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  1. I actually wanted to say: Try to learn to sing again.
  2. He should try to sing again at first instead bashing against Trump. Enough other people are doing that.
  3. Axl really has to retire. He's such an emberassement. Richard - find a new band and have fun. And Slash, continue with Myles - way better singer and more exciting shows.
  4. Probably nothing new will happen. Axl became so lazy, especially when it's about creating something new and exciting for the fans. Sadly the other musicians, especially Slash and also Richard, and of course the rest of the band have to play the same set over and over again, cause he doesn't want to sing any other songs, or let's say exciting songs for the fans. Fuck Wichita Lineman or whatever it's called and all these other stupid covers...
  5. Wishlist (Not Setlist!)

    That they finally start to treat their loyal fans with respect. What they do now and for the last years was treating us like shit. No new music, No interviews, Overpriced tickets and releases, and their manager insulting the fans.
  6. Axl impersonator covering Starlight by Slash

    Sounds more like Bon Jovi with a raspy voice.