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  1. GNR has now been reduced to the oldies/money hungry circuit. There won't be new material.
  2. The Struts

    These guys are rad
  3. Concerts in 2019

    So far I'm at, Marty Friedman Muse x2 Nick Mason Jaded Hearts Club Band
  4. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    And to be clear, losing the SoL or Big Ben would also be horrible. Monuments, art, and buildings can be extremely important imo.
  5. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    I also agree with posters who say they believe people should put more stock into social and environmental issues. Sure, it would be nice if billionaires pledged more money to important caused and people were more aware of them. That being said, its also important to feel the loss over something like this. I'm not even very religious, if at all, but I completely understand why a building like this is so important. There arent many things like it left. Religious importance aside, its a museum, a monument to human achievement, a piece of art, it's history and an icon. Its important to acknowledge human history and achievement imo.
  6. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    I think this is way worse than the Statue of Liberty. Its way older and an engineering marvel. Its historical importance and hat it represents for human achievement is awesome. I'm relieved more of Notre Dame is intact than was thought. They can rebuild it with time
  7. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    This is an awful day. Its one of the most historical buildings on the planet. I feel fortunate I've seen it and hope they rebuild it exactly as it was
  8. Game of Thrones - The Final Season

    A lot happened but it sort of felt fillery to me. Something seems off and idk what it is I hope they wrapped this story up in a good way
  9. I don't think wed have gotten another NuGNR album, anyways, so I'm glad they did the reunion thing. 2016 was awesome. Now, it isnt special anymore. They're another nostalgia band touring their limited discography. Maybe they'll do one more like Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, etc. Maybe they won't. They don't care I'll see them with less enthusiasm when they come to my city for a fun night out. Who cares. Oh well.
  10. Game of Thrones - The Final Season

    Having a watching party. In fired up but a little worried about this season
  11. New Muse album- Simulation Theory

    I know I'm talking to myself but I'm fired up. We decided to go to the Chicago show so we could sit in seats and experience the stage show better. We rushed after work and drove from Detroit. Walked in during the intro and made it on time. The video graphics were malfunctioning but it was still a great show. Muse show 5 for me and 3 for my gf. Now for the best part.... We got wind that Matt is in a sometimes Beatles cover band with members of NIN, Jet, and more. We heard they were playing a tiny bar after the show. We managed to not only score admission, but got to the front row. Chris joined in on a song and Dom watched the show. So we got to see 2/3rds of Muse rock out in a freaking bar. I couldnt believe it. It was one of the coolest live experiences I'll ever see Someone filmed it,
  12. Palp's laughter and the title were huge surprises to me. I am very interested to see what JJ cooked up. I hope the return of the Emperor doesn't overshadow Kylo Ren's story, though. He is my favorite new character and his conflict with Rey should still stay center. I also think and hope JJ found a way to give Luke a meaningful sendoff. I personally loved his scenes on Crait in TLJ. I want more, though. He doesn't have to overshadow the new cast, but I want some powerful scenes. Him narrating the trailer and the title (even if it doesn't 100% refer to him) leads me to believe this will happen. I'd also like to see Hayden Christianson in some capacity with a good script. If they bring a long dead Emperor back, why not? Anakin is arguably the centerpiece of the saga. I was worried JJ would do a boring and simple big dumb finale, but it seems they came up with something more. I hope this movie will be something special, I am very excited and really liked the trailer.
  13. It's Luke Looks awesome
  14. Panel starts at 12 eastern