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  1. no. slash and duff joined NuGnR. its not a real reunion.
  2. why take it down, when he can...
  3. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    - GnR was actually the best rock band ever. They could have been as big as The Stones. Even the Stones himself would confirm this thesis.
  4. No way, José. Slash is clean and OK with doing CD music. Axl realized that Slash is the only lead guitarist who can make CD music good. There is no beef anymore.
  5. Well, correct me if i'm wrong, but CD is the most expensive album ever made. In 2004 the production costs were 14.000.0000$. How much copies did they sold? 6 million?
  6. Have you ever heard Stairway to Heaven? And there are even a few other songs that are stunning with regard to their production. f.ex. try to create sth like 'Voodoo People' by The Prodigy. Axl tried and failed with CD. Its super complex.
  7. the logo stuff and merch problem make sense, but Axl still wanted to release this 1996 album. Well, good ol' Axl. Sending a fax rant to MTV...
  8. Except the fact that this Axl rant was just ridiculous and his stubborn idiotic temper made a lot of these points really happen...even til now. what were the original 3 b-sides, he was talkin about? shadow of your + 2 other songs?
  9. Slash's job isn't song writing. He's the man who is doing the solos. Eddie van Halen, Jimmy Paige, etc - did they create outstanding solo stuff? no. they all need a great melody/song. Eddies and Slashs work on MJs material is top notch. shitty voice, nice melody, great solo by Slash. Watch this! with Dave and Duff is an amazing instrumental track. Anastasia with Myles is also nice. Beautiful liar is also nice with regard to the production value. But to create GnR top notch stuff, you need Duff, Matt, Steven, Izzy, Axl.
  10. The only way to top UYI and AFD is to release a triple album. Not kidding. The lack of quality must be covered with quantity. then people would say: oh, thats why it took them so long...
  11. thats what i'm talkin about. the CD vibe is very dark, depressive, melancholic. the fans won't like that. And i'm pretty convinced that we've already heard the best from CD. without matt/steven and izzy it won't be a good album.
  12. Dave Grohl Whitefield Crane (Ugly Kid Joe) Taylor Momsen Fergie Kid Rock Lenny Kravitz