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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    Toilet paper and desinfection spray with the GnR logo?
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    No. People all over the globe can't go to concerts now. Music sales / clicks will rise in the next days and weeks.
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    Its the best time to release that album. Seriously.
  4. Norah Jones covers Patience

    Thought the same thing. Even if it was a PPV thing.
  5. The "New Album" Thread

    Online market and Supermarkets are booming because of it...streaming platforms are booming, too. People all over the globe are online right now. Cause they have time
  6. TSI sounds more pro than CD. But CD is more creative than TSI of course. The only song on TSI, which is creative is SIDHY. The rest are 1:1 covers. Great sound quality, but just useless imo. They already made 1:1 covers of Heartbreak Hotel and Jumpin Jack Flash, which didnt make it on AFD and UYI...and then they made a full cover album...weird decision. A MTV unplugged would have been the best choice back then.
  7. The "New Album" Thread

    Its the perfect time to release an album since people can't go to concerts. Guess what GnR will do? Nothing.
  8. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Dead Corona people in total 6000 China: 3200 Italy: 1500 So. Is it SARS? Did it mutate in italy? Is China lying in their statistics?
  9. Just checked the statistics. China listed 3200 dead people so far. Italy 1500. Chinas population is 20 times bigger than Italys...
  10. Every artist except for GnR would do that. Its 5 o' clock sonewhere
  11. Wild Horses Whole Lotta Rosie Only women bleed Worst: The Seeker Wichita I feel good (awful as fuck)
  12. How do you feel about Miles singing Gunss?

    Myles is ok, but thats it. There are so many good singers out there...even Fergies SCOM is better.
  13. Axl will wear a neon yellow 'kill your Corona infected idols' shirt
  14. Not Bad. The production could have been much better though. But London going punk is cool.
  15. Cool Pic of Axl with his real teeth. He changed them right after WTTJ. With regard to Rock n Roll Rose: Sounds like a real deal to me. Interesting that he mentioned it in one line with NR and YCBM. So was it as good as them?
  16. Yeah, the idea of trying The Who and other great band elements is cool.
  17. Sure. TB will release every single bit Axl did when he'll be six feet under
  18. In my opinion its pretty weird that Axl, Elton and Queen didnt record an album in the late 90s...since AXL/DC we know that Axl was open to work with his favourite bands and artists. And since he wanted to create a supergroup with Trent and Grohl in the mid 90s, Roger and Brian would have been the other 2 who would have made sense. Even more with the fact that RTB was mixing CD...
  19. The fact that Duff and Slash joined Ozzy says it all actually. Nothing will happen in NuGuns 4.0 City. And if its the same shitty mix quality like Ozzys Album, i'm not even interested. Rock is dead.
  20. That Thread Update Liar, Liar, you Gucci pants are on fire.
  21. The mix and production is so unprofessional....it sounds so low-budget...
  22. Azoff is mowt probably an asshole...juat a money guy. When you have a brand like GnR, you dont need guys like him. Having a family member as manager is the best thing you can get. TB just sucks in terms of communication, media and merch.
  23. Friends HBO Reunion Special

    Maybe selling shoes.
  24. Friends HBO Reunion Special

    I hate the camera work by Fred Savage. Its worse than Cloverfield.
  25. Friends HBO Reunion Special

    I dont get the humor of any sitcom in the last 10 years...so i'm out of this business. Comedy is like Rock. There was pretty good stuff in the 80s and 90s