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  1. Team Brazil is a joke and we all know it. But who's having the final say in GN'R?
  2. What I'm gonna say is very personal so no offense to anyone. The problem I have with GNR is that since 2018 I don't give a fuck about them or current state of the band anymore. I'm just checking MyGnr and smth else over discord only for bootlegs collection or discussions about the past (90s, '02, '06 etc). In fact the more I see Axl getting older the less I'm interested in hearing a new album or anniversary album or anything "new". Don't get me wrong; there's nothing wrong with seeing your favorite artist getting old. I liked the older David Bowie or Gilmour. But problem with Axl is that the guy seem to be less and less engaged with music and his vocal performance is literally embarrasing and unlistenable. I personally would get embarrassed to play most of the post 2012 live performances on loud speaker or inside the car for anyone. I don't really get excited anymore to hear or see anything new from this band. Unfortunately those village sessions leaks (despite being massive) couldn't make me happy like the old times either. I remember I was about to die from happiness when I first listened to Oh My God back in 99. That magic is gone. So long story short, Axl is done and I'm glad I'd faced the truth finally. I wish Axl himself could realize it and retire for good. Not everyone can maintain quality live vocal performances or release albums at an older age like Steven Tyler, Rob Halford, David Bowie & Ozzy and so on. Releasing new album, putting up massive 30th anniversary tour, media production etc doesn't get me excited anymore. It is worthy to mention that Team Brazil did great damage to fans' perception and imagination of their favorite band. But it was Axl who enabled Team Brazil, Beta and that Son of a bitch Fernando to do so. PS: In comparison, James Hetfield + Lars Ulrich never let a laundromat to manage their band. That's the secret behind Metallica's continuous success.
  3. Top live performances!

    Boston 2002.
  4. ok so I have a link from CNN and wanted to try but donno how admins feel. decided not to post it here.
  5. so they took it down lol So lets say if something is broadcasted by a more prominent network like BBC or CNN, then they will remove it from their channel? this is a joke! This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Universal Music Group.
  6. "I love their dedication to their craft and responding to the demands of their consumers"
  7. Considering the current performance state of our great singer, do you really think lower or higher register would matter? Axl is developing a unique ability of trashing each and every song no matter how easy the vocals would be.
  8. Maybe a duet of Mickey & Alice Cooper wasn't the best idea?
  9. Can't wait to hear the infamous: "we’re gonna get some more recording done and hopefully get an album out soon. And then we’ll get back to touring."
  10. When did Axl lose his musical and performing drive?

    2001-2002 Axl was the most unique Axl of Axls
  11. Wow, this interview and that album news is probably the best GNR related news I got for a very long time. As a fan of his past work I'm looking forward to the new album. in 2020 I'm more excited about Gilby than GN'R tbh. 'Cause the man is true to himself and his work no matter if you call it average or cliche.
  12. I don't think anything could be more counterproductive for the band than Axl himself. Irving's involvement with GNR begins in March 2008 and ends in June 2009 which is very short and in no way can be considered a factor for album release delays or retarded production approach of Axl. I don't deny that he had his own business interests by forcing Axl into a reunion but he had also forced Axl to release CD. Something no one else was able to do otherwise we might not even get CD as of this minute that I'm writing this. In my opinion Irving could probably tell by his mountain of experience within the entertainment field that Axl's new musical direction was just a myth and he is a failed artist that after all those years was left with barely 13 average tracks worth of release. That is why he saw a potential to revitalize the band by reunion. -- PS: and by the way even Irving's reunion idea (call it cash-grab or whatever) was way ahead of his time. Couldn't it be better to run this cash-grab reunion tour back in 2008 than now?