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  1. That's what I love the most about his voice. Whether he is speaking or singing, he chooses to lower it or go high-pitched. It works marvel when he combines the two on some songs. It's incredible how he can switch in a heartbeat.
  2. New Muse album- Simulation Theory

    Does it mean anything that it's their "best reviewed album so far" though? ; ) Whether it's movies, video games or music, the reviews are more and more biased within each year depending on the popularity of the product. Back in 2001, the first Lord of the rings movie had mixed reviews over here in France. It was the beginnings of the internet over here. By the third film, the reviews were getting a lot better because the public had bashed to death the different websites that bashed the first movie. Now in 2018, if you are a professional critic, if you bash something that's very popular, you'll get smashed. That's just the way it is. You cannot trust any professional reviews or famous youtubers, they just won't tell you exactly how they feel. They'll go with the current tendency. As for the last album, I gave it another try in my car with maximum sound. Algorithm and The Void sound alright with a good sound but it's still lightyears from what I expect from this band. And Kavinsky is just far better in this genre. As for Propaganda, Break it to me, Get up and Fight, Dig Down, Thought Contagion, I find them to be garbage/very mediocre at best. No way I can consider this as a good album.
  3. New Muse album- Simulation Theory

    Yep have listened to it several times since it leaked, and I am sorely disappointed. Have I made it this obvious that I'm a fan? Haha ; ) I didn't have very high hopes for this album either since I really didn't love any of the songs they had released so far, except for Pressure which is a very pleasant change. It's a very fun song. But this album is really the weakest they have ever released, by far. I have been a fan for almost 20 years now, I always got why they tried out new stuff and genuinely loved it. However, Simulation Theory is clearly lacking inspiration, sincerity and urgency. It feels fake, forced, way too much inspired by the "return to the 80's" fashion, targeted to Stranger Things, Ready Player One & co lovers (I don't like any of those products, I like the real thing). What pissed me off the most is how much they stole from Kavinsky with their track "The Void". Listen to the first song of Kavinsky's "Out Run" album. I swear it's the same song and the same sound. Only, Kavinsky did it much better years ago. "Propaganda" steals from Prince too much. I also get a NIN and a Justin Timberlake vibe from it and it's somewhat distracting. I did love when they showed their influence from Queen or Depeche Mode, but here it just feels like... they stole too much. And I hate the "pro pro pro pro pa ganda" part, it's absolutely terrible, wish the acoustic version removed that. It could have been a great song because I do enjoy the melody and the subtle choirs overall, but as it is, it doesn't click, for me anyway. "Break It To Me" is absolute garbage. The intro is just unacceptable. I can't stand the sound. Also, they stole, intentionally or unintentionally, from "Killing me softly with his song" (The Fugees version) and added autotune in it. It's terrible. "Get Up and Fight" sounds exactly like the worst song 30 seconds to mars could come up with, only Matt sings instead of Jared. It's easily the worst song they've ever released. "Algorithm" is decent in its alternative reality version. Sounds like Vangelis without the proper synths Vangelis used, sounds a bit amateurish and not long enough, but it's alright. "Blockades" might be the best out of the lot (not counting the songs we'd already heard), it sounds a lot like "City of Delusion" from BH&R, but CoD was a lot better. So it's pretty weak overall. I love Pressure though, clearly the best song from the album and one I will still listen to in a few years. The Dark Side is okay, but they've done the same kind of stuff better in the past. Thought Contagion is too repetitive and I hate the chorus. Something Human is garbage. Dig Down is passable. Drones was a far better album, more coherent, with real ambition. You can't take anything away from Dead Inside, Reapers, The Handler and The Globalist. Those songs are absolute killers, I still listen to them and love them. I can't see myself listening to any of the songs from Simulation Theory in 10 years, except maybe for Pressure (but even Pressure is lacking something, a good solo for instance, it's too repetitive). Also, what I'm really disappointed in with this new album: there is not a single ambitious song. No Globalist, no Exogenesis, no Unsustainable... all those great tracks that closed the three previous albums, I thought it'd be a staple from The Resistance on, but they stopped doing it for some reason. Shame. All of that being said, I'm still a fan, I have a deep respect for that band. They have been on the road for almost 20 years (and even more if you count their beginning, and actually they released one song before Showbiz, "Twins" - but it had a different name, forgot it - in 1996, and their first EP was released in 1998). They have made it big, and if you look at their start, they have evolved so much. This album is failed, and I hope Matt will realize he fucked up and completely change his approach for the next album. I don't understand what happened within 3 years. Drones was a much more mature album. This one looks like it has been written by teenagers who are hyped by the current hype with the 80's vibe and can't make their own sounds. It's crazy. I hope they won't get sued by Kavinsky.
