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  1. Thought it'd be nice to have one spot for all the lithographs
  2. Terminator - Dark Fate

    I actually prefer Genisys. It's way worse and weirder and stupid fun.
  3. When they come to your city, maybe go and have a good night out. Who cares Maybe don't, who cares There is no album
  4. Just view GNR as a nostalgia act that is 3/5ths the real deal and its whatever They/Axl made it clear through their touring schedule from 2017-now that's all they(Axl) want(s) to be
  5. Should have read less Hit Parader and maybe gone to school instead, to fill your self proclaimed blank mind Its not Slash
  6. Theyre just cool keepsakes from the shows. A t shirt will get worn and faded, the rest of the stuff is cheap and expendable, these are tailored for each show
  7. Mick Fleetwood's Tribute to Peter Green

    Was Peter Green there?
  8. Coronavirus - Outbreak in Europe - Italy quarantine

    I'm better enough to go to work today so I guess no coronovirus for me
  9. Coronavirus - Outbreak in Europe - Italy quarantine

    Im sick af but it isn't respitory
  10. Coronavirus - Outbreak in Europe - Italy quarantine

    I was just in Italy, hooray
  11. Ozzy Osbourne Ordinary Man released today

    I think the album is pretty good. Wish thw guitars were higher in the mix with a little more punch. With more pronounced guitars and a solo, Little Green Men could have been even better
  12. Friends HBO Reunion Special

    Its not an episode, it's probably them just tapping about the show I liked friends when I was younger but it didn't age well for me. Ross is a pathetic creep and Pheobe is an annoying weirdo Jennifer Anniston is hot though
  13. Ozzy Osbourne announces he has Parkinson's Disease

    He should just pack it up. If he really wants to do a finale, play a few shows each in LA/NYC/UK and call it a day He has nothing left to prove to anyone and should enjoy retirement.
  14. Terminator - Dark Fate

    Finally saw it on a plane Not surprised to say I thought the movie sucked. Another pointless and forgettable Terminator sequel
  15. They announced the cast and principal photography start today! Mark is confirmed as is Billy Dee Williams. Im stoked about that. Having Luke back was a must for me. I just hope he isnt a ghost in a scene or two... Also, its great they found a way to use Carrie Fisher but I have no idea how Force Awakens footage will work. Could be a wreck but I'll remain optimistic. I love all Star Wars. I am a TLJ fan, so I'm fired up. Yeah, it was messy and flawed, but the high points made it a great SW movie for me. Still, In glad JJ is back to finish what he started. I cant believe we are already on IX. It seems like it was yesterday I was obssesing over any info for VII. https://www.starwars.com/news/star-wars-episode-ix-cast-announced
  16. $360 really isnt all that bad for what you get tbh. Closer to what it should have been on release
  17. Dirty Honey

    Waycjinf then now. Great concert
  18. Foxy Shazam 2020

    Oh hell Yeah Gonzo was so bad. Hope this is good
  19. Rolling Stones Eternal Touring Thread

    From my understanding you cant do it for 3 people. Theyre always sold as a pair
  20. Travelling thread

    My gf and I are going to Italy Tuesday. I'm pretty stoked