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  1. Extra GNR Stuff For Sale!

    I might hit you up for a couple albums after tomorrow if they are still there.
  2. Motley Crue's Sixx/Lee and Bob Rock in the studio

    The contract was all publicity anyway. "RIP" and we've all been waiting for the back from the dead tour. EVEN IF it was real, one off shows, residencies, etc are not "touring" somtheyd be sure to find the loopholes. Even with Vince's vocal incapabiltiies, I'll still go see them if they come back. The overall show is a blast.
  3. WTB: London/UK flag tee

    Looking for the UK flag tee from the summer 17 shows in London size XL Will pay a decent price for it. I have the royal guard shirt but was not able to snag one of these as I had GA tix and had to get in line early.
  4. 06/17/17 - London, GB - London Stadium *2nd Night

    I think the second night was much better, set list wise and performance wise.
  5. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    That is awesome, love how you have them set up. I have though about doing dividers like that but it doesn't look as good since I have mine displayed spine out instead of face out.
  6. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    I am in for the Cheap Trick, Iggy/Stooges, Macca and GNR releases. Really stoked for the cheap trick one...finally will have "Loser" on vinyl.
  7. Shadow Of Your Love 7" Coming For RSD BF

    It'd be nice if they come out for RSD in April but who knows if it'll happen or not. I've seen the box go for 125-150 and the demos LP go for a couple hundred. I wouldn't mind dropping those prices and storing some of my Guns vinyl in there. Only problem would be what to do with all those dumb drawers for knick knacks. Maybe I can bust them out and put more 12" in there?
  8. Shadow Of Your Love 7" Coming For RSD BF

    Usually the RSD first editions will be a different color or something, but are otherwise the same as the upcoming standard release. One more reason to not by the box set...Maybe they will release the demos LP as well at some point.
  9. Favorite Slash albums

    If VR albums are on here, GNR ones should be as well. Those are not "slash albums" In regard to his solo out put, Ain't Life Grand by a long shot. I enjoy a good chunk of "Slash" as well. Unfortunately it spurred him making full albums with myles though. I actually like the MK songs on that album quite a bit, but nothing since.
  10. Your concerts in 2018

    Went to the MC50 show last night. It was super awesome with a great lineup celebrating the MC5 along with Wayne Kramer. Duff was there watching the whole night and came on stage and jammed on 2 songs even.
  11. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Can't remember everything I've picked up recently but some highlights are an original pressing of the Videodrome OST, Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane 7" w/ picture sleeve, The Velvet Underground box set with all their albums in it and Three Demos by Julee Cruise which is basically the demos that led to the Twin Peaks soundtrack being recorded.
  12. Just sold my tix

    Someone alert the press!
  13. Who is the greatest one album band?

    Mother Love Bone, by far.
  14. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    I went to the two dodger stadium shows on the first leg, the two london shows the next summer and the 4-hour Forum show that ended the US leg. Overall, they were pretty fun. The 2nd night at Dodger stadium and the second night in London stand out as my favorites. It wasn't as magical as I'd hoped it would be to see Axl and Slash play together though. I saw VR a lot in venues that ranged from parking lots to amphitheaters and I saw Axl's band at some slightly smaller places as well, so the the big nature of the shows made it feel a little more disconnected from how I am used to seeing all those guys. In the end the pros were seeing some songs I've never heard before that I have loved for years, seeing Slash and Axl finally not hating each other and getting to travel to London for two of the shows. The cons were the shows didn't change much, I cannot stand fortus, melissa and frank being up there, and Axl's voice was pretty fucking bad a lot of the time. I'm glad I saw what I did but without smaller venues, adding Izzy back in or promising to change the set (like a skin n' bones type thing) I don't know if I'd go to anymore shows at this point. Also for the record, while everyone thinks the 4-hour show was some special feat..it was pretty fucking boring at a point watching all the masturbatory jamming and endless array of Chinese songs (and I'm even a fan of that album overall). I saw an 8-song Jane's Addiction show like a couple weeks later and had probably more fun. Quality>Quantity.
  15. A lot of this is true but the fact that the band has done ZERO interviews essentially since the "reunion" which is a huge tour, every outlet would love to be the one that broke some juicy tidbit and raised some drama....because that's how media works, especially now when everyone is just after click bait and a juicy headline.