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  1. Itsa marketing campaign like anything else.
  2. Whoever, my point is you can get worked up about qualify and it be over in two games. So let Tunisnia do an England this time. I sort of remember when Japan and Senegal were completely rubbish. Where are Ivory Coast?
  3. I think that’s what I said. If you can’t beat Sweden maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to go to the WC. That goes for everyone.
  4. Maybe mixing the groups across continents earlier. 1 from each continent in a group in qualification. But what would happen is it would be Europe teams and SA teams and the rest of the world wouldn’t develop. Like even though Tunisia lost to England a kid in Tunisia might watch his country in the WC and that sparks his ambition. It’s a tournament but also a showcase. It isn’t the best quality football, but it’s big celebration of football. It gives smaller nations to have heroes as well. Or just players in that country to play in a WC. The players in Italy and Netherkands are all ready rich and played in WC and champions league. Germany will win it anyway.
  5. You can’t call it the World Cup then just have European and South American teams. That be like baseball and take years of inbreeding and sandwich eating not to notice.
  6. How else are they going to get bribes.
  7. England had easy group and now an easy group.
  8. Tough groups. Not sure England had any rivals of that calibre.
  9. That was a stupid goal.
  10. Who qualified instead of Italy and Netherlands?
  11. It’s all going pretty well. It’s Panama though they haven’t won in 11 international games. I’m notsure how they qualified.
  12. How is the elbow in the face not a penalty? If it’s England.
  13. Let the nightmare begin.
  14. I want at least one South American grudge match. One thing is losing to Croatia another is a Uruguay Brazil QF. Hopefully England avoid Germany because it looks like it would be 6-7. Although they have struggled to score when the floodgates open...,
  15. the eating stuff thread

    Angus Beef burger on brioche roll at Burger king. It was hard not to get two.