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  1. DOOM Eternal

    SunhiLegened playing the game, he's an absolute beast:
  2. DOOM Eternal

    Finally completed the game on Ultra-Violence. Bloody brilliant, a masterpiece of first-person shooter game design. Exhilarating to the point of exhaustion, I had to take frequent breaks to stop my heart pounding out my chest. With DOOM 2016 I could spend hours at a time playing the game, but with Eternal I think the most I managed was an hour at a time. There were moments I'd pass a checkpoint and enter a motherfucker of an arena and just quick to desktop because I knew I was too tired to properly play. That said, I still think Eternal is far superior. Loved the lore which is something I'm not normally into, but I'm a sucker for riffs on Judaeo-Christian mythology. My first (and favourite) Sandman comic was Season of Mists and I read through the Preacher series years ago. I've ordered the physical version of the art book after downloading the free sample of the e-book, can't wait to get my hands on it. In 2016 I wasn't that diligent about going through the Codex but here it a) provided a welcome respite and b) had kick-ass artwork. I wasn't against them going third-person for certain cutscenes, but I felt the direction for a lot of these scenes was quite flat, with the best ones sticking to the first-person view.
  3. Slash - November Rain outro solo Slash - SCOM solo Slash - Nightrain outro solo Bucket - TWAT solo Finck - TIL solo Honourable Mentions: Slash - YCBM solo Bumble - Catcher solo (I prefer it to the May version... ) May - Atlas Shrugged solo
  4. I can't find that one right now, but is that the same as bluesy one he played at other shows in '06 and '07, e.g. Mexico 2007? Really dug that. Of all the songs to end with a fade on the album, it had to be Nightrain Such a shame, the outro solo is fucking killer live when played in full.
  5. The "And when you're in need of someone..." bit is epic. Think they only did it live two or three times, once with Shannon.
  6. I think Locomotive would have been a classic had they cut a couple of the middle verses. The outro is brilliant but the song drags too long to get there. SCOM was gonna have a third verse originally before it was axed, but with the UYIs there seems to have been less "editorial oversight" and a few tracks suffer from bloat.
  7. COVID-19 Outbreak

  8. It's not insanity to comp a solo. The solo on Comfortably Numb, one of the most iconic of all time, was comped from five or six takes: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/david_gilmour_how_i_recorded_comfortably_numb_guitar_solo.html I'm pretty sure Buckethead's widely praised TWAT solo was comped from different tracks since there was a shorter version on one of the leaks.
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    That's an old photo from May 2016:
  10. I think the answer to both of these is $$$ and feeling lack of enthusiasm from outside the hardcore fanbase for new music from that lineup. From the 2018 Billboard article: Maybe Axl thought he had a better shot of releasing his work with Slash back in the band, i.e. that the label would get behind him? Right now the money is too good for them to do anything but tour, but we'll just have to wait and see.
  11. L' Arc 2010

    Yeah, Bercy was 13th though L'Arc technically ended up being the 15th when they finally hit the stage at 1am I had a flight to Geneva just a few hours later. I remember I spent only about £80 for London -> Paris -> Geneva -> London flights and was couchsurfing so I didn't pay anything for accomodation. Tickets were only about £40-50, I spent so much less on going to gigs in 2010 than I would in 2020 where I'd have to spend £90+ just for a concert ticket :/
  12. L' Arc 2010

    Tommy's tweets (now deleted) pre-Abu Dhabi did seem like he was really pissed off. Who knows what was happening for sure, though
  13. L' Arc 2010

    I love 2010 but there were a few songs like Better where the full-on rasp didn't work.