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  1. Hey Frank, how much to pay you to leave? We forum members can put our money together for that.
  2. dude what is this about? I like to know more :-)
  3. Cat Club 06.22.00

    No no! Just a wish!
  4. Cat Club 06.22.00

    Wish we had this...
  5. Cat Club 06.22.00

    Wish there was even a shitty audio from this: Axl Rose, Gilby Clarke & Starfuckers 1. Wild Horses 2. Dead Flowers
  6. Axl vocals in the final 30 seconds of Coma:
  7. They gotta surprise the shit outta everyone with The Garden
  8. For those of you who are still looking for a stream and to show a big Fuck Finger to UZI idiots here's a VIMEO link:
  9. Trust me doesn't worth a dime. RIR version is much better. This one's is so shameful that for the first time in leak history I just stopped listening mid song.
  10. the mid part of OMG is disappointing though... It's still like unfinished
  11. I really wish I could have the good quality OH MY GOD. it would be like... can't describe...
  12. Maybe an off topic one, but deep in their heart aren't they (specially Axl) get bored playing almost the same setlists for years? Like I mean this band hardly have only 4 albums of original material and out of those tracks 70% is from AFD. Not to mention amount of fixed cover songs like LALD, KOHD, Seeker, Attitude/New Rose, Black hole sun, Wichita, Wish you were here, Godfather theme, Layla and so on... No doubt AFD is the greatest album of all time n shit but can you ever imagine Metallica to keep playing a setlist with 80% of content from Master of Puppets or Black for the past 30+ years of touring?
  13. Ok guys, I guess Axl is back. Now I can sleep better.