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  1. Bill Burr raving about the gig from 4:35 here: Lucky bastard not only got to sit on the side of the stage, but had in-ear monitors too to listen to Axl crack jokes in between songs
  2. Acoustic "Move to the City" on Spotify in Australia: Think I prefer this to the electric version (never been a big fan).
  3. That was definitely a highlight in 2014. Speaking of Paul Rodgers, I reckon Slash & Myles could do Wishing Well: My dad would always play this song in the car
  4. I completely forgot this was coming out. Not even sure I'll get the £30 version at this point, will definitely stream it on Spotify, though.
  5. I'm excited; hope they tour outside of North America at some point. Even if I end up not digging the new album I still would like to hear some WOF tracks live again.
  6. Fall to Pieces could've been a GNR song according to Axl: "Pleasin'" was a VR demo that would eventually be reworked as "Ghost" on the Slash & Friends album, featuring Izzy (not sure if Izzy was on the demo or not):
  7. Funny to think that Slash ended up playing songs live that Tobias co-wrote (TWAT, Prostitute).
  8. My first time going to Norway, looking forward to it!
  9. Yup! Flying from Sydney to Seoul for a couple of days, then to London for a wedding, and then the next day to Estonia the day before the gig
  10. Just from that HOB show alone: - Self-aware intro parody video portraying himself as Howard Hughes recluse into mystic mumbo-jumbo - Exorcist III intro - "I have traversed a treacherous sea of horrors to be with you here tonight" - Motherfuckin' "Oh My God" - Introducing Paul Tobias - Story of Kundun inspiring Chinese Democracy - Silkworms. 'Nuff said. And then from the Docklands gig in 2002:
  11. I like how Santana-esque some of Slash's TIL solos are.
  12. The Slash thing was a huge albatross on his shoulders. He released Chinese Democracy (at least part of it). He gets to hand out with friends old and new. He has a family. He's got Slash and Duff playing on songs that mean a lot to him. Doesn't seem to be any pressure from the label to release an album. He got to front one of his childhood favourite bands. Lots of reasons to be happy
  13. I couldn't even tell you if I think it's a good song or not but I can't stop listening to Silkworms. I dig it more than Riad; as much as I'm an "epic ballad" guy, I would love to hear more of these batshit insane ChiDem rockers one day (always imagine Jackie Chan being similar).