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  1. That reminds me of Atlantic City 2012; a girl with a T Rex t-shirt jumped on stage. Was a bit awkward at first glance cuz Bolan was wearing his top hat on the tee. @Black Sabbath do you remember this?
  2. Hah, I don't think anybody involved with GNR has anything positive to say about Goldstein these days...
  3. I don't see why Fortus would have to go off stage; they had a 3-guitar lineup from 2001-14, no reason Fortus couldn't share a stage with Slash + Izzy. I mean, he didn't sit out when Izzy guested before the reunion and they did songs like 14 Years.
  4. Surprised Adler hasn't mentioned Izzy being at Nashville at all in interviews, doesn't seem like he would hold this kind of info back.
  5. Flash Gordon reference in 2018... feel like that'll be lost on a lot of younger fans Fun film, btw. Sure Axl digs the Queen soundtrack
  6. It's early in 2018 so he probably meant 2016 when he said "last year", matches up with what was said in the Nashville thread.
  7. Member Picture Thread

    Your kid is so cute but the number one question on my mind is... how big is that cake?! Is it a perspective trick or is it really a massive cupcake?
  8. I was at this show, and it did feel pretty fucking long while I was there. I'd have been happier with "just" a 15 minute Rocket Queen and another track or two from World on Fire like The Unholy. Still, the Slash 2014 Paris shows are among the best gigs I've been to (I went to the London one as well but the atmosphere wasn't quite as good since Zenith Arena >>>>> Wembley Arena). Maybe if I were seated with a beer in hand as opposed to standing and sweating I'd have enjoyed the half hour long RQ more. The Brixton Academy 2012 Slash gig is probably the best of the Slash shows I went to (Brixton is probably my favourite venue), I dug the blues jam that segued into Anastasia:

  10. Sounds like he's talking about playing with Adler's Appetite in Europe, not GNR.
  11. Estranged - Which one?

    In 2013 I only went to the Abu Dhabi gig which wasn't great vocally, but from YouTube videos Lubbock and Kansas were weirdly good that year:
  12. Thanks! Wow, can't believe it took until 2018 for this to get an official release... Listening to it, I do remember Fracas sounding better than this, but most of the vocals sound the same as they were back in the demo (just like Chinese Democracy ).
  13. Culture is harder to change than legislation, which is why people look to legislation first. Changing a culture has so many different factors and is far from an exact science. Apart from guns, you can look at how countries can have similar legislation on alcohol but one country will have greater alcohol-related issues than the other due to that country's drinking culture.
  14. I'd call it a fan favourite. It'll get a great reaction from most of the people who go to GNR gigs (can always hear the crowd singing along to it at shows), but it's not something that the general population would know like SCOM or PC or NR.