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  1. Nope, Axl/DC was awesome but not on par with 2010. Just... not at all. 2010 was Axl Master Class.
  2. Final thoughts: - Axl gave his best performances since 2010. That being said, Axl sounded much better in 2010. Sadly, I doubt he will ever be back to his 2010 level. The Gn'R catalogue is so hard and demanding... 2016-2018 was great, but nowhere near 2010. Also, sorry to say it again, but Slash can't play the CD material. He sounds awful on those songs. Granted he sounds perfect on the older catalogue. But I wish we had Buckethead or Bumblefoot to cover the CD material. I was praising how good Axl sounded in 2010, I told all my friends he was back to his 90's level... You had to be there at the right time to witness it. I remember Bergen, Oslo, and Paris. It was fucking great. Sadly some morons didn't listen. The worst excuse was "yeah but Slash isn't there" and they didn't go to any of the 2010 shows. Same morons who bought their tickets the minute Slash was back in the band. Same morons that think Axl sounded "better than ever" during the 2016-2018 shows but weren't there in 2010. Garbage followers. - The setlist was incredible and I can't congratulate Axl enough for singing Coma at every gig. - But they didn't bring new material on the table in two years (except some cool covers like "Black Hole Sun"). Sad. - The shows were tight. -But nothing is suprising. Overall, I will not attend a new Gn'R show unless they release new music. I have a huge respect (more than that, actually) for Axl, and if it wasn't for him, I would have stopped listening to GN'R. To be perfectly honest, I'm only in for Axl and would love to hear the rest of the Chinese Democracy vault. Axl took the hard path. For that, he has my eternal respect. I wish things turn out for the better for him. He deserves the best.
  3. Sure, but what I mean is: if he kept this bad quality clip for so long, it must mean he doesn't have the real deal (I thought he had it, don't know why I had this in mind, he has said so much stuff I may have been confused). Apparently he got this clip in 2010, it just leaked today, so... I highly doubt he has the studio version. If I had both in my possession in 2010 and if I put myself in the mindset of selling this kind of stuff... I'd have sold that clip in a package much sooner, when the value was supposedly higher, when the CD hype was there. And would have waited to sell the studio version later on. But he's kept this clip for 8 years. It says a lot. I really doubt we'll get much more than we have now, until an official release (which may never happen) : ( However, it seems to me some of the leaks we got have been dumbed down on purpose. The Shackler's remix doesn't seem complete (there's a nasty cut during the last solo, very weird, Brian wouldn't do that), OMG and Silkworms aren't what I'd call proper studio quality, and of course, I know the HOB original file is 10GB, which isn't what we got. I'm happy the man who bought it leaked this to us, I hope he'll leak it again in the original quality. Other than that, I don't see what we can expect. Sure there's the Checkmate clip that's been floating for a long time, and may suggest someone has the full song. As for the rest... (and if you know more details about this feel free to pm me ; ) )
  4. Disagree, I like what they're doing. The "Sorry" remix from the video sounds very promising. Too bad Melissa's voice isn't on the "If the world" remix, she has a great voice. Weird I didn't notice her voice last week in Paris, I guess she must do some background vocals but it must have been buried in the mix.
  5. So... that's your recording we're hearing. That you sent to MSL in 2010. Makes sense, actually, since he helped his friend who sold all those leaks, and probably got some of the money as well. Fuck. This means MSL doesn't have the real deal. Otherwise why would he & his pal have kept a crappy recording for 8 years if they had the studio version? I'm happy we got all this, especially HOB, but it's not like we got the songs from CDII in proper studio quality. And from what I understand now, none of the hoarders have them. Which explains why they have negociated the 2K price (and maybe it's even more than that) for these remixes & demos & bits of garbage + HOB. Well, let's hope for a CD fully loaded box in 2028. Guess we got most of what we could get for now. Maybe we'll hear clips and bits of some stuff but I don't expect a single full leak of a CDII song now. I thought there were stuff of much greater importance hoarded for so long... I'm a bit disappointed.
  6. Just tried this for you. This is how I feel the background melody is like. Misses notes and bass chords, and it's not the right tempo, but I think that's the general idea (no pun intended). Let me know what you think.
  7. What? Is that the true story? Are we listening to different songs in this clip? Can you tell us more about this, and the after party?
