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  1. Agreed. Myles is probably a very nice guy but he doesn't have it. He is extremely boring and bland. His voice is absolutely terrible, his stage presence and charisma are non existent, everything is wrong. He is not cut for this. To me, he alone breaks Slash's band. I like some of Slash solo stuff, there are a lot of cool instrumental parts, and I only focus on that. Which is why I don't listen to his material much, I can't stand Myles' voice and there's no way I'm going to attend another Slash solo gig ever. I just hope Axl still has some material to share with us. I have zero interest in this solo band.
  2. Cool to see Brian back in. He sounded great with Muse. I love Axl in AC/DC, it's a very unique situation. Axl is my favorite frontman ever, but Brian fits AC/DC better as a singer. It was nice to hear Axl's take on it. My ultimate dream would be to see Axl and Matt Bellamy perform together. They are the two greatest performers in the rock industry. Fun fact, Matt met Slash in an elevator. It was very weird and cool and the same time.
  3. Slash should keep his riffs ideas for Guns. I have nothing against Myles who seems like a nice dude, but he's so... bland. His voice, his attitude, nothing works for me. This new song as it is, is boring, but there are some nice instrumental bits in it. Could have been reshaped with the help of the current Guns N' Roses, and with Axl's voice and lyric, it would have worked myles better.
  4. Sure but those bands you're talking about aren't as old (except maybe Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and AC/DC but even so I'm not sure they're as big as GN'R has been in the past two years). And please name me the records that those artists put out recently that are really good. The only artist I can think of is Eminem who is Axl's Doppelgänger artistically. It's incredible that guy is still putting out new music after all the shit he's gone through. But he's younger. Then there is Trent Reznor but he's nowhere near GN'R in terms of popularity. And he hasn't been very good recently (except live performances which are better than ever). Maybe Axl doesn't want to put out new music unless it's absolutely awesome. Clearly he hasn't been very inspired lately.
  5. Hahahhaha that was my thought exactly: "At least I learnt he liked Björk!". I didn't expect anything from this interview honestly. I'm just surprised Axl hasn't said anything controversial in years. No rant, no mister security man, no profound interview, except the China exchange which was very cool. He is really the opposite of what he used to be! All calm and nice to everyone! SO SURPRISING! Or... maybe he was always like that since the beginning but stopped replying to retarded idiots ; )
  6. There are no facts, just opinions ; ) Axl is GN'R to me, the AFD5 are GN'R to you. That's fine. "Chinese Democracy" came out within those two decades, and it's my favorite GN'R album. The only thing that went downhill was the public perception and the sales, but most people are very close-minded. Those two decades proved Axl's integrity, commitment, passion, and talent. @Rodin : it's easy to understand why Axl felt disappointed towards the ex-members. One thing between a lot of other things: Guitar Hero III signing with Slash for the promotion of the GN'R songs. Slash had left the band for 10 years already. Things like this are completely unacceptable. I didn't remember this Snoop Dog & co comment, but again, I totally understand him.
  7. Anybody can think whatever they want. Some people loved the band without Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven, and consider Axl as the only one that matters. When I was in Norway in 2010, I was surprised at how many people were here for Axl only. I shit you not, I didn't like Appetite for Destruction that much originally, when I was 20 years old. Chinese Democracy is what made me become a fan. I relate to the lyrics and the music a lot more. More than the music, I love Axl's rants, Axl's way of thinking. I love what he represents. He is Guns N' Roses to me. I have a lot of respect for all the past and current members. I appreciate all the work they put into creating classic tunes. But Axl is the key element. Without him, his voice, his mindset, his lyrics, the way he is, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have considered GN'R that much. He is one of the few men I really admire.
  8. Of course they align. Because Axl managed to be the Boss and do things his way, and they were all out. They had other plans and they were fed up they couldn't do things their way. Axl had the vision and the passion. And the charisma. He was the natural leader. You can hardly make a band work if everyone wants to impose their vision. When there is one vision by the leader and the rest of the people help make that vision happen, you can have something truly special. Otherwise it's just a result of compromises and it's basically shit. On that note, France won the world cup, and I really wasn't sure about our team since I'm not a big football fan. I saw a couple of documentaries on Didier Deschamps, the man managing the team, and he happens to be exactly like Axl. He has a vision and accept no compromise. He picked some players that were very criticized (for their so-called "lack of skills") and kicked some troublemakers out of the group despite their talent. The reason why he did so is because he wanted to ensure the group spirit was the best possible. That the alchemy was right. That's how you manage a team. Also, funnily enough, Didier Deschamps won the world cup in 1998, as a player (captain of the team as well). One of his teammates from 1998 is called Dugarry and constantly badmouthed Deschamps regarding his choices with the 2018 team. Dugarry lacked vision in the 1998 team, and failed a lot of things, and now he's doing his radio show no one cares about. Deschamps said he will never talk to him again because he lacked respect to him and crossed the line criticizing him constantly, especially considering they used to be in a team together. And not any team: the world champions of 1998. Matt Sorum reminds me of Dugarry for some reason... someone who criticizes the choice of having a piano in a rock band and having an orchestra for November Rain... Those two guys are idiots. They should be thankful they were in a big thing and had great leaders.
