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  1. if they wouldnt be employees, matt, Steven, gilby and izzy would be in. its just that simple.
  2. the prices Les is offering them are real. and sure...its the USA...there are conflicts with some customers, but i think that 90% of it is scripted. its still more realistic than storage wars and auction hunters...their selling prices can't be real. 'Oh, DVDs...5 bucks each...oh...a used bike...100 bucks...' bullshit. Thats why i don't like these shows. Back to Moby. Yeah, Axl driving at night listening to 'Alone' is cool. But it has nothing to do with the GnR sound...what was Axl thinking...once again, Mobys hits are very melodic and repetitive. And Axl was right with the success of NuMetal. Korn, Linkin Park, Prodigy, etc. But no CD material is repetitive, is using samples, etc. So i don't get Axls intensions.
  3. Moby and Eminem are using repetitive samples, while Axl never did that...yeah, i know, he wanted to...but Moby and Axl really makes no sense at all.
  4. Eminem + Moby would have made sense back then. But Axl + Moby? No way. The only track which sounds Moby inspired (or otherwise) is TWAT.
  5. UYI had the perfect GNR sound. it was actually overproduced, but somehow it was just perfect like that. And with Melissa, Frank and 4tus it wont sound perfect.
  6. Eminem and Moby should have done a song, since they both liked samples.
  7. always the same bullshit. Axl is the asshole and the other guys from oldGNR are nice....this simply cant be true.
  8. me, too. i think, he is a good guy, not an asshole at all, but he is simply not funny at all and almost as childish as MJ. its hard to understand that he has such a huge audience.
  9. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    Better call Saul, Axl. Who's next? Axl sues Bailey's©, Slash sues the /-sign? Duff, the king of beers, sues Duffman? Oh yeah...
  10. How do you come to this conclusion? Which songs did he play in his only show? Ole is most probably responsible for Bill Baileys choice to call himself Axl, since Ole's father was named Aksel. But thats it.
  11. i doñt want to read the article, but i guess the writer was complaining about the fat redhead who destroyed a great band because of his ego? well, than hes right
  12. 'Dude looks like a lady'? No, but rumors say they are rerecording the Benny Hill theme song.
  13. yeah. thats no secret. a lot oft artists have a home studio. but dies it make sense to re-record chinese leftovers in axls house? no. since the songs are actually done slash and duff could just do their instrumentals recordings somewhere else and send it to Axl.
  14. yeah. thats no secret. a lot oft artists have a home studio.
  15. no. slash and duff joined NuGnR. its not a real reunion.
  16. why take it down, when he can...
  17. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    - GnR was actually the best rock band ever. They could have been as big as The Stones. Even the Stones himself would confirm this thesis.
  18. No way, José. Slash is clean and OK with doing CD music. Axl realized that Slash is the only lead guitarist who can make CD music good. There is no beef anymore.
  19. Well, correct me if i'm wrong, but CD is the most expensive album ever made. In 2004 the production costs were 14.000.0000$. How much copies did they sold? 6 million?
  20. Have you ever heard Stairway to Heaven? And there are even a few other songs that are stunning with regard to their production. f.ex. try to create sth like 'Voodoo People' by The Prodigy. Axl tried and failed with CD. Its super complex.
  21. the logo stuff and merch problem make sense, but Axl still wanted to release this 1996 album. Well, good ol' Axl. Sending a fax rant to MTV...