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  1. ok true. But let's be honest, Dizzy & Melissa don't need to "work really hard" as the rest of the band. guy is barely moving within 1 meter range and he doesn't do drums as well.
  2. “And I think we eliminated any uncertainty, because everybody worked really hard." I can't really get what's all these "working really hard" about that they mention in any interview. What's the "hard work" for bunch of professional musicians playing the same exact setlist out of a small catalogue of songs? not to mention they themselves wrote these songs. and these concerts are not some kind of complex Symphony & Metallica thing...
  3. And that alone contributes more compared to Paul Huge who had ruined the old band.
  4. Even Tool got a proper new album release date... http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/tools-new-album-gets-official-release-date/
  5. Chris Pitman felt exactly the same in Rock In Rio III.
  6. Dead & short-lived Ole Bach has way more dignity, contribution and influence in the band than Paul Huge, Chris Pitman and DJ Ashba all together!
  7. like he ran over Dijon while parking in his garage!
  8. Some of us fans might have some 'internal family issues' with GNR and the way it's managed but I don't buy a half assed negative article written by a Justin Bieber fan lol
  9. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    VK.com can be a good alternative to youtube for us
  10. MGM Grand 727 from UYI Tour - Today!

    was almost about to download that youtube before it's gone as a habit! Who would have thought that a bagel boy would make such a huge impact on people lol
  11. then it's 99% legit. not that I'm excited or anything.
  12. can't find the post in FB anymore. taken down?
  13. More sad is a management that doesn't give a f*ck to proper communication with fans. Here's a GNR Forum and I can not find any other place better than here to share my frustration no matter how sad or pointless it might look in your eyes. I can at least speak for myself that I gave up and am too old and busy waiting for another half-assed over-produced record. But I think I have all the rights to ridicule a management who ridicules us by enabling one retard low life guy taking down our bootlegs and youtube channels and the same management have fuck idea on how to provide an official access for such bootlegs instead. All we get from this band is some occasional k-pop style merchandise of plastic bullshit with GNR printed on it. You guys enjoy the shows and have fun seeing them playing the same 30 year old shit setlist but I would never ever spend a penny supporting this dysfunctional cash grab circus. (Already ignored their terrible Abu-Dhabi show months ago)
  14. Once there was this rock n' roll band Rollin' on the streets Time went by and it became a joke...