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  1. While you have been gone I have been shit posting in your honor 

  2. The Most Depressing Album Of All Time ?

    Yeah something like Right Said Fred is alright. There’s something about hearing the boy and girl bands in a row with a Mariah or that canadian woman. It has this cheap plastic Mills and Boon melancholy to it. The nostalgia makes me feel depressed. Even now the uniformity of the hip pop has a sort of cattle herded to slaughter vibe.
  3. The Most Depressing Album Of All Time ?

    90s chart music is very depressing.
  4. I think that’s what I said. But there is a sort of old new divide. I’d switch YCMB, Pretty Tied up and Heavens Door to I and RNDT, Dust and LALD to II. I is a little more sex drugs and rock n roll. To not open one of the cds with YCBM is a mystery to me. I guess it’s sides of vinyl. Or a pick me up late on side 2 of II. It does fit released before or not quite the best one or slightly less expected. I is the true follow up to AFD. Other than YCBM most of II might get is this really GNR? A lot of I has a foot in the AFD era.
  5. I’ve heard UYI I was like the follow up. Then UYI II was more the leftovers. But Axl said he saw it as one big 30 track album. Sometimes it does seem like that with the order of the trilogy being Don’t Cry, November Rain, Estranged and then songs about the end like Yesterdays, Breakdown, Pretty Tied Up being on II. UYI I has a lot of Izzy songs: RNDTH, Dust, Don’t Cry, Perfect Crime, YATF, Bad Obsession, Bad Apples, Double Talkin Jive. With Live n let die, The Garden and Nov Rain it has a much closer feel to AFD era stuff. Dead Horse is like Axl’s comment on that era. Coma closes it out. The one thing is I think YCBM should have been track 2. Dust is more UYI II. You wake up from the Coma with Izzy on 14 Years. He’s kind of over the whole thing. Civil War is a political song. Yesterdays is obviously saying goodbye to all that. There’s new punk songs like GITR and Shotgun, So Fine which seem like new Illusion era songs. Breakdown and Estranged also seem new. Pretty Tied Up Izzy is predicting the end. There is a kind of mirroring with Coma/Locomotive, Dust/14, DC on both. Songs with lyrics about Illusions on each DDM and Loco. A cover on each. Singles like NR on one and YCBM on the other. There’s balance and elliptical feel with DC at both ends. But basically UYI I is old. UYI II is new or more experimental. I feel like YCBM should have been on I. You can see the order because they released Yesterdays, Civil War, Estranged as later singles.
  6. Axl is a bit like Mike in that they were like superheroes, when they became just human people thought they had lost it or had a hard time justifying their new lives.
  7. I don’t hate it on principle.
  8. Not that I’m aware of. What is Polish?
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    Yeah meds and exhaustion. They are actors. So they probably do interviews and promo and hate it but turn on the charm when needed.
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Kind of interesting https://allyourscreens.com/index.php/latest-news/5387-nbc-news-journalist-william-arkin-sends-blistering-memo-as-he-leaves-the-network
  11. General Chat / Random Musings

    I can’t see youtube videos. What’s the general idea going on? My theory in general is artists or entertainers tend not to have a self. Call it narcissism if you want. But there’s a lack there they are trying to fill with this other thing they do. So it’s kind of pathological. So they really care about creating things. If they don’t or aren’t they fill the hole with other things, distractions from the empty feeling they have.
  12. It’s Axl’s civic duty to CD the CD.
  13. But Dj was iconic on the Patience solo. That whole is pretty entertaining.
  14. Witcher 2 is on play-asia.com. Far Cry 2 is on gold this month so I’ll give that a go. I’m sort of into warriors and mage mode though.
  15. There might be CD era songs but none of this band were really around for the writing of CD. Only Axl and Dizzy. The real CD guys were Tommy, Pitman, Finck, Bucket. Once you replace them you get a different sounding record.