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Status Updates posted by ZoSoRose


  2. Feeling pretty nostalgic for NuGnR tonight

  3. Just pre ordered 13 locked n loaded boxes to prove how hardcore I am to Axél

  4. L O L $1000. WHAT A JOKEEEEE

  5. Hey man, never got the CD. PM me

  6. What the fuck is a TURTLE dove. Get the fuck outta here

  7. Hey man! Would it be possible to put the studio vocals of Better on the Apollo recording?

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    2. ZoSoRose
    3. evader


      I lied. Removed about 80% of the live vocal. Replaced with studio vocal to match timing of live vocal. Sounds pretty solid. However, there's a loss of snare in the vocal sections, so I'll need to replace those. This is fun. I should do this for a living.

    4. evader


      Maybe I shouldn't do this for a living after all. :lol: Sorry for the delay:


      If it sucks, let me know why and I try to fix it.

  8. Obligatory drunk post of the year- fuck you all... with love

    1. Sosso


      Let's hope that you won't get fired from your band.

  9. Why aren't ya posting, Len?

    1. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      busy busy busy!  I'm about tho!

    2. janrichmond


      hurry back x

    3. AxlsFavoriteRose
  10. What the hell, man? Where'd ya go?

  11. Where have ya been?

  12. Art of Anarchy put on a good show

  13. Where y is the water. Cant even order a club samich!!!

    1. Powerage5


      Go home Mr. Lahey, you're on the liquor again!

  14. Nice name change lol

    1. Słash


      Thanks haha! 

  15. Having a little drinky poo and making my 10000th post here. Its been a fun decade, GNR forum world land. Thanks a bundle! 

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    2. RussTCB


      The 9600 drunk posts don't count.....................

    3. Padme


      Congrats for milestone!!! Celebrate all you want. You earn it. And don't pay attention what Russ says. He is just jealous  


    4. Gracii Guns

      Gracii Guns

      Congratulations ZoSo, enjoy your drinky poo! 

  16. Can we remove Del from the twitter feed? Maybe only keep it to GNR members. It's annoying as fuck (this is coming from someone who dislikes Trump)... I seriously don't give a fuck what he's eating or doing or whatever. Shut the fuck up, Del

    1. Padme


      Good call!!! We should remove all of them. Nobody is posting things that matter the most to us. Besides there are fans who follow all of them on instagram, FB or twitter. If something important comes up. We are going to find out one way or another.

    2. AxlsFavoriteRose


      agreed. i follow him on my twitter but yeah i would like to see him not on here.

    3. marlingrl03


      Yes, let's do that! :thumbsup: Paging admin...

  17. Happy New Years my friends!!!!

    1. AxlsFavoriteRose


      thanks! Happy New Year to you! :)

  18. Please let the force be with Carrie Fisher!!!

    1. AxlsFavoriteRose


      Amen! praying for Carrie Fisher :scared:

    2. Padme


      May The Force be with the world most beloved Princess. I wish Carrie a speedy recovery

  19. My band's first gig is tonight, woohoo!

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    2. gunsguy


      Glad ta hear it!

    3. Powerage5


      Next time make sure I'm on the guest list. I expect party passes!

    4. ZoSoRose


      Ill post pics and videos in "Nice Boys" when I upload them 

  20. SERIOUSLY JOIN MYGNR SECRET SANTA... I want some cool shit from one of you...

  21. "Its So Easy: and other lies" is on Netflix for those of you who missed it last year!

    1. ZoSoRose


      Gotta say, it isnt great so far. Kinda boring =/

    2. RussTCB


      Saw your post and tried to watch it. I thought it was terrible and gave up about half way through.

    3. ZoSoRose


      Yeah its not a good movie at all. Ah well

  22. Doctor doctor pleeeeaseeeeee

    1. Powerage5


      Longing for a Maiden gig? :tongue2: 

  23. Your ACDC detroit show got taken down :( any chance you can put it up again so I can download and keep it?

    1. KeifferGNR


      I do not know. Unfortunately Youtube with its copyright policy fails, fucked my channel. I lost motivation to continue doing these videos. I'm still considering whether I continue or stop with this work.