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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    Customer service people freak me out when they talk. I know it’s a script but it seems so natural and friendly. Like the woman at the airport customs. Very nice but when some still has their belt on nice to nasty in 2 secs. It must be a nightmare job dealing with the public.
  2. Tribalism is used to control us.
  3. Racism and freedom of speech are two different things. I don’t endorse racism at all, but I think freedom of speech is more important. Once you start limiting speech you can control political discourses. It’s okay until they come for you. Using Roseanne to illustrate how that could happen doesn’t really mean you tolerate racism. It’s just there’s a strong enough case that what she said was used to silence her politically. You are who you are, not what you say. I think heavy handed treatment of her just enraged Trump supporters fueling more tribalism. Although I think ABC within their rights I think it could have been handled differently. I think they turned a teachable moment into becoming what you hate. Unmerciful dictators. Of course if you have an unapologetic racist using ABC as a platform then that’s different. If you can’t speak openly it eventually ends in violence. Most disasters of the 20th century started with limiting free speech.
  4. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    I thought he died in that bullet festival at the end of the movie. The Crow was a must have on dvd, along with The Usual Suspects and Die Hard.
  5. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    Ready Player One. Probably the only relevant movie to be released since Wall-E. Spielberg is the shizzle. Rampage. The best action movie since Twister.
  6. The T.V. Show Thread

    Bosch. Season 1. Read a few of his books. After a few eps I realized the pace of it. It’s gonna be a long cold winter.
  7. I’m talking about the principle of things. We sort of do have freedom of speech but as we are seeing only for opinions we like. It’s easy to isolate things and just say that it’s wrong and that is fine. But consequences are another thing. We all decide what we like or not. Firstly I would say everyone has or will make a mistake. I don’t think one tweet from Roseanne deserves her to lose her career. I think the reason we think she deserves to lose her career is slavery. One tweet isn’t perpetuating racism to an significant degree, treating people as a protected race is as damaging. Accepting apologises brings people together, to throw someone away only breeds tribalism. And this leads to violence. I guess my liberalism extends to even have stmpathy for bigots and racists. I want to understand what or why they think these things. If it was part of a personal campaign or trend then it needs to be addressed. And again she was trying to make a joke about someone she thought was white. There’s very little tolerance going on. Comedians can’t riff on twitter. Freedom of speech is very important to comedians I think, to speak truth to power. But there is a nit picky word thing going on. You can’t say a word but you can bomb the hell out of the middle east. What kills more people? We are talking about a specific world of celebrity twitter politics. None of this applies in everyday life. It’s just rhetoric, almost like a game. Actual racism is much more matter of fact and just a mild disapproval. Like a lot of chinese people just don’t like japanese people. It’s an inpersonal racism really. Like my relatives won’t tolerate shoes to be worn in the house. It’s better not to track dog shit stains into the house. Intolerance of shoes in the house is a good thing. So many paradoxes, you seem intolerant of racists. I just can’t blame individuals for history. Basically I could track dog shit into the house, I don’t think I should be executed for it. Same with fat shaming, they would just move onto not tolerating a different dog shit. If you think about it people are very judgmental all the time, almost unconsciously. It’s a fear thing I think, to nip things in the bud is less scary than looking at it in a broader context.
  8. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Wealthy people drink too. But yeah we’re not like working billionaires like Bezos or Zuckerberg. I think it’s time to go French style. Pastis and olives. Or Campari and tonic is pretty good. Broke but drink like a retired Las Vegas casino owner. But yeah health. Dyin’ ain’t much of a livin’ son.
  9. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    I feel like I’ve been drinking everyday for my whole life.
  10. Who is America?

    What is funny is people trying to do Borat impressions.
  11. But you have to have freedom of speech to do the test of what’s funny. Comedians road test their stuff. We as a culture develop theough trial an error a lot. Just establishing some jokes do offend, it’s just what to do about it. We are intolerate of murder. Sometimes fat shaming helps me lose weight. Intolerance isn’t always negative. What I was saying was only 1% of white men were responsible for slavery. To dump all of that on a comedian who used the N word at a show is too much. Like Roseanne isn’t even racist but she pays for slavery. This to me a political thing. I don’t think it’s always equal. Roseanne made a mistake and offended someone. They were offended. She lost her entire career.

    He’s like Messi in that way. Ozil has had good players around him. But Arsenal’s problems have been a lack of defensive conceen in style and market. If you have all the players you want you can play attractive football to the end. But sometimes you just have to win ugly. Arsenal lost pretty. And no one got fired up about it. Wenger’s mentality was to keep playing football. The system overtook the individuals. It’s hard to really motivate the players. I’m not sure City players really care that much about winning. The fans care more about actual results.
  13. I think point about knowing people is more I am affected by people face to face. But if someone takes something I did or said and makes fun of it out of my sight then it doesn’t hurt anyone. There’s a lot of micro to macro stuff going on. Like someone said I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed someone make a bad joke in public, but the internet has brought up new situations to get offended in. I think the main point across that is the idea that a joke is offensive. You are saying cancel anything that might be. Common sense dictates the obvious ones at first, but then it grows from there. Even new jokes offend someone somewhere. And the idea that jokes are or can be made under some unbrella of self censorship isn’t reslistic. People just say things. We’re really talking about afterwards deciding what is funny. Comedians face an audience and that’s the judge. Funny is often found in the wrong truth. Day to day comments can just be bigoted and probably aren’t funny and there was no need for it. But it helps to have things out in the open to discuss or work through, like you say the victim can make a joke back. But often there’s this judgment in return which makes the victim become the oppressor. They want to ruin that person or they want to enforce tolerance when there’s valid reasons for intolerance. There’s a sort of cartoon depiction of victims and oppressors, the burden of history assigned to one person. So one joke then becomes the reason for slavery. This backwards appraisal is often not historically accurate. It’s an easy to way to feelgood and a joke is the wrong target. There are real issues to address. Jokes or free speech help you sift through all that. If every issue is reduced to buzzwords that can be shutdown, then that in itself is the real oppression or at least another form. I think there’s an assumption here that a joke about say cancer is an attack on the victim of the affliction which I’m not sure is the case. The joke comes often from some shared mass delusion. Like there was a joke about a boy who had a bad report card and when he took it home to his mum she had just died, his first reaction was thank god she will never know I flunked spanish. What happens is people get up in arms about how can you make a joke about a dead mother. But people laugh because it’s a surprise truth that you do and can say or think things that aren’t really the done thing. The joke really about how serious we take things that might not matter.
  14. Because they are more public forums, so you can offend more people without really having to find them. It’s really taken the art out of it really.
  15. I think people are laughing because of fear. They don’t want to be fat. So they get triggered. So there’s often a reason people are laughing at you. But it’s also a form of empathy. If you never have tried to ride your BMX over a ramp and ended up in the river, it’s not as funny.