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  1. Aerosmith Vegas Residency

    It's a super small venue for them (just over 5,000 seats only). The pit is actually inside the stage and the catwalk goes around you so that should be pretty interesting to see one show from there. I'm in the LA area, so it's a 25 minute drive to burbank and a 45 minute flight to vegas and then I'm staying at the hotel where the shows are at. That makes everything super easy which is nice. I imagine I'll go to a couple shows later in the year as well but don't feel like planning things so far out right now.
  2. Aerosmith Vegas Residency

    I'll be there April 16th (in the pit) and April 18th (against the catwalk). I can't wait.
  3. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    7: 8:
  4. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    Day 5:
  5. Concerts in 2019

    Just got tickets to see the Stranglers yesterday
  6. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

  7. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    Day 3: "TH"
  8. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    Day 2:
  9. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    Day 1
  10. [KISS] The Final Tour Ever - End Of The Road World Tour

    People really blow the farewell thing out of proportion. They have done ONE farewell tour because they couldn't go on as a band anymore with the reunited lineup. Yes, they found other musicians to fill the spots of Ace and Peter (Eric had already come in an the end of the farewell tour) and then continued on afterwards but still...only once have they actually called it a farewell tour. Once they refreshed the lineup, KISS was simply a touring act again for over 15 years. Either way, this tour won't be very good. The last time I saw them was in 2014 with the Vegas residency and Paul's voice was rough then.
  11. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Picked up Ringo's Beaucoups of Blues today also, while it's not vinyl related, it fits in here better than anywhere but I found Cheap Trick's super limited 8-track of "The Latest" which i am beyond excited about. I got it for 30 bucks which was the original price. Pretty sure they go for a couple hundred on eBay but there haven't been any on there in at least a couple years.
  12. Concerts in 2019

    Man, I used to go to so many concerts and so far this year I only have 3 lined up, two of them being Aerosmith 2 days apart from each other. At some point this year, the Raconteurs will tour and I'll see at least a couple shows on that tour but otherwise it'll probably be a pretty light year.
  13. 2019 Oscar's Best Picture Nominations

    Exactly how I feel about it. Also, for those of you who are either interested in or have seen the Favourite and enjoyed it, check out Lanthimos' last two films if you haven't...The Killing Of A Sacred Deer and The Lobster. They are fantastic.
  14. 2019 Oscar's Best Picture Nominations

    The Favourite is fantastic. First Reformed should have been nominated. Black Panther is a shit film like the rest of the marvel movies which have rightfully never been nominated. They are popcorn flicks, not best picture nominees.