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  1. A new GnR album would be universally accepted as one of the biggest music releases and events of the past few decades, with Axl and Slash making music again together. However, because of that I think the weight of expectation and such scrutiny would paralyse Axl so much that he probably won't be able to do it.
  2. Why can't Axl just guest on the next new SMKC album - give Myles a rest? And Slash can pump a new album out in 6 mths so we wouldn't have to wait another 10 years.
  3. No offence mate but I wouldn't waste my time listening to it. I'm going to call this as I see it. These guys (and girl) love the money, fame, and all the great stuff that come with that with some of them total attention whores, but yet you can't ask the precious pussies one f*ckin' interesting GnR related question - ever..? Screw that. Anyone agree? You're a great interviewer and doing a very good job, but don't tip toe around these people - if they don't have the balls to answer a few questions honestly with some semblance of transparency then F*ck em'.
  4. Brand New music with Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven involved. Failing that, the Supposed Chinese leftovers - without Slash input, so just as they are. Third choice would be an Axl/Dc album. Brand new original one. No covers.
  5. Ha! No I meant how Slash needs to keep working to pay off Perla and suggested that she might have a decent plastic surgery requirement going on. Slash seems to love what he is doing, which I believe motivates him just as much as the money. That passion of his is evident on stage. But he is a riff & lead monster that needs to get it out of his system creatively, and that's good for us! Axl on the other hand seems more capable, and content, to bottle it all up inside. Bad for us...
  6. Axl made himself immortal as a frontman

    Great topic headline - totally sums Axl up. He has etched himself in history as up there in the top 5 frontmen of all time!
  7. Agreed Mate, future plastic surgery bills alone will amount to a shitload !
  8. At the moment yes, but in the future when Axl is still doing NITL tour version 2,3,4... with no new music ever and the crowds are dwindling to the point where SMKC are pulling bigger ones, I reckon Slash might just say "fuck it, I'm done" and just be satisfied with his paltry $20 million in the bank and never-ending royalties from GnR songwriting credits. I honestly think Slash is one of the rare artists that actually cares about outputting new music to treat his fans, and give him reason to keep touring of course.
  9. When it comes to releasing any new Guns music, Richard doesn't know his arse from his elbow. He only knows when he is required to tour, that's it. I think when Slash realises that Axl cannot release new music in a simple and timely manner like many other artists seem to be able to do, then Slash will say goodbye to the Guns return project and focus on SMKC. As much as I would love to be wrong 😞
  10. Ahhh, what? You're sick man, you need help. The reunion was something that we never thought would ever, ever happen. So seeing Axl and Slash reconcile and share a stage together again trumps everything - Even world peace or curing puppy dogs of cancer or whatever...
  11. This. Just listen to the Seeker - sounds good. Not many singers in the whole world can pull off the really challenging GNR songs, they're brutal. And besides, Axl's peers are all in the same boat - Hetfield, Araya, Mustaine and Cornell's voices were all wrecked when I last saw them live years ago, as are Bon Jovi's, and basically many of the older hard rock guys. GnR just need to cater for it. Slash and Duff's fingers don't age like the singer's vocal apparatus.
  12. 11/08/18 - Jakarta, Indonesia

    Agreed, also the schedule is packed in Australia currently - Def Leppard then Bon Jovi, then Slash in a few months, as well as so many other bands to part with our money for - like Download festival. It would be hard to justify ticket prices like I paid last time (?$350) for more of the same. Last time it was massive impact and wonder from the reunion of Slash & Axl, which was obviously huge everywhere. This time round the crowd numbers would be half I reckon.
  13. At least he didn't say "Lets go SYDNEY!" 😆
  14. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    It's not a bad idea to wait though, as you might score cheaper tickets. I paid $290 for two tickets to see Gene Simmons & Ace Frehley as I got the tickets as soon as they were released. Then two mates waited and got their tickets for $50 each one week before the show. I got screwed big time. That pissed me off...
  15. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    It is quite expensive but that's the way it is these days. Should be worth it though - got my tickets for Brisbane and might do Melbourne too.