  4. Thank you for sharing this with us man, it pretty much confirms what I had in mind ; ) Kind of a sad world we live in, but hopefully, there are still good people out there.
  5. Alright, that's kind of reassuring (about Depp), that shows me you are honest with your thoughts. As for Axl, he didn't have many exes, did he? Maybe groupies, but he was not involved in a lot of serious relationships. Basically it was just Erin and Stephanie who teamed up. Accusations are one thing. Accusations being true is something else entirely. Just show me the proofs ; )
  6. Is the first question serious? Very easy answer: money. Also, defaming someone, jealousy... there can be a lot of reasons. You are incorrect with your "Actually, only a 2% of the rape accussations are false" statement. Actually, between 2 and 10% of the rape accusations are ESTIMATED to be false. That's a huge difference. It's only an estimation, not a concrete data, because it's so hard to prove (from the two points of view). And the difference between 2 and 10% says it all really. Could be even 20%. By the way, I don't mean that most accusations are false, I thought I made it pretty clear. However, I was wrongly accused myself and I know it for a fact. I find it hard to believe I belong in the 2% of false accusations. I think it's a lot more than that. Unless I was extremely unlucky. As for the rest: please show me concrete proofs about your claims, I do give you the chance of proving me wrong. I may have missed something. From all the things I read on the subject, there were no proof that Axl beat Erin or Stephanie. My best guess is that he settled it with money because he didn't want to be harassed by this shit anymore, and as a public figure, the pressure of false accusations may have been too much for him. Also, he lost the love of his life and didn't recover as quickly as Stephanie did. He never married and never had kids. That alone tells me a lot about him. You know, some guys may be pigs, but some guys are more sensitive than any woman I know. @janrichmond: thank you, that's the expression I was searching for "common sense". Please excuse my rusty english. I was thinking that you two lacked common sense. But then again, men and women don't view things the same way. Oh and one more thing while we're at it... Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. It's common sense to me she made all this shit up. He never had a record of being a wife beater. Yet a lot of people swallowed Heard's version without proof and without thinking. They just believed her because she looks so innocent and nice, and Johnny Depp is an alcoholic. It's easy to make someone look crazy when they have problems with drugs. The video where she tricked him is a huge giveaway for me. What kind of a sick person does that to her husband? Thing is, I think Johnny Depp was weak, stupid and a coward to leave Vanessa for this young bitch. I don't know the guy but I really feel for him. He looks completely destroyed and is alone. Amber on the other hand is already dating an ugly rich guy. I bet you think Amber is all innocent and sincere and Johnny is the crazy guy, right? I hope the truth will prove him innocent eventually.
  7. Thanks DZI, that's what I was going to reply. The "he paid so he is guilty!" argument is still as laughable and retarded as ever hahaha ; ) One more thing: it's easy to make accusations. It's sometimes impossible to prove your innocence. Just think for one second about this example: if you are accused of something you did not do, say... an ex-girlfriend accuses you of raping her 10 years ago. How are you going to prove for a fact you never did? You can't. It's impossible to prove that it never happened for a fact. It's word against word. edit: I hadn't noticed two of the people who are believing Stephanie are girls. Men and women don't see things in the same way. Maybe you relate more to Stephanie because some bad stuff really happened to you in your personal life. As a man, one crazy bitch accused me of something I never did, and it has been a nightmare to prove I was innocent, so I relate to Axl this way. Hope this clears things up a bit. I can understand why you don't side with Axl if you've had one or two bad experiences with men. However, I don't understand what you are doing on this forum and how you can be a fan if you really think he did it.
