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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    Imagine Axl recording a full album with Vince. It would win a grammy for best comedy album of the year for sure.
  2. He was. We still love the Hoff. He is very self-ironic. KOHD is the most epic rock cover in history. In Germany KOHD defines GnR as best live rock band.
  3. Overrated by who? Forum or Public? Forum: Prostitute, If the world, Oh my god Public: One in a million (great song, totally underrated, but overrated negatively because of 2 words!)
  4. NITL live videos on youtube

    I'm not a Nickelback fan. But i would enjoy them more than GnR since 2007. Axl/DC had some great moments. Totally different Axl.
  5. NITL live videos on youtube

    Guys, its mit complaining. Its the bitter truth. If they would offer me a Nickelback ticket or a GnR one, i would take the Nickelback one. We are pissed, because Axl delivered on many ACDC occassions, which insists that he is somehow fooling us or using his Mickey voice to protect his voice. Nobody needs a 3h set of Mickey. Gimme 60 minutes of good Axl and i'm fine. Download and Rio are unwatchable. This is torture. Meanwhile Steven Tyler. He sounds as good or even better than in the 90s...its insane. Even in 2019/2020. Here is a vid from 2016, i guess. Steven is over 70 now. Its absolutely outstanding. Dude is singing like a 20 year old rock star. Look at his face, his positive ego and attitude and the fact that he knows how good he is and how he simply can play with his voice the way he wants.
  6. NITL live videos on youtube

    Sure, its always the sound engineer at Rio who failed. The NITL selects sound slightly better than RiR. They should release stuff from the past (1985-2006). NITL isnt a good portfolio.
  7. NITL live videos on youtube

    Dude, this is not Kid Rock...even impersonators are better than Axl at this point.
  8. NITL live videos on youtube

    Dude, you are deaf and blind everyone in the comments section agree that this just awful. Axl has to stop singing high notes. He should re-arrange all songs, even if it will sound completely different. But different in a positive way is fine.
  9. NITL live videos on youtube

    Imo, they should stop releasing NITL Videos. Seriously, i have more fun watching Nickelback with Chad Kroegers new Barbie doll nose at Rock in Rio than any NITL show. Even tribute bands are better. Just watch GnR in Rio 2017...Axls voice is a tragedy...
  10. What we are trying to say is: You shouldnt be a rock band fan, if its gross to you. Almost every rock band, every pop band, every male music artist back then had sex with underaged girls. Abuse and forcing people into things they don't want to, no matter if its sexual or not, should be a crime. American female teachers have to go to jail for having sex with their 'fans', while rock stars have permission? Isnt that absurd, too?
  11. Well, i didn't find anything about that. Just the Lori Mattix Story, which dedicates he was into teens. She was probably not the only teen he slept with. Lori was a groupie though. If you wanna watch some really fucked up stuff, watch Jimmy Saville docus. This guy was pure evil. And i will never understand why the audience and the BBC didnt saw the creepy guy he was. On the other hand Paige was into occult shit, too. So, who knows whats true and what is not. But Saville...man, what a monster. He makes even Epstein look polite...
  12. Just read a bit about Jimmy and young girls. As said before...probably every musician slept with teens. And its not like the girls were forced to do it. They wanted to and many of them were groupies who slept with other musicians, too. There is a difference between Epstein, Wildstein, Cosby, etc and musicians. It sounds weird, but what musicians do is actually fan service.
  13. NITL live videos on youtube

    Totally agree. There were only 3 magic moments on the whole tour. This and the other 2 times, where Steven was on drums. Totally different vibe and energy.
  14. What? Slash said the same thing 25 years ago, not 10.
  15. Its obviously a Marco Beltrami piece. Imagine a whole Beltrami and Brian May involvement in CD production. That would have been epic stuff. I guess Finck was inspired by it to. Also very The General like.