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  1. Brian Johnson will tour with AC/D.C. again

    He was a runner-up on American Idol a decade ago. Then he had a solo pop career before he was picked as the new frontman for Queen. His pop songs weren't terribly memorable but he'd proven he had a great voice for rock back in his American Idol days: Queen joined him for this final performance on the show: Then he performed with Queen was 2011 at the MTV European Music Awards: They were supposed to perform at Sonisphere the following year but that festival got cancelled, so they had a mini-tour in Europe aroudn the same time instead. They've been touring pretty steadily ever since, show them I saw them at was at The O2 in London in January 2015.
  2. Brian Johnson will tour with AC/D.C. again

    I would absolutely pay top-dollar to see an on-form Axl front Queen. That said, I did see Queen + Adam Lambert once, was a pretty good show.
  3. At Templo restaurant in Hobart, Tasmania, enjoying a nice meal. They have a classic rock playlist, including The Who. The Seeker is playing now and I am so triggered.
  4. I saw Faith No More at a festival show in Hyde Park in 2014 and they debuted two new songs. Was definitely an odd venue to choose to do so, lost the crowd for a bit, especially since they weren't the headliners. That said, I would have completely lost my shit if it were GNR instead
  5. I've gotta go with Jungle just because of Rock Am Ring '06 YCBM was a pretty good opener in Bolivia '14. I liked when ChiDem was an opener from '09-'14.
  6. If you see them in any other country, make sure it's a South American one. Axl was not in great shape at the 2014 show I saw in Argentina but the crowd was absolutely wild and made up for it.
  7. A.I. Barry Lyndon (on its release it wasn't well-received by US critics at least) Speed Racer Zoolander 2 (wouldn't say I *love* it, but I had a good time watching it on a flight) Club Dread Beerfest (I agree with the critics when it comes to Super Troopers 2, though, regret spending $10 to see that in the cinema)
  8. I dunno how far in advance they were planned before 2014, though. I remember there were rumours that Tommy was threatening to quit before the Abu Dhabi show at the end of 2010 based on some tweets of his. I think Axl was genuinely caught off guard by Duff being at the same hotel in 2010, but I dunno if it was as coincidental as Duff made it out to be; Axl made some comment himself about not buying the whole thing being a coincidence, either. I can't remember where, though, can't find it now...
  9. Hm, maybe instead of Vegas 2014, have Buenos Aires 2014? Or London 2010?
  10. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    My World isn't that bad. I'd rather listen to My World than Perfect Crime or Right Next Door To Hell or a bunch of other UYI tracks.
  11. I was thinking Backstage at UYI tour; Height of GNR's success; Goldstein presents Slash and Duff with the infamous contract Backstage at HOB '01; Axl on the eve of his rebirth Backstage at last Vegas show '14; future seems unsure Backstage at Troubadour June 6, 1985; Happier days between Axl and Slash Backstage at Troubadour April 1, 2016; Axl and Slash reunited, in the club they played all those years ago EDIT: Between HOB '01 and Vegas '14, have a moment with Axl in the Studio in late '06, struggling to find the muse to finish ChiDem