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  1. Reasons is very simple. Who fucks up with the tempo.. of who might it be.. Frank. Drumming tempo is all over the place. It even affects Slashs guitar phrasing (look at the solo). Im just wondering why Slash played Guns songs with his Conspirators in an much more original tempo and why does he and Duff now want this fast tempo which fucks up the song dynamics.
  2. Any news with this unsurfaced Pro-Shots?

    Waiting eagerly for some information about this. Thanks for bringing this up!
  3. Okay so just watch that Rocket Queen ending. That is the point when the show turned into complete shitshow by axl.
  4. Few videos that i filmed Nightrain
  5. It was a midshow decision. I was there, had a great sound and view. My review or recap. I saw Guns twice in 2017. So Im sitting on Duff side of stage in a very good lower bowl seat and see that now Mercedes Van arrived and after 10min Axl goes to stage singing Its so Easy. Crowd went nuts. I read here that crowd sucked. Well that is not true at all. Even the people reaching their 60s seemed to have a lot of love and applause for the band. I noticed during WTTJ that Axl is a bit rusty and for me it was OK, sounded good at the stadium. But then after Live and Let Die troubles started for Axls voice. At the end of Rocket Queen he was out of place missing beat and then he started dropping lines because his voice got shot. Vibe in stadium changed in Civil War when Axl still hadnt got ridden of the shades and his voice was cracking as hell when he was going for the higher notes. He seemed pissed at himself and he skipped many lines to prevent his voice from completely blowing out. Before Slither and Used to love her he stated that he sucks and it feels like singing under water he cannot hear himself. They talked in ear monitors and after civil war decided to cut many songs and then it was band intros and solos... axl got time to rest. Knocking on Heavens door was the highlight of the show. When Axl finally removed his shades he got a huge loving applause from the audience. He seemed teary eyed and heart broken about his vocal performance at the end of KOHD. He soldiered trough end of set. I have to say even if it was shorter set this was more tight. Enjoyed the show and everyone who I saw in metro and walking were still amazed and in good spirits.. Paradise City was strong.
  6. Yes he did. Before Slither and Used to love her
  7. Okay people just to be clear.. todays problems were because axl couldnt hear himself anymore... happened after rocket queen solo.. he goes out of rhytmn and he stated this after scom
  8. Okay so I just got off from Berlin show. Here is my point of view. Axl came out of Van and went to stage like 10min after it.. i dont think he did proper vocal warm up. MAN he was VERY slim and confident. I think the problems started after Better. He blew his voice as He said during the show. He said "i fucking suck.. its the first time in a long time and i blew it" and they cut many many songs. Axl didnt take the shades of until Knockin on heavens door. He explained that signing tonight is like singing under water.. he cannot hear anythin that he sings. So maybe i heard wrong and actually his ears blew.. more later
  9. I cant post pictures to this forum but litho is a big read Bear holding a flag, and above it ww2 planes.. cool.
  10. Wow super excited! Im so happy that it is possible for me to attend this show. I bet there will be atleast 1 more suprise on top of Slither
  11. No. They were not on a commercial successful album. And the other difference is that Slither was written by almost original Gnr.
  12. Wtf!! Slither with Axl vocals on flebeis IG
  13. Thank you really much for this! I wish an mp3 would surface soon.
  14. I saw him also exiting the hotel around 13.00. No sight of the big 3.
  15. Has anyone seen them yet? No recent pictures of Mr. Rose?