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  1. Well just got home from the show... Show itself as a spectacle is killer, having Slash and Duff back is really great. Setlist i thought was great as i attended with a group of 12 casual fans and they got to hear all the hits. My mates all had a blast and thought it was the best concert they ever attended. It's my 7th GnR concert but unfortunately it was Axl's weakest performance by miles. Just a few months ago Axl was sounding as good as he has ever done with AC/DC but this time around the rasp was notable for its absence.
  2. Disregarding the fact that its a tribute and thats cool and stuff..... bring the Axl/DC voice for BHS or drop it, Axl's falsetto is weak on the song and he's out of key and tribute songs get press attention.
  3. Chinese Democracy

    You'd need to ask Slash & Duff why they accepted Axl had the rights to the name, it might be cause he was a founding member and they weren't, no one really knows. One thing is clear though, if Axl and Duff weren't totally down with giving Axl the name they wouldn't have done so. If they were in any way coerced into giving up the name it would be fairly straightforward to get the rights to the name back in court. As none of this has happened the only logical conclusion is that Slash and Duff were indeed 'totally down giving Axl the name'. If you have any evidence that contradicts what i just said then it's debatable, but it's been 20 years and Axl still owns the name so i'm going with logic on this one. P.S. The big three were responsible for the breakup, especially Axl and Slash and their huge egos not letting them budge from their positions.
  4. Hey guys, if anyone has a presale code they haven't used for Spain, Madrid please let me use it as im going with 7 friends and i can only buy 4 with mine. Thanks in advance
  5. 11/01/16 Rosario, AR - Estadio Rosario

    Any periscope links?