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  1. Elvis is one of the greatest singers ever, but as far as i know, he never wrote own songs. he only has co-writing credits because his managers bought them for him.
  2. unfortunately the guys who are buying tickets for these gigs are people who are just random fans, who don't know about rhiad and the bedouins and Wichita lineman...
  3. Dude, come on. You are talking about GnR and Axl Rose in particular. The only time we got direct band infos was when Axl was in rage mode. This band has probably the worst fan communication in rock history and it won't change. Maybe when Axl is gone, but before that...no way. Do you think there would have been a press release when Slash would have die in 2002? no way. Axl Rose = Guns n' Roses. At least, he thinks so.
  4. 100% the same happened here WTF? Steven, we love you.
  5. i don't blame Axl for continuing the NITL Tour. i blame the fans who are paying 220 bucks for a ticket to this running gag.
  6. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    just want to remind you that you, the one who buys tickets for these shows, are responsible for the lack of matt/gilby/steven/izzy, the lack of new music and the most horrible fan service in rock n roll history. its a problem since 1996. instead of supporting Axl Rose, we all should have boycotted him. thats the bitter truth about guns n roses.
  7. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Since the tour is just a continuation of the last tour...no way.
  8. GNR in OKC October 23rd?

    Fuck! Can't wait to hear 'Wichita Lineman'. It's my favourite song ever.
  9. reading between the lines tells me that Duff and Slash are not that impressed by the CD leftovers. 'kick ass shit' is an other word for 'interesting, but don't expect more'
  10. CD is an overproduced mess of ideas. its sounds like ademo album. fact is, the younger the tracks the worse it got. prostitute, sorry, scraped, ...slashs , vr's and gilbys ideas were much better a gnr product
  11. i wouldnt even buy it for 10 bucks. its worthless...
  12. The only thing that changed is that he got fat and lost his pissed behaviour. lets face the facts: Axl was productive 30 years ago. Since then he lost his ability to write very good lyrics and choruses. you have to push him (like slash is doing it somehow now) to get him into the studio.
  13. portman is just ashamed of the facto that she had been dating Moby. Its pretty obvious to me. Mobys music is so different compared to GnRs. It makes no sense. Sounds great with Elton, but Axl? no way.
  14. the studio version contains no singing and is solid. i didn't like Moby back then, but today i listen more to his music than GnR. Axl somehow knew back then that Moby will be successful in the near future. But i don't get Axls vision as well. Mobys songs are melodic and repetitive loops, while CD is not.
  15. if they wouldnt be employees, matt, Steven, gilby and izzy would be in. its just that simple.
  16. the prices Les is offering them are real. and sure...its the USA...there are conflicts with some customers, but i think that 90% of it is scripted. its still more realistic than storage wars and auction hunters...their selling prices can't be real. 'Oh, DVDs...5 bucks each...oh...a used bike...100 bucks...' bullshit. Thats why i don't like these shows. Back to Moby. Yeah, Axl driving at night listening to 'Alone' is cool. But it has nothing to do with the GnR sound...what was Axl thinking...once again, Mobys hits are very melodic and repetitive. And Axl was right with the success of NuMetal. Korn, Linkin Park, Prodigy, etc. But no CD material is repetitive, is using samples, etc. So i don't get Axls intensions.
  17. Moby and Eminem are using repetitive samples, while Axl never did that...yeah, i know, he wanted to...but Moby and Axl really makes no sense at all.
  18. Eminem + Moby would have made sense back then. But Axl + Moby? No way. The only track which sounds Moby inspired (or otherwise) is TWAT.
  19. UYI had the perfect GNR sound. it was actually overproduced, but somehow it was just perfect like that. And with Melissa, Frank and 4tus it wont sound perfect.
  20. Eminem and Moby should have done a song, since they both liked samples.
  21. always the same bullshit. Axl is the asshole and the other guys from oldGNR are nice....this simply cant be true.
  22. me, too. i think, he is a good guy, not an asshole at all, but he is simply not funny at all and almost as childish as MJ. its hard to understand that he has such a huge audience.
  23. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    Better call Saul, Axl. Who's next? Axl sues Bailey's©, Slash sues the /-sign? Duff, the king of beers, sues Duffman? Oh yeah...
  24. How do you come to this conclusion? Which songs did he play in his only show? Ole is most probably responsible for Bill Baileys choice to call himself Axl, since Ole's father was named Aksel. But thats it.