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  1. I'm sorry, I'll be dead honest: it sucks. It really, really, really sucks. The instrumental is generic, feels like you've heard this a million times. And Duff isn't fit for singing, he doesn't have it in him. He's good as a back singer, but he's no frontman/singer. I saw Loaded a while ago, I can't remember which artist they opened, but I remember being bored during the whole performance. Duff shines when he's on the bass, with Guns. That's his place, he has a massive presence on stage. But when he sings, it's like all of his charisma vanish. He is a lot better as a silent person. It's a bit like Ryan Gosling in Drive. The scenes that work the best is when he is silent. That's when you feel the danger. He is a silent warrior. When he speaks, it doesn't quite work. I view Duff like this, he is a silent warrior. They should all let go of their solo projects which I give 0 fuck about and work on Guns.
  2. New Muse album- Simulation Theory

    Totally. I think Blockades would be great live. The Void isn't being played either and it could sound better live. I'm pretty sure they'll play Blockades & The Void eventually though, maybe for the stadiums. Also bear in mind it's the beginning of the album tour, they never play the whole album from the start. But... almost every album has a "forgotten" song. I remember when I was young, I loved "Falling away with you" from Absolution. I swear it was NEVER played live during that tour, and even after that. What a shame, it's an amazing song. Still, I was lucky enough to hear "Endlessly" and "The Groove" (b-side from Absolution) live. Also "Exo-Politics" from Black Holes & Revelations was only played live like 3 or 4 times, if you don't count the earlier version of that song called "Burning Bandits". I attended a show in Toulouse (south of France) which was the first gig in France from that era, hoping they'd play it, and they didn't. They banished Exo-Politics from the setlist without reason. It was one of the best tracks from BH&R. Of course, on "The Resistance", as soon as I'd heard the album, I was almost 100% sure they'd never play the full Exo-genesis live. And they never did. Didn't surprise me. They did play part 3 in Japan for some reason, but they absolutely never played it complete with Part I / Part II / Part III. They never even played part 2 which is the easier to play on piano than Part 3 (which is also easy). What's really unforgivable on "The Resistance" is that Bellamy dropped the Chopin outro in "United States Of Eurasia" live. You know why he dropped it? Because they did promo Resistance shows in Teignmouth, and he fucked up on the Chopin part. He said "sorry, I forgot". After that, he never tried it again. Maybe he felt so ashamed he fucked up that he never wanted to feel this again, who knows. But I'd rather witness to someone who fucks up than somebody who doesn't even try. Actually, that's why I learnt this Chopin piano piece, I wanted to understand if it was so hard to play. It's tricky, but it's definitely not so hard, and it's something Matt Bellamy could absolutely play perfectly live if he trained for it. I think he thought "meh, the audience doesn't care for it, don't want to fuck this up again". I CARE FOR IT!!! On "The 2nd Law", Big Freeze (amazing song) was never played live either. Such a shame. Big Freeze deserves so much more than most of their boring singles, especially "Mercy" from Drones now that you mention it. Mercy is garbage. On "Drones", I think Aftermath was left out, and maybe Revolt too. But I can't blame them, I hate Revolt (one of their worst songs), and Aftermath isn't so good either. What surprised me on this album, is that I thought they'd never try "The Globalist" live. But they did, they played it constantly, and it was glorious (another song they should play more often, what a fucking great b-side). They even played "Defector". Drones is a blessed album. Great album, and they played the best songs from it live, contrary to most of the other albums where they constantly banish one great song and play poor singles. I do hope Blockades gets justice. I thought "Break it to me" would be one the songs they'd banish. Absurd that they play it live really. They do ignore "Get up and fight" for the moment, and that's great news to me. What I really hope is that Bellamy wakes up one day and says to himself "fuck, I've composed so many great songs in the past, I don't care for the bloody singles, I don't care for the length of the setlist, I will surprise them tonight!", then goes on to play: INTRO: Algorithm Alternate Reality Version (full) 1. Take a Bow 2. Hyper Music 3. Dead Star "BONSOIR PARIS!" 4. Shrinking Universe 5. Showbiz 6. Eternally Miseed 7. Host 8. Futurism 9. Exo-Politics 10. Escape 11. Reapers 12. Piano Thing 13. The Dark Side 14. Shine 15. Guiding Light (don't care what anyone says, it's a great song) 16. Cave 17. Dark Shines 18. Blockades 19. Falling Away with you INTERLUDE 20. Hysteria 21. Micro Cuts 22. Space Dementia 23. United States of Eurasia (+ Chopin) 24. The Globalist ENCORE 25. Exo-Genesis Part I 26. Exo-Genesis Part II 27. Exo-Genesis Part III ENCORE II 28. Pressure 29. Neutron Star Collision 30. Unnatural Selection 31. Easily 32. New Born 33. Knights of Cydonia (with "Once upon a time in the west - Man with a harmonica" intro) 34. The Void I'd pay $1000 to witness a show like that.
  3. New Muse album- Simulation Theory

    You should @Mansin Humanity Despite what I think about the last album, I still follow the band, and the live gigs & setlsts keep on delivering. The songs from the last album actually bring something to the table when it comes to live shows. I like that they open shows with the alternate reality version of Algorithm. I may attend another Muse gig after all. I'm still not satisfied with the last album, but I do listen to some songs every week, in my car. I listen to Pressure, Algorithm (especially the alternative version), The Dark Side, and sometimes The Void & Blockades when I'm in a good mood. I tried "Break it to me" several times, for some reason I don't hate it as much as in the beginning. It's okay. It's weird and still hard to understand how it made it onto an album. It sounds like a bad b-side. But it's Muse, and I'm a fanboy. I never listen to Thought Contagion, Get Up and Fight, Something Human and whatever the other tracks may be, I don't care about them. Oh yeah, Dig Down... it was shit to begin with. The alternate version is way better, but still very average. The setlists from the current gigs, though... I'm okay with it. It's still one of the best bands from the last 20 years, and without question one of the very best live bands as of now. So I may attempt the next Paris show. We'll see. They are still my boys after all. I've invested so much time and money in them. I can't rule them out completely because of one failed album.