  8. Do you agree that defending yourself against someone violent (Stephanie) isn't being violent? It's not the same as assaulting. I hope we can agree on that, at leat. Secondly, I wasn't there, there's no evidence, so I can't judge properly what went on. Neither can any of you. So it's a bit of a pointless debate. Nonetheless, if you want my opinion: yes, I believe Stephanie is a liar. I have absolutely 0 faith in women who marry men because of their money. I'm sorry to be this blunt but the millionaire (I can't even remember his name) she married... There is no way in hell she fell in love with him. He has nothing going for him except his bank account. She fell for the money. I've seen enough about how some women behave to be 100% sure. As for Erin, I'm pretty sure she will change her story someday. She doesn't strike me as a bad person. Not like Stephanie anyway. She had Erin back her up to make some cash and counter Axl's accusations and keep the jewelry. That's how low she is. Erin must not be proud about it. Why wait several years to go public about it? We see this kind of bullshit happening over and over with the BS #metoo movement, with false claims and easy money grabs (not saying all of it are lies, but some are). Finally, had Axl admitted he assaulted Erin, or Stephanie, or both of them, I would quit listening to his music. I'm absolutely not supporting women beaters, even if it's "in the past". Women beaters should be put in jail and make a lot of us men look like shit. I despise those assholes. But, unless I'm proven wrong, Axl isn't one of them. As for Meegan, I'm not sure why she is even mentioned, she didn't date Axl (unless I'm missing something). So her word is worth zero.
  9. A lot of people feed off the drama, in general. Whatever it is. And no matter the amount of evidence or lack of evidence, some people think they know stuff they didn't see with their own eyes. If something comes up, if some BS drama rises somewhere, some people will feed off this bullshit. And the more you justify yourself, the more drama you create, the more bullshit is going on in your life. Axl must have grasped that concept long ago, hence why he isn't talking like he used to. He basically says nothing now, to end all of this bullshit. So people feeding off the drama keep talking about old stuff, because they have nothing else to talk about. It's very sad. I wish I had understood that sooner myself. The less is known about you, the less you have to justify yourself about your life, the better. Not long ago, I was told by someone how Axl is supposedly violent with women because of the lawsuits with you know who. It's crazy how something from 20+ years ago still follows him. I can't imagine what Axl would've gone through if this happened now. It must have been extremely hard on him back then, but in this day and age, it would be even worse. Personally, I never believed any of the bullshit accusing him of being a woman beater. Now, if there was hard evidence stating otherwise and I'd seen it for myself, I would've stopped listening to his music. But as far as this BS story, it was word against word. And I'd rather believe someone like Axl who has proven his integrity over the years, over a woman who married an ugly millionaire clearly because she was interested in money. Most stories stating how Axl is a bad person are like that: no evidence, gossips they read or heard somewhere, using events where Axl jumped in the crowd or beat a paparazzi fuckhead, making him look like a "mad man"...basically biased people who convinced themselves he is the bad guy for no reason (except maybe jealousy). They don't even know their subject and consider all the good he has done. Even on this forum, I read some people bashing Axl for no reason. I don't understand what the fuck they are doing here. When I'm convinced someone is an asshole, I just forget about him and move on.
