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  1. Sad news, eventhough I never liked his music. He had a lot of kids, feel so sorry for them.
  2. Most sensitive fanbase?

    Yeah, Justin Bieber, One Direction, 5th Harmony all the bands that have a huge teenager fanbase are the most sensitive by far. Just check out youtube or something and see for yourself.
  3. Your top 5 solo artists of all time

    Janis Joplin Hendrix Prince Michael Jackson Elvis
  4. I liked hearing Slash saving most those songs. I never really got into CD, not enough feel into the songs or something. Slash as no other can bring a song to life and imo he does it with the CD songs. Except for Better, they shouldn't play it at all imo. I don't like how Slash plays that and Axl can't sing it well enough anymore. I loved hearing Sorry, Slash totally saved it and it was pretty good.
  5. You don't even want to know the jokes we make about Germans Edit: Lol, Evan was faster than me
  6. It was disapointing anyway. I hate they used a windmill, so boring. Well thank god it were not wooden shoes, it could have been even worse.
  7. There was a litho @Nikki_Sixx. Maybe the girl didn't understand it was a litho and not a poster. edit: oh brownstone was faster in answering.
  8. I personally went nuts with Coma, that song is special to me, so hearing it played live almost brought tears to me eyes. I can be so pathetic at times. I also loved hearing I used to love her, such a fun song.
  9. Like I said, AC/DC was huge in my country, seriously huge. They could sell out a goffertpark twice with Brian still in, in the past probably. Tickets for AC/DC were always hard to get, it sold out in an instant. So most of the people loved to see Angus. You can see it in the vids as well, the crowd was excited. He is very loved over here, so nobody was complaining. I am an AC/DC fan and truly was hoping for it. It seemed he was staying in his house in Aalten, I was really hoping for him to show up and he did, yay. So most of the people there loved it and that's all that matters in the end. What a great show it was, can't stop talking about it.
  10. Out of likes, but I like!
  11. I will adress the reaction on Angus. I was in the circle and the crowd loved it, maybe only a few couldn't care less, but that's a minority. AC/DC and above all Angus are extremely loved in my country. We all know Angus has also a house pretty near to Nijmegen, since his wife is dutch, so I think a lot of people weren't suprised. I personally truly hoped it as well, so it made me happy. Show was totally awesome and very long
  12. Werchter was so much better arranged. They had lockers, you could leave and bring stuff to your car, I could bring my walkingstick (I can bring crutches, still trying to figure out the difference) stuff like that. You expect Belgium to be this strickt, but they were very cool.
  13. Seems Amstel hotel. It's right in the centre of Amsterdam and close to the red light and all. http://www.amsterdam.intercontinental.com/en/
  14. Haha, it was so funny. Lio is always so calm and nice, saw a totally new side of her. People were looking to her and than to me in suprise and said to me, they didn't want to get into a fight with her. So funny, I responded 'wow me neither'! But Lio was right, we had protected our spot for hours, no way we would give it up without a fight and in Lio's case literally. Anyway, I had lots of fun. It was an awesome day. Seeing the guys together was just so great. Seeing Slash playing the songs, is truly amazing. Axl was looking for his voice in the beginning, his voice sounded tired a bit fragile, but after a few songs it was a lot better. But I didn't care, it's the whole show and experience what makes it great. If you expect him to sing like when he was young or hitting every note, just forget it. But if you want to have a great time, seeing those guys together, giving a kick ass show, definately go see it.
  15. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Lol, it should be a warning sign that those countries went well, instead of the European countries, who are very close friends with the US.