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  1. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    Yeah I've had fun being at the shows but that's where it ends. Nothing since the "reunion" has been listenable after the fact. I was at the 4 hour forum show last year and heard the radio broadcast the next day and it honestly tarnished the amount of fun I had the night before because it proved just how bad it actually was.
  2. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    The only other one I have is Let It Be. I'd like to eventually pick up the big box set. I think it goes in the 700-800 range.
  3. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    picked up an MFSL pressing of Abbey Road over the weekend. Other than that, not much new.
  4. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Holy shit, found a copy of the White Stripes "Get Behind Me Satan" US promo release from 2005 in a store today. Payed quite a bit for it, but it was still a really good price. There were only 300 made and there wasn't a commercial release until 10 years later. It has different album art and everything. I'm super excited to have found this one.
  5. Your concerts in 2018

    This just got better! Paul McCartney announced a show in Liverpool 4 days before the Cheap Trick show. I can't believe I get to see a Beatle in Liverpool. I am beyond excited. I'm also seeing Ringo here in LA at the end of September.
  6. What is the rarest/most collectable album you own?

    That's the spirit! Records are meant to be played. I spin my rarest and highest priced records like they are any other record.
  7. Scott. Not even close. Listen to the Houston '04 performance. It sounds as much like Guns as the current Guns does now. Granted that's not just due to him but VR as a whole. Scott could also sing his own songs how they were supposed to be sung which was a big plus. I admit the novelty of Axl singing Slither is cool but that's about it. Between him on the chorus and Frank on the entire song...it's not very enjoyable.
  8. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Third Man announced the next Vault package today and it is a combination of the 3/16 Jack White show in Nashville and the one a month later in Detroit. Super stoked for this as I was at the Nashville show and even made it in to one of the 8x10 photos included with the set.
  9. What is the rarest/most collectable album you own?

    My rarest and most collectible album is probably my white label promo of KISS' first album. It was sent out as a promo a few months before the actual release of the album in early '74. some other rare ones are live like a suicide, live era, subhuman race, kills at third man records (attendee version), a couple jack white tri-color singles, etc...
  10. Your concerts in 2018

    So it looks like I am flying to London in December and then traveling north to Liverpool to see Cheap Trick play at the Cavern Club. I've seen Cheap Trick do a few Sgt. Pepper tribute shows at the Hollywood Bowl, so my Cheap Trick x The Beatles experiences are continuing in a fantastic way.
  11. Original AFD Artwork Debate

    That's not the original painting. You can see the white borders and a gold foil stamp in the bottom right corner of it. That's an original lithograph from l'imagerie gallery in 1988. I, along with a handful of other collectors here have one of those as well.
  12. New uzi suicide shirt wanted.

    that is a rad shirt. Hopefully it makes the website.
  13. SMKC Living the Dream tour New Album Sept 21

    was the citi sale just he SLASH18 like posted on all his social media outlets? also was anyone able to snag tickets for the LA show? I fucked up and wanted 2 tickets but somehow put 1 for the qty and pulled one but then went to change it to 2 and they were already gone and that was right at 10.
  14. SMKC Living the Dream tour New Album Sept 21

    aside from the LA show, you can probably get half price tickets on stub hub day of the show.
  15. SMKC Living the Dream tour New Album Sept 21

    Myles is there because he is easy to work with and after years of Axl and Scott, it was a nice change of pace. I don't personally like his voice either, but it doesn't mean he's not a good singer. I usually skip SMKC shows because of Myles being the signer/frontman but I'll most likely go to the Whisky show this time around since it's been a while.