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  1. Dirty Honey

    I like "Fire Away" a lot
  2. Dj Ashba proves he is shitter than ever

    I wouldnt call myself a great guitarist But man DJ is He does that same stupid tapping run everything insee him play. Sounds so bad
  3. If you view it as a standalone movie, its a little strange. If you view it as a 2 episode epilogue I think it is excellent. The writing and style hasnt missed a beat. Acting was top notch, and it was a nice addition. Its completely unnecessary, but a great watch anyways. It doesnt take away from the series either
  4. Here is a fun tidbit My best friend is somewhere in Tenessee with his parents and he saw Brian Johnson at the hotel (car show). His dad went up to him and told him he fell asleep at an ACDC show in the 90s and then my friend shared an elevator with Brian but chickened out saying anything
  5. Who Do You Want in the Rock Hall of Fame Next Year?

    All 5 of those on your list deserve to be in
  6. That'll mark 4 years since the reunion. Damn
  7. Tonto and Mustache grew on me. Both are pretty damn cool. I'll put those in the "good ideas" category Lead guitar at the end of ITW is cool, that should have stayed in
  8. I hear the Nirvana description and electronic description for Quicksong and Zodiac Atlas' description was totally off. Reminds me more of Yesterdays than NR
  9. I was never mad at NITL's setlist but its massive length comibed with the lack of new material in their future
  10. Very cool they did it. Outro was awesome. Kudos to Slash and Frank
  11. Yeah it is a slight notch below the others listed above but I still really dig it and I appreciate a short, to the point rocker. There are some other really great ideas on these discs with Devious Bastard, D Tune, Curly Shuffle, Dummy, etc. Easily another album or 2
  12. Zodiac with lyrics has shot up there with The General for my holy grail. Its simply awesome, everything a NuGNR rock song should be. God damn I wish we got those, Quicksong, Soul Monster, Oklahoma, and Prom Violence with lyrics. Those are all so good.
  13. Cannot believe, yet I still can, that Sorry and ITW are near identical to the album versions In 2001 he had near complete versions of IRS, The Blues, Madagascar, Prostitute, Better, Catcher, TWAT, Sorry, ITW, and Riad. 10 out of 14 songs were essentially ready to go and it came out 8 fucking years later. Not to mention Quicksong, Perhaps, Hardschool, Atlas, Zodiac, Prom Violence, State of Grace, among others were pretty much there along with a handful of very competent ideas. With a little bit of confidence and effort he could have easily put out 3 albums between 2001-2006 Fuck its depressing I also seem to be in the minority but I prefer Bumble's Shackler's solo and the final product. However, Bucket's work on these 20 discs is absolutely awesome. I initially thought there was zero Bucket on the discs and he is all over them! What a missed opportunity on Axl Edit- forgot chinese. He had 11 songs