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  1. I dunno, I feel like knowing what we do about how late in the process the songs on the album were being worked on (Shackler's being partly about the 2007 VTech shooter, Bumblefoot saying he added parts almost last minute), I tend to believe Merck's comments about "the muse" in 2006:
  2. I still find it a bit hard to believe. With the 2016 reunion, which seems to have started in 2015, Bumblefoot had left, Tommy was busy with The Replacements before they broke up again, and Ashba was either gonna be a part of it or not before he quit depending on who you believe. In 2006, Axl still had everyone from the 2002 line-up minus Buckethead. What would he have told Finck, Fortus, Stinson, Brain, and Pitman? Pretty awkward conversation Plus, he seemed really dedicated to Chinese Democracy coming out that year.
  3. Not sure anything will ever top this GNR-wise for me.
  4. If I were to do it again, I'd have probably tried to go the Mexico and Buenos Aires shows in 2016 seeing as I couldn't get into the US (that way I would have got TWAT and Adler), and maybe a couple less shows in Europe in 2017. Montreal show was a surprising dud for me (was still cool finally seeing a GNR gig with @Powerage5 and getting poutine), would probably have chosen Edmonton or Vancouver if I knew they were gonna pull out Catcher and I Feel Good. Can't believe they played the same setlist 5 shows in a row in 2018, but to be fair it is a longer setlist, and a pretty good one. Glad I got Maddy and Shadow of Your Love; Slither really needs more rasp from Axl. If the November shows look like they're gonna be good, I would happily pay top dollar to fly last minute to Taiwan and Hong Kong. As it is, I haven't booked anything and will wait and see. The best show I saw by far on the NITL tour was the first one I caught, Toronto 2016; even being sat all the way back in the cheap seats, you could feel Axl's venom on tracks like Out Ta Get Me.
  5. I liked the solo on Anastasia, mixed it up a bit.
  6. Watched videos of Serves You Right and Call of the Wild. These songs really aren't for me, and I say that as someone who was happy to pay £10 for World on Fire. Listened to a third of Living the Dream now and not digging any of the tracks, hopefully there will be at least one or two I will want to buy off iTunes when it comes out. And damn, Anastasia sounds good on the Les Paul. I'm still dying to hear those VR demos they did with Corey Taylor.
  7. Beta at a Slash show without Axl, what a time to be alive. The clip of the new song in that Meegan video sounds pretty cool. Bold to only play 1 GNR song, reckon it will bump up to 2 or 3 during the tour but with GNR now touring he doesn't need to play any more than that. Hope Wicked Stone stays as a setlist staple as that song is a beast live.
  8. Briefly spoke to Fortus after 2012 Glasgow gig and he was nice to me Told me how his solo spot for that tour came from a Cactus song. Got to meet Dizzy before the Buenos Aires 2014 show and he was nice to fans then, too. Don't think I've had any negative experiences with anybody from GNR in person. Wish I'd known about the Dizzy solo gig in Sydney a few months ago, it's like a 10 minute walk from my office
  9. Thanks; that is pretty surprising. Wonder how many copies Amazon has in various regions...
  10. I was really surprised when they announced there'd be 10,000 of these things at $1000 each. Maybe a 5000-limited run would have sold out but no way were they selling 10,000 of these boxsets at that price.
  11. Yeah I got quite a few of those health upgrades, never bothered maxing them out, though. I paid £2 for the Definitive Edition and I definitely got a lot of bang for my buck. I recommend doing some training at the kung fu school if you're struggling, as well.
  12. Have you tried lowering it to Easy difficulty? I also find wearing Vigilante outfit that increases the amount of time you have to counter helps:
  13. I got it on Steam last year and played through it last November. Really, really liked it, the combat was my favourite part! Have you got the Definitive Edition? There's some DLC that was really cool, especially one that takes place on an island... Speaking of open-world crime games, currently playing Yakuza 0 on PC and loving this even more! There's no driving and you can't beat up random civilians but those were never things I really wanted to do anyway The main story so far is pretty good but it's the side/substories that have me in stitches. My neighbours probably think I'm a maniac for laughing like a madman on my own
  14. 100% bullshit. That "Cream" magazine relaunch was a particularly funny bit of fan-fiction.