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  1. Oreo cookies

    Good shit
  2. Fantastic seeing them all. What was the toughest to land?
  3. Yankee Stadium summer 2019?

    Sounds like a big benefit show or somethings a one off "mega festival" a-la Desert Trip or The Classic? Its also can be nothing because Dave is kind of nuts
  4. Slash - Battleground Guitar Solo Cover

    That was awesome! LOVE that Kramer! What software are you playing with?
  5. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

    Yup. Seeing the 4 of these iconic monsters duke it out on the big screen with state of the are special effects is going to be awesome
  6. Year in review

    Thanks Russ. Its ok, I make do with the cards I'm dealt. The jist of everything is family related and luckily, things are sort of stabilized now. Between work, my band, and school I am always a hermit with my free time but I always have a blast when I come to your house! Jesus fuck, Len Sorry to hear it, man. Breakups suck. I aired a lot of my breakup stuff on here like 4 years ago. All the old cliches are true, just keep trying and moving forward. Fuck your old band, too, if thats the case
  7. Year in review

    It's all good. Nothing I can't handle. Thank you though!
  8. Year in review

    This was easily the worst year of my life but it had it's high points, too. I had a really great vacation in Colorado so that was nice. Looking forward to it being a new calender year lol
  9. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

    I think its kind of a unique/cool premise. Guess we will see.
  10. Lazy/unmotivated+insecurity