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  1. I have to assume, they will tour in 2020 as a back in black 40th anniversary, which is also fitting since BIB was a reference to mourning for bon and this will be for Mal. They just had it certified 25x platinum too, so it seems like a marketing play for a tour. I could see a deluxe anniversary edition coming out and all that too.
  2. I fully agree, man. I was at the 4-hour forum show 2 years ago and a few nights later I saw Jane’s Addiction play an 8-song set for a charity show. I was way more excited leaving the Jane’s show.
  3. When people say you can't expect him to sound like he used to, it's sort of crazy. His voice is the most defining part of the Guns N' Roses sound. It's a huge part of what people are paying to see. Now I get if singers can't hit certain notes they used to and things like that but on certain songs it doesn't even sound like Axl Rose anymore and that's the biggest issue to me. I'm not paying to see some old man suck in a bunch of helium and sing the songs I've loved for so many years but often times, that's the sound I get.
  4. Stone Temple Pilots new single link, new album release and tour

    Yeah he’s even gone through multiple hairstyles since he started which was something Scott always did (and they all look like styles Scott used to have). I feel like the brothers are sort of guiding that ship and telling him these things to sort of sell it as STP even more so. I saw Scott around 30 times live between VR, STP and solo. He is irreplaceable.
  5. Stone Temple Pilots new single link, new album release and tour

    Man, I just can't do it. I admit the guy is a talented singer and this song is pretty good but the way he essentially imitates Scott on stage kills me. They announced a show at a venue I dig out here for this tour and I just couldn't bring myself to buy tickets. I love the brothers and Kretz but seeing them without Scott doesn't work for me. I was thrilled to see Joe Perry's album release show last year with both the brothers in the band because I was super stoked to see them again but outside of "STP".
  6. Which cover do you prefer to the original?

    Antisocial is a great cover as well.
  7. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    120 is the way to go between those two. I currently use a project debut carbon esprit with an ortofon 2M blue stylus. My first decent turntable was the ATL120 though and it is a great bang for the buck, especially for a first turntable and as @RussTCB has mentioned somewhere above, you can upgrade the needle very easily and affordably down the road and make it even better.
  8. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    I don't really understand why people are so up in arms about videos of sub-par performances being taken down. The entitlement of people these days is insane. Just because you can take your phone in to a show and make a shitty video of a band's performance doesn't mean you have any right to that video or to share it online. It's quite the opposite really. By you buying a ticket, they have the right to record you and use your likeness. This is really nothing new with any band. If you upload a video of you talking in your room and a song by any given band is playing in the background, theres a good chance that video will be taken down. Add in the likeness of the band at a performance and what do you expect? And to be clear, I think most things this band and their management do these days is total bullshit but I just don't get all the rage on this topic, regardless of which individuals from which forums are involved, etc etc.
  9. Your Top 10 Albums Of All Time No GNR

    You could argue for Fun House being the greatest rock and roll album ever made.
  10. Your Top 10 Albums Of All Time No GNR

    Why are people calling Raw Power and the Stooges S/T Iggy albums? Raw Power is Iggy and The Stooges and the two before that is arguably the greatest rock band to come out of America..The Stooges. (and no Iggy and the Stooges and The Stooges are not the same. Once Ron is on Bass instead of guitar, it's a completely different band.) Lust For Life and The Idiot are Iggy Pop albums. If they are really your favorite albums, maybe learn about what you apparently love so much.
  11. Your Top 10 Albums Of All Time No GNR

    Robert Plant - Led Zeppelin II
  12. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Great choice 👍🏻
  13. It’s slash, then izzy. Thats it.
  14. Faith No More

    3 festival dates were announced after the countdown... How anticlimactic.
  15. Faith No More

    Jon Hudson who played on Album of The Year as well as Sol Invictus. He's fine...I feel like he's one of those guys that just sort of is there and lets the other guys be the presence on stage. They are still amazing live. I can't wait to see them again.