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  1. I don't think it was necessarily anything specific Slash said. After the breakup Slash had a go at Axl in every interview and appearance whereas Axl disappeared for almost a decade. Axl saw that as a betrayal.
  2. Axl and Slash are 2 of the most recognizable musicians in history, they don't need any introduction. I'm sure the one time Axl did it at the start of the tour was just out of courtesy, a way of saying Slash is back in the band.
  3. How Axl can go from sounding like he did on Ac Dc to Rio in a matter of months is perplexing. Never seen something this jarring vocally before. Probably as simple as, Axl might have been with vocal coach and sleeping well in ACDC and now in GnR he's getting pissed every night. I mean, there isn't a switch you turn on to sound great or shit.