  8. This remix is actually very cool... I like it. Gonna try this out in my car tomorrow.
  9. Shackler's Revenge Remix leak **NO LINKS**

    Hearing Axl's voice autotuned is very surprising... and Sagat's "Tiger Uppercut" WTF hahaha
  10. I can actually make out what the melody is now. You really have to focus but it's doable. I love the second part of this clip with Axl's singing and Tommy's bass guitar. Can't wait for the full thing to leak or be officially released.
  11. Hum, again, I can't find this : p @evader Thank you very much for your previous work. I actually like your Silkworms version better than the recent legit leak.
  12. Interesting... I remember reading somewhere Axl had played some CD songs in some lounge bar. I guess this was recorded there by someone. Good catch! I hope we hear this song someday.
  13. Yeah, I won't buy any of this stuff. I consider myself a hardcore fan, but the content of those boxsets is absolutely not what I'm looking for. Granted, they look cool, but I see nothing useful in there. Am I going to use the washable tattoos? Nope. The rings? You got to be kidding. What's the use of ticket replicas exactly? Am I supposed to wipe off my ass with those? Do I care if the book is made out of leather? No, I just want to read something interesting, like say, Axl's autobiography. What's the next step, release a boxset made of gold for $1.000.000? I can't justify spending either $180 or $1000 in those boxes if I'm not going to use anything, or not hear anything really new. Also, I kind of hate the "we made this out of real leather" and throw in cheap tattoos. It's really disguising shit in gold. If you want to make a luxury item, then don't include garbage, it's simple. I remember when Chinese Democracy came out, there were loads of deluxe boxsets everywhere in Paris music shops, and they barely sold. They had to lower the price several times and even when it was sold for $50, I didn't even buy it. They are making the same mistake. Even if Appetite is much more popular. Unless they lower the price a lot. I would consider spending $180 in a boxset if what we had was something really exclusive and never seen/heard before, or hard to find. I'm sure they have loads of live shows in great quality they could put on blu-rays and make a huge boxset with that. Imagine a boxset with the first shows of 2001 in amazing quality, some unreleased songs... Songs that were supposed to make it on Chinese Democracy 2, the CD remixes... Why didn't they remix Crash Diet like they did with Shadow of your love? Why only Move to the city and SOYL? I don't understand why they went for something so uninteresting. I'd like to hear new music first and foremost, and Axl's thoughts. That's it really. Or even, you know, a nice exclusive t-shirt. Something I could actually use. If anyone's gonna use those dumb looking rings, please send me a picture
  14. It sounds a lot better in person. Really. Which is surprising because, in 2012, he sounded really bad in person. His voice was weak. The videos did capture how bad he sounded that year. Again, I left the 2012 Paris show early because of that, couldn't stand it. But yesterday, he sounded a lot better than what I'm hearing on the 2018 videos. I can't quite explain it properly, but there are variations in his voice, the different tones he uses, that aren't captured properly in videos. Also, obviously, the mix is terrible on the videos, it's a mess. You don't hear the various subtle sounds and parts of the different musicians & Axl on stage. Believe me, Axl sounds awesome this year. Can't take anything away from the man. Or the band. Everything is tight. Only bad moment was This I love. And parts of Civil War. Other than that, it was amazing.
  15. My review: it was great overall. What I'm the most impressed with is how tight the band is: they make it sound SO EASY to play. Great musicians. They clearly have all worked extremely hard to get to that level and make it sound that easy. The setlist was great. I wish they had played TWAT or Catcher, or another deep cut, but I really can't complain. I think it was 3 hours long which is... awesome. Axl's voice was phenomenal most of the time. Much better live than in the videos . I was highly impressed. He nailed most songs (especially Nightrain and Don't Cry). He even impressed me on Coma (so glad I finally heard this monster live). It's still not his 2010 level, but it's pretty damn good. "This I Love" was terrible. There are two songs where I wasn't completely happy with Axl's vocals: "Civil War" and "This I love". But what really killed "This I love" was Slash's horrible take on it He murdered the song. They should stop playing this live, for real. Slash can't play the solo and it ruins the instrumental part. I had a very nice time overall. Thing is, I felt those guys had nothing left to prove... Or do they? I will definitely not attend another show for years, unless they release and play new material. It was great to finally witness Slash, Duff and Axl together, and spend some time in their company, but I expect something fresher next time. Something unexpected. Something surprising. Something new. I think that's what this show lacked. 2010 was surprising on a lot of levels. This show from 2018 was not. It was a well-oiled machine, extremely tight, and very much enjoyable, but... it lacked the urge. Does it make sense? Don't want to sound negative. It was still an amazing show. And glad to see Axl this happy.