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    In my case, no, because it fails to advance the plot in any meaningful way. I knew it wasn't going to end the story, but I also didn't expect it to contribute nothing to the overarching main story. I'll write an article about this soon, but it seems in the course of development, priorities shifted from plot to gameplay. I actually dug the gameplay loop and systems like combat, but I can't bring myself to replay it when it answers precisely none of the questions I've had for eighteen years :/ Other fans seem happy, though, so good for them
  2. Faith No More

    Saw them in London 2012 at Brixton Academy and had a great time at the show. Two years later saw them at Hyde Park Festival and was a bit underwhelmed, even with the debut of two new tracks. Not sure a summer festival really fits with their vibe.
  3. Dunno about these days, but back in '99: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/axl-speaks-238599/

    How on earth did this thing sell out????: https://gnrmerch.com/collections/holiday/products/glass-cross-ornament?variant=31118484635746
  5. Wonder if they'll ever sell the photo book on its own, I don't even need the CDs/Blu-Ray.

    Not gonna lie, I dig the Xmas sweaters. I have one of them from a few years back that isn't on there any more. I somehow ended up with 3 even though I ordered one If these new ones were a little cheaper I'd buy them. $60/75 is just too much.
  7. Sons of Apollo (Bumblefoots Band)

    Wait, Bumble said that about his own band???
  8. Would be awesome if they joined Metallica for their delayed ANZ tour.
  9. Copyright Strikes....

    Man, that's harsh on Margott, she's done nothing but good for the band and the fans alike :/
  10. The proshots tend to be the most unforgiving as vocals are high in the mix. But in 2010 he sounded amazing on those as well:
  11. Dublin 2010 had some of his best vocals due to him standing still I've always been able to notice it live, sounds the same as on YouTube to me.
  12. They still cut coffee with chicory in Cuba as well. I was just watching a Jim Gaffigan special the other day where he mentioned beignets and elephant ears:
  13. Difference between TIL in 2016 and the last few times it was performed in 2018 was night and day. It was hard to listen to at the Tallinn and Oslo shows I went to in 2018, but great at Toronto in 2016.
  14. You never know, Axl may have suggested it seeing as it was one of his "babies" on the Illusions (he's credited as main songwriter).