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  1. The admins here want to earn some extra money with us.
  2. I can't understand some of the comments here. Twat was really fantastic last night. Axl gave it his all and also Slashs Solo was very good. No complaints from my side.
  3. I'm blown away... I had already lost hope to see a decent performance of Axl again, but in all the videos from this show I watched you can clearly see that he's trying especially hard to deliver a good vocal performance and he's really nailing it. I never thought I would this kind of stuff again! Thank you Axl.
  4. Slash would have cornrows.
  5. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    This professional recording really shows how bad Axl sounds on many songs. But I still enjoy it! Amazing to hear the NITL Tour finally in good quality.
  6. Maybe the name of the new album?
  7. I'd ask Slash to do an interview together with Axl and speaking about everything that happened between 96 and 2016 and what were the real reasons for the reunion. Second question would be if he would ever reform Slash's Blues Ball. I really enjoyed that stuff back then. Love to hear Slash playing blues stuff and covers.
  8. I think Axl just loves that guy. He makes him laugh and all that stuff and he's a great honest guy to be around with. And I think it's hard to find that kind of people when your name is Axl Rose - you know to find real friends, but I think Baz is one of them.
  9. Axl's voice change in 1999

    Me too. When you say, he's saving his voice, I'm not sure of that... Because there are lots of videos of several performances where Axl is trying really hard to get some rasp and nothing's happening. Then I wonder why it still worked in 1999. It's all a mystery to me.
  10. Axl's voice change in 1999

    But why didn't he use this voice anymore in 2001 at the live shows? When I see the footage of Rio, you can clearly see that he's at times really trying hard to get some rasp out of his throat.
  11. Axl's Guitar Chops

    Who says Axl played it?
  12. I'd like them to add Pretty Tied Up, Locomotive and Breakdown. That's all I ask for. And throw out Better. Man, how I hate that song live. The studio version is okay. Not anymore, dude. It's been thrown out.
  13. Please change the fuckin' setlist for the start of the European leg.
  14. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2017 Edition

    I think it was the new King Kong movie.
  15. Hey guys, I was just wondering when I read this other topic lately about the New Live Era overdubs. I was listening to that stuff and I thought: How can that be? The overdub-voice on the Live Era recordings sounds not exactly, but quite similar to the old Axl from the 90ies. Still lots of rasps. Not as much, but still good. And in the same year he recorded Oh my God and Cather in the Rye (we have the demo of that) and his voice sounds like today, totally clean and all that. How can that be, that his voice changed so drastically in the same year? Was he just trying very hard in the Live-Era stuff to deliver the rasp or did he have an operation in the same year? What do you think?