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  1. Brian Johnson confirms new album

    Same here, would love to see Axl/DC. Closest I got was seeing Angus on stage with the boys at the GnR show in Sydney last year. And that was awesome. I would be thrilled if Axl even did a guest song or two on a new AC/DC album, I'd buy it just for that.
  2. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    It is all a bit immature and ridiculous really. What year do you reckon this was?
  3. Yes this is exactly what I take out of all of that, and the most important thing, that if true about Axl doing the vocals for this song in such a short space of time then that truly is impressive! His studio-recorded voice is phenomenal. I love the song and his vocals. I wish Axl would stay in the bloody studio and record many, many more songs before it really isn't possible anymore. And great job and guests Gambit83 !
  4. #WokeAxl

    Oh man, reading this just gave me LCSD! 😂
  5. For the genuinely ignorant and naive GnR fan like me, can you explain exactly what you think has been lost or we have missed out on as a result of this fire?
  6. Loco-Motive

    It's a brilliant song, would love to see it done but quite a challenge go Axl in some parts of it, as is YCBM which is brutal but that's a well known song so they persist with it in the set.
  7. Two Mexico dates in October!

    Agreed Mate, and well said. GnR is wayyy different unfortunately. Like you mention, despite no money in new music it is the release of their art and the journey itself that some bands/artists enjoy, like Metallica, Slash, and so many of their peers. Unfortunately one Axl Rose is forever suffering from severe new music constipation - he just finds it too hard to get out 😁
  8. That's fantastic! Well done you! Tells us your story then - what was your first time?
  9. Axl nails just about all the covers he has ever been involved in. Such a versatile voice that he can put his own spin on a song and take it to another level.
  10. Definitely agree, although it has been painfully slow with Tool as well, with some band members appearing very keen over the years to get new music done, but a controlling frontman holding everyone else back at his pace just because he can. So not too dissimilar really. Slash and Duff have been constant creative beasts over the years and don't suffer from Axl's perfectionism and paralysing fear of not putting out masterpieces!
  11. Tool has announced a date for release of their new album, August 30, their first in over a decade - see GnR - its not that hard! Faarkkkk!!!!
  12. New Proshot ? Stockholm 1991

    Is there a way we can simply post our own videos on this forum? Like stuff we have shot on our phones at GnR shows?
  13. What was Offsrpings beef with GnR?

    Me too. I liked the Seattle bands or grunge bands a lot so Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains etc and even they all hated the term grunge. But I too liked the bands that paved the way for them like Sonic Youth, punk bands, Mudhoney, Mother Love Bone and even here in Australia we had Cosmic Psychos and Beasts of Bourbon. It was a no-nonsense sound as well as image -the polar opposite of what Axl had GnR become. I'll tell you a cool band though - Slayer. Saw them a few weeks ago and it was an intense and blistering 90 minute set, then a quick wave and off they fuck. No encore, just blow your face off sonically and then see ya' later 😉
  14. What was Offsrpings beef with GnR?

    Ha! I know right. I always thought each time one of those guys knocked themselves off that at least Axl is a survivor and has had a tremendous strength of character to deal with and generally defeat his demons.
  15. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I think that Axl actually looks great for his age! And it has already been mentioned but I also liked Axl's braids and cornrows. Looked Badarse.