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  1. Yeah, no worries, mate, and I should probably upgrade to being a Club Member so I can get PMs
  2. I'm curious about this, too. Maybe Finck as a future guest? Of course, you'd have to invite @RussTCB
  3. It's Chinese Democracy II'O Clock Somewhere
  4. 2006

    Hope this leaked song doesn't get taken down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    Watched this about 5 times today:
  6. 2006

    People who report concert vids to YouTube:
  7. 2006

    Weird, I was watching this show yesterday, too. Are you watching me??? Wonder how real the Download 2006 reunion rumours were. It's weird how Axl casually says "Oh yeah, Coachella was the first real offer we had" as if that were the only reason they reunited. As far as I can tell, the rumour in 2006 was that the reunion would be a Download Festival + Hammersmith only thing and then Axl would get full rights to the back catalogue: https://www.stereoboard.com/content/view/303/9/ I'm mostly inclined to believe it was bullshit, but who knows
  8. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    Just watched "Juliet, Naked" on a flight. Felt like the perfect film for people who've spent an unhealthy amount of time obsessing over and debating a middle-aged rock star on an online forum
  9. Was thinking how awesome it would be if, while Slash is touring with Myles & The Conspirators, Axl were to put together his own band with Finck & Bucket & Fortus and tour music from the ChiDem era. Band could be called W.A.R., they'd open with ChiDem, and maybe even finish the main set or encore with Nightrain so we get some more awesome Bucket Nightrain solos, but the setlist would be 99% ChiDem stuff. They'd play theaters and charge a fortune but I would happily pay $200-300 a solid 90-120 minute show of ChiDem songs. Chinese Democracy Shackler's Revenge Jackie Chan If The World This I Love Buckethead Solo (#BringBackNunchucks) TWAT Piano Moving Jam (Another Brick In The Wall) Street of Dreams Atlas Shrugged Seven Finck Solo Better Berlin Thyme IRS Going Down w/ Stinson on lead vocals The General Prostitute Encore: Sorry Scraped Catcher In The Rye Nightrain Then Axl & Slash can tour the AFD/Lies/UYI hits together à la Serj and Daron these days with SOAD. ChiDem fans get to hear the songs they want in more intimate venues, and classic GNR fans get to hear the hits and AFD/UYI deep cuts in stadiums and arenas. As much as SOAD fans are unhappy that there isn't a new SOAD album, at least Serj and Daron get to release and tour new music of their own.
  10. While I understand his reasoning for keeping the GNR name, this makes it much more difficult for Axl to release anything under that label to this day. If you look at System of a Down, you can see Daron Malakian finally released some music this year that he had recorded back in 2012 under "Daron Malakian & Scars On Broadway". From interviews he's said repeatedly that he was considering working on this music with other members of SOAD, but when he realised that wasn't going to be the case he released it under his own name (none of the '08 members of Scars on Broadway are still in the band). He's also doing smaller club shows with this music. Slash has that luxury with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, but imagine if Axl could do that with his past collaborators like Finck, Bucket, & Bumble? If Axl and Slash can't agree on recording, they can both still tour together playing the hits, but only Slash can perform solo shows with new music. If nuGuns had been its own band, Axl could do the same with those guys without the pressure of having to work with people who might not dig the music he's envisioned.
  11. Reunion has reignited interest in GNR. ChiDem II with Slash & Duff Digital only or Limited Physical Release with Finck & Bucket versions on bonus disc for die-hards. Then, if they want, new material with the current line-up (I feel like this is the hardest as the old disagreements may arise again).
  12. It's the lack of video material that surprises me. I guess part of the problem is stuff being shot on video back in the day but id take a 480i concert over none at all.
  13. Mesh, like this: Also, Google Images brought this back, wtf: Can't say that's Slash's best look...
  14. If the Super Deluxe goes down to $40 I'd buy it just for the book. Also, if anyone's looking to part with their book from their box, let me know