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  1. Go say that to all the people who bashed the band constantly between the 90's and 2010, when Axl was still kicking asses and taking names, and all the bad press he got. I find it astonishing the press was so hard on him when he wasn't with Slash (and was actually in much better shape all around, especially vocally and DID some fucking effort to play new songs), and now they're so nice. Just because he's back with Slash. It's ridiculous. I think what we have now is actually far worse than any other time in Gn'R history, because at the end of the day, the person that matters the most (to me anyway) in the band is Axl. If he's not up for the mission, the mission is a failure. I'm one of the people who were supportive most of the time, whatever the lineup, because Axl delivered. I don't care so much if a guitarist fucks up or the drums are no Adler or Brain. I don't even mind if the setlist is the same when I attend different shows (like I did in 2010, 4 shows and not so much variety in the setlist, but at least there WERE some variations). Only times I was really disappointed is when Axl fucked it up (like Rock in Rio 2011). Now, ever since 2011, I've begun to doubt what was going on with Axl and wasn't as present on the boards as I was in 2009-10. Between 2011 and 2014, it was a weird time, and I didn't give much shit anymore. Axl did the same things over & over & over again, with no new music. Nothing. Nothing for me as well then. Even some members of the band complained about it. And his voice got weak. If you compare anything from 2011 until now, to 2010, Axl has lot a lot of his voice. I was only really surprised with the Axl/DC shows. With the reunion, everyone got their hopes up, but I didn't. It meant no CD II (at least for a while, and I wasn't wrong on that; I don't even think the whole will get even released officially ever, one can only wonder what the fuck happened), and it meant probably a lot of shows with the big 3, without going nowhere. And so far, this reunion has gone nowhere, except a shitload of shows, with a weak Axl, and not a single new song (please don't say shadow of your love). And now he's weaker than ever. I just hoped that with the rumors of a new Guns album with Slash & Duff, Axl would have something to prove again and that he would make a huge comeback yesterday night, losing some pounds, singing awesome, and mostly, kicking off the tour with some NEW FUCKING SONGS. How. Fucking. Difficult. Is. That? But no. Same old show, and worse Axl than ever. Maybe not Rio 2011 bad, but not that far. And if you look at last year, I did attend one show (after having left a 2012 show around the middle because I couldn't take Axl's vocals any longer, avoiding the 2017 one because of Axl's vocals, and having a lot of hesitation about going, but I told myself "hey, at least you'll see Axl with Slash & Duff for the first time in person") and tried to remain positive about it. I did underline that him playing Coma at every show was a very bold move, and that the setlist overall was extremely ambitious, that the band was tight. I can't take anything away from that. BUT, I told myself "if things stay like this or go worse, I'm done". And it's basically what happened yesterday. But I was really hoping that Axl would spice it up. Go crazy. Like he used to. It's really because of the shitload of leaks that I have found a new interest in Guns and why the boards have been so active this past month. Finally hearing Hard School/Checkmate was so unexpected. Not even talking about the rest. When Axl takes a long break, I'm always expecting something else/new. I hate to be this disappointed with him. Believe me, I love the man, and I consider him as the best frontman of all time. So you know, I'm a fan too. Now, I won't write this shit over & over & over again. If he wants things to stay this way and is happy that way, fine. I can respect that. Good for him, and I'll just go fuck myself. I'll just leave it be & not bother anymore. You know, a lot of us expressing their disappointments express it this way because they're so passionate about Gn'R and especially Axl. And when you really love something/somebody, it's better to say what's really on your mind and just be honest here. Axl needs to work on himself, like very very very hard, and play new music as soon as possible, and release it on record. This BS has been going on for far too long. If he doesn't, then I think I won't be the only one to lose total interest in the band. If they show up in my city next year, I won't attend the show if things stay this way. Clear & simple. I am NOT paying for this. No way. I think criticism is important as long as it's constructive. You just can't tell Axl that it's all perfect & great when he puts on a show like yesterday. Come on.
  2. Just have a look at House of Blues 2001... any show from 2006 & 2010... or even Axl with AC/DC. Then look at yesterday's show. It's night and day. Maybe you haven't followed the band since the 90's and only cared about the reunion. "that motivated since the 90's"... Taco Bell motivation for sure. As for the rest, sorry but no. I can't help but wonder what kind of sandwiches he eats. What I'm sure is that it would take a lot more people than you... to eat this sandwich. Even with an iron stomach. More than you got to finish the plate.
  3. You should check pics from his profile and other angles. Also, this picture is photoshopped. Even so, I could somewhat cope with this current appearance if he sang amazing. As of now, he has nothing to entertain me, he's a shadow of what he used to be. I'm sorry but I have to be honest here. He's at his lowest. I have a hard time accepting it after a 10 months break. Godammit this guy has so much potential and does NOTHING with it as of now, blows my mind.
  4. He was definitely motivated in 2016... For Axl/DC shows. But he definitely made efforts with Guns too. And yeah it went downhill from there. I think he basically needs to be insulted to be motivated, just look at 2001, 2006 and 2010. He got shit on the internet for years, and whenever he came back on stage, he fucking gave it his all. Now all the medias are saying great things, and he's lost motivation. I even saw an article on yesterday's show that was pretty nice... journalists have really no objectivity. 2010 Guns shows were miles better than anything between 2016 and now.
  5. What can I say? Faxl is back again. Still hits Taco Bell. Even had to cut his hair. With no sense of shame. I have nothing negative to say about the band itself, they all play perfectly and probably are told what setlist to play. Only complaint could be Slash on Chinese solos, but at this point, it doesn't even matter, especially since Slash kills it on everything else. My sole problem is Axl. I think it doesn't get to his mind that when he goes on stage, we expect him to take on the Axl's mantle, and become that legendary frontman again. He looks & sounds like he doesn't give a single fuck anymore. No new song. No passion. Mediocre vocals. No work on his physical appearance (yes, it does matter, it's part of the show, he is the frontman & singer, not the goddamn backup pianist or something). Axl is on autopilot mode, and I can't help but wonder what the fuck he's done in the last 10 months. I surely hope he has been working very, very hard on laying new vocals for the new album. But even that doesn't justify his current shape & vocals. I know he's not getting any younger but he's not 70/75 either. He's still in his 50's, he can still pull it off. Doesn't he have a personal trainer and an expert nutritionist? He sure needs those two, like never before. I wouldn't mind if he looked like this while not on tour. BUT YOU ARE TOURING MAN! It should be exciting enough to hit the gym hard and sing better than ever AND including new songs and drop some songs you've been playing forever. But apparently for Axl, nah, it's just another day at "work", nothing exciting, nothing justifying to go all out. Godammit. The price tickets are incredibly high, and Axl thinks it's okay to come like that and sing like shit? At this point, it's a lack of respect to the audience. But if the audience is stupid enough to attend the next upcoming shows and pay such deluded prices, hey, why not. I just wonder where the real Axl is, right now. The one who had a vision and passion. The one who would make huge come backs and prove everyone wrong. That reunion is maybe the worst thing that could happen to Axl. It made him lose his motivation. I have never seen him as dull as this. Now the big three fill whatever arena/stadium without any effort, and the mainstream audience seems satisfied enough. Because sure, they play all the hits, the length of the show is respectable and the instrumental part is impeccable (for the most part). So I guess that's enough for them. I mean, it's great if he's happy with that, sure. Well, at least we have those leaks. That's the only thing that keeps Gn'R alive for me as of now. What Axl & members that are not Slash & Duff wrote 20 years ago. Uncanny.
  6. Quick Song completely rips off parts of "Smells like teen spirit" by Nirvana. Love it.
  7. Excellent, thanks! As for UYI, I'd toss without hesitation "You Ain't The First", "Pretty tied up", "So Fine", "Dust n' bones", "Bad Apples", "Bad Obsession", "Shotgun Blues", "Get in the ring", "Garden of Eden", "My World", and "14 years". I absolutely never listen to those songs. Some of those are worse than others of course (My World & So Fine being the absolute worse in my book) but I would call them mediocre at least, yeah... Not even counting some I don't listen to much like "Don't Damn Me" (which is somewhat cool), "Right Next Door To Hell" and a few others which are "okay". I don't have much love for the covers KOHD and Live & Let Die. I love "Coma", "Estranged", "November Rain", "Civil War", "Locomotive", "Don't Cry", "You Could Be Mine" and "The Garden". Those are amazing songs in my book. Only 8 songs. So yeah, I'd have to agree with Reznor on that. I know I have an unpopular opinion on that. I'll admit it, I dig the Chinese stuff more. Far more. CD, Better, The Blues, TWAT, Catcher, State of grace, Checkmate, Sorry, IRS, This I love, Madagascar, Atlas. More songs I dig than I do on UYI, which is somewhat crazy. I swear I prefer Hard School/Checkmate over a tons of the UYI songs. It's mindblowing to me it's still not released officially yet.
  8. Ah that's fucking honest. Thanks for this man. I have to agree with Trent. So much garbage on UYI. It could've been a single great album with the best cuts.
  9. Interesting thanks for sharing this info. I thought Trent didn't like Axl for some reason... I remember him dissing him at some point, can't remember where.
  10. The Leak History

    I do think it's Fernando on reddit. I wouldn't see the point of an impersonator. Fits the kind of things he said here when he came by on this forum last time. He is always acting very polite. Anyway, glad he replied about his "involvement/lack of involvement". I understand his point of view: before this recording, he didn't have any hard evidence to take action. He was aware that Rick bought the digital version of the locker content but couldn't prove he was the one responsible of things leaking. Especially since Levi bought the physical copies. Makes sense. I don't mind that what I wrote on another forum is posted by someone on reddit. The information is out there, it's not mine. I'm just trying to help figuring this all out, especially for people who struggle with english and would like to learn the full story behind the leaks.
  11. Very interesting, thanks for sharing the music where he stated he's an "updated Axl Rose". Eh, funny... I wasn't aware of this at all. So they're really of the same material. They must both know it at this point. (as for the parody, it's all fun, no harm there, more like a tribute ; ) ) They should really do a cross-over.
