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  1. No more loaning Duff, you will soon be able to afford it! Much bigger and better than ever, thanks to your top notch 100% PC communication! Waaaay to go! (give that man a break. And a bigger boat)
  2. I respect your opinion Tom ; ) Won't change mine though. Anyway, for some reason, this topic reminded me of a poem someone you know well wrote here more than a decade ago (man I can't believe I have been on this board for so long), because of some misconceptions that still float around to this day, I would like to remind you of what could be lyrics of an upcoming song on the new album. I think the song should be called "Madison": What the fuck do you know? That's right! You don't know jack fucking shit you fucking ignorant, know it all, fucking deluded, misguided, self important, self righteous, pious, small minded, clueless, loud mouthed, arrogant cunt. No one needs your opinions n' having to deal with your constant abuse of privileges or the miniscule amount of power you've had here you wield like an angry, lesbian, wannabe, high school parking lot rent-a-cop always mouthing off like you're some kind of authority which you're far from. I have to say it saddens me you continue to babble your horseshit to unsuspecting fans n' any names n' numbers you have are of people like you who try n' hurt others to promote themselves at their expense. That's the only real thing you got bitch. It's like Revolver's if not edited, cloudy recollection of events as I've never asked for anyone's shirt bein' thrown out of anywhere let alone say I did but hey he won a contest so he must be credible, whatever, no good deed goes unpunished. I don't work for you or have to do a goddamn thing you think ever. Your opinions of anything whatsoever don't count or mean jack shit to me or anyone in this camp. You're garbage, plain and simple. You're not a fan or a voice of reason... you're a sick n' diseased mind spilling it's bile over the internet. Well now you can drink up the rewards of the crap that's been spillin' out of your pie hole forever here n' enjoy the fermented, feted n' vulgar response you've been cultivating n' aching for... for so long . Find another board this one doesn't need you. Oh n' feel free to jump in all you wanna be web warriors, ho defenders n' bitch boi's, you ain't needed either. For the rest of you... Surprise gigs comin'!! NEVER GETS OLD!
  3. You know what I'm going to answer to that right? : p All because of Axl... THEY ALL CAME BACK IN THE BAND AT ONE POINT! If Axl was so much of an asshole, they'd never have come back. I wouldn't have. So maybe Axl isn't half bad, hm? Izzy got some checks in 2006 by performing live, Axl was nice enough to invite him despite absolutely not needing him. And now Slash & Duff are permanent members again and very happy to be here. So really, I can't buy this "they all quit because of Axl" story. It was just a battle of egos, and disagreeing about how to manage the band and the direction of music. And a problem of communication. Nobody's perfect, not Axl, not Slash, not Duff, not Izzy: no one. In the end, Axl released Chinese Democracy. All of the others released mediocre albums (I do like some songs on Contraband though, and I'll also never understand how Axl could turn "Serial Killer" down on Snakepit, fucking amazing track, but I don't know the whole backstory behind what happened there). Maybe they should've had more faith in him and seen him as the natural leader he was back then. Now it looks like they've finally understood, and I hope they move on in the best possible direction.
  4. Yeah, I don't hear that Tom... Last amazing record from an "old band" I heard was Chinese Democracy. Honestly. Metallica & all of the others have become über generic mediocre garbage. I'd say one of the only "old band" that still has it is Nine Inch Nails, if you consider it as a coherent band. Let's just say Trent Reznor. He's still amazing live, and delivers some cool songs from time to time. But his last great record was The Fragile imo. With Teeth was okay. After that, not so much, but there are still great pieces of music here & there.