  9. When you are in a band with a lot of potential, you expect certain things from people in the band. More than anything, you expect loyalty. Like, not performing with some people (for various reasons), and not going solo. I think Slash performing with Michael Jackson upset Axl. I know it would've upset me. Also, Slash putting out a solo record with some songs that could've been interesting for Guns N' Roses. My guess is Axl takes his time to do things properly, and Slash rushed his solo album. Lastly, Slash badmouthed Axl during the 90's, making him look like a dictator. Axl answered this nonsense years later. There a lot of reasons why Axl felt like he felt. Now, time has passed, he has gained a lot of wisdom. It just sucks some people weren't as passionate as he was when the time was right. I love Slash solo work, but I always hate the vocalists on his albums. Myles Kennedy is a fucking catastrophe. Imagine if Axl was singing on all those tracks. Would be so much better.
  10. Would love to hear the Evader version of The General
  11. Nope, Axl/DC was awesome but not on par with 2010. Just... not at all. 2010 was Axl Master Class.
  12. Final thoughts: - Axl gave his best performances since 2010. That being said, Axl sounded much better in 2010. Sadly, I doubt he will ever be back to his 2010 level. The Gn'R catalogue is so hard and demanding... 2016-2018 was great, but nowhere near 2010. Also, sorry to say it again, but Slash can't play the CD material. He sounds awful on those songs. Granted he sounds perfect on the older catalogue. But I wish we had Buckethead or Bumblefoot to cover the CD material. I was praising how good Axl sounded in 2010, I told all my friends he was back to his 90's level... You had to be there at the right time to witness it. I remember Bergen, Oslo, and Paris. It was fucking great. Sadly some morons didn't listen. The worst excuse was "yeah but Slash isn't there" and they didn't go to any of the 2010 shows. Same morons who bought their tickets the minute Slash was back in the band. Same morons that think Axl sounded "better than ever" during the 2016-2018 shows but weren't there in 2010. Garbage followers. - The setlist was incredible and I can't congratulate Axl enough for singing Coma at every gig. - But they didn't bring new material on the table in two years (except some cool covers like "Black Hole Sun"). Sad. - The shows were tight. -But nothing is suprising. Overall, I will not attend a new Gn'R show unless they release new music. I have a huge respect (more than that, actually) for Axl, and if it wasn't for him, I would have stopped listening to GN'R. To be perfectly honest, I'm only in for Axl and would love to hear the rest of the Chinese Democracy vault. Axl took the hard path. For that, he has my eternal respect. I wish things turn out for the better for him. He deserves the best.
  13. Sure, but what I mean is: if he kept this bad quality clip for so long, it must mean he doesn't have the real deal (I thought he had it, don't know why I had this in mind, he has said so much stuff I may have been confused). Apparently he got this clip in 2010, it just leaked today, so... I highly doubt he has the studio version. If I had both in my possession in 2010 and if I put myself in the mindset of selling this kind of stuff... I'd have sold that clip in a package much sooner, when the value was supposedly higher, when the CD hype was there. And would have waited to sell the studio version later on. But he's kept this clip for 8 years. It says a lot. I really doubt we'll get much more than we have now, until an official release (which may never happen) : ( However, it seems to me some of the leaks we got have been dumbed down on purpose. The Shackler's remix doesn't seem complete (there's a nasty cut during the last solo, very weird, Brian wouldn't do that), OMG and Silkworms aren't what I'd call proper studio quality, and of course, I know the HOB original file is 10GB, which isn't what we got. I'm happy the man who bought it leaked this to us, I hope he'll leak it again in the original quality. Other than that, I don't see what we can expect. Sure there's the Checkmate clip that's been floating for a long time, and may suggest someone has the full song. As for the rest... (and if you know more details about this feel free to pm me ; ) )
  14. Disagree, I like what they're doing. The "Sorry" remix from the video sounds very promising. Too bad Melissa's voice isn't on the "If the world" remix, she has a great voice. Weird I didn't notice her voice last week in Paris, I guess she must do some background vocals but it must have been buried in the mix.
  15. So... that's your recording we're hearing. That you sent to MSL in 2010. Makes sense, actually, since he helped his friend who sold all those leaks, and probably got some of the money as well. Fuck. This means MSL doesn't have the real deal. Otherwise why would he & his pal have kept a crappy recording for 8 years if they had the studio version? I'm happy we got all this, especially HOB, but it's not like we got the songs from CDII in proper studio quality. And from what I understand now, none of the hoarders have them. Which explains why they have negociated the 2K price (and maybe it's even more than that) for these remixes & demos & bits of garbage + HOB. Well, let's hope for a CD fully loaded box in 2028. Guess we got most of what we could get for now. Maybe we'll hear clips and bits of some stuff but I don't expect a single full leak of a CDII song now. I thought there were stuff of much greater importance hoarded for so long... I'm a bit disappointed.