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  1. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    Exactly. Charging three times face value for tickets to ‘Platinum Artists’ and suchlike - they should have plenty in the bank to see them through. They, and the artists, have been ripping off fans for years. Between GNR, Ticketmaster and TB, it’s hard to feel any sympathy for any of them in this situation. The postponement/cancellation announcement from GNR was embarrassing. It reads like it was composed in a rush and that they’ve done sweet fuck all to deal with this. Every other show I’ve had cancelled has offered a refund straight off the bat...
  2. Sorry guys, I think you misunderstood my response. In this instance it wasn't directed at Axl, but at the person who suggested I was out of order for taking a shot at Axl by being 'verbally abusive' about his decision to take to social media to call someone else an 'asshole'.
  3. Bit rich when Axl's opening gambit was to call someone an asshole...or that time he came here to call Madison a cunt.
  4. Axl’s reply Tweet was embarrassing. It’s like it was wrote by a 12yr old. Notoirous recluse Axl Rose, who lives in a big ass house in the Hills, backs the continued lockdown...of course he does. Nothing will change for Axl. Means he doesn’t have to get his fat ass of the sofa to do another round of the tour.
  5. Perhaps they saw the release of the children’s book and called Time of Death on the band? I know I did.
  6. Most dangerous brand in the world...
  7. Absolutely fucking done with this band. I’ve defended the band and tried to see the business side of the tour announcement (or lack there of), but what the actual fuck is this horse shit?! I won’t spend another penny on this band. That’s me 100% done.
  8. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    They'll have to tip toe very carefully with any statement. And that statement, even if issued by GNR, would come from solicitors. Any suggestion that the band wants to pull out could be seen as a breach of contract. Yes, yes, I know other bands have cancelled their shows well ahead of time, but if being GNR fans over the years has taught us anything, legislation is hot on the heels of GNR at all times. I'm sure this situation is no different. Many people stand to lose a SHIT TONNE of cash right now. Everyone is keeping a poker face. Legally, it's probably best they keep quiet even if that hurts the fanbase. It isn't like it's anything out of the norm for Axl & Team Brazil! What I would say about Ireland, is that given that release of the roadmap, I would hope that you guys will get an announcement very quickly now that the government has effectively banned any gigs for the foreseeable future. Hopefully the promoters can line up the same venues for the same time next year and we all keep our tickets. That would be my preference. Perhaps we'll have a new album and Axl will be in shape (other than round) by then...
  9. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    I get that. I really do. But people won't get an instant refund anyway, but I do understand that need and the anxiety around money. Ryanair are talking about 6 MONTHS for refunds. FWIW I don't think GNR (as in the band, Axl, Slash & Duff) are pulling the strings here. It will be with solicitors, managements of various companies, venues and logistics. It's a BIG ass tour with a lot of money at stake. That takes some time to resolve. On that, we very much agree! I think that's the nail on the head dude.
  10. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    They should announce when they have something concrete to announce. Making an announcement without anything confirmed would just create more confusion. These aren't normal circumstances. I'm entitled to air my views, even if I'm pretty relaxed about what happens next. People are losing jobs, taking massive pay cuts and haven't seen their families in weeks - not to mention, you know, people are dying and shit. I know people have money invested in these shows, but honestly, there are bigger things to worry about. When the shows are rescheduled, you'll keep your tickets, or claim a refund. If the shows are cancelled, you'll eventually get a refund. No point getting worked up about it.
  11. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    So it'll be one of the three outcomes mentioned above. Settle down and wait. Perhaps they're trying to organise events next summer? You have considered the band & management might not know exactly what is happening yet due insurances or venue arrangements? There are tonnes of other bands still with tickets available. Even ADTR is still selling tickets for 28th May for example. The whole world just went to shit. It might take a while to reorganise big shows like this, or arrange huge refunds. Do I think it's fine? I have bigger things to worry about to be frank.
  12. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    Dude, do you seriously think a 50k ticket show is going to go on 4 weeks from now when people can’t even going back to offices to work? We can’t even open a clothes store in the UK yet. How would anyone take a piss at the show? Imagine queuing for drinks/food. How do you keep 2m distance in standing sections? How would turnstiles work? Unless there is some miracle in the next week or so, the show isn’t happening. I have no interest in forum politics. But what he posted is a pretty accurate assessment of the situation. Take a look at the plan Ireland just released for their lockdown exit strategy then see if you think the show will happen.
  13. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    Perhaps he isn’t the official spokesman, but he is talking common sense. The show in the UK will not happen in May 2020. You will eventually get a refund, vouchers, or you’ll have tickets for the rescheduled show. They’re pretty much the only outcomes. I suspect as soon as the UK government confirms lockdown is to continue for a further 3 weeks we’ll hear an official announcement.
  14. I think Nothernsoul means those tickets that had been returned for exchange or resale when someone decides they don't want to go to a show anymore have been paid for. I sold some tickets back to TM last year. They hold the tickets, resell them to another buyer, then once the show has been and gone, or in this case cancelled, I would receive the money for the tickets I sold. TM don't pay up straight away. They wait until after the show.
  15. It’s likely in Europe that anything from August/Sept onwards will go ahead. The tactic is to delay the spread, not to contain it. By April, May this fucking thing is going to have spread across almost the entire world and we’ll be mitigating the the virus and burying the dead sadly. The peak in the UK is predicted to be in April/May. Certainly by August on, there won’t be much point of delaying and hopefully we’ll be out of the mitigate stage. Will the summer festivals go ahead? Who knows. The UK shows in May? No chance in hell they're going head is my guess.