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  1. the funny thing is: DJ was the only guy in NuGnR who was a GnR fan himself before he joined them...
  2. so...what the video is trying to say is: some talented friends / guys went to L.A. and created a band of the most talented guys they met there. Hollywood Rose would have never made it. Thats the truth. Axl needed Slash, Duff, Steven and Izzy to create a great band.
  3. Axl will never ever do a half time show. He hates being in the spotlight...and he knows that people wouldnt be satisfied with his vocal performance. axl/dc yes, gnr no way.
  4. in my opinion there is a chance for a new years eve show when they are back in january...wasnt it always like that when they had a january gig? i might be wrong though...
  5. they should cover money by pink floyd
  6. + it would be probably another vocal desaster....not in this lifetime.
  7. European Leg

    bullshit, Mr. bullshit.
  8. is there really a hardschool version with slash circulating?
  9. Josh or Brain

    only steven and matt are gnr worthy. but yeah, the drumming on Riad (the energy is totally different on one of these demos - its wild. probably the only wild song on CD) and Atlas is great.
  10. dont forget fall to pieces. the riff is from the 1996? sessions as well. and yeah, i know. it was actually used in one of the yesterdays demo as well.
  11. Slash>Finck>Bucket>Ashba>Fortus>Bumble yeah, techniacally bucket is best, but musically its Slash and Finck. Izzy is rythm guitar. he can be only compared with Gilby and Huge. And maybe Fortus.
  12. Solutions

    doesn't Walker have that amount of posts?
  13. interesting conclusion. the other would be that he had problems with his singing voice between 1995-1998.
  14. the songs aint bad, but the mix isnt that good...and slash is noodling...
  15. KOHD 92 at Freddies Tribute Concert made a lot of GnR fans. As a viewer you instantly think it is a gnr concert. Axl in his prime, Slash with this huge guitar and the full packed Wembley stadium with an awesome crowd. The best live performance you can get.