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  1. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    haven't you been shocked watching a band that changed so much? gnr was like WWF/WCW. You expected to see Hulk Hogan but what you got was Hollywood Hogan.
  2. with fortus, frank and melissa the album will fail...so...
  3. Interesting that he just mention Axl, Duff, him, 4tus. Frank and Melissa are not GnR.
  4. Since Axl did no tour until 2002, its realistic if they put out a record in 1996-97, did a MTV unplugged and released another live dvd of the UYI between 97-2001. Followed by a reunion tour, another live dvd and new album in 2003 called 'Contraband' or 'Chinese Democracy'
  5. SFTD sounds good in many parts, but there is just sth that doesn't right. And that sth is Paul Tobias. And we will have the same problem with Melissa, 4tus and Frank in the next album. They doesnt fit musically.
  6. Yeah. Horrible art cover, horrible choice of cover songs and the covers itself were just ok. Axl got weird with 'my world' and this album is just a continuation of it. I mean a tribute Album with no Elton John, no Queen, no AC/DC, no Lynyrd Skynyrd, no Jimi Hendrix, no Aerosmith? These were bands Axl and Slash were inspired by musically... TSI was a let down, but its still OK. Just mediocre compared to the other albums.
  7. The truth, and the end.

    Is there any rock band or solo artist who treats their fans in such an arrogant way? I think that even divas like Mariah Carey (she looked and sang so much better at the beginning of her career - like Axl) has a bigger love and respect for her fans. While saying this, i have to say that 'the fans' who bought CD and visited the post 93 concerts are also responsible for the developement and status quo of GnR. (this forum also supported Axls vision and behaviour for years). If the fans would have boycotted Axl since 1997, we would have get a real reunion in 2002-2006 most probably. I also blamed TB for brainwashing Axl, but i believe that their just licking Axls ass, cause they have a great life standard because of that. Axl is and always will be the main reason for the status quo. GnR died in 1993 and i'm just here, because this band is like a bad telenovela.
  8. So, you think Axl won't release it until he is dead ? Possible. Axl should sell the double album for the highest bid.
  9. Money. Almost all of them were hired guns, who had nothing in common with gnr. DJ Ashba was most probably the only guy, who was a GnR fan before he joined. And thats why he refused to join the NITL tour.
  10. yeah. gnr didn't even win a grammy. what a bunch of overrated losers. legs sing a replacement song. unfortunately i don't even know one.
  11. musically you can add brain as well. he is not a rock n roll drummer.
  12. Finck sucked Marilyn Mansons dick and Finck and Freese recorded in the Polanski/Tate House + installed the 'pig' door in the other studio. And don't forget the guy with the jersey, the braids, the mickey voice and the botoxed face, who called these guys 'guns n' roses'
  13. Vicky Hamilton was fine, IMO. And since Steven mentioned her in his rrhof speech she is probably the only manager who was really important for their career. while saying this, don't forget the fact that Axl and drugs were the only problems the band had. And since everyone was clean Axl was the only problem which stayed ...
  14. GNR is done. Axl will do ACDC now. Thats it.
  15. the festival itself was huge and it had a cool vibe, but musically it only had Joe Cocker who had a genius moment IMO. Jimi Hendrix was outstanding on tape, but really annoying live because he improvised too much.