  5. I don't remember an interview like that. And it's really not Axl's type to do things this way. What I remember is that Ashba said he left on his own and was cool about it, and eager to see Guns reunited. If I was a bit cynical, I'd say he gave himself free promotion by announcing it the way he did, from what I recall. But frankly, I don't care. He came at the right moment and the right place, and I did enjoy seeing him play with Guns in 2010. Sure he wasn't the best guitar player the band had, sure he posed too much, but at least he made shows fun and gave it his all. The thing I find crazy is that people still see Axl as the guy who fires people in 2019 hahaha. Like he has no heart. Blows my mind everytime. I don't know if Steven Adler counts, he was a drug addict & the whole band agreed to fire him back then. Izzy left on his own, he rage-quitted like a pussy at a moment he was needed. Duff & Slash left on their own. I think the only two people Axl fired are Matt Sorum (from the story I remember, it was well deserved and the Illusions line-up was falling apart; that Sorum guy is a total ass, a funny one though, he's very good at giving interviews) and uh, what was his name again? Pitman? Who the hell ever cared about this guy anyway. I'm not even sure he was a guy, who knows. He wouldn't have fired DJ Ashba from my point of view. If I'm mistaken and he said otherwise, please show me the proof. If you analyse Axl's choices regarding the band, he has been incredibly faithful. He has honor and respect. He was pictured as firing Slash & Duff for decades, but they both left on their own. He was given shit & lies in Slash's book and still was mature enough to make peace. Personally, I don't think I could have done it. He's found a place where he's above this shit & drama. He agreed to all the diva BS stuff Buckethead asked him! A giant coop for chicken was built in the studio FFS hahahahaha! Even when Buckethead rage-quitted, Axl was nice about it. When Robin Finck quitted, Axl was nice about it. He didn't trashtalked him. He has kept Fortus for almost two decades in the band. He has been very loyal and faithful to Tommy Stinson, who couldn't make it on some tours because of health problems and family problems from what I recall. Tommy had been in the band for what, 14 years? 16 years? That's a lot. So if some people still don't get it: Axl is not a backstabber. He is loyal. Sadly, people give him shit and recall either lies ("he fired Slash & Duff!" NEVER HAPPENED) or that the line-up had a lot of changes. I'm pretty sure he asked Ashba to stay with the reunion tour happening and offered him a spot, but Ashba turned it down (I hope it was with good intentions, like letting it be; or maybe it was out of the loot being splitted, or/and him being under Slash's shadow and knowing the audience would applause Slash and not giving a fuck about him, which I could totally understand). That's how Axl is. He is generous. He wouldn't have told him "hey man, you know, Slash is coming back, so either you leave on your own, or I'll have to fire you". Can you really picture him saying that with all the things they had shared for 5 years and Ashba coming at a time he was most needed because of Robin's betrayal?
  6. You're missing the point. Axl, Slash & Duff didn't want to split the loot equally. It all comes down to... the LOOT. If you're having a bar mitzvah, drop the loot and Izzy will spawn. Seriously though, I have no doubt Izzy could be part of the writing process. Only if they pay him properly. That seemed to be the only concern. Thing is, I guess Axl & the management figured: 1) Most people have no clue who Izzy is (or confuse him with Fortus) contrary to Duff & especially Slash who are very popular. 2) They were just in it for live shows, so why pay Izzy a huge amount when nobody knows who he is and Fortus is a better guitar player and had been faithful to the band for almost 2 decades. Put yourself in Axl's shoes, what would you have done? I really believe Ashba left on his own or possibly was proposed to make appearances and share his parts with Slash but refused to (with a good intent). I really think Ashba wasn't a moron on this one. And I can't see Axl firing him. Like I can't see Axl firing Fortus who has been in the band for so long, and hiring Izzy back. Maybe he proposed Izzy to share parts with Fortus, hence splitting the loot in a way Izzy didn't appreciate. I think Izzy sees himself bigger than he really is (no offense). 3) Izzy has a strong personality and could make things blow up like he did in the past. He doesn't like touring stadiums. So, I really understand why Izzy wasn't brought back. Personally, if I was Axl, I'd have taken the same decision. Now, when it comes to writing quality material, Izzy was essential and the most skilled guy of the AFD line-up. But does he still have it? I have no idea. I have listened to some of his solo stuff... I don't like it. It will all be up to Axl and the management to pay him properly and check if he still has the same skills. But then again, maybe they don't want to try it. Maybe they'll use the CD material, maybe they'll go in a totally new direction and a new sound. Or worst case scenario: they'll totally rely on Slash's skills, which, I'm afraid, won't cut it. But I'm sure Axl won't let that happen, he won't accept to release a mediocre generic rock album. I'm not too anxious about the quality of the album, I have faith in Axl. It's all up to his criteria and perfectionism really. As for Izzy, I'm thankful to what he has brought, but he should play it more humble and be less a pain in the ass. He is not the star of the band. He has written classics for the band, yes. But he has to earn his title again by writing true classics again before getting on his high horses. If he wants to join again and write quality stuff, fine. He'll get the paycheck if he's good enough and if Axl allows it. But if he's going to list impossible demands before anything has happened, no way. No offense intended against Izzy, I do appreciate him in some ways, he has his own persona... he is him, fine. But man he doesn't make things easy, and personally I hate that. We don't need another Axl in the band. I have less troubles with Axl pulling that kind of shit, because he is the face of the band and without him, there's no GN'R. The same cannot be said of Izzy. GN'R continued without him. That's my point. So, I hope he can earn his title again. But he is in no position no negociate that hard, really. And I hope that if he comes back, he won't disappoint. Sorry if I sound like an ass, just my honest opinion. I may seem like I have too much respect for Axl, but he never let the band down. He didn't give up. Izzy did. I don't like ragequitters.
