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  1. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Though really, they should just cancel it. Even if things mellow down, it's probably not best to have people wait in lines and rush in to stores. They should just send the stores the releases and let them put them out as normal and say, see you in november for RSD.
  2. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    6/20 unless it gets pushed yet again.
  3. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    I signed up for Vinyl Me, Please for the next three months because the April album is the first and as of now, only vinyl release fo the Stooges first album by way of the John Cale Mix. One of the other three are a cool re-issue of the White Stripe's De Stijl. I really just wanted the Stooges album but the WS one is cool and I will probably just sell the other one which I think was a Stevie Knicks album.
  4. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Dude, if you buy it from musicvaultz, between the exchange rate to USD and using a coupon, you can get it for 300 flat, shipped. It was 450 which would be basically 500 after tax in my local store (Amoeba).
  5. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Got the Queen Studio Collection in earlier this week. It's one hell of a box set. It's treated like the Beatles sets (same style box, comes with a book, etc). Anyhow, it's nice to have brand new copies of their entire collection.
  6. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Took my entire computer rig home from work and am working from home for the “foreseeable future” as of today. Luckily I do graphics and art direction, so working remotely is pretty easy. It’s actually nice having my records and dogs with me while I work now. while humans are suffering, this will probably be the best few weeks or months the earth has had in decades.
  7. 03/14/20 - Mexico City, MX - Vive Latino Festival

    Casual fans, I agree with you but the press outlets literally make a living kicking up dirt like that.
  8. 03/14/20 - Mexico City, MX - Vive Latino Festival

    To the real world, it is completely unheard. And also, it’s a horrible fucking song. None of this will help them when they release it and all the press articles come out saying that the first GNR song in 20+ years is a rehashed Chinese left over.
  9. 03/14/20 - Mexico City, MX - Vive Latino Festival

    While it’s neat they will play a new song and it gives solidity to the idea of a new album, what’s sad/disappointing is that it means hard school is likely the lead single which only goes to show that the band isn’t actually writing new shit and if they are, they clearly don’t believe in its quality. They are simply finishing Axl’s not-good-enough-for-Chinese Democracy songs and calling it the new album. I know we mostly figured that would be the case and bands often rehash un-used material for new albums but it just drives home the point of how half assed this half-ass reunion has been and will continue to be.
  10. RATM are back

    I'm bummed it got postponed but it was to be expected. Hanging on to my tickets as they are awesome seats and will make the trip up to oakland whenever it gets rescheduled.
  11. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Yep, that’s my situation too. And it’s expanded on to two LPs with 4 bonus tracks. I imagine beggars day is one, and maybe fire in the hole but not sure about the other two.
  12. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    I'm in for the McCartney reissue, Slave to the Grind and at least one of, if not all of the austin powers soundtracks.
  13. Yeah and it could be done. It's little harder with a bigger band like this and so many moving parts that are involved to make it happen. Last year on 4/20, Third Man Records dropped a new sleep album and it was in stores that day. No on even knew they were signed to the label at the time. But when you are talking about a huge company like Universal Music, all the band members and their separate entourages, etc...it's not that easy to keep a secret.
  14. The funny thing is, I could see them being stupid enough to do a surprise drop because "oh, other big artists have done it and it made a big splash" The problem is, they aren't nearly as popular as they think they are anymore. To make a new album really sell, they need to do a lot of promo including interviews with Axl and Slash together, real band photos, etc. They will probably land somewhere in between those two ideas and do a similar campaign to what they did with the AFD remaster/box set and the just continue touring endlessly with a setlist that remains 95% unchanged because that's where the money lies. Albums are flyers for tours these days.
  15. All of the "ithos" are absolutely amateur. Look at bands like The Raconteurs, Primus, Tool, etc... They get a range of good to excellent and very well known artists to make posters, and they are screen printed. They aren't even lithographs anyhow. They are just inkjet printed, prints...more of a giclee than anything. Management just has no idea what they are talking about and calls them whatever term they think fits. To be fair, I work in art and work with many incredibly talented artists, so my view is skewed and I understand that people just like having a poster form the show they went to.