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  1. you will be sooooooooo disappointed on saturday.
  2. Shut up. Axl was ashamed enough, when the producers of 'Free Willy 3' turned down this instrumental as official soundtrack.
  3. New LA Show Sep 21

    dont expect anything else than: fat Axl Mickey Mouse voice same outfits same setlist same band members
  4. the album was done instrumentally. bit it took Axl 6 more years to put vocals on every track, imo.
  5. can't wait for a live version of it. imagine slash doing a solo with a double guitar and two black back up singers joining Axl....hit material.
  6. pretty boring song indeed. sounds like NIN meets Ozzy Osbourne. The only interesting thing about it is Axl singing in completly different style. but is it good to go from AFD /UYI to this? nah.
  7. zutaut's locker. i dont like perhaps. but its a shame Axl didnt ask Brian May to make a whole album with him. Axl + Brian would have done a great duet.
  8. we aint 'the base'. and even 'we, the nerds' dislike things about the leaks. just play 'perhaps' to your friends or in bar, etc and people will say 'can you skip the track / change the radio station, please?'. These leaks are no 'hit material' at all. and the masses won't like it.
  9. the other rumor is Axl was finally informed about the leaks by TB and Universal. He's flippin' yo' Gimme dat TONTO.
  10. just play madagascar. how can you enjoy this bad cgi orchestration and axls auto-tuned vocals? the final product is awful. 14,000,000 $ for what?!
  11. just heard perhaps so far and wow....this is god damn awful. even Brian Mays solo can't fix it. the whole album shows that Axl can't write choruses like wtf? did he really expect that fans and public will like this stuff? AFD and UYI are whole other worlds... yesterday i listened to Madagascar. Actually its hit Material, but the mixing and orchestration is so god damn awful...that it just make you sad...
  12. If an instrumental song is recorded by Robin Finck, Josh Freese, Tommy Stinson, and Paul HUGE Tobias, and Axl Rose isn't on the recording.........could it even legally be considered a Guns N' Roses song in a court of law?
  13. the double or triple album was definately not ready in 2000. these discs just show sketches. NuGuns was productive, Axl not that much. Thats why Freese, Tobias and Finck left. Their work was done. The mixer and Axl couldnt finish the material. CD is like a collage of 2000 intensions.
  14. how can you even defend their behaviour? its the worst fan service in rock, i know. there are no explanations and communications whatsoever. just a shitty douchebag with a hat and t-shirt.
  15. if they would release more AFD and UYI DVDs at least....but even this didnt happen...except for the AFD box with no live footage...this band and Axl are just ultra weird.
  16. nah. its like 1993. another sympathy for the devil is in the works. but this time its a shitty t-rex cover for a movie we dont know yet.
  17. so...they have been in the studio...but thats it. we can just hope that Axl records stuff, which oldGnR can use after Axl's death.
  18. according to one of the leak insiders there is a reason why Brett Buchanan isn't writing about these leaks. And don't forget that these leaks are all manipulated...
  19. What is “the locker”

    https://streamable.com/fnklr maybe we should talk, maybe we should speak, maybe we should have a lunch. maybe he will sell you axls biography, maybe he will sell you un released songs. maybe he will talk, maybe we will speak, but he definately will have lunch with you.
  20. yeah, you can hear that voodoo whistle somehow. but prodigy is pure genius. so silkworms is not only an insult to many gnr Fans, but also an insult to the prodigy. 'Voodoo people' deserved a grammy. i was stunned when i saw this video. this is as impressive as Mozart, Beethoven, etc
  21. there are definately two different versions. one with finck guitars +4?db and one with -4?db Finck. you can't barely hear him in the first one that leaked. in the second version finck is playing all over the song. in both versions pitman is too fuckin loud and axl too quiet. i can definately hear a prodigy and moby influence. but 'Voodoo people' by prodigy and 'alone' by moby are by far better.