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  1. The big stoner/space rock thread

    All Them Witches is a cool band
  2. It is really telling and pathetic how paranoid Axl can be. When even co founders like Slash and Duff tip toe and tense up at the mention of GNR, you know Axl hasn't changed Its cool you got to interview a current member regardless
  3. Concerts in 2019

    Saw Marty Friedman last night. Dude is a killer guitarist live. He had a great band and his tone was perfect. Got to meet him on his bus so that was cool.
  4. Creatively Izzy was way more vital than Duff
  5. Sadly this is true. A new album would do nothing to move tickets. Its just the truth.
  6. Lol hey Ash, your shit sucks for $1000. Cover for Slashs first album sucks too
  7. [KISS] The Final Tour Ever - End Of The Road World Tour

    Of the 3 times I've seen KISS, one show was an absolute blast and the other two were merely "fine". The show that was amazing was their final Cobo Arena show in 2009. To see the band at the most legendary venue for them was awesome. It was the first concert my friend and I went to on our own, we had really cheap tickets in the last row, and we even went in makeup. The vibe was so cool. Cobo was like a time machine to 1979. Their setlist was really good, stage show was awesome, they sounded tight, and the crowd was great. It was a total nostalgia show with them pretending to be the original band, but It was still fun. Too bad it just wasnt the complete real thing The other 2 times were at ampitheaters with smaller stages. They were fine but nothing special. For the third one they had the spider stage that did nothing and I was hammered barely remember that show. Def Leppard opened I also saw Ace a few years ago. He played the parking lot of a Harley Davidson dealership for free. He was awful. He seemed drunk (but he says he is sober so who knows), and his whole band at the time seemed like a bad bar band. Still, it was a fun time for the Spinal Tap factor. He is an awful singer, and is not well suited to front a band the way he does. Still, I think he could have limped through a 90 minutes greatest hits set with KISS. That was 2 or 3 years ago, and he seems to have declined even more since. Ace's poor playing and back and forth groveling/lashing out combined with Paul and Gene's lip synching make this farewell really lame
  8. Its not a coincidence they were always surrounded by insane people. Crazy attracts crazy. They were a mixture of uneducated trash and insanity (mainly Axl). Throw in all the money and popularity, and its no wonder they aquired so many freaks along the way
  9. Aerosmith Vegas Residency

    Honestly, I think the stigma against Vegas shows is dumb. The 2016 GNR show in Vegas I saw was a blast. Id go if GNR did a residency down the line
  10. Wow. I'm sorry your favorite set of multi millionaires didn't win an award from other multi millionaires for a box that didn't design
  11. I was ready to buy one at $100. $1000+ face value is a joke
  12. Lol at people getting upset at gnr not winning an award for a box full of junk that was originally a thousand fucking dollars If L&L was like $200-$300 tops it would have been a cool release. $1000 is a sham. Its a piece of garbage for $1000. Those that got the turn table deal or a good price were the smart ones
  13. Aerosmith Vegas Residency

    I doubt they are done
  14. Aerosmith Vegas Residency

    I bet an Aerosmith residency would be a lot of fun. Saw them in 2010 and 2012, great live band. I regret not going to the 2014 tour with Slash opening. I didn't feel like driving the 2 hours from where I was living at the time, ah well!