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  1. Thought it'd be nice to have one spot for all the lithographs
  2. Star Wars IX Thread

    They announced the cast and principal photography start today! Mark is confirmed as is Billy Dee Williams. Im stoked about that. Having Luke back was a must for me. I just hope he isnt a ghost in a scene or two... Also, its great they found a way to use Carrie Fisher but I have no idea how Force Awakens footage will work. Could be a wreck but I'll remain optimistic. I love all Star Wars. I am a TLJ fan, so I'm fired up. Yeah, it was messy and flawed, but the high points made it a great SW movie for me. Still, In glad JJ is back to finish what he started. I cant believe we are already on IX. It seems like it was yesterday I was obssesing over any info for VII. https://www.starwars.com/news/star-wars-episode-ix-cast-announced
  3. Un numbered Chicago ones. Bullshit right? https://www.ebay.com/itm/GUNS-N-ROSES-2016-lithographs-from-both-of-Chicago-Shows/273746185389?hash=item3fbc8b4cad:g:2VIAAOSwhBxcV1fc
  4. Cracks In Your Smile Demo

    God damn, @SoundOfAGun, another banger. I really like your music.

    Dude that gas mask shirt is awesome
  6. Axl was in the wrong profession if he didnt want to tour
  7. Captain Marvel

    I know, another Marvel movie. I liked it quite a bit. Not a game changer, but a good action flick Did anyone catch the not so subtle GNR references?
  8. The 'Halo' Thread

    I do too, I have a coworker who LOVES Destiny. I just don't understand it. More power to those that like the game, but I legitimately can't find the appeal on what the series offers. There is no content or rhyme or reason. The point of the game is to literally play the exact same scenario over and over again to get different loot that ends up being the same because of the leveling. Its like that insanity is repetition quote. I was extremely excited for Destiny. It was described and advertised to be something truly "next gen". I was expecting something that was what Star Citizen was supposed to be. I guess technology isn't yet at a level to give us the game I am imagining in my head. Either way, Destiny didnt even come close to what I expected it to be. I bought the first one on launch day. I remember my buddy and I playing it and exploring the planets. The first few hours were fun, then we realized there was no story or context. There was almost no lore or anything to find, no reason to explore the solar system. After a few days, something really felt amiss, but we kept going expecting the game to pick up at some point. I remember when the credits rolled and I just couldn't believe the shit I paid $60 for and spent years hyping up. God damn Bungie, how the mighty have fallen. Destiny, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Anthem, Halo 5: Guardians, both Battlefronts, Battlefield V, Watch Dogs, No Man's Sky, The Division, Fallout 76 (and even Fallout 4 to a degree), etc. This generation has been a massive let down for me for third party franchises and Microsoft. Only Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Witcher 3 have really been mind blowing experiences for me. Battlefield 1 was pretty good, too, but not anything revolutionary. I wish I got a PS4 instead of an Xbox One. It seems there are many amazing exclusives for Sony fans. Nintendo is finally doing well again with their first party content, too. I know this isn't exactly Halo talk, but I am very dissapointed Halo has become a series to join the ever growing list of disappointing game franchises this cycle =(
  9. The 'Halo' Thread

    Destiny was one of my biggest dissapointments ever. Fuck that series. Halo: Infinite is in a weird spot. If its just a vanilla Halo game with a 10 hour campaign and a PvP or bonus PvE mode like Firefight, it's like, what the fuck was the point in waiting 5 or so years? Even if it's good. So, to make it something special, Id imagine it has some elememts of an open world game. Id normally love that, but so many pseudo open world games are dissapointing and dont have anything to offer in terms of exploration. Games like Mass Effect: Andromeda, Far Cry, Destiny, Anthem, etc are shooting games that have semi open worlds with nothing in them worth exploring. None of those games have dynamic open worlds like a good Rockstar, CD Project Red, or Bethesda game. If 343 could go all in with something like that with good campaign missions and good PvP mode, it could be awesome. I dont think they can.
  10. The 'Halo' Thread

    I'll definitely get them for PC and Infinite on Xbox. I've been away from the series for too long so sounds good!
  11. The 'Halo' Thread

