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  1. Its pretty simple. 'Magic' only happened when Steven Adler hit the drums. That felt like a reunion. The rest was cash grabbing. The wirst thing is once again the communication with the fans. No interviews, no chats, but overprized tickets and an overprized box. This band is a joke.
  2. Slash is doing a solid show, but its nothing special unfortunately. He is depended on the material he gets. He was of course better in his prime 91-92. But he is still very productive and successful solo wise.
  3. GnR or at least Axl is done musically. 2006 was the last chance for a good album with oldGnR. Even if they will release a New Album now, we won't be satisfied. Its like watching Dumb and Dumber To. You hope watching a good sequel and just the production value of it is so fuckin horrible, that you stop in the middle of it.
  4. Its a draw between these 2 2006 was the perfect year for a real reunion. Maybe with Robin on rythm guitar.
  5. What? I always thought Pitman is gay/trans/asexual.
  6. What if i tell you that none of these songs is even as good 'slither'
  7. Bucket and Robin were the only talented guys in NuGnR. The album is/was very interesting experiment, but it has nothing to do with GnR. The real sound of a post 93 GnR was 'Contraband'.
  8. Unfortunately being curious about it doesn't mean that they created great stuff. The recent leaks are far far away from the production value of UYI. Its shocking how badly mixed these songs are in comparison. And some stuff like 'mi amor' is musical trash at its worst.
  9. Axl's voice is pitched too hard. The instrumental itself is nicely restored.
  10. It doesn't sound weird to me. The label was more interested in a reunion and a second Greatest Hits or 25 years anniversary AFD album. For me, its pretty obvious by now that CD2+3 is even worse than CD1. The recent leaks are just embarrassing and even if we can't hear much from that General clip, there is one thing i still can hear. Its not a 2nd estranged or hit at all. GnR should release or rerecord the tracks from 94-97. Like Checkmate/Jackie Chan
  11. The idea of remixing of re-editing CD is OK, while still insane, cause CD has no hit material and the album failed. An artist like Moby would have been the minimum to do that remix. I listened to Mobys stuff recently. Dude had some nice ideas, but his tunes sounds home made and not perfect at all. The remixing skills of Brain, Melissa and Pitman on the other hand are god damn awful. Even i can do better. And there a GnR mash-ups with VR and Foo Fighters by amateurs which are million times better than these remixes. Imagine yourself being a Universal/Geffen CEO and receiving these demos of GnR. I would have called the GnR management immediately to ask them if this is a fuckin joke. Even 'My world' sounds more professional.
  12. But 'mi amor' is probably the most beautiful thing GnR has ever created <3
  13. Thanks for hoarding til 2018 and keeping up the illusion that the general is the holy grail of CD. Its fuckin not. Its a disgrace to the trilogy.
  14. With regard to the new leaks its obvious that de already heard the best from CD.
  15. Shackler's Revenge Remix leak **NO LINKS**

    No, sir. I listen to different styles of music: techno, pop, rock, hip hop, etc and this here is just freakin awful. Musically and in its production value. Fan made remixes like this are Million times superior