  7. Axl, obviously. I'd have zero care for GN'R without Axl. When I saw the movie "Rocketman", I couldn't help imagining a biopic with Axl. It would be amazing if done the right way. I don't think everything could be told in one movie, it should be at least two movies. The first part would be the rise and fall of the band (with Axl's highs and ultimate lows in his private life) so much to talk about and to show. The second part would concentrate on Axl's life between 1997 and 2009/2010. Axl is one kind of a guy. He is the kind of person you only see in fiction normally. He doesn't quite fit with the human realm.
  8. Duff being PC is the way the world goes as of now. Given the current climate, it's hard to explain some subjective principles on TV, when you know a lot of people coming from very different places, cultures and so on, will listen to what you say, and every person will interpret it his way. Especially some feminists. I think he handled it the right way on this one. It was the perfect answer and who cares if some fans think he's become PC and is acting like a hypocrite. At the end of the day, his reputation is safe, his family is happy, and he will soon be able to afford the yacht he's dreamt of ever since leaving Guns in 97. Duff, the huge yacht is not far away! SOON it will be yours! And I'm very happy for him. Had he said he meant every word in "It's so easy" to be taken literally, you'd have seen a lot of weird articles floating around on the internet, picturing him as a retarded over 50 years old white man feeling he has privileges and all that bullshit And soon enough, his wife may have accused him of rape and gotten away with half of his hard earned money. Do you think he would have given up on the yacht AND the wife for a 4 minutes interview? YOU PEOPLE ARE CRAZY! You will soon all have pictures of Duff standing on his yacht with his arms in the air, his wife in bikini suits and the kids preparing the meal. It's very hard to talk without filters nowadays. Also, remember Duff has been sober for a long time. When you're sober you add even more filters. He's obviously not in the same state of mind he was 30 years ago. How would you explain the "turn around bitch I've got a use for you" on television? First thing that comes to your mind "oh man, the backlash... my future yacht... wife in bikini, kids preparing the meal... I should be careful with what I'm going to say". If you explain these particular lyrics saying "listen, when you're a relationship, sometimes the girl asks you to pull her hair, take her from behind, slap her a** and call her a bitch", you're not going to have a good time afterwards. The yacht is basically dead to you. Try to explain that when you're in a relationship and there's mutual understanding, girls can be much more kinky than men: you're already f****. No yacht for you. No wife. Game Over. In the end, Duff is a genius that writes mediocre songs. But he will soon have a yacht you will never be able to afford. It's all about the boat.
  9. One thing I don't like much in general (no pun) is the unfunny irony that's become overused especially on the internet. If you don't master it and it's not funny, don't try it, especially not on me ; ) I did listen to the leaked part of The General (recorded with a phone and yes the sound quality is utterly terrible), Evader's take on it, and I've also given a piano cover of what I could figure out of it. And of course, there's also the long intro that was used in 2006 gigs. All in all, we can figure out it's a very ambitious song with a huge potential. Something I haven't heard in Slash & Duff solo or mutual work (counting Velvet Revolver). I have high doubts either Slash or Duff could come up with something like this. Now with Axl as their boss, who knows. Axl has a habit of bringing the best musical abilities out of every musician he's worked with, most of the time anyway. Or using stuff they had recorded that would be average if sung by someone else and turning it into something very decent. My opinion on this anyway, I know some people have a very different way of seeing things, and I respect it.
