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  1. COVID-19 Outbreak

    The situation is going to get very, very bad. The things to really keep in mind about this new coronavirus: 1) It spreads extremely fast with a R0 estimated to be from 3 to 6, but in some cases it's 15, meaning one infected can spread the virus to 15 people in some cases. 2) The Death Rate is 3% (and it doesn't only kill old people) 3) You can contract the virus a second time once healed from it, and you have more chances of dying the second time you get it (it's still not clear wether you contract the virus again from another infected person, or if the virus remains hidden in your organism and symptoms start to show again) 4) The incubation period (when you contract the virus) is estimated to be between 7 to 14 days but in some cases it can go up ton 27 days which is completely mad. This is why so many people are infected this quickly because a lot of people have the virus in the organism without showing any symptom 5) This virus can survive on surfaces (door, floor, packages, etc) for a few hours but it's also rumored to be able to survive for 9 days (which I still cannot accept) Several experts predict 40 to 70% of mankind will contract the virus within the next year. It's going to be an absolutely mess worldwide. It's just starting and it's already affecting the economy. More and more events are being cancelled everywhere. Some people like Bill Gates are concerned about Africa and poorer countries where healthcare is a catastrophe, but I'm concerned about everyone as a whole. I simply can't imagine how bad it's gonna get in the next 3 months only as we will have to quarantine a lot of areas in a lot of countries hence blocking the economy. Given how the virus is currently spreading throughout the world, it takes no genius to figure China is lying about the epidemic being contained. It's not. And I'm not sure how it can since you get infected again once healed. I'm not even sure a vaccine could work. Maybe in time they will find a proper vaccine that's 100% effective, but it will take over a year being very optimistic, and this is in the case the virus doesn't mutate. China has taken huge measures to try to slow down the epidemic and by doing so has slowed down their economy. This is why everyone is back to work there but I can bet the epidemic is still growing and that they will have to communicate about it later on. Some people want to stay hopeful thinking the virus will be gone by summer. Flash news: it is summer in some countries as we speak, and the virus is there. A lot of our respective governments are outright lying about the seriousness of the situation. Donald Trump has completely downplayed it, as has our government over here in France and as a lot of other governments are. They want to buy time, keep the economy working and making it look as if nothing really worrying is going on. For those who think it's just a regular flu or cold: have you seen China take such measure to quarantine over 50 million people in the past for other epidemics? Do you think any government ever quarantines cities (like Italy has done recently) for a flu? Have you seen so many events cancelled in a row for a flu? It's dead serious people. Because it spreads so fast, because the death rate isn't 0.1% but 3% and that's being generous, and because you can contract the virus another time enhancing your own death probability. From a recent study we got from China, 33% of the people who died from it had no medical precedents. 65% of the people who die from it are men, but some scientists think it's because men smoke more than women in China. There are a lot of younger people who died from it, it doesn't only concern people over 60 years old. Most countries are currently trying to cover the information as much as they can to avoid panic. By doing so, I'm dead sure the effect will be the contrary once most people in the world start to see the deaths in their families & friends. Because as we speak, only a very small number of the worldwide population is infected. Because this pandemic is new, because it's still young. But it's going to grow exponentially within the next few months and won't be contained as nobody took the necessary measures. Even China. They may have quarantined 50 million people, but that still didn't prevent a lot of infected chinese people to travel all around the globe. And they allowed people back to work when the virus is still very present in their country and will infect again & again. My best advice is to buy 1/2 months of food & water if you can. Food that can be eatable until 2021 at least if you can. You don't need to buy a huge stock at once, but a small stock every day next week. Also try to keep some cash and not only depend on your credit card. Who knows how bad it's gonna get. We're not all going to die (if the virus doesn't mutate with a more lethal death rate, which has a probability of happening since the virus has reached most countries), but the economy is going to be severely f***** worldwide, there is going to be a lot of paranoia everywhere and human interactions are going to get weird. Take this very seriously. I wish you all the best. Take care.
  2. Solutions

    This is what I'm doing. I think we should follow this basic principle. I have completely shut off Gn'R from my life for over a month, completely fed up by what they've been doing. That doesn't prevent me from listening to some of their tracks now & then, but I absolutely don't support the current band & anything related to their business/communication. They have completely lost me & my interest. I only visit this forum now & then to see if there's any evolution and fully support Russ. Very sad that things have come to this.
  3. "Would've just been another way the album got further delayed". Oh. Right. That's why we got an early release in 2008. Thank you for your great insights Underhardy.
  4. Your lack of logical sense is disturbing. "I sung it on a christmas eve" means "I recorded it" to you? Amazing. To me it just means he has a pretty good idea of vocals & lyrics and tried it on a christmas eve. As for the other sentence, it's just a hint he'd like to record & release it for people to hear it. Doesn't prove he had recorded it properly in a studio at that point in time. That being said, I sure hope he recorded it and that we'll hear it.
