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  1. you must be kidding. yeah, he was probably the only one who was almost totally sober from 1986-1993. but just look at Axl from 1994-1997. Axl went totally nuts.
  2. technically its Axl and Slash. Duff is the guy who hold the 2 together. Izzy was responsible for the catchy choruses. Matt and Adler made the songs perfect. It seems like Huge was mainly responsible for CD. so he was a 'member', too. everyone else is/was hired.
  3. their merch is so good... this and the exclusive celeb jackets in 2016 are like a fuck you to the fan community. but as long fans are paying for the overpriced concert tickets nothing won't change.
  4. 'perhaps a little bit of Rick Dunsford for you...' *the drum intro to 'Hard School' sets in'
  5. 'You know these realistic and super expensive sex dolls from y2k? No? haha...well...anyways...this song has its 20th birthday today. Its called 'real doll dot com.'
  6. 2006 was indeed the perfect moment. Duff and Slash were clean by that year and did a great album with Contraband. Axl changed his look, his voice got better. GnR needed a new drummer. Axl had 3 CDs of material, which they could have reworked. A triple album with Slash, Duff, Matt, Axl and Izzy would have been great.
  7. nothing can age well, when its not perfect from the start. AFD was perfect. The sound and production value of UYI is even better than AFD. Its absolutely top notch. TSI was still very good produced and mixed. CD is a huge let down with regard to its production. Totally overproduced, horrible mixing, annoying Axl voice, bad vibes, no one take recordings, cheap pitman effects. It could have been a cool album with one take recordings, zero pitman, just bucket and robin and one good rock producer. and...i don't like the GnR Logo on it. Its an Axl Rose album.
  8. and 'Beautiful' by Christina Aguilera. 'Sailing' was fine and there could be a studio cover of this song back then.
  9. if its an EP than 4 songs will be covers. And one of them will be Slither.
  10. the box set cover is fine...the rest has a bad vibe...the bike is the most random pic ever...don't know why Axl was stunned by the scenario, when he was in asia. a rice sack has the same impact on the viewer... but TSI cover is even more horrible...italy should have sued them for disgracing spaghetti. i have never seen such disgusting spaghetti in my life, actually
  11. gnrcentral had interviews with beavan and the director of the NR video. unfortunately this forum never had the chance to interview anyone except for Axl aka dexter... fact is: someone from the UK mentioned earlier that he heard these infos on the radio. lets wait until Terminator 6. or lets ask Arnie, Linda, James, Eddie Furlong.
  12. Since Terminator got even Edward Furlong back on board, GnR would make sense, too.