  10. Very cool Russ, thanks for the link and thanks for keeping this forum/community alive. Heads up to your pal running the interview, he did a great job and asked the good questions. This interview is the confirmation we needed, they're definitely working on a new album, and Slash going to Axl's studio was real and directly linked to the new Guns record. Great! Also, did Slash make a joke about Axl cutting the phone call? The audio is not clear enough on that part and I fear my english is rusty. If he did joke about this, it means their relation is very healthy. I doubt they'll play a new song during the upcoming mini-tour, from what I get, they haven't recorded a complete song yet. Maybe some parts and ideas here and there. Who knows, maybe we'll have a surprise. It also explains why Axl is so silent these days. He doesn't use twitter no more, no communication, that's a good sign (or so I hope). I hope he hits the gym a lot and does his best to look as close as possible to his 30 years old self (one can dream!). Stop the junk food, stop alcohol, run twice a week, and do some kickboxing. Unless he doesn't care about the iconic visual part no more, or doesn't understand how important it is. Sure the most important part is the voice and I didn't care much how he looked in 2010 because he sounded amazing. But I've always wished he'd disappear for a while and come back looking like a million bucks. He can definitely do it. Look at Kyle MacLachlan. He has looked like shit for a while, let himself go, but lost weight, hit the gym, and looked his best for Twin Peaks: The Return. There's even a line stating how good he looks in season 3. That's how you do it! The thing that's really bugging me though is the part where Slash says "we hadn't really done anything yet". Damn. That means the rest of Chinese Democracy doesn't count. I really hope "The General" will be the opener of this new album, at the very least. I don't see this line-up topping The General. Aside from this track, we haven't heard much except a very short clip of Checkmate (which I dig a lot, I'd love to hear the whole song), so who knows. Maybe Axl has thought this through and doesn't feel it's up to GN'R's legacy. Now, again, I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I feel what Bucket, Robin and the rest of the CD staff have brought to the table is more interesting that what Slash & Duff have released ever since they left Guns in 97. I absolutely dislike Duff's last song (haven't listened to the whole album and don't want to), and there's absolutely nothing on Slash's Living the dream: it's mediocre, generic and utterly boring. I don't want the new GN'R album to sound anything like this. So really, I don't have much faith in their skills. It will all rely on Axl, pushing everyone to the max. He has to become the leader again and expect top material from each of them, along with getting back in perfect shape, both vocally and physically (mostly vocally, obviously). The next mini-tour will allow us to see if he's trained enough. I went to the Paris show last year, I was happy to see them together, I enjoyed the show, it was cool. I did love the setlist. My expectations weren't too high, because I knew Axl wasn't using his full potential. But if it's a new album we're talking about, I'm expecting top-notch quality. Axl has never disappointed me when it comes to studio album and he's not going to throw the towel now!