    And yes, 343 does bullshit quite a bit. Their intentions are good, but they really didn't know what to do with the series. They wanted to go in a completely new direction with 4. I think a lot of stuff they did was cool at the time, but most people hated it. They doubled down on making something new again with 5. Instead of building on the good parts of 4, they made a weird bastardized version of Halo with a terrible story. I think they realize the general masses do not care for their direction with the franchise, and are now touting Infinite as another soft reboot. One that will remind people of Combat Evolved. I know we know nothing about the game, but I'd bet it takes place on a Halo for most of it. It is probably semi open world, so you can explore the ring. That'd also give them an opportunity to cram more bullshit micro transactions into the game. I would have loved an open world Halo, but instead of being exploration and story based, modern multiplayer FPS open world games are stupid loot based games a-la Anthem and Destiny. 343 will probably chase after that fad. Or it'll be a vanilla Halo game that is taking way too long to make.
  12. The 'Halo' Thread

    5's multiplayer in a vacuum isn't bad, per se. It just is not Halo. For all the shit Halo 4 got, it still felt like Halo to me. Granted, it borrowed a lot of shit from COD and had a completely new art style, but it felt like a soft rebooted Halo game. That's what it basically was, I guess. I know everyone hates 4, and it basically sank the series, but damn did I love it. The maps were good, big team battle was awesome in it, the story and campaign was solid, it looked and sounded awesome. I thought it had a ton of content, too. Spartan Ops could have been better, but it was a pretty cool and original idea. It also had a ton of game types. Once they added classic slayer without the ordinance and over powered load outs and shit, it really wasn't that far off from Halo Reach. Reach added all the ability stuff, 4 just expanded on it. But yeah, 5 feels and looks nothing like Halo to me. Everyone freaks about sprint, but what about iron sights? All the maps play the same. To me, 4 shipped with a bunch of original maps that can be easily remembered. Adrift, Meltdown, Exile, Complex, Haven, etc are all really good maps that I remember fondly alongside 1-3's (Reach's maps were disappointing, imo). People look back fondly on Reach now, but it was almost universally hated by the die hard fans in 2010-2011. Bungie started a lot of the things people don't like about post- trilogy Halo. Abilities, bloom, loadouts, sprint, etc all started in Reach. Time was good to Reach, but I do think people forget how disliked it was before 4 came out. The maps were awful, too. Anyways, the hideous art direction and graphics in 5 all blend together making messes of maps that are essentially indistinguishable from one another. I can't name a single one. There were zero vehicles in slayer. All maps were simply a mess of corridors. They serviced the gameplay, but the new gameplay and map design are not what Halo is about. A hyper competitive, fast paced, movement based shooter Halo is not. Warzone was a massive bust, and then Big Team Battle was wasted with horrid forge maps. If Halo 5's multiplayer was branded as another franchise, it'd be a competent shooter. It still wouldn't compete well against other shooters of that time like Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and Overwatch, though. As a Halo game, it is a disaster. This is all without taking the horrible campaign into account. In hindsight, I guess I'd change my ranking to 4 below the original trilogy. I loved 4 and think it is underrated, but I understand why others don't. This thread has got me reminiscing, and 1-3 are truly what Halo was about. Combat Evolved in particular has become underrated. 2 and 3 get all the love for what they did to online multiplayer, but Combat Evolved was fucking legendary for its time.
  13. The 'Halo' Thread

    And I'd rank them, 1. Halo 2 2. Halo 4 3. Halo 3 4. Halo CE 5. Halo Reach 6. Halo ODST 7. Halo 5 Honestly, Halo 1-4 are all top games for me
  14. The 'Halo' Thread