  5. I don't think it's fair comparing artists like Prince who released shit ton of stuff while alive to Axl who has not released any new song officially in 11 years. As for me going too far, probably. I'm not from switzerland.
  6. Yes that's what I stated in another post here and thought it was obvious it my initial post. I'm not stating no other vocals exist beside this locker. I'm pretty sure now there must be another 50 cd's we've never heard about. I guess you didn't understand my post, or maybe my english sucks so bad my point didn't came across lol. Main point was to underline how there was all this instrumental stuff by 2001 and Axl had done only a third of it and picking some shit like Rhiad & Silkworms over some gems. I guarantee history would have been different and could definitely see a 2001/2002 release had Axl worked harder. I'm in no way saying there are no other vocals done after that time period.
  7. He confirmed he sung it on a Christmas Eve, not that he recorded it in the studio, check the facts. Now, that could also mean it was recorded and I did mention it could have if you read my entire post. Still, I'm mainly talking about the 1999-2001 time period. Who knows how many of those instrumentals have vocals now? It's only a speculation game.
  8. What a load of self centered nonsense.
  9. It's the whole package really if you recoup everything. Nonetheless, always nice to read everyone's opinion on this. I have my point of view and it's harsh. Deserves other harsh point of views hehe.
  10. Conclusions on that time period only (1999-2001). Who knows, maybe he did record a lot after that. There are talks of 40/50 unheard songs with full vocals. Who knows. Maybe I didn't make it clear enough in my post (& sorry for my approximative english) but my point was, he could have released an album in 2001 had he laid down vocals on most of the instrumental stuff & wasn't so butthurt about Ezrin's advice/take. Instead, it was a clusterfuck for another 7 years and we ended up with CD 2008. And nothing since then. 11 years without a single official new song. Blows my mind.
  11. "That's all that band did during those years". That's already a lot, instrumentally speaking, for such a short time period (1999-2001). I do think that's pretty much it for those years.
  12. Out of so many CD's and different versions from the same time period, I think it's safe to assume all of the vocals that were recorded are on there. It's possible Axl knew how to sing some of them (like Oklahoma) and had lyrics prepared, but he didn't record it.
  13. Just wanted to share a few thoughts with you, and with Axl, if he still reads boards. I appreciate this forum & most of you here, great discussions have happened there, and Russ is doing a great job at handling things. That being said, my history post speaks for itself: I've mainly been an Axl supporter, hardcore supporter I might say. The following is just my opinion, of course. I had big doubts about the reunion and didn't feel right about it, because to me it meant no CD II happening, and basically ignoring a lot of what went down during that CD Era, what Axl had to say on Slash, and doing a complete 180. But then again, that was just my opinion, and it's great that the guys made peace. That sends a good message to humanity. But I wasn't wrong in my predictions and I hate to be right on those things. Nothing happened in almost 4 years except the same shows, mediocre Axl vocals, and absolutely no new material. Now, with all those leaks from the CD Vault, and since we're almost done with the 20 CD locker saga... It gives a completely new insight of what really down. Does anyone recall when Axl said, in a 1999 interview with Kurt Loder: "We've been working on... I don't know... 70 songs?" Many here speculated Axl didn't have much going on in the vault and this was bullshit. Well truth is, it was half bullshit. It wasn't 70 "songs". It was maybe 70 instrumentals, with a third tops having vocals. The band sure was productive as far as musicians go. As for the band singer? What a joke. When State of Grace, Hard School, Perhaps and Atlas Shrugged leaked, I actually told myself "hey, I knew it, Axl had been working hard on this stuff, he had saved stuff!" Then the rest dropped, little by little. All those great instrumentals, most feeling finished. That "Me & Elvis" fucking masterpiece. And no single vocals on them. Nothing. He sure knew how to pick the right musicians and expected the best from them, but as for himself? Wasn't expecting the best from himself. At all. One can just admire what the band had to offer, the variety of genres they explored, their creativity, their commitment to the mission. And why so many eventually quit. Those guys (Tobias, Finck, Buckethead & the others) were productive and talented as hell. They sure were superior to the original line-up with Slash & Izzy for one thing at least: they knew how to explore a wide variety of styles, not just old school hard rock (not even going to talk technically). As for Axl? He didn't work nearly as much as the other guys from the band, nor as he led us to believe. You have to take two things in consideration here: 1) His vocal takes are untouched (except very minor changes on the blues ending for example) from 1999-2001 to 2008. That tells a lot. On the other hand, the band recorded variants, there were loads of takes, redoing everything, many musicians covering other musicians parts, hell's work. 2) He sings on a