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  1. You can play all the Halo games still with Master Chief Collection. I was just playing Halo 2 and 4 Also I think games as a whole are lame currently (except Witcher 3). Way too much focus on bullshit and multiplayer aspects (Fuck Destiny) and games dont even get finished when released. Then again, I'm speaking as an XBox owner. Xbox has nothing but Halo, it seems like PS4 has a ton of awesome stuff so maybe I just have the wrong system I think about the while nostalgia thing sometimes. For example, Planetside 2 is my favorite multiplayer game ever, but it'll be gone one day. Then again, I'll have put many hours into it to reminisce on and there will surely be something else out.
  2. All that Remains

  3. The Most Depressing Album Of All Time ?

    Animals is more anger than depressing for me Great record
  4. Greta Van Fleet

    I'm not necessarily saying he sounds more like Geddy, he still mainly reminds me of Plant most of the time, I meant some of those songs are sort of early Rush sounding. I totally get what you mean, though. He gets scratchy/shrieky in his upper register like Geddy Lee. I love Geddy and Rush but that is definitely an aquired taste. Like Jakes guitar work, I can see room for improvement as he learns to control his voice. Overall, the vocals are pretty strong on this record and hebhas a good sense of melody so it's a good kid for me. I get the criticisms with the screechiness because it is totally there.
  5. Greta Van Fleet

    Brave New World is a phenomenal song. They did a great job with it. I feel like this record has a lot of heart and their chemistry together is unreal. Reminds me of a Zep or GNR. This albums a lot better than Slash's new album, I'll say that much
  6. Greta Van Fleet

    I think "what's missing" is a combination of things. For me the first one is the guitsr work. Jake is a very good guitarist and has all sorts of awesome riffs and parts on this album, but I'd like to see a few more stand out solos. His solos always serve the song as a whole, and thats the most important thing, but he hasnt tracked one that takes a song to the stratisphere, yet. Again, his solos are enjoyable and serve the song, Id just like to see him take them to the next level as they keep going. Second reason is the most obvious for me, the comparisons to Led Zeppelin. That's a huge pro and also a big con. It's a pro because that is the single reason they are taking the world by storm. The single thing that makes Highway Tune so remarkable is that it instantly makes the listener think its a long lost Zeppelin song. Its uncanny. As a massive Zep fan I can say theres no better band to be compared to, but its also a con because they will never be as good. I dont know how much that matters in the long run. If they are supposed to be the band that rejuvenates rock in a more mainstream light, that probably isnt as much of a good thing. If they are supposed to plateau, then I dont think sounding like Zeppelin matters. They seem afraid of the Zeppelin comparison, too. Josh has diminished the Zeppelin connection, when that is clearly not true. It isnt just his tone, but his dress, mannerisms, and performances are straight out of early Zeppelin shows. Jake's guitar is just like early Jimmy Page, although I think hes admitted to emulating Page. I will say there are signs of musical diversity branching away from Zeppelin on the new album. I want them to lean towards the first category where they keep getting bigger, so that's a good thing. Finally, this is just personal opinion, but they dont have a Stairway to Heaven, Sweet Child O Mine, Dream On, Hotel California, etc yet. In my opinion, they don't have a legendary, timeless song yet and that's totally ok. This is their first full album and they are super young. They do, imo, have a lot of good to really great songs and thats super promising. I don't want to seem like I'm ripping on them, Id call myself a big fan of theirs after this release. They arent trail blazers pioneering new sounds lile Zep was 50 years ago so constructive nit picking and more of a microscope is warranted etc, especially with the insane hype. There are lots of cool ideas on this album, and not all songs are carbon Zeppelin copies. A few are, but they nail the sound and song structure so I dont mind as much. My favorites right now are the more creative songs like Brave New World and Age of Man. Great songs and Josh has a superb nack for melody. Vocals are killer and theres a lot of musical diversity which I appreciate. I also like how their song writing isn't all so derivative and I think they'll get better at getting more creative as they keep playing. That 30 minute Lover, Leaver shows they have the ear for good transitions and musicianship. I think When the Curtain Falls is a safe song but a great lead single choice and I really like the album. I just hope these guys aren't a flash in the pan, I honestly cant remember the last time an all new rock band was given this shot by the general public
  7. Greta Van Fleet

    This is amazing. It reminds me so much of old Zeppelin and I mean that In the best way. Its like Zep's massive As Long As I Have You, Dazed And Confused, While Lotta Love, etc versions from the first half of their career. Those extended versions with the jamming, other song snippets, covers and other songs, etc are one of my favorite things about Zep and Greta did a phenomenal job there. Love it. I really like the new album. Its still very Zeppeliny but they do a good job writing more pop structured songs with that sound. Pleasently surprised with all the acoustic on it. My favorite songs are Age of Man and Brave New World. Those even sound early Rush-like at times. Josh's vocals are the highlight but they all do a good job. Great growth from their EPs
  8. Danko Jones

    They opened at my first GNR show before Guns and Baz a long time ago. My friend and I were ready to hate them but he ended up being pretty self aware so it was a fun set. Theyre dumb but it entertained me for that half hour
  9. Nirvana Reunion

    It was cool as a one off thing for the Hall of Fame and that collaboration with McCartney around 5 years ago. Nirvana is Kurt, though
  10. Smashing Pumpkins Reunion?

    They may be missing Darcy but new songs, interviews together, a music video, an EP coming out.... Too bad, GNR
  11. This looks like a party Axl would throw
  12. Greta Van Fleet

    I think the exciting thing about Greta isnt so much their sound (which I really dig) but what they represent. There hasnt been an all new, young rock band to grab the world's attention like this in decades. They have exploded at an unprecedented scale. I dont remember a rock n roll band doing that in the mainstream's eye like that in my teenage and young adult life. Adults that grew up in the 60 s-70 s like them, teenagers and young adults like them, its awesome! They have the energy and that "it" factor, which leads them to have that chemistry together that reminds me of the old legendary bands of yore. That in itself makes them really refreshing to me even though their music is clearly influenced by Led Zeppelin and the like. That doesn't bother me either; they take their influences and wear them in their sleeve. Zeppelin straight up plagerized for much of their first record, anyways. Doesnt make me like them less. This is their first full album and they seem to already be branching out a bit from their EPs. They have a lot of career ahead of them and plenty of room to grow. I think they have some good tunes, too. I really dig Talk on the Street, Edge of Darkness, When the Curtain Falls, etc. They arent my favorite band or even new band (Royal Blood is) but Id call myself a fan and I'm excited to see them and how they carry on. Doesnt hurt they are from Michigan, either. lTheyrolde off to a great start. Also, it seems like Lover, Leaver is a radio edit and the album version will be 6 minutes @Iron MikeyJ. Really looking forward to hearing that.