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  1. So I suggest some of you know this guys personality who is behind all of this? Why not making it public?
  2. Hm not a very strong single. I enjoyed the song but I think a single should be stronger. Im happy that they are back again!
  3. Venue is awesome! Nice cooling breeze coming from Baltic Sea! I like that the venue is basicly a hill.. makes it possible for everyone to have a good view and no echoing from stadium walls
  4. Waiting for my ship in Helsinki. Rock on!
  5. Hey! I purchased full show shot in HD of Guns N Roses in Hämeenlinna, Finland 01 July 2017. I paid the filmer money to burn all her footage to an BluRay disc. She got and empty Blu Ray disc now but doesnt know any software to burn BluRay disc and create setlist and menu. Help needed!! What software to use
  6. Have a great gig Poland! Crowd will be amazing.. I know Polish people when they get a bit of Zubrowka.
  7. Haha I managed to get a GA ticket for 40EUR .. so I am going and it will be my 4th NITL concert. My friends and family think Im crazy going to see them for the 4th time. What should I say to them?
  8. It is because of the video source.
  9. Link would be appreciated! Attended two shows in 2017 and one in 2018. Would like to have a memory
  10. New Work Tune

    Sound unoriginal for Guns. Sunshine of your love anyone?
  11. They didnt sit tight and do 10 000 autographs.
  12. Reasons is very simple. Who fucks up with the tempo.. of who might it be.. Frank. Drumming tempo is all over the place. It even affects Slashs guitar phrasing (look at the solo). Im just wondering why Slash played Guns songs with his Conspirators in an much more original tempo and why does he and Duff now want this fast tempo which fucks up the song dynamics.
  13. Any news with this unsurfaced Pro-Shots?

    Waiting eagerly for some information about this. Thanks for bringing this up!
  14. Okay so just watch that Rocket Queen ending. That is the point when the show turned into complete shitshow by axl.
  15. Few videos that i filmed Nightrain