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  1. Colin Trevorrow & Derek Connolly's script reviewed. Very different from final film.
  2. Nice of Bethesda to include it with the recent PS4/Xbox One/Android/iOS ports, here's an interview they did with Romero: https://slayersclub.bethesda.net/en/article/1vt4DnYWjIz6T8KbegBs8G/nods-to-mods-interview-john-romero
  3. Not sure whose drums I prefer on Atlas, maybe Brain, but I like all that extra organ/synth/whatever it is on the Rough Mixes CD1 version. Typical of ChiDem songs where they start off with a lot of synth which then gets removed and/or replaced with live orchestra arrangements (worked out for the better with TWAT in my opinion and with mixed results with Prostitute).
  4. It's not depressing, that's what's different And I say that as someone who loves ChiDem, but most of the songs on that album are thematically a bummer.
  5. Been listening to Atlas a lot recently, has really grown on me.
  6. If we assume an average of £75-80 per ticket, then I've spent roughly £2000 on concerts. Bought all the studio albums (minus Live Era) for about £5 each. Not bought any of the live VHSes/DVDs/Blu-Rays, or anything related to Locked N' Loaded. Maybe £100-£150 on t-shirts? Haven't bought a tee since 2012.
  7. nuGNR club tour with Finck and Buckethead, only ChiDem songs + Nightrain. I'd pay $300 a show.
  8. I didn't think hearing an early instrumental demo of Sorry would be worthwhile, but it was fucking awesome.
  9. Leaks were fucking awesome. Not sure if I prefer 2016 or 2019. I love Slash and seeing him play ChiDem songs with Axl was a hoot in 2016, but ChiDem is my favourite album and getting to finally hear Atlas Shrugged and the rest of Hard School for the first time was amazing, all made up for what was the most expensive and probably most disappointing GNR gig I've been to. And of course, Eye on You
  10. I think A New Hope and especially Empire Strikes Back are far better films, but they weren't exactly masterminded years in advance/following an exact plan. Yes, Lucas did write a multi-chapter "The Star Wars", but that changed a lot over time. When "Star Wars" was released in 1977, Darth Vader was a dude, and Darth was just his first name, not a title. The father reveal was an addition during development of Empire: https://www.quora.com/Did-George-Lucas-know-that-Darth-Vader-was-Lukes-father-during-the-production-of-Episode-4 https://www.quora.com/When-the-original-1977-Star-Wars-was-made-did-George-Lucas-already-know-that-Darth-Vader-was-going-to-be-the-father-of-Luke-and-Leia When Yoda says "there is another", he wasn't referring to Leia, but another Jedi who would be revealed. The plot of ROTJ cribbed from what was supposed to be Episode IX. Leia being Luke's sister was an addition after Empire, hence the incestuous kiss: https://www.quora.com/When-Yoda-says-there-is-another-Skywalker-in-Return-of-the-Jedi-is-he-referring-to-Rey-from-the-Force-Awakens That said, all these decisions were guided by one man. With the sequel trilogy, you have Abrams and Johnson with diametrically opposed views of what they want to say and do with a Star Wars film, and it makes no sense to have them share a trilogy. TLJ makes much of TFA redundant, as does TROS with TLJ.
  11. The review everyone's been waiting for:
  12. First half of this review is pretty funny: