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  1. While you have been gone I have been shit posting in your honor 

  2. I saw your posts on freelance writing. Upwork I think it was called? How long have you been doing that? Just asking because I'm interested and have been doing some writing for years now, but I would be nice to make some money off it.

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    2. wasted


      I don’t know what you write, but just find a mag or webzine you think fits, and really follow submission guidelines. 

      Depending on what you want to do you could get 2-3 stories published then start to look at big publishers. 

      Or self publish on amazon and promo yourself.


    3. Destiny


      Sorry for late reply. Thanks for all the info. Will look into it all once I get off work. I don't write any one particular type of stories, just whatever the muse seems fit to bug me with.

      How would you say your experience with using upwork was/is? 

    4. wasted


      Ok but you’re a gun for hire, it doesn’t feel good. 

      If you want to get published or  find a home for stories Ralan is better. 

  3. the eating stuff thread

    After failing at the cooking health food thing, now I just eat stuff. Today I went KFC for breakfast. I got the two sausges, scrambled eggs, hash brown, coffee set w/panini and jam. Then for lunch i got the double burger sausage burger at mcdomalds n coke. Dinner is 6x Asahi beers and football with fries. talk about stuff you ate here