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  1. Figured @Powerage5 and @Graeme might be interest in this Comic: https://www.amazon.com/William-Gibsons-Alien-3-Gibson/dp/1506708110 Audiobook preview: Fan made marriage of the two:
  2. I had completely forgot about "GNAir"... looks like those aviators are still "coming soon": https://store.flygnair.com/
  3. The Replacements reunion and the Appetite for Democracy DVD are the two unsung heroes in the reunion saga. The former led to Duff joining the band for a couple of weeks and the latter required Slash to sign off on it, forcing lines of communication to open between the two camps.
  4. Some context: https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/8521538/live-nation-resale-market-secretly-recorded-phone-calls-concert-tickets
  5. Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere on the forum, but the tracklist for a live album coming out on the 20th of September is on Apple Music, and you can listen to Anastasia now: https://music.apple.com/au/album/anastasia-feat-myles-kennedy-the-conspirators-live/1470078018?i=1470078504
  6. I like Fortus. I think him and Finck made a good duo as well, you could tell he really missed him when he was gone in a lot of interviews Fortus did. And this photo from 2012... Would love to hear more of what these two worked on together in the studio.
  7. For some of the European shows I managed to get Golden Circle pretty easily (Stockholm, Tallinn, Prague, Paris). For Toronto my mate and I had a tough time getting anything, we ended up having to settle for upper bowl. Luckily, on the night when we printed out our tickets, we saw we'd been upgraded to lower bowl, even though the upper bowl had people in it (I guess it was a thank you for buying from Nightrain, the one year I had a membership ).
  8. I was at the 2 Tokyo shows and it was a noticeable step down from 2016 (Toronto was the only show I went to that year).
  9. Release it in November on the same day as Shenmue III
  10. I wish; not that I'm fussed about vinyl (sorry @RussTCB ) but I'd love large format version of the Red Hand inner artwork. I prefer the Grenade cover art, but the selections made for the rest of the artwork for the Grenade cover were amateurish/a step down from the Red Hand art, apart from maybe the mashup of the two Anton S. Kandinsky pieces for the piece about the inspiration behind Riad:
  11. Live Era

    Live Era is the only GNR album I haven't been bothered to buy. WTF were the thinking not including Civil War from Paris '92???!!! I'm pretty sure all of Axl's singing vocals on Estranged are rerecorded when compared to the Tokyo '92 video. Only track I quite like is Don't Cry as this seems like the least fucked-with song.
  12. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Blu-Rays of Indiana '91 and Buenos Aires '93. Perfect Crime. YCBM demo with Adler if it exists. I remember a couple of Civil War demos that were on YouTube back in the day (one was instrumental I think). Would love to hear any Estranged demos.