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  1. If only he would put 2% of his wasted energy on finishing an album instead of spending it on bullshit like this...
  2. GNR on Terminator 2 Figure

    First Bagel boy's gonna report and send a patent cease and desist.
  3. "Hey Slash welcome to the club." Richard Fortus & Dizzy Reed
  4. The "Chinese Democracy" energy experiment - spooky!

    I did this with Chris Pitman's Sex Tapes and all my towels began to levitate.
  5. I love Gilby's works. Very straightforward hard rock. Have lots of good memories even with his SWAG album. Another wasted potential in GN'R. Glad for him that he was only roughly 3 years in the band and released his own stuff ever since and done great collaborations with Slash and in Rockstar Supernova... Unlike Richard who has wasted his energy being in a dysfunctional band for over 15 years.