    Halo is huge for me. Like shit, that was the game that really bridged me into modern games. The N64 was my shit. Aside from playing my friends PS1 and Super Nintendo, that was my first game system. I naturally got a Gamecube, but then my sister got an Xbox for Christmas for some Barbie game. I decided to give Halo a try, and holy shit, I was hooked. I love Nintendo games and all that, but Halo was the first game where I got totally obsessed with the story and world. The wait for Halo 2 was excruciating for my middle school self. I mainly played the campaigns until I got a consistent live account in college. I have great memories of the original trilogy. Its one of the most important game series for me. I really liked Reach and ODST for what they were, too. Reach threw me off when it came out, because I was a nerd and liked the book's story better and because the multiplayer was weird. I think its a strong Halo title, now, though. Then came 343's Halo. I was fucking stoked for Halo 4. Nostalgia was finally becoming a huge thing for me, so that and Star Wars VII were my holy grails of childhood sci-fi. I was fired up to have Master Chief's story continue. I can say I am one of seven people on the planet that loves 4. The story is kind of weird, but also really good as a jumping point for a trilogy. The graphics blew me away, and I dug the new sound track and art style. I am also in the vast majority of fans who had been with the series since Combat Evolved that truly loved the multiplayer. I dont know, but 4 still felt like Halo to me. I get why people didn't like it, but I thought it was fun as fuck. I played the shit out of that game. I was pretty good, too. In 2012, I was fully on board with 343. Their version of Halo felt different (like Star Wars Disney), but I was ok with that... at first. Then came the Master Chief Collection. On theory, that is an amazing idea. All the main Halo games on one disc with full multiplayer? What a hole in one. We all know how that turned out, the game was almost unplayable and I barely played it on my Xbox One. I should be playing that monthly (I'm old, that'd be a lot) all these years later, and I barely played it for a month. The remastered Halo 2 campaign was great, and all the other game's single players ran well. It was nice to replay all those, but the multiplayer didn't fucking work. Its cool its finally fixed (allegedly) and Reach and ODST are added and its coming to PC, but the package came out 5 years ago. That's bullshit. So the MCC was a mess, whatever. I was still excited for Halo 5. However, I didn't love the beta and having Star Wars return and rumors of a GNR reunion in 2015 diminished my interest. I still had very high hopes, though. The marketing was awesome, and I went to the midnight launch like I did for 4. I remember 4 having a pretty decent hype build up, and a good launch, but it was definitely the last release in the series to really have a big buzz, and even that was a far cry from the glory days of 2 and 3. I know 4 saw a ton of the original player base leave and a much more competitive and modern market means casuals and kids wont touch Halo, anymore. When Combat Evolved-3 came out, Halo was the juggernaut of first person shooters in a sea of WW2 shooters and a few other series. It wasn't until COD4 that people started to move on. I really felt that at 5's launch. I was also apprehensive because almost every review blasted the campaign. The campaign was always my favorite part of Halo. Holy shit, what a let down. Halo 5 to me is what The Last Jedi is to people that hate it. It diminished so much interest in the franchise for me. It took all the plot points I found interesting in 4 and threw them out the window. Instead of a cool 80s-90s "Aliens" inspired retro-future setting it turned into power rangers in space. It was dull to play, and I thought the art and graphics looked really bad. I still think 4 looks a lot better. I also just couldn't click with the multiplayer. Warzone had me excited, and the actual game mode got old really quick. Big Team Battle was completely ignored and only had hideous forge maps, and Slayer didn't feel right to me with the new movement mechanics. None of the maps felt different or iconic... blagh. Halo 5 sucks. I bought an Xbox One solely for Halo. I wish I got a PS4. I'll always love Halo, and still have one eye on Halo Infinite, but I honestly don't know what to expect. I have a feeling it will be a weird hybrid Halo/Destiny (which also sucks, imo. RIP old Bungie) with a half assed quasi-open world. I would have loved a Halo game like that 5-10 years ago, but I don't think 343 has it in them to make something special that unites the player base AND brings in the casuals. I also don't think Halo will ever regain the popularity it once had, the market just has too much stuff to compete with now. COD finally had its day, then Overwatch, now whatever Battle Royale franchise catches teenager's attention. Halo had a legendary run, and was a good bridge between "old" games of the 90s and 2000s and now.
  15. The 'Halo' Thread

    Oh man... I'll post a shit ton later
  16. You'll be able to get one for 100 in a year or 2
  17. Captain Marvel

    I thought the first portion when she wasnt on earth was awesome. Would have liked more of that. Supporting cast was great, though. I thought her friend and friends daughter, and the Skrull were good and having Samuel L back in a major role was nice to see. There we're a few scenes in particular I really liked and Brie Larson has a lot of promise as the character. Another casting win for Marvel and I think shes going to fit in really well with The Avengers
  18. More takedowns?

    Its a shame, and the youtube take downs have become very commonplace in other fan-communities. I have read about this being an issue with other people. Its a mix of people like our "friends" abusing the system, and youtube itself
  19. If the allegations are true it is definitely rape
  20. As bad as the documentary is, I think its sort of silly for radio stations and TV to ban him now. These aren't new stories and evidence.
  21. Fuck it, I caved and watched it all. I always hoped nothing happened. I didn't know the full details of the allegations. I thought it was always "he touched them a bit while they were in bed" (which is heinous enough). Nope, nope, nope, nope. I had no idea how far reaching the allegations were. Now, I definitely think stuff happened. =/ Really rough watch, of course we will never truly know or have absolute proof, but that was really enough for me to see. All the family members, the stories, their behavior, etc. God damn
  22. Ghost

    I really like this remix
  23. After the LTD Tour, if the next thing Slash does isn't new material with GNR, we can lose hope then