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  1. Guns N' Roses SHORTS

    Does anyone have a spare pair of the GNR sweatshorts that were being sold on tour, size small?
  2. Nixon Slash Leather Watch LTD 4/13

    That's really cool. I remember when these went on sale. Scott weiland donated a jacket too to make a batch. Its a really unique item but pretty hard to price.
  3. Best releases of 2018

    I'm probably forgetting things but for me... White Album 4LP box set as previously mentioned (I don't buy cd's but will at some point get the cd set as well just because theres so much extra material on it) How The West Was Won 4LP box set Starcrawler - S/T Jack White - Boarding House Reach The Rob Zombie Vinyl Box Set Jack White Live at Third Man Records (Vault release. I was at the show that makes up 2/3 of this set, so it's a super special release for me) There were some really good soundtracks that came out this year as well like You Were Never Really Here, Hereditary, etc...
  4. I'll laugh my ass of when it comes out and Duff is on vocals with Axl just doing bg vox on the chorus.
  5. I'd be up for a Lies-type EP release. Find 4 live tracks that Axl actually sounds decent on and pair it with 4 new studio tracks, maybe 1 or 2 are covers. It'd give them a reason to keep the touring machine rolling, since that's all albums are these days anyway. They could also release a a live show from the vault the same day to hype both albums up, offer bundles and shit, etc....
  6. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    I would love a Skid Row box set with all the bach era albums plus like a live show thrown in or something. I have them all as it is (including subhuman) but would buy something like that in a heartbeat still. Though tensions in the group will probably always prevent anything like that from happening.
  7. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Yeah, it is a bit of a rehashing for sure but when they announced it, I just traded in my old copy and will upgrade to this. Excited for the two new songs as well. I do agree though, it's not the the most bang for your buck vault. I honestly think they are starting to run low on ideas and content. Part of me wonders if they new Racs album is just to drive the machine so that one of the vault's next year can be that, then I'm sure they'll do a show at third man and release that as another one and I have to imagine there will be a 20th Anniversary Vault for the first WS album next year as well. It's starting to be a lot of rehashing it seems.
  8. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Some new orders/purchases in the past week or so: Alice Cooper - Live from The Astroturf (RSD) Cheap Trick - Epic Archives Vol. 2 (RSD) GN'R - Shadow of Your Love 7" (RSD) Paul McCartney - I don't Know / Come on to me 7" (RSD) Starcrawler - Hollywood Ending 7" Foxy Shazam - S/T David Lynch / Angelo Badalamenti - Thought Gang Hanoi Rocks - Malibu Beach 7" The Raconteurs Vault package should be coming within 2-3 weeks as well.
  9. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    I bought that on Wednesday too! Love that album. I picked up the black/ white splatter version.
  10. AFD Locked & Loaded Discounts Begin!

    If you can sell that turntable for like 250, that's a hell of a deal.
  11. AFD Locked & Loaded Discounts Begin!

    The official site has it knocked down to 649 now and you can use GNR10 to get 10% off which brings it to about 625 shipped after tax. someone mentioned a 20% coupon got sent around recently...does anyone have that?
  12. Locked N' Loaded Box Set

    Really curious what price this hits friday. I think I might bite if it hits 500 but even then would probably sell off some of the stuff. With the Shadow of Your Love single being released on RSD, the only thing I really care about in this set is the Sound City LP. There's on eBay right now for 300 but he won't budge lower than 275 on it. If I can just get that for 200 bucks and the Shadow single for 10 bucks, I'd have no need for all the junk that fills out the rest already having original LLAS, singles, eps, etc. Also, as a few of us have mentioned before it's hard to not believe there won't be some red vinyl pressing or something of the Sound City LP for the april RSD.
  13. Special Alert for GNR Fans!

    ain't that the truth. When I was in high school you could get great condition albums of the biggest bands like the beatles and stones for like 7 bucks, now they are at least 30. Though the plus side to the resurgence is that everything comes out on vinyl again including soundtracks, singles, etc. I wish it would have happened a little sooner though because some of my favorite local stores finally closed down when the economy was in the shitter in the mid 2000's and they would be doing great now.
  14. Do you see Velvet Revolver coming back at some point?

    I'd rather Dave and Matt just replace richard/frank in GN'R and then they found their new singer.
  15. Special Alert for GNR Fans!

    Re-selling is totally cool in my book. As collectors and concert-goers, etc, if there is an opportunity to help fund other things we desire, why the hell not go for it? Quite frankly that is often part of being a collector. Sure we can say we are all a "community" but at the end of the day, aside form the few you actually know or meet at shows that are cool, there is no reason to have any kind of allegiance to other fans of a band you like.