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  1. I saw your posts on freelance writing. Upwork I think it was called? How long have you been doing that? Just asking because I'm interested and have been doing some writing for years now, but I would be nice to make some money off it.

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    2. wasted


      I saw someone wanted Paranormal stuff in the creative writing section of upwork. But it’s generally selling your stuff to someone else. 

      But there’sa lot places to send stuff. Let me just look for this markets site i use

    3. wasted


      Ok I searched for Ratan writer’s markets. I think this is it’s new form

      https://allfreelancewriting.com/writers-markets/?markets=&frm_search=Short stories

      I think if you go through that list you’ll find somewhere to send your stuff. 

      I’ll look just out of interest too. Paranormal stories?

    4. wasted


      Ok found it


      search “pay” markets if you want to get paid. 

      This has a lot links to markets too




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