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  1. I skipped Solo too actually. I like it just fine, I just to watch the saga films and felt like revisiting RO. It was the first time I watched the prequels and OT since 2015 TPM was the worst this go around, its just slow and boring. Clones is really bad but has a lot of action.
  2. Free COD WWII copy for PC STEAM

    Ill take it if no one else does
  3. I rewatched the whole saga over the past month. TFA and TLJ fit really well for me. Maybe I'm just a Star Wars nerd After certain things were spoiled for me I also caved and read the leaks.
  4. Apparently they're also missing a lot of other pieces of music, either way, its quite good
  5. Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    I don't have nostalgic attachment to the franchise but I respect the first film and really like it. I never saw 2 and thought the reboot was just a genericly crappy and unnecessary movie although it wasn't those actress' faults. So all that said, I liked this trailer. Sounds like they force awakened the series with a young cast and the originals in supporting roles. That's a good idea
  6. Dizzy Reed on Mitch Lafon

    aXl iS sO fUnNy aNd CrAcKs JoKeS
  7. A LZ or PF reunion would be it for me
  8. Copyright Strikes....

    I know cineaters been around for years and years, but why would ANY sane person be an active member over there in the asylum?
  9. Dj Ashba proves he is shitter than ever

    That's hilarious I looked that project up, it was announced years ago and there's nothing lol
  10. Id like a White Falcon. The modern Japanese ones are very nice
  11. Mice

    I'm really scared of rodents, its pathetic
  12. The 2017 show I saw was by no means a bad show. They played like 3 and a half hours and sounded good. It just wasn't as energetic and Axl wasn't as good as the 4 times I saw them in 2016 (3 times GNR 1 time ACDC). It helped I was up front and the reunion was fresh in 16 too. My friend whos first time seeing GNR came with me and he liked the show. He came with me to Axl/DC the year before and liked both shows about equally. He is a casual and didn't realize Axls voice declined a lot. Either way, i dont know what my point is... that was 2 fucking years ago. What the fuck
  13. I thought he moved a lot at the Detroit 2016 show in particular and still sounded good. I dont fault his effort that year. Sure, it was for money, but there was still motivation for playing well. The tour dragged on years too long and they all got tired and complacent. No band needs to tour almost 4 years nonstop. Ending with LA 2017 and then coming back with new songs was what should have happened
  14. March 18th - Costa Rica

    Make it stop