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  1. TBH I trust UMG storage more than Team Brazil's. At least UMG won't dispose material intentionally. This band is a mess. Everytime Fernando handled something it turned into a mess. I wouldn't give them even a sheep to manage :-))
  2. Is GNR the most underrated band ever?

    As a long time fan (20+ years) I think Over-Rated & Overhyped. This is considering the amount of original work (excluding covers) which hardly exceeds 3 albums. and if you say quality is more important than quantitiy then to be honest, except AFD, both UYIs hardly contain 10 worthy tracks and CD is CD...
  3. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    And he has released 14 albums since then. that's a big difference.
  4. New song for the October shows?

    Hey Chris Pitman, long time!
  5. New song for the October shows?

    Maybe Rock the Rock but chances are too low. Though I would reallly really like to see them perform Bad Obsession. It fits Axl's current voice capabilities and it's a UYI revival.
  6. Guess what! Even the manager of GN'R has no real clue about the band material! lol
  7. Interpol is also a strong band in that lineup
  8. ok true. But let's be honest, Dizzy & Melissa don't need to "work really hard" as the rest of the band. guy is barely moving within 1 meter range and he doesn't do drums as well.
  9. “And I think we eliminated any uncertainty, because everybody worked really hard." I can't really get what's all these "working really hard" about that they mention in any interview. What's the "hard work" for bunch of professional musicians playing the same exact setlist out of a small catalogue of songs? not to mention they themselves wrote these songs. and these concerts are not some kind of complex Symphony & Metallica thing...
  10. And that alone contributes more compared to Paul Huge who had ruined the old band.
  11. Even Tool got a proper new album release date... http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/tools-new-album-gets-official-release-date/
  12. Chris Pitman felt exactly the same in Rock In Rio III.