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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    Does Fernando have any qualifications to be the manager of a large, international, music act? Is he the actual manager or just a middle man with the label. I am a bit confused because the band used to have professional industry executives like Azoff or Merk, right?
  2. If nothing else this concert shows Illusion era GnR was pretty amazing. The performance of Heavens Door and Paradise City is perfect.
  3. NITL live videos on youtube

    Can we get a 2006 video with Izzy instead?
  4. Slash In A Maiden Shirt

    Slash stated in his book he listened to Killers (1981) with his mate from school. Killers is the last pre Dickinson album when maiden were a bit more punk and edgy, so can see why Slash would prefer that. Both the first two albums Killers and Iron Maiden are epic and fully recommended.
  5. Well this is now in the media here in the UK (BBC and Guardian) and I personally think Axl"s comeback to the Liberian Faux Pas was pretty witty.
  6. I have no idea why people rate UYI 2 over UYI 1 for the reasons you outline. Stick both of the records on your vinyl player and you realise the first Illusion is a much more coherent record. It's actually an underrated album.
  7. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Lockdown blues, I did the same. Got UYI 1, Zooropa, Pop and Achtung Baby (U2), On the Beach (Neil Young), Melodrama (Lorde), Bays (Fat Freddy's Drop), Wish You Where Here (Floyd), Dummy (Portishead), Seventh Son (Maiden), What's Going on (Gaye) and Music for the Masses (Depeche Mode). I need help because I am now browsing some Springsteen and Arctic Monkeys 😭
  8. U2 Discussion

    Thought it would bump this old thread about a dying band to say, just bought Achtung Baby and Zooropa on vinyl and both sound amazing, incredible remasters. If you are a fan of 90s U2 get them. Pop is not quite as good quality (probably by favourite of the three as an album) but has a delicious gatefold so well worth it. All hail Lemon.
  9. On the flip side Mozart hasn't released any new music since the 18th century so it's all relative.
  10. To be fair, if I'd heard TWAT in 2000 my brain would have melted a tiny bit. They weren't exaggerating on that one.
  11. Awesome podcast (haven't heard any others before). Funny anecdote about Anton Corbijn who has become a real legend in the industry. You are right about Garden of Eden, such an awesome video!
  12. Elton John and Bob Dylan are terrible these days. I'm sorry but Bob Dylan (who I saw last year) was beyond embarrassing. He is knocking on heaven's door and you can really tell. Paul McCartney isn't much better. Neil Young still rocks out well, runs around the stage with that big electric guitar of his and spits some grungy stuff. But he is a big outlier.
  13. Was it petty to give Axl flack for not going to the HOF induction?

    Saw it for the first time the other day. God Green Day are lame. Anyone seen Axl Rose introduction of Elton John? Much better ironically enough.
  14. What are the funniest lines from Chinese Democracy?

    Is it me or have half the people completely got the wrong end of the stick with half these lyrics. Lonely tear drops calling you makes perfect sense, if a little lame looking at it in the cold light of day. That being said I nearly suffered a heart attack last year when me and a mate got blazed after a night out and played 0.28-0.40 of Sorry on repeat, I couldn't stop laughing. That line is so good, I love how the AV Club reviewer called it out, how Axl even responded (on here) when asked by a forum member 'why the fuck did you use that strange strangled vampire voice'.
  15. Which book about Guns N Roses do you recommend?

    Mick Wall is a hack. WAR is a terrible book, the guy is a total clown, basic basic facts wrong. Especially from the Chinese Democracy era. How that got published I will never know.