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  1. Game of Thrones - Prequel TV Show

    So its about the Children and Walkers/first men? Maybe they axed their backstory in GoT for this (which would have been dumb) or maybe they just had no idea what to do
  2. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    On second thought, I have seen Beta "work" before. At the Ford Field show I saw her screaming at Jarmo at the barrier. That must have been a great effort
  3. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    I think my favorite thing about the 3 hour meeting quote is how he threw the "3 hours" in there like it was a big deal and a huge sacrifice on his part. MANY of us on here have had to attend meetings way longer than that. I have to go to an all day one once a month.
  4. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    These guys, Del, Fernando, Beta, etc don't do actual work. You seriously think they put together NITL? Live Nation has a team behind it all. The rest are hangers ons with minimal input. Fernando acts as Axl's guy. Hes a representative
  5. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    TB was the worst thing to happen to Axl Rose. It seems like a completely unhealthy and symbiotic relationship. Del James also sucks
  6. The Chicago 2 Better and TiL were on another level. Some of the best versions of those songs ever. I remember you turning to me during both of them and we were both in disbelief
  7. He did exactly what he needed to do on the record and celebrates it with passion to this day
  8. You will meet him after the show. At the show I saw last year he hung out after and made sure he signed and took pics with everyone who wanted one. It was chaotic, but he did it The dude lives for playing the music, in a way he's the coolest AfD member because of it
  9. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    I doubt band members know or care about who he is (except maybe Axl since he was paranoid enough to read this board years ago). Slash and Duff? No way. Its so beneath them. TB loves this bullshit though. Fernando cant resist whining on here every few years Celebrity worship is a very scary and real thing
  10. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Lots of musicians have psycho "fans". Lots of them end up killing the celebrity, like Dime, Lennon, and Selina Sucks
  11. The Wild Story of an Autistic GNR Fan

    Hey man, I know crowds can be scary and seeing a show doesnt go as planned, but you got to see your favorite band live. How cool is that? There are plenty of people that dont even get that chance. There had to have been a few cool moments. What songs did you like live?
  12. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    This might be my favorite post of the month
  13. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Just saw the racist stuff, it just made me really sad. How horrible
  14. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Who cares ? Gnr has tons of lonely weirdo couger fans. Warchild has been doing the same shit for literal decades, its just an annoying part of this online community now.