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  1. and gnr did it twice. TSI 93 and the re-recorded AFD 99.
  2. guys like you don't get it. sure, there are examples where good music don't achieve the success it should get. but with regard to CD and Eminems last album, the facts are clear: there was simply no hit material. CD has a lot of good ideas, but the final product is just a patchwork of washed up stuff. the album was ready in 99. Songs like prostitute, sorry, mi amor, ballad of death, etc shows that the ideas got worse and worse. don't expect any hits in CD2+3. When Eminem is doing a song with Ed Sheeran you expect a hit. When Axl did CD and spent 14 mio dollars in the production you expect hits, too. this has nothing to do with a bashing of Axl or Eminem. there will be no new GnR Studio Album in 2019 since they haven't been in the studio with Axl.
  3. no, you don't get it. they set the bar very high from 86-93. when Duff and Slash released 'Slither', we were all fine with that cause it was well produced and sounded like post UYI gnr. when its shitty or overproduced stuff we are just honest.
  4. a cover album is as ridiculous as a live album. Who wants a Spaghetti incident II? Riff Raff is the only cover NuAxl did right. Why did they never release Heartbreak Hotel and Jumpin Jack Flash in their prime? Right, because these songs were just good but not as good and innovative as KOHD. the only cover album i would except is an album with slash tunes from the past. from 'give in to me' to 'world on fire'. that would be a lost album by gnr.
  5. no. CD has a totally different vibe and sound. it has nothing to do with gnr.
  6. no, they can't. be realistic. but it would be an album that all old gnr fans would like and respect. it would contain 1-2 hits. just the vibe would be great. with fortus, Frank and melissa 80% of gnr fans will be not satisfied. without izzy the album would still sound to overproduced. and popcorn should be in 2 tracks at least.
  7. an useless live album is always a possibility. so what? live era was meh, nitl is super dupa meh. Wichita lineman: come on...
  8. The highlight is Brain Mays solo on it. The song itself sounds like an Axl Rose solo thing.
  9. No. Since 2002 Axl did no big TV show. And we know the reason for it.
  10. Yeah. Dude sounds more like Axl than Axl 2018. Thats sad.
  11. Cool, even Slash knows that Frank sucks.
  12. Thats the point. Just listen to the remixes and leaks of Mi amor and Ballad of Death. Just horrible stuff. If i remember correctly, Moby and Beavan said that The Blues was the best song they heard from CD. So, CD2 and 3 are most probably B or C-Side tracks.
  13. Nice, the rehearsal sounds even worse than the actual performance.