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  1. SBD recordings of Axl/DC?

    These clips used to be published before and after each show for tour promotion.
  2. Exactly as it was supposed to be. Suspenseful like End of Days.
  3. Depends on his favorite Disney characters
  4. OMG has been always in my top 10. I didn't like the audio quality at the time specially compared to other bands being in the soundtrack CD. But hey they wanted to include something new from GNR even if it's a demo! But to me what is important is the way it got released. Probably the last time a release was handled professionally and with no delay lol Though I know the label gave a serious deadline to Axl and he had been procrastinating till the last day and Sean Beavan had to spent in studio with Axl till morning for the final mix. I'm actually enjoying ImSorry's version a lot.
  5. Guess YT takedowns wasn't enough. Now it's time for music streaming take downs. Then they're gonna take down the official website. Then they will snipe the current and ex-band members one by one. They will forget to kill Chris Pitman of course.
  6. Agree with all specially the shitty people part. Been there and seen the biggest flatters and ass kissers. Even kissing DJ Ashba's ass :-))))
  7. Removal of not only bootlegs but ALL material from the face of internet is FINE by me as long as they release shit load of music, past concert vids etc accessible through Nightrain membership. But if you're gonna wipe out fanmade stuff and leave me with nothing instead, my mid finger to you. And as I said before, this whole noobish way of handling the situation looks suspiciously familiar to me. It's as much similar and unprofessional as coming to this very forum and tell the fans what to do or say. Greetings from Dubai @Fernando ;-)
  8. And by new vocals on TIL you mean the studio era '99-'02 vocals correct?
  9. Honestly don’t care anymore. and If you ask me then what am I doing here in this forum, I’m just here to mourn the death of a band I used to respect a lot. I’m not interested in corporate productions.
  10. Estranged 97 Evader Versión

    Sad we have to pm links even for fanmade shit... Could someone help me out on this one? Appreciated.
  11. Bad Apples video

    yea at least DTJ one does have some rehearsal footage combined with Estranged.
  12. Bad Apples video

    From Making of Estranged.
  13. Bad Apples video

    EDIT: As GNR vids in YouTube are non existence these days, can't find link but yes IT IS in Making Fucking Videos, Don't Cry as Dont Cry (Alt. Version) footage And if we assume the band considers such videos as official Music Video, then there's also a music video for Double Talking Jive within Making of Estranged VHS.
  14. So do you admit it's the work of some powerful legal entity, like Universal, or perhaps TeamBrazil
  15. The future for Guns?

    That 8 years is equal to 1 year in Axl's planet. Fans of Metallica are at least confident they will get something new every 8 years (not to mention EP, 3D Film, Documentary etc. releases in between each album release). GN'R fans on the other hand get shit from the band. In fact it's the other way around recently. The management calls fans to mail their rare material so that they can package and label them as official with some extra bullshit tattoo stickers and milk fans as expensive as 1000 dollar tags. God knows how much they are gonna price "official" releases of Saskatoon and HOB. F*ck you corporate mother f*ckers.