  11. Well if you think CD wasn't great and wasn't up to GNR's legacy, that's your opinion too. Not facts. I do understand that people like the style of music old GN'R were playing before the CD era better. I'm very split on that one, I love both styles. The only common denominator between all those lineups is Axl, and he's clearly my favorite. I love Chinese as a whole, except Scraped and Riad which are... very weird. I don't like those songs, never listen to them. I also don't like If the world. I don't understand how those three songs were picked for the album. As for the rest: There was a time is a masterpiece, in the top tier GN'R songs along with Coma and Jungle, for me anyway. Street of Dreams & Catcher are awesome, I.R.S. is great, This I Love is great, Prostitute is great, Better is very good, CD, Sorry, Madagascar & Shackler's are very good. Overall, the album is amazing. As for what Slash has released, I really like Serial Killer (his best solo song imo, if there is one song that is worthy of GNR's legacy in Slash's work, it's this one, and I find Snakepit mega boring as a whole), Fall to pieces and Slither. Those three songs are awesome. They should have Axl's voice on them. As for the rest, I've listened to everything countless times and I'm not 100% satisfied with any of them. I do like some things here & there. Beautiful Dangerous for instance has a potential but it goes nowhere (Fergie is garbage). Anastasia could have been good but it's missing something (and I absolutely hate Myles's vocals, terrible singer, horrible voice, no attitude on stage, zero). So sure Slash has been very productive, but I prefer CD over everything Slash has recorded. Also, the most important, essential ingredient to any song is the voice. If you don't have it, then no matter how good the song is, it won't do it for me. Needless to say the attitude and the persona is also very, very important. Axl is one of the last incredible frontmen left, along with Steven Tyler. There are not many guys like those two. Axl is the magical ingredient that can turn mediocre songs into good songs. There are countless "meh" and even bad songs on Illusions like "So fine" or "Shotgun blues", but it becomes acceptable because of Axl (I still hate "so fine", it's über garbage). Take any song you want from any artist, Axl always turns it into gold. Remember that time when Axl performed with Skidrow on "Piece of me", he absolutely nailed that song and turned it into something incredible. The studio version with Bach's vocals is okay, but the live version with Axl is legendary. I agree that if Axl, Slash & Duff make a record, they need Izzy back. Izzy was essential to the songwriting back then. But does he still have it? I don't know. I don't like anything Izzy has released post-GNR. I have zero interest in his work right now. And I give zero fuck about the loot. I would've made the same choices Axl has done with Izzy, he's annoying as fuck. Compose, stick to what you can do best and be happy with the money you make.
  12. Relax... I'm sure the album will happen eventually. With or without Slash & co. Worst case scenario (which would actually be my best scenario): Axl releases CD II with Buckethead & Robin takes, untouched. It could even be an EP. I just want The General untouched, personally. I'll take The General untouched any day over whatever Slash will come up with. Or, we will have an album with Slash, Duff, etc... which I'm not too optimistic about. I don't want to sound too negative, but look at what Slash has released in the last 10 years. Nothing really great. There are some cool riffs here & there (sometimes I listen to some of his songs just for some riffs) but as for a coherent, great song, worthy of GN'R legacy: nothing. Maybe Slash tried some things out in Axl's studio, and Axl didn't like it much and was honest about it. Axl knows Slash's potential and knows what has to be done. Slash has been in the comfort zone for 20+ years. Do you think anybody has stand up to him and told him one of his songs sucked? No. Let's take a random Slash song (which I appreciate to some level) like "Baby can't drive" featuring Alice Cooper. It could have been an amazing song had Alice been vocal & honest about the structure of the song and its lack of inventiveness. He wasn't and as a result, the song is mediocre. But I feel it had a potential. You aren't waiting for a new Aerosmith, AC/DC, Nine Inch Nails or whatever album. I love all of those artists but they've all settled for a "meh" result in the past 15 years. It's GN'R we are talking about. Axl won't settle for mediocrity. He wants top notch material and it will take the time it will take. Maybe some people really enjoy every new shit that's released musically or theatrically, but let's be honest: 99% of what's released suck. Personally, I don't give a shit about most of what has been release recently. The only media/art that's consistent and improving is video games. The rest gets worse and worse each year. Why? Because everybody settles for this shit! The creators and the public. Quality takes time & hard thought. Sometimes it's magical and it takes no time, if you have the right formula. But I think that right now, they need to take as much time as they need, and that Axl really needs to think it through. I have faith in Axl, I'm sure they'll end up releasing something great. He hasn't disappointed ever with a record.
  13. I knew Axl would do something. He knows it's now or never. Great! Can't wait to hear this ; )
  14. Duff's solo album Tenderness: OUT NOW

    I'm sorry, I'll be dead honest: it sucks. It really, really, really sucks. The instrumental is generic, feels like you've heard this a million times. And Duff isn't fit for singing, he doesn't have it in him. He's good as a back singer, but he's no frontman/singer. I saw Loaded a while ago, I can't remember which artist they opened, but I remember being bored during the whole performance. Duff shines when he's on the bass, with Guns. That's his place, he has a massive presence on stage. But when he sings, it's like all of his charisma vanish. He is a lot better as a silent person. It's a bit like Ryan Gosling in Drive. The scenes that work the best is when he is silent. That's when you feel the danger. He is a silent warrior. When he speaks, it doesn't quite work. I view Duff like this, he is a silent warrior. They should all let go of their solo projects which I give 0 fuck about and work on Guns.
