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  1. I would not describe Del as worthless. He was very useful for me in Vegas during the 1st residency in 2012. Someone I wanted to meet was yelling and swearing because he thought the casino jacked up his car. Considering his mood, and the fact he was surrounded by 4-5 very large body guards, I opted instead to kiss the ass of a professional hanger-on who was standing outside the circle of body guards. That ass was Del's, and due, in part, to my flattery, Del guided me past the body guards to meet Axl. Good things do happen at 3am, and hangers-on can be useful.
  2. I'm loving them too. I'd probably wet myself if they were all souped up like Shadow.
  3. Now that I've listened to all the demos, I can understand why some think the Shadow of Your Love that was released as a single was re-recorded. Very modern sounding in comparison to the rest of the demos. It definitely got the white glove treatment. Brings me back to listening to most of these demos, poor quality, from some overpriced bootleg CD. Nice to hear these again, as an old man, streaming lossless to tube amplification, but proper quality. Me likes!
  4. Deezer getting some love! It seemed like I was the only one (American at least) that used deezer. And yes. It's on there, in all of its FLACness!
  5. I just re-read the press release; perhaps I missed it, but it appears no one will be forced to purchase the boxed sets. In addition, I didn't read anything about people being forced to listen to any of the material. I'm glad I don't have to get all fired up and bitch about the price or the material. Now I can go see Avengers dressed as Wonder Woman without worry.