third of the instrumentals. Now, one could argue his vocal takes were perfect to begin with. That was what I thought originally, because on most of CD 2008, he sounds great. I've always loved his different vocal approach. But then, when you listen to "Eye on You", "State of Grace" or "Perhaps": do those sound like definitive vocals? To me it doesn't. It feels half assed. Doesn't feel complete. And I could argue that now that I think of it, he should have redone vocals for CD 2008. The band did go through the trouble. Why not Axl? One could also argue he picked his favorite tracks to sing on. I sure can't buy into that now. How the fuck did he think Silkworms and Rhiad were better picks than "Me & Elvis", "Zodiac", "Quick Song", "Oklahoma", and so many other instrumentals of great quality? It just blows my mind. With that taken in consideration, when Axl offered the song to that Bob Ezrin guy and was told he only had 3 good songs tops and sure could do better... Now that we've heard all of that, I think Ezrin wasn't the fuckhead we made him to be after all. Put yourself in a producer's shoes for a sec. You're given songs from the Rough CD 1 mix. Honestly, fanboy aside, how many A-list songs are there on there, objectively? 3 tops. TWAT didn't sound as good as the definitive 2008 version. As for some songs on there like Prostitue, was it ever going to be a hit really? No. Not even sure one could consider any as real A-list song (beside The Blues) that would have been a guaranteed hit back then without Slash to sell it alongside Axl. Now, regarding what was in the vault instrumentally, just imagine if Axl had laid vocals on all of them, and had worked his ass off on every vocal take to make it sound perfect & polished. How is State of Grace this half assed? Axl sure could do a lot better back then if you just take Street of Dreams for example. If he DID have so many full songs completed, how many songs would have Bob Ezrin judged worth? Surely more than 3. How in the hell could a producer accept garbage like Silkworms & Rhiad when there were crazy potential like Soul Monster? And how in hell would a producer think it could work when branded "Guns N' Roses". You had OKLAHOMA AXL! OKLAHOMA! Now that would have worked! GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! This whole thing just blows my mind. To think Axl had this band working for him non stop coming with so many instrumental gems, some of which were totally in the vibe of Use Your Illusion and some taking it to the next level (and not some idiotic electro BS which made no sense either for this band or coherence with the band's legacy). And what did he do with that? Close to nothing. Was he really that sensitive when he was turned down by Universal? Come on man. Axl the legend who rants about everything was hurt because Silkworms & Rhiad suck when you have goddamn gems to work on in the vault? WORK YOUR ASS OFF!!!! It's not like there was nothing and the musicians were incompetent. I also thought Axl chose poor songs like Rhiad, If The World and Scraped to save some of his best for CD II. I originally thought there was not much going on that the CD 2008 songs and some other songs like The General & stuff that he would save for a follow up. I was cool with that. Why not since apparently, the production was hell. But really, just from 1999 to 2001, he had soooo many options to choose beside those 3. Thing is, he most probably never bothered recording for all of them. Maybe Soul Monster, Zodiac, Seven & Oklahoma. As for the rest, I'm pretty sure he never gave Devious Bastard a chance, never completed Quick Song, and so on. I wouldn't call those tracks genius either, but sure far better picks than what we got on CD 2008. Instead, they went on overproducing shits like Rhiad for almost a decade. They butchered songs that were already impeccable to begin with and only needed a proper master like The Blues, Catcher & others. Why not just give the other instrumental a proper vocal take while NOT adding stupid layers and replacing perfect musician's work like Brian May's, and then turn everything to Universal. Imagine how things would have turned differently. Now if you couple that with whatever Axl has been doing since 2011, and especially from 2016 til now (except the glorious AC/DC tour), I think it's safe to conclude Axl has been lazy as hell, has completely failed himself, has not seen the potential that was there, was not objective about his own self, has given up on things a long time ago, and that most of what went down is on him. His own goddamn fault. Not Ezrin. Not bandmembers who quit. Not "I don't know what oh god life is so hard". Fuck that shit. How can you show up this untrained to a gig like last saturday? What went down when he showed up for Rock in Rio 2011? How can you have so many goddamn instrumentals with potential and do NOTHING with them for years while the rest of your band sacrifice everything? I find this situation absurd. And the management at no point said "hey, why not make a boxset with all this vault, it will sure please the ones who supported CD & the 2002/2006/2007/2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014 tours for all this time". They had all the time in the world to do it. They didn't. And Axl? Zero communication. All efforts spared. No vocals on most instrumental in 2001. Unacceptable. Bottomline is: Axl fucked it up, alone. It's fucking crazy. He had it all and sat on it, crying about whatever. Dammit.
