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  1. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Picked up the John Lennon remaster box set for a pretty good price. I've heard a lot of copies having defects but so far, so good on mine. also got the limited edition version of Dead Weather's Horehound ( 1 yellow/white split LP, 1 black LP)
  2. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    This just went up about an hour ago and there is less than 200 of the 500 remaining if anyone is interested. Blind Melon - Nico (Clear Vinyl) https://analogspark.com/products/blind-melon-nico-180-gram-colored-vinyl-record-limited-t0-500-pre-order?variant=12247632412749
  3. The problem is, most people sound and look terrible singing Axl's songs. I'd say Scott Weiland did a good job because one, he had his own very distinct stage presence and two, he knew what songs to sing (only the low register ones, which really weren't too dissimilar from some STP songs, singing wise) I saw and AA show at the Key Club for the 20th anniversary of Appetite and Izzy and Duff got up there and played with him and the singer was from a GNR tribute band that then joined AA. It was uncomfortable to watch it was so awkward and bad. You had 3 guys, who can arguably be considered legends performing with some guy who is trying to act like their old singer. It was terrible. I was glad I got to see Izz again though and I feel that's what most people take out of these shows...they are just happy to go see Steven.
  4. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Yeah i got the regular black GAG last year when it came out and i was thrilled. I had a really shitty greek pressing up until that. Did you get that new black and white one?
  5. Have all the people that are freaking out about shadow never heard the song before? I mean I get it's slightly updated but like...it's the same old song that we've heard guns do as well as Hollywood rose. quite honestly, I sort of prefer the original HR demo over all other versions.
  6. I don't know why people keep saying this. Editing a studio track in a studio is very different than editing a live track in a studio and passing it off as live. Plus most live albums aren't very live anyway...it's not a live era thing. KISS did that all the way back in '75 with Alive. Alive II from 77 is barely a live album.
  7. Holy shit, it's a grand?!! That is a horrible price point. I certainly will not be buying this now. It doesn't look like there's a cheaper vinyl option either. What a joke.
  8. I'm really hoping there is a simpler vinyl edition with all the records in a slipcase that has the cross printed on the front of it. I'd easily pay 200 or so for that before 650 for a bunch of knick knack bullshit that I have no room for. I'm still not completely out on the mega box but 10,000 units makes it pretty undesirable.
  9. Damn, good catch. You'll be able to get this for less than 650 then. 10,000 isn't really a limited edition. it may go up in value years down the road, but in the next couple years here, it will sit on shelves and be discounted.
  10. it's really cool and I'm sure I'll buy it but I'd rather have had more vinyl in that box instead of bandanas, pins and buttons and other bullshit. also depends how limited it is. If it's 650 but there's a couple thousand made, you'll be able to get it cheaper down the line. If it's under a thousand made, it probably won't last too long.
  11. If it's cut at 45rpm, it will take up more space, therefore more albums
  12. Ah, never mind. That makes sense then. Either way, it is still a friday which is a music release day, not as much as a press release day (usually Monday or Tuesday)
  13. The date on that being friday is interesting. The countdown ends tomorrow but if it is a boxset, I wonder if they are pulling a surprise release and it will be in stores Friday and tomorrow is just the announcement. Third Man Records recently did that with the new sleep album and kept it completely secret until it leaked only 1 day before the release.
  14. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Finally got a copy of the Third Man Records / Third Man Pressing edition of the Stooges Eponymous debut. It has a screen printed jacket and is on yellow vinyl and includes some alternate cuts of songs. It was released on the opening day of the plant in Detroit only. I had ordered one before but it arrived damaged so I had to return it..very happy to finally have it. Also picked up the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab pressing of Let It Be as well as the Sucker Punch sound track that i forgot to pick up on RSD...oh and a french pressing of the Good, the bad and the ugly OST.