  10. Whatever happens, Axl deserves it. I hope you can appreciate this as a fan. He earned his position and will take no fuck or pressure anymore. Contrary to a lot of artists, Axl doesn't need to release new material constantly. His past material + the tours make enough money. He also doesn't appear to waste what he's earned very quickly. He is careful and patient. Look at what happened to someone like Johnny Depp. He was careless, spending too much with his lifestyle, leaving his longtime faithful girlfriend for some whore he married who took half of his fortune and tarnished his name. He was forced to sell stuff he owned because of this mess. Axl is intelligent. We almost know nothing about his private life. When we did, it was out of his control. Some parasites tried to bring him down. He is also a lot more perfectionist than most people in the business. When new music come out, it sounds awesome and it's not just "music for the moment" "i need cash so I'm releasing this garbage having no inspiration to do better, sorry". His work = timeless awesome songs (except for some which I don't like of course). I loved Chinese Democracy overall personally. I prefer one awesome album like that than 10 mediocre generic rock albums from, say... Slash. I'd love to hear new music of course. But it will take the time it will take, or never come out. I accept it. Who knows, he might be working very hard on new material right now. Or resting a bit. He has appeared happy and healthy for the last few years, he deserves some vacation and happiness. He is finally at peace. Over here in France, we have a french famous singer called Michel Polnareff, who is a bit like Axl when it comes to release music. Polnareff hasn't released a new album since 1990. He became a recluse in the 90's and went to the US to find some peace (true story... funny how it ressembles someone you might like). He released one song (that should be featured on his upcoming album) two years ago and this song was bashed. Because it had been so long, because he is one of the best talents we have in France, some people expected something impossible from him: release the best song ever. Polnareff admitted that the bad reception of this song broke something in him and made him fearful. It looks like the album will finally be release later this year though ; ) So... You never know. Axl may come back better than ever musically in the years to come. Or not. Whatever happens, he's done more than enough to me, his work and personality had a huge impact on my life. I'm grateful he exists and is still alive and well.
  11. From my small experience, it was in Norway, 2010. The reason why I ended up meeting Axl in Oslo was because I met two norwegians in the Bergen gig. They came to talk to me because they liked my shirt (which wasn't even official and looked like crap... of course I suspect they had drunk a lot) and we became friends this very night. We went to a bar in Bergen the next day and I noticed they looked like those two doctors from Nip/Tuck. Same outfits, same mannerism, somewhat looking like the actors from the show... very classy overall. I didn't understand what interest they saw in me, I was dressed like shit compared to them, and my english accent was terrible. Anyway those guys went to Oslo for the other show and told me how to meet Axl. And we may have drunk a lot and party afterwards. Those guys were crazy and certainly the best fans I've ever met. Also, they knew all the lyrics from Coma and we sung like mad men. Wish I had a time machine sometimes.
  12. Agreed. Myles is probably a very nice guy but he doesn't have it. He is extremely boring and bland. His voice is absolutely terrible, his stage presence and charisma are non existent, everything is wrong. He is not cut for this. To me, he alone breaks Slash's band. I like some of Slash solo stuff, there are a lot of cool instrumental parts, and I only focus on that. Which is why I don't listen to his material much, I can't stand Myles' voice and there's no way I'm going to attend another Slash solo gig ever. I just hope Axl still has some material to share with us. I have zero interest in this solo band.
  13. Cool to see Brian back in. He sounded great with Muse. I love Axl in AC/DC, it's a very unique situation. Axl is my favorite frontman ever, but Brian fits AC/DC better as a singer. It was nice to hear Axl's take on it. My ultimate dream would be to see Axl and Matt Bellamy perform together. They are the two greatest performers in the rock industry. Fun fact, Matt met Slash in an elevator. It was very weird and cool and the same time.
  14. Slash should keep his riffs ideas for Guns. I have nothing against Myles who seems like a nice dude, but he's so... bland. His voice, his attitude, nothing works for me. This new song as it is, is boring, but there are some nice instrumental bits in it. Could have been reshaped with the help of the current Guns N' Roses, and with Axl's voice and lyric, it would have worked myles better.
  15. Sure but those bands you're talking about aren't as old (except maybe Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and AC/DC but even so I'm not sure they're as big as GN'R has been in the past two years). And please name me the records that those artists put out recently that are really good. The only artist I can think of is Eminem who is Axl's Doppelgänger artistically. It's incredible that guy is still putting out new music after all the shit he's gone through. But he's younger. Then there is Trent Reznor but he's nowhere near GN'R in terms of popularity. And he hasn't been very good recently (except live performances which are better than ever). Maybe Axl doesn't want to put out new music unless it's absolutely awesome. Clearly he hasn't been very inspired lately.