  14. Very interesting comments. I figured Slash would be number 1 and Bucket number 2, but didn't expect Finck third considering all the shit he got throughout the years (especially live). As for my views, I have to divide into categories. Best Guitarist Technically 1) Buckethead 2) Bumblefoot 3) Richard Fortus 4) Slash 5) Robin Finck 6) DJ Ashba 7) Izzy Stradlin Best Creative Input for Guns 1) Izzy Stradlin 2) Slash 3) Robin Finck 4) Buckethead 5) Richard Fortus 6) Bumblefoot 7) DJ Ashba Best Performer Live 1) Bumblefoot 2) Buckethead 3) Slash 4) Richard Fortus 5) Robin Finck 6) DJ Ashba 7) Izzy Stradlin That's why it's so hard to rank them imo. Especially regarding the creative input part. I have doubts about Slash creative abilities as of now for Guns, for example. Overall, here would be my final ranking. 1) Buckethead 2) Slash 3) Izzy Stradlin 4) Robin Finck 5) Bumblefoot 6) Richard Fortus 7) DJ Ashba I feel Buckethead was criminally underused, and at the same time, extremely bold choice from Axl to choose pick him back then. So uncanny. Overall I think he was the guitarist with the most potential, and is an undisputable genius, as well as a very entertaining performer live (I love his style, as corny as he may look). I feel Slash was essential to Guns, to the sound identity, and great performer too before Chinese ever happened. When I think of Guns N' Roses, my mind is divided in two: the CD era, and the classic era. Slash immediately comes to mind when thinking of classic era, as important as Axl for the iconic part. As of now though, I don't think he fits for CD songs, at all, and I have a lot of doubts about his abilities if he touches Chinese stuff. Izzy was without a doubt even more essential to Guns than Slash was regarding the Classic Era, he's the man in the shadows. Not a good performer though, and very limited technical abilities. But the best composer for the classic era for sure. Who knows what would have come up had Izzy worked alongside Paul, Finck & Buckethead on the CD stuff. I doubt he'd be of any use as of now though, but probably still a better fit than Slash to compose. Robin Finck is criminally underrated by fans in general imo, especially when we're talking about his abilities. I didn't rank him very high on the technical part, but Guns have had very skilled guitarists. I do think he's a very skilled musician, even if he fucked up from times to times live. He put a lot of soul and feel to the live performances and knows his stuff. The recent leaks just show how much of a creative input he was to the band. Bumblefoot is underrated too, though a lot of people appreciate his undisputable skills. I do think he's a good composer and did a good job on his CD parts... even though with the vault leaks happening, it's clear Brian May for instance, did a far better job than he did on Catcher. I feel Bumblefoot's main problem was the tone of his guitar, how it sounded live and in the studio, it just doesn't do it. Brian May is a genius when it comes to sound, Bumblefoot isn't. His sound doesn't match Guns N' Roses, from my perspective. He'd sound crazy with a better sound. As for his live performances, he was by far the best guitarist on stage from 2006 to 2014 and gave the best respect to all the songs he covered. In fact, I think he did the best job out of all Gn'R guitarists, ever, on covering everything from AFD to Chinese. He just knew how to perfectly reproduce everything. His only problem: his fucking guitar sound/tone. Richard Fortus is very, very underrated on this poll, despite me placing him so low here, because even if it looks like he was in the band forever (since 2002), he hasn't been used properly. I feel he's one of the most gifted guitarists technically, and as of 2019, he's the best guitarist in the band. Yes, I believe he's technically more advanced than Slash. Problem is, he was never given the most technical stuff to play and shine, though he can definitely play them, and we haven't heard him enough in the studio. Who knows what he could come up with? In regards to Guns next album, I feel he's the only hope in the band. Regarding his live performances, he's constantly upped his game, and I was very impressed when I saw him play each time, he's extremely gifted. DJ Ashba finishes last for me, no surprise there, though I never understood all the bashing. I think he's a great guitarist and a great performer live. I think the main problem was his style, he looks like he comes from a parody of a bad Tim Burton movie. I think what he did with his Better remix was interesting, and he's gifted in Sixx AM creatively, who knows what he could have come up with? I would actually have liked to witness that. He impressed me each time I saw him live, and I was fortunate enough to attend shows where he didn't fuck up anywhere. He actually did a pretty good job at covering CD parts & Slash parts, and was very cool to the audience, even if he posed a lot. Thing is, as much as Axl let him shine on the stage, Bumblefoot & Fortus were still more competent than him, so that sucks a bit. Ashba should have been the third guitarist, period. And we never saw what he could come up really, creatively speaking. Who knows, maybe he could have made some cool original stuff. I did like his Ballad of Death song, live. To conclude: I like them all and I appreciate what they brought to the band, either live and or in the studio. Not one single shitty guitarist/uninteresting player in my book.
  15. I'm curious about the results. Please choose your favorite Gn'R guitarist ever. Didn't include Paul & Gilby as they've not been in the band long enough imo. We'll see who gets the most love...