  15. New Muse album- Simulation Theory

    Totally. I think Blockades would be great live. The Void isn't being played either and it could sound better live. I'm pretty sure they'll play Blockades & The Void eventually though, maybe for the stadiums. Also bear in mind it's the beginning of the album tour, they never play the whole album from the start. But... almost every album has a "forgotten" song. I remember when I was young, I loved "Falling away with you" from Absolution. I swear it was NEVER played live during that tour, and even after that. What a shame, it's an amazing song. Still, I was lucky enough to hear "Endlessly" and "The Groove" (b-side from Absolution) live. Also "Exo-Politics" from Black Holes & Revelations was only played live like 3 or 4 times, if you don't count the earlier version of that song called "Burning Bandits". I attended a show in Toulouse (south of France) which was the first gig in France from that era, hoping they'd play it, and they didn't. They banished Exo-Politics from the setlist without reason. It was one of the best tracks from BH&R. Of course, on "The Resistance", as soon as I'd heard the album, I was almost 100% sure they'd never play the full Exo-genesis live. And they never did. Didn't surprise me. They did play part 3 in Japan for some reason, but they absolutely never played it complete with Part I / Part II / Part III. They never even played part 2 which is the easier to play on piano than Part 3 (which is also easy). What's really unforgivable on "The Resistance" is that Bellamy dropped the Chopin outro in "United States Of Eurasia" live. You know why he dropped it? Because they did promo Resistance shows in Teignmouth, and he fucked up on the Chopin part. He said "sorry, I forgot". After that, he never tried it again. Maybe he felt so ashamed he fucked up that he never wanted to feel this again, who knows. But I'd rather witness to someone who fucks up than somebody who doesn't even try. Actually, that's why I learnt this Chopin piano piece, I wanted to understand if it was so hard to play. It's tricky, but it's definitely not so hard, and it's something Matt Bellamy could absolutely play perfectly live if he trained for it. I think he thought "meh, the audience doesn't care for it, don't want to fuck this up again". I CARE FOR IT!!! On "The 2nd Law", Big Freeze (amazing song) was never played live either. Such a shame. Big Freeze deserves so much more than most of their boring singles, especially "Mercy" from Drones now that you mention it. Mercy is garbage. On "Drones", I think Aftermath was left out, and maybe Revolt too. But I can't blame them, I hate Revolt (one of their worst songs), and Aftermath isn't so good either. What surprised me on this album, is that I thought they'd never try "The Globalist" live. But they did, they played it constantly, and it was glorious (another song they should play more often, what a fucking great b-side). They even played "Defector". Drones is a blessed album. Great album, and they played the best songs from it live, contrary to most of the other albums where they constantly banish one great song and play poor singles. I do hope Blockades gets justice. I thought "Break it to me" would be one the songs they'd banish. Absurd that they play it live really. They do ignore "Get up and fight" for the moment, and that's great news to me. What I really hope is that Bellamy wakes up one day and says to himself "fuck, I've composed so many great songs in the past, I don't care for the bloody singles, I don't care for the length of the setlist, I will surprise them tonight!", then goes on to play: INTRO: Algorithm Alternate Reality Version (full) 1. Take a Bow 2. Hyper Music 3. Dead Star "BONSOIR PARIS!" 4. Shrinking Universe 5. Showbiz 6. Eternally Miseed 7. Host 8. Futurism 9. Exo-Politics 10. Escape 11. Reapers 12. Piano Thing 13. The Dark Side 14. Shine 15. Guiding Light (don't care what anyone says, it's a great song) 16. Cave 17. Dark Shines 18. Blockades 19. Falling Away with you INTERLUDE 20. Hysteria 21. Micro Cuts 22. Space Dementia 23. United States of Eurasia (+ Chopin) 24. The Globalist ENCORE 25. Exo-Genesis Part I 26. Exo-Genesis Part II 27. Exo-Genesis Part III ENCORE II 28. Pressure 29. Neutron Star Collision 30. Unnatural Selection 31. Easily 32. New Born 33. Knights of Cydonia (with "Once upon a time in the west - Man with a harmonica" intro) 34. The Void I'd pay $1000 to witness a show like that.