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  1. Where have you been bro? 

  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    They are lying about things as most politicians do but Trump voters don't seem to care about Russia. So it's a changing culture towards Russia, where they are lying about talking to Russians but not everyone thinks they should need to. Meanwhile Trump is doing peace deals with Putin in the ME. They defeated ISIS together. And why not pursue Hillary with the same vigor? Trump supporters will probably see it as the corrupt media trying to remove Trump unfairly. So unless they impeach Trump when he runs again he will be like this embattled survivor. There's a difference between a russian lawyer and the russian government. So how much this goes to removing Trump from office I don't know. The fact there was nothing to use makes it seem like entrapment etc. Still a lot more smoke than fire. I guess it could be a reason to surround yourself with family. All these Trump family members will take a dive for Trump. So they take the risks and he just rants on twitter.
  3. Will be at the show even if the stadium burns down?
  4. War for the Planet of the Apes

    Seems like I need a couch to watch this. HBO night.
  5. The Official SOCCER Thread 2016/2017

    New team: Foster Walker David Luiz Daniels Lindelhof Countinho Herrera Ali Zaha Lukaku Lacazette
  6. I see it more like Get in the Ring 2. "I'll kick your ass like I said that I would"
  7. My take is that new material wasn't the first priority. Firstly they had to be on good personal terms. I think whatever bad feelings Slash and Duff had dissipated to the point where Slash was saying sure he would do it. But Axl was completing the CD era. With no future in releasing music, Slash and Duff coming back is the only profitable thing to do with Guns. It's what the fans wanted and what the industry is doing now, touring bands. Maybe we have seen the best music from these guys and releasing a low selling album just isn't worth it, or it has to be a great record they believe in for it to happen. And maybe they are good with that? Maybe in Slash and Duff's mind it's just to make everything good with Axl and the fans and end on a good note and celebrate the music they made. It's weird though because I like Death Magnetic, the VH reunion record, later day Aerosmith. But it's like what new songs are they going to do that break into the current live set? I could see them doing one song for a soundtrack or like a Best of like ACDC did with Iron Man 2. Terminator 5 - The Best of GNR with one new song that is used in the movie.
  8. Last full album you listened to?

    Death Magnetic
  9. The whining thread

    Nothing like sexual harrassment to make time fly.
  10. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    Yeah it wasn't special effects that made me like the first one or the second, it was more that we are apes metaphor and grittiness of it. Guess the realism was effects. I heard something about communal living apes, like it's not believable? Whereas as the first two I didn't think get those hey this is a bit bollocks moments. Maybe more in two. But the rise of Ceasar was bad ass.
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    They aren't really lying, they are just doing things that aren't allowed. The real lies are why those things aren't allowed. When everyone is lying and it's just who gets caught that matters it gets a little foggy. There should be a free press but it should also not be biased. But with good reason.
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    The real issue is not about lies. It's just that why is it so bad to talk to Russia? The answer is about how they are evil on same level as the nazis, but it's more about the Petrodollar not the corruption of democracy. If we really cared about that we'd nail Hillary for colluding with CNN to win the DNC election. We don't really care, it's the Petrodollar that matters. Just like how we don't want regime change for humanitarian reasons. It's because Assad threatens the Petrodollar. And the Saudis don't but they still behead more people than ISIS. So Saudis are fine with us. So I wonder why Trump is messing with Russia. If it's because he wants to do deals with Russia why is he working with the Saudis. Maybe it was just a way to convince voters there would be no war to topple Assad? We're going to work with Russia to defeat ISIS. That seems to have happened. Then you look at Don jr. They were looking to get dirt on Hillary but they aren't really trying mess with the Petrodollar, but that is what they are getting attacked for. Maybe they aren't seen to be doing enough. Maybe they really are a threat long term to the Petrodollar. For the Trump family it's just about becoming a Dynasty, and they did wat they had to do to get elected. This is the next level, their shot at being established, protected. So I feel like in the end they will bow down to the neo cons. He'll go down the second round and someone else will take over to regime change Syria. Then I look at the Russia lawyer and it looks sometimes like they were set up. Or the media really do go hyperbolic on it and play into people's preconceived notions of Russia as this great evil and the humanitarian angle, white guilt etc. But what we really do is just support the Neo con petrodollar agenda. And Trump's people were flirting in dangerous waters but gambled to get the dirt on Hillary. Have to wonder who thought that was a good idea? Overall I see it as an example of why change won't happen. Trump sold us empty tv boxes full of bricks to further his family. You can go full conspiracy and say he's just there to keep the neo con agenda going under the guise of change. Because seriously do they not understand Russia is no go zone. This whole thing seems to be in place since the election. Everything makes sense when you follow the petrodollar. If Trump isn't doing regime change in Syria to benefit Russia then he's gone, there's no other outcome. But they have no plan for who would run Syria after Assad is gone. Look at disaster in Iraq. So it makes sense to destroy ISIS first but with Russia's help is not popular. But will Russia end up running Syria? Unless it's the Petrodollar I don't see a threat from Syria to us.
  13. Twin Peaks returns (Confirmed)

    I'm really not good following stories, I normally get obsessed with style and dialogue. I almost make up my own stories.
  14. Stephen King's The Mist

    I don't think it was Carpenter's The Fog, it's an old movie. Like early horror like Wait Until Dark.
  15. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    What didn't you like about it?