraviolet and loved the other Joshua Tree deep cuts!
  13. Bands performing albums in their entirety

    I love it! Ive seen The Wall, Moving Pictures, Kill Em All, abd tonight I saw The Joshua Tree in full
  14. 1. World on Fire 2. Aint Life Grand 3. Apocalyptic Live 4. Its 5 O Clock Somewhere 5. Slash It changes, though