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  1. Dj Ashba proves he is shitter than ever

    has dave navarro ever played a meleodic solo? ashba > navarro.
  2. yeah, the Dr. Dexter Holland mid90s 'Self Esteem' days are over.
  3. from time to time i see hot scandinavian girls on tinder that wear cool and hot merch. but know way its from the official gnr shop.
  4. she gives him a little smile at least, but Axl is like: i don't care. but he must have allowed her the cover 3 years before. so, its weird that he gives her no emotion at all. and now imagine Jimmy Fallon flippin backstage Axl was probably: 'Get the fuck out of my way, you clown!'. And with regard to his hosting and backstage behaviour / Interview he was one of the biggest NuGuns fans .
  5. why do you (let someone) cover a song, if you obviously don't like the person? i would have loved to see Axl's face when he met Jimmy Fallon backstage. 'Who the fuck are you?'
  6. its somehow genius to delete live vids on YouTube, don't release any new DVDs and CDs, stay away from media, reject a reunion for decades... cause that means -> if you want to see them, pay 220+ $ for a ticket. but we all know that TB ain't that smart...
  7. we have to wait til next year. i don't understand his riddler role play. he is a friend of MSL, so...i only trust in leaks, amazon and journalistic sources. the whole EP thing sounds like a surprise release with the same promo the NITL Tour had. We will get mysterious commercials 2 weeks before the release.
  8. Dude also said Axl is rapping on the leaks, Atlas is a snooze fest, Axl has lost weight and other false stuff. So his infos are inaccurate here and there.
  9. the only thing that would make sense is: an EP with a re-recorded best of CD 1. Reworked and with new vocals. Better, CD, The Blues, Madagascar, TWAT, TIL + Children of the Revolution, Slither and Whole lotta Rosie. But that would mean working with a real orchestra or beltrami on the ballads. and since we havent heard about it yet...its just my wishful thinking. but the source said that there will be Hard School and Atlas on it, which is just stupid when there is an album done for November.
  10. according to the dark forums the EP will be released in march + full album in november. and everything is done and rerecorded. new lyrics, new vocals (no Mickey), melodic changes within the songs we've heard. slash fixed atlas. seven is being descriped as coma/estranged-esque. while requoting this source i dont understand the EP-thing, when there is a full album done.
  11. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    so, how is that possible? a recording can't lie actually, can it?
  12. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    Would love to hear Metaxlica S&M⅔.
  13. being honest. both titles would have been a much better choice, with regard to the sketches we've heard so far. chinese democracy sounds epic and political. and its actually not. it simply sounds 'interesting'