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  1. One song to rule them all...

  2. Junkyard Live Show

    junkyard is fucking great...so underrated. I saw them live at some big silly cathouse show a few years ago and they played toward the beginning of the day for like 30 minutes but were better than anyone else the entire show.
  3. NITL live videos on youtube

    I was referring to VR's set at 2007 but Axl's band in 2006 was great as well. Both very fun tours.
  4. NITL live videos on youtube

    I've personally never wanted any NITL video. Any version of Slither with Axl and Frank playing on it goes in the category of "dog shit".
  5. NITL live videos on youtube

    Just watch Download 2007 instead. Much better....
  6. When did the Slash + Duff hate start?

    I didn't realize people disliked slash and duff again. We're going back to the dark ages when a bunch of teenagers/early 20ers think bumblefoot and DJ ashba are gods huh?
  7. New[ish] Velvet Revolver Song

    I saw the misleading title and got excited that "the house is alive" finally got released. This isn't a new-ish velvet revolver song it is a new velvet revolver-ish song. If it's not Scott, it's not Velvet.
  8. Foxy Shazam - Dreamer

    The song is pretty cool. I really dig them overall though. I saw them open for the Darkness a couple times which is how I found out about them and then saw them headline a show once after that.
  9. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    The copy I have of CD is ok. The first copy I had sounded like Axl was singing under water, it was ridiculous. It's still not the best but it is at least listenable now.
  10. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    One of my local record stores re-opened yesterday and I was thrilled to go in. Not only was it awesome to be able to crate dig again after a few months, but it's nice to support the stores when you know they haven't done very well recently. Picked up records by Dylan, Dead Man's Bones, Cage the Elephant and Johnny Cash.
  11. Music to fill the GNR void

    Junkyard is a good late 80s/early 90s sleazy LA band that doest get a lot of attention. You've probably seen Axl wearing their shirt a couple times back in the day.
  12. what huge releases have come out during the pandemic?
  13. I'm not saying blame the label for the lack of productivity over the years, but when it comes to actually releasing music, yes the label releases it. It's not like Axl is sitting there uploading files to youtube and spotify. So even if there was a finished album right now (which there probably isn't), no label in their right mind would release it given the current situation. Even minor/moderately known artists have pushed their albums back a number of months. And I am not defending Fernando/GNR management at all. I think they are fucking terrible but for fuck sake, look around...the entire world has hit the pause button.
  14. you realize record companies release music right, not the bands themselves? so many on this board so fucking clueless to business...smh these "fans"...
  15. I think the GNR camp is a lot of bullshit, but the pandemic in a number of ways DOES stop music form being released, especially by a such a large band. -no legit promo (talk shows, concerts, etc) -manufacturing plants, especially vinyl are shut down partly (that's on top of the fire that fucked the vinyl industry right before this started) and even if they are back online, they are backed up. -people out of jobs...they aren't gonna release an album when its the last thing a lot of people will buy. It's not as easy as just putting it online when the band is of this magnitude and it will be billed as the first "reunion" material. They are going to want to promo the fuck out of it. They had billboards and events worldwide for a completely fucking unnecessary remastered AFD. making music and releasing music are two VERY different things. Susan said she heard music...It's pretty clear by now that they have recorded at least some material.