  12. He wasn't worse than most rappers. I despise rap so much : p I don't even understand how people consider rap as "music". Unless if we're talking Eminem who blasts away basically anyone in the business. But Axl rapped fine in my book. I'll take Axl's rap over Dre or Snoop Dog any fucking day. Axl & Eminem should do a crossover. They would fit each other perfectly. They have the same guts. They are made of the same magical stuff, whatever that is.
  13. Alright I get your opinion man, I hadn't totally gotten your point on your previous post, but you made it pretty clear ; ) Sure, if a whole messageboard is going to participate into the making of a song, it won't sound like anything in the end because everyone is going to want/suggest something different. And of course, artists create and make stuff they like/feel and they don't have to compromise to any fan demand. But regarding the leaks, I feel some suggestions here could be useful, because at this point, one can wonder if most of this vault will ever see the light of day. I heard Atlas Shrugged had been rework by Slash & Duff, but what about the rest? I bet Axl already knows what has to be reworked/tweaked & in what way, but he may not realize some of his "old" material has a lot of potential. It would be a damn shame if Hard School didn't get a proper official release. Same for State of Grace. I especially think that if he sees a lot of people like this song or that song he may have judged unworthy/not that good, he may want to include it on the next album (on the hypothesis those songs won't make it on the next album). Could be a slight possibility. I have a vague memory of the CD line-up (with Finck) strongly insisting to Axl "This I Love" should be part of the album, and he listened to them. Originally, he didn't want that. Now of course, that was the band speaking, but I could picture Axl realizing some songs of the vault have more potential that he may have thought because of the messageboards. I mean those songs are so old for him. He must be bored to death by most of them at this point and might find it more fresh to have whole new material written with Slash, Duff & Fortus & the rest of the band. I'm just speculating here, but it's a possibility. Like, personally, I don't like Perhaps. Had I created that song 20 years ago, I would probably not release it now, unless I had nothing else. But I've seen a lot of positive reception around that particular song on gn'r forums, which is a surprise to me. So if I was Axl, I would probably hesitate about releasing it after all because of all the good reception of most of the fanbase here. That's where I think the public reception might matter to Axl on this one ; )
  14. Sure, I get where you're coming from, especially the stolen material part, I agree. However, I doubt Axl doesn't give a fuck about fans' reception. As for "professional", it doesn't really mean anything as of 2019. A lot of "amateurs" on the internet have better skills whether it's music, hosting a show/podcast, editing, shooting, creating short films & so on, than a lot of "professional". What does "professional" even mean at this point? Being paid and delivering an "official" product. That's about it. Some so-called professionals have nothing to do in the music or movie industry, and I couldn't care less about their advices. A lot of them are high on cocaine or whatever drugs and get lazy and full of themselves pretty fast. As for the public reception, every artist takes it seriously. It's actually more important than anything else, because those are the people that support you and pay for your work. When you see the public doesn't like your product, you begin to reconsider what you're doing. And Axl has a history of reading internet messageboards. Of course there a lot of morons who have no idea what they're talking about, but I also think a lot of us here have great tastes in music and give some good insights. And hey, that guy called evader from the GN'R community, is actually better skilled in mixing than some "professionals" that mixed the final Chinese Democracy album. I also think part of why Axl reunited is because he knows so many people of the GN'R have wanted that forever. He cares.
  15. Have listened to the "new songs" on repeat, my conclusions: 1. State Of Grace : best song of the bunch. Really didn't expect loving this one as much. I don't like the title, and on the first listen, I wasn't sure, especially since the mix is garbage. I almost didn't recognize Axl's voice in the beginning, he sings very differently, I appreciate the change of style. Reminds me of Soundgarden a lot. It has really grown on me, and keeps growing listen after listen. Very, very powerful song. I love the lyrics (even though I still can't decipher the part where Axl gets angry), I love the tone/mood, love the melody, love the slow pace at the beginning, I love how it keeps getting meaner & meaner until the ending. I love the final "now, more than ever, I still remember your name" most especially. I feel it could still be improved a bit in the studio. Axl needs to go full rasp on this one. This song has a gigantic potential. It needs to be longer too. Add a killer Slash solo in there, and it will be a masterpiece. Totally the kind of material Slash can improve, fits his style. 2. Hard School : I could list it at number one as well but I may have overplayed it. Very solid song, I could see it being a single. It may need a bit of rework here & there, but I really love it as it is, and I doubt Slash can top Buckethead's contribution. Fucking killer song, I can't believe it has sit in the vault for so long. Fucking crazy. 3. Atlas Shrugged : very good song, I like it a lot, especially the lyrics. I hope they will keep May's parts, they are magnificent. Love it as it is, but I have a feeling it can be improved. 4. Perhaps : perhaps I'm wrong, but I don't dig this one much. I find it very weak. Reminds me of some UYI stuff I don't dig as well. The "aaaye aaaye" parts from Axl don't fit the CD era, at least for me. I don't like the melody, the piano is boring... yeah it's just not for me. Weird song, but again, great lyrics.