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  1. The highlight is Brain Mays solo on it. The song itself sounds like an Axl Rose solo thing.
  2. No. Since 2002 Axl did no big TV show. And we know the reason for it.
  3. Yeah. Dude sounds more like Axl than Axl 2018. Thats sad.
  4. Cool, even Slash knows that Frank sucks.
  5. Thats the point. Just listen to the remixes and leaks of Mi amor and Ballad of Death. Just horrible stuff. If i remember correctly, Moby and Beavan said that The Blues was the best song they heard from CD. So, CD2 and 3 are most probably B or C-Side tracks.
  6. Nice, the rehearsal sounds even worse than the actual performance.
  7. So what? The remix is still bad. And the rest of this album is horrible.
  8. The remixes are god damn awful. The worst material in GnR history. So yeah, put it out and kill your idols.
  9. You won't get answers. I think the guy who talked the most about NuGnR was Josh Freese.
  10. GnR is just weird since 1993. I don't care about a new album as long Melissa, Frank and Fortus are part of it.
  11. The future for Guns?

    Seriously TB threatened some users? This band is a joke since 1993.
  12. Its still useless when Frank, Melissa and 4tus are in.... I wann hear and feel the REAL GnR sound and vibe with Gilby/Izzy/Steven/Matt.
  13. The only way to make CD successful was to release it as a triple album. The reason we have never heard CD 2 and 3 is because its even worse than CD 1.
  14. The future for Guns?

    The only realistic chance for new and unseen old stuff is Axl' death. You know it. I know it.