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  1. British Politics

    Paying a lot of lip service to aging nazis of the EU.
  2. Oreo cookies

    Liquorice Allsorts.
  3. Fortus Interview KSHE

    CD II is coming soon.
  4. I just remember the perspective being from above wandering around a castle talking to people. I’ve never played RPG other than Fable 2 if that counts. It seems like a time thing. You need blocks of 4 hours to get into it.
  5. Oreo cookies

    Oreo McFlurry. The machine never works and there’s a good chance at Typhoid but worth the risk.
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Exactly they aren’t going to shut down government jobs or stop wanting our taxes to pay themselves with and funnel it to arms dealers.
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    You seem to be missing the point that Obama was still part of what has happened. Which is only my opinion and I’m no political expert! I read what I can and try to make sense of it. Most of what you said is true in how I worded things. But in general I think I’m on right track. Of course they were funding Al qaida/ISIS in Syria and Yemen. Sometimes they have different names. But that’s not the point. They always seem to fund rebel groups against the regime in power. Or are basically siding with Saudis in ME in generally. Why is that? Why do they want regime change in Syria? It’s never the humanitarian reasons they give. It’s probably because Syria fund Hezzbollah in Iran or something. It’s an ongoing agenda to back the Saudis in ME. Obama has been part of that and now Trump is really going to ramp it up. That’s just a broader link to how torture helped Obama admin get Osama. He definitely stopped at lot of torture on American soil. But there were black sites in Iraq and Afganistan like that movie Zero Dark Thirty. In a way he was part of the cover up of the torture/wars of Bush admin. To me he’s part of the same thing just in a less obvious way. When I say Obama it’s mot personally him, just that era. He seemed to good intentions. Whereas Trump is a killing machine at this point. I can’t find the exact quote but that was what was smart about Obama. He helped protect Iran in some ways but also helped Saudis in Yemen. He didn’t really do much to help the people of Yemen though. And now look at it. It was obviously all about supporting Suadis against Iran. You have to look at things more broadly to see why that might be. You can gripe about who’s to blame the most but the pattern seems obvious and it’s going to continue in Syria and Iran. And a lot more people are going to die so that arms dealers can get rich. All I was trying to say was Trump is actually distracting everyone from the history of US support of Saudis in ME. But it seems like now it’s on Trump’s watch watch he might get the blame for it. Like I said we can bury all our guilt with him.
  8. Year in review

    I don’t drive. I’m in recover.
  9. Oreo cookies

    After you lose feeling in your legs. Oreos.
  10. British Politics

    There’s sweat actually coagulating in my bra right now.
  11. Oreo cookies

    You need to drink 4 cans of Tennents first. Then review them. Once a year I don’t make you eat shit, have some class and respect the offer.
  12. Oreo cookies

    What about Ferrer Roche or whatever spelling it is
  13. Oreo cookies

    Waffer thin mint?
  14. British Politics

    There is no reason to kill animals though. You can get protein from tofu or beans. So if you care there’s an option. I do think about it. I couldn’t literally kill a cow other than my ex (die bitch), but yes I couldn’t even kill a chicken. I like fast food because of